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Defective Shoes By Reebok
By -

LUCKNOW -- I had purchased Reebok brand shoes from authorized shop of the company in Delhi on 06.04.2007. I found that stitch thread around eye hold was coming loose. On pointing this out the company through their authorized dealer in Delhi changed the shoes on 08.04.2007. However, the shoes subsequently were found very tight and damaging my feet. On 26.04.2007 I communicated to the Company at their E-mail address this aspect including request that matter be dealt in Lucknow as I am posted in Lucknow.

The company in its e-mail correspondence admitted that dimensions of the shoe can vary because of styling which was exactly the cause of my discomfort because of these shoes. However, the company felt that shoes cannot be replaced as I had used them and they thus cannot resell the same. After much e-mail based correspondences in which Company representatives used inappropriate language, the Company agreed to examine the shoes. Accordingly, the shoes were left at the Company designated store at Saharaganj, Lucknow on 12.05.2007.

Since then, despite repeated reminders, there has been no communication from the Company as to what has happened to my claim to have these shoes replaced. Thus the Company has deprived me of use of shoes for more than three months in spite of having invested substantial amount of money.

It is requested that this matter May be taken up with the Company to find out: (1) Why the Company shoes were of different size in spite of declaring on the shoes the size for which they were bought? Incidentally company has accepted this aspect and I quote from their email to me ‘Footwear of various models May vary in dimensions because of styling.' (2) Why Company representative use inappropriate language while corresponding with the customer? (3) Why a multinational Company which spends huge amount of money globally on advertisement deals with the customer who points out the problems insensitively?

(4) Why it has taken Company so much time from 12.05.2007 till date that it does not find itself capable of responding to the customer in spite of having taken back the shoes for examination. (5) Whether the company will ultimately decide on the issue or legal action for which a customer is always poorly equipped compared to a multinational company is the only recourse? (6) Does the Reebok Company have the same policy towards its customers in Europe and America in similar circumstances?

Ripped Zigs
By -

I recently bought my son a pair of Reebok Zigs for school. He was very excited to get them. I live in a small town and had to drive an hour away just to get them for him. He wore them for about a month when in PE class - the whole side ripped out of them. Now, I do realize that my son is rough on shoes, but 100 bucks on shoes I would expect at least 6 months on these shoes. He wasn't doing anything that would have made such a huge tear on these shoes. He was running in PE and turned and that was it...

I am very disappointed in these shoes and was told at the store I purchased them that they wouldn't take them back, that I would have to call customer service at Reebok for instructions on what to do. I am not going to fool with that so I bought him Nike shoes which is what he has always had and I have never had trouble with. I have recently learned that his friend in school bought the same shoes and had the same problem. So, I guess I am not the only one... Just beware - popular shoes, not very tough.

By -

I recently purchased the Reebok ZigTech. I am a food server and I'm on my feet for long periods of time. They are so comfortable but within less than a month there was a tear in the left upper portion. I did bring them back to question such an odd place for them to rip. I was told they were an indoor shoe. I was puzzled. They are advertised as a RUNNING shoe. I don't run. I just wanted a comfortable shoe for work.

They did replace the shoe, but today, less than one month from being replaced the same exact tear, in the same exact place. I am very disappointed. I finally thought I had the perfect shoe, and for that price they should have been. I would have happily paid twice that if they could have managed to last a year! They have gotten great reviews from NFL athletes, but then again they get them for free...

Defective Princess Reebok Shoes
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have not bought any shoe more comfortable in over twenty years but Reebok. I have bought the Classic, and Princess styles. The last two pair I purchased were classic made in Vietnam - hurt my feet on the top and my toes. The material feels like glue harden on the inside of the shoe. I tried to wear them twice but the shoe was too painful. I am asking for a refund of $29.99, because I cannot wear them at all. I bought them in the shoe store in the Monroeville Mall Pittsburgh PA. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Shoes Tearing
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Rating: 2/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I have a pair of Reebok Zigs that began to have tears in fabric after just a couple of months of wear. I work at a local hospital in McKinney Texas and several of my coworkers bought the same shoes at the same time I did. Their shoes too began to tear in exact way mine did. We all continue to wear these shoes. They are comfortable and awesome shoes but look bad with the tears in fabric. I think Reebok should give us some kind of compensation for this. These shoes should not be tearing like this. A couple of my coworkers loved the shoes so much that they ordered several pair at the same time. All of their shoes have tears.

Where Or How Do I Get A Replacement Zipper Pull For My Husbands Jacket?
By -

The metal zipper pull on the jacket described above broke off. The metal part broke off that held the hanging pull part, so I can't just find a new pull tab. It is a faulty zipper pull. This was a special gift purchased at the ProShop at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin and means a lot to him, but without the zipper the jacket is useless.

Please direct me where to go or how to get a new pull. If all else fails the whole zipper could be replaced, but I would want the zipper to match and am unable to locate that color and size. Please assist me if you can, or at least let me know if these replacement pieces are not available. Thank you.

Shoelace Replacement
By -

BLUE MOUNTAINS -- I own a pair of Reeboks. I think the model number is RB 708 PYE 4-131477 - this is printed on the tongue of the shoe. Recently I tried to change the shoelaces. It took the combined efforts of 3 people to accomplish this, over a period of 40 minutes. The laces are extremely difficult to remove and also to replace.

Currently I am in China, which was also useful since your website is almost unintelligible and very difficult to follow. I cannot imagine who must have designed the complicated lace insertion. I would be very interested to receive your comments, but if the rest of your organization is as poor as the design, then of course my complaint will be ignored. A very frustrated and angry.

Reebok's ignorance of respectable people
By -

SAN FRANSICO, CALIFORNIA -- As a loyal fan of the SF 49ers I am boycotting anything to do with this company. Seriously how much money will they lose by letting head coach Mike Nolan wear a suit on the sidelines. Granted they paid 250 mil for exclusive rights to all teams apparel, does it really matter that a few head coaches want to show respect to the game and the ones who came before them. I guess in a huge company like this respect means nothing. Therefore with any chance I get I will strongly suggest to anyone and everyone not to purchase your products. Including the various sport teams I coach. I will never recommend your products of any kind.

Don't Last
By -

MACLLEN, TEXAS -- Only 2 months of wear and they started to tear! For a 100.00 they suck!

Poor Customer Service
By -

APPLETON, WISCONSIN -- I ordered customized tennis shoes and received them with another persons receipt. I contacted Reebok several times via email and they refused to send me my receipt unless I called their 1-800 number!!! WHAT?! You can take my money and my order via the computer but not complaints or requests for a simple receipt. I asked several times and as of today, I have not received my receipt - that was about a month ago.

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