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Anyone notice that the Reese's PB cups are stale
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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I pulled out a bag of individually wrapped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (RPBC's)and noticed that the they tasted differrent, thought nothing else of it until a coworker gave me half of a two pack the next week when I noticed it again, so I went on a Qwest to try to find one that did not taste bad to me I could not find one until I tried the mini's in a holloween bag and they tasted normal to me. So I had some coworkers test out my theory without saying they tasted bad and they both said the peanuts are stale. That's it! I exclaimed, So why the bad Peanut' Reese's? you trying to lose business or get someone really sick? just wanted to know why your product is so nasty now.

I will not buy any until you fix the problem, is anyone else eating stale RPBC's?

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I also love this product and over the last year have thought the taste was not right. It does have a stale taste. I always check the date on everything buy. The dates were good. Wonder what is going on.
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