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Rude Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GRAND JUNCTION, COLORADO -- I just had the most frustrating experience I have ever had with Regal Cinema in Grand Junction, CO. I left California because I wanted the friendliness of a smaller town. An employee of Regal Cinema, Dave, has just made me wonder why I moved to Grand Junction.

My wife and I just went to see Wrath of the Titans at the Regal Cinema off 24 Road in Grand Junction, CO. We paid for our tickets, entered the theatre, and found our seats. My wife then went for popcorn but came back and told me that there was an AARP special and I had the card (the AARP gives you some indication of my age). I left the theatre and went out to the concession stand, bought popcorn, a drink, and candy and went back to the theatre with my hands full. The ticket agent (I don't remember if it was Dave or not) asked me if I had a ticket stub. I said no and that my hands were full.

I then returned to my seat in the theatre waiting for the movie to start. At this time an employee of Regal entered the theatre and asked me for my ticket stub. My wife and I were so flustered that neither one of us could find it (the theatre is dark and she couldn't find anything in her purse). At this point the employee asked us to provide the stub or leave. I insisted on a refund if we were going to leave. He said that there would be no refund unless we had the ticket stub. If we could find the ticket stub we wouldn't have had this problem in the first place (who keeps a ticket stub once you're in the theatre).

At this point my wife was so embarrasssed and flustered that she insisted that we just leave. I got up out of my seat and waited at the base of the stairs for my wife. While I was there I turned to the employee and placed the Milk Duds I had been eating in his pocket without touching him (a mistake I know, but I was angry). I then turned around and started to leave when he shoved me in the back. I turned around and told him that if he touched me again he would be sorry. He told me that I was out of control and that I should leave. I had already been in the process of leaving when he shoved me.

Once outside I asked my wife if she could find the ticket stub. She attempted to check her purse but was so flustered that all she wanted to do was leave. At this point I asked the employee for his name. He said his name was Dave. I asked for a last name and he said Wood. At this point my wife and I left the theatre.

I don't know if Dave is his real name or not, but I plan on sending this exact same letter to Regal Cinema's complaint department (if they have one).

Bill Mills
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 04/29/2012:
While the employee could have handled it differently, he was correct. When I go to something that requires a ticket, it's always put in my change pocket and thrown away after I leave.
Nohandle on 04/29/2012:
I think the entire situation could have been handled differently. Most individuals understand that the majority of profits at a movie theatre are obtained from concession sales not ticket sales. Why else would there be employees making certain you didn't bring food and drink into the building otherwise? Purchase a ticket by all means but good grief don't harass someone if he has a boatload of food bought there.

JKT, I was at a college football bowl game once and left my seat to go to the ladies room and buy something at the concession. By golly I didn't have my ticket stub in my purse and all the seats look the same. If someone had not called out to me I would still be walking up and down looking for my seat. Hysterical until it happens to you. Yes, I keep my ticket stub now until I get home. I'm almost paranoid about it. LOL
trmn8r on 04/29/2012:
I always keep my ticket stub - and I can't think how I would dispose of it if I didn't. Being a guy, I just pop it into my pocket.

This is reminiscent of the Seinfeld where George has to fork over 2 or 3 tickets to the same ticket checker.

This whole situation spiraled out of control, which is unfortunate when all one wants is a nice evening out.
FoDaddy19 on 04/29/2012:
The employee was just enforcing the rules, that in itself doesn't constitute rudeness IMHO.
BigAl on 04/29/2012:
What was the point of the Milk Dud incident? What were you trying to convey by this action?
GenuineNerd on 04/29/2012:
Whenever I go to a movie, I hold on to the stub until the film ends...usually if I have to use the restroom during the film (those large-size sodas can do it.) I try to buy my refreshments before the film starts, so I don't miss the film. I keep it in my front pants pocket so it's easy to find if need be.
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Horrible Cell Phone Reception Inside New Theater
Posted by on
ALBANY, NEW YORK -- It has been quite a long time since I posted anything on this site, but a recent experience of mine just has to be told so others can share in my anger and disappointment.

I recently decided to visit the new movie theater that just opened in Colonie Center (one of our malls in Albany). The general public has been led to believe that this movie theater is a state of the art complex with large screens, stadium style seating and great sound. Well, after my ordeal I find these claims to be outrageous and the theater to be anything but acceptable. Regal Cinemas should be ashamed.

I planned on seeing Sex and the City, which had just been released earlier that same weekend at the time, with an acquaintance from work. After meeting at the theater, purchasing our tickets and finding our seats I attempted to call my brother on my cell phone during the previews to inform him I was seeing Sex and the City in the new Colonie Center theater. Here is where the problems began. I could hardly hear my brother (who could also hardly hear me) due to the horrible reception inside the theater and the terribly LOUD previews. After struggling to hear and having to Shout "WHAT?! WHAT?!" several times in our attempted conversation, I finally told my brother I would attempt to call him back.

I suggested changing seats, which we did, and I was finally able to get another call to connect just as the opening credits ended. All I ended up with was more aggravation. The reception in this cinema was simply unacceptable. I kept having to talk louder for my brother to hear me above the playing movie. We got disconnected twice and my brother attempted to call me back on at least three separate occasions (maybe more, my cell phone only began ringing three separate times). Throughout the movie other patrons left in disgust at the horrible quality of this theater I'm sure.

Upon the movie ending, I brought the lack of reception inside the theater to the attention of the manager. I wanted an explanation why my cellphone mysteriously worked better in the lobby. After apologizing and providing some half baked explanation that we were inside some sound-proof arena I demanded to know how he planned to placate me for my experience. I ended up receiving a pair of free passes and a coupon book for popcorn/soda etc. I plan on taking my brother to see a film this weekend, but definitely NOT at the same location.

Regal Cinemas should be ashamed.
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User Replies:
bargod on 07/11/2008:
Lol,*tears* oh Eileen where have your been? Iv'e missed you so.
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
I detest people who try to use cellphones in movie theaters. They are annoying beyond belief! Please go outside and make your phone calls. No one cares about all your problems!
Crown Jules on 07/11/2008:
It's the end of the work week, it's a lovely day outside and now Eileen is back. Could this day get any better??
MRM on 07/11/2008:
Hilarious indeed. Speaking of movies, I cannot wait to see "The Mummy" on Aug 1st.
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
I thought you were on vacation Stew?
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
hows my favorite stapler?
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/11/2008:
Eileen! Wow, this is like Christmas in July!
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
How is your brother? Did you speak with him during the movie on your cell phone, while the movie was playing? Trust the ice cream did not melt to fast?
dan gordon on 07/11/2008:
I honestly thought this was a gag complaint. Your cell phone shouldn't work inside a movie. You were so busy yelling I can't hear you, I'm sure the people around you were just thrilled to be near you. Some companies put blocks so you can't get reception within the show. Good for Regal for those of us that don't need to hear you talking .
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
The member that runs this Eileen gag must be back from vacation?
Mrs. V on 07/11/2008:
lmao :P
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
Eileen, may I suggest that you and your brother go to a theatre in a more "urban" area where EVERYONE talks on the phone and otherwise before AND during the movie.
Btw, who would pay to see those nags save for Kim Catrall getting it on anyway?!! Are you that bored? (NH!!!!)
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
I like Wall-E
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
Wall E
the new pixar movie about a robot named Wall E

My daughters favorite movie,she was a Kung Fu Panda fan until seeing WallE
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
DebtorBasher on 07/11/2008:'s more like A Nightmare Before Christmas!
DebtorBasher on 07/11/2008:
Eileen should just marry her brother.
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
I'm pretty sure we all know that Eillen and her brother(as well as some other people),are the same person
DebtorBasher on 07/11/2008:
If I were sitting near her while she was on her cellphone, I would have taken Steve's stapler from her and stapled her lips shut!
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
Just passing through, but I must have my say on this one. WHY WOULD YOU GO TO A MOVIE TO TALK ON A CELL PHONE?!
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
Steve, Best Answer. Wonder why that "member" enjoys yanking everyones chain so much? He must live a very boring life.
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
boring and sad.Oh well some people get their kicks that way I suppose.
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
Just passing through, but I must have my say on this one. WHY WOULD YOU GO TO A MOVIE TO TALK ON A CELL PHONE?! Sorry, I posted too quick. Also, you know you are going to a movie, why not talk to your brother before or after movie? And you were talking about your terrible experience; did you even think about the people around you who also PAID GOOD MONEY to watch the movie and the previews but instead paid to listen to your converstation? What did you do before cell phones existed? Drag your house phone with you and insist the management plug it in in the theatre?

Anyone seen the dateline and gma specials about cell phone etiquette? Perhaps I should send the poster a copy?
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
Hurricane,Eileen is special.She makes her own rules
bargod on 07/11/2008:
Isn't it odd that Stew goes on vacation and Eileen magically reappears? I'm starting to put two and two together here(of course I was never any good at math)
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
and no I don't mean wearing a helmet on a small schoolbus special
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
Oh, well, that's okay then.
bargod on 07/11/2008:
You sure about that Steve?
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
In case she doesn't get it, my last comment is sarcasm.
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
well maybe
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
hey Eileen must be out on work release!
DebtorBasher on 07/11/2008:
I knew all of those fireworks would wake her out of her peaceful coma.
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
Eileen and the NIC running it, thanks for the laughs today!
DebtorBasher on 07/11/2008:
Eileen...why didn't you use your EileenBB11 account, instead of creating a new one? You know, you can't have TWO active accounts on here.
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
DB! You know how Stew is about keeping track of all those logins and passwords! Cut him some slack!
DebtorBasher on 07/11/2008:
Eileen is not Stewie!
However, I wouldn't be surprised it Stew is her Brother she is always chatting with on the cellphone.
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
"You know, you can't have TWO active accounts on here"? I'm telling Admin, only a select few are allowed in the multiple NIC group and most of them are in Texas. Heck they even through Ejack out of the group so what chance does Eileen have?
Principissa on 07/11/2008:
And I could have missed all this by going out to dinner. What an end to a good week this was. Thanks for the laugh. :)
Slimjim on 07/11/2008:
"I demanded to know how he planned to placate me for my experience. " ROFLMAO! Thanks, I needed this after a busy week.
DebtorBasher on 07/11/2008:
Eileen has boobs!
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
with all of the posts on this thread,I'm amazed it only generated 2 helpful votes.
jktshff1 on 07/11/2008:
we have all missed eileen!
DebtorBasher on 07/11/2008:
Steve, I'm surprised it even got that many.
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
I voted helpful.only because of my ties with the stapler
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
People like you are why I wait for movies to come out on DVD. Oh crap, this is a joke isn't it. Someone smack the newbie!
MeowMeowMeow on 07/11/2008:
I'm mainly a lurker, but I was just thinking about you earlier this week, Eileen. I'm glad the manager kindly gave you free passes.
DebtorBasher on 07/11/2008:
*Smacking the newbie*
old fart on 07/11/2008:
They need to add a content rating category. Something like, "pure Bullshot""..This review doesn't even make it as warped humor..
Nohandle on 07/11/2008:
Lovely Eileen I know just how you feel. We, together, need to determine who the owner of the Regal Cinemas is. I intend on writing a strongly worded letter because of the treatment I received.

My 7 year old nephew had been wanting to see Sex and the City, so being a good Auntie I took him. First of all I received a good deal of harassment at the ticket counter. Would you believe they were not going to allow my beloved
nephew into the theatre due to his age? After giving them a piece of my mind the tickets were compensated as if they were doing me a favor. Thank you so much, that's the least they could do. I mean really.

Buttered popcorn was $6.50...highway robbery I tell you. Drinks $4.00 each, which is even worse. I complained and would you believe the clerk gave me the eye roll? There's something wrong with that pimply faced kid. I demanded to see the manager, probably the same one you spoke with, and all I was allowed were the refreshments at no charge. No offer whatsoever for additional items.

The rest of the evening was a nightmare I don't even want to trouble myself remembering. Could you please attempt to find the owner's name? He really needs to be aware of the treatment his patrons are receiving.
couldbeyou on 07/11/2008:
So you're the cell phone user we all hate in theaters. Call your brother from outside next time. If there's anything worse than a ringing cell phone or someone on a cell phone in the movie theater or at a play or even in a public library, it's getting scammed by the Nigerians. I take that back, you're equal to that. Cut it out! You disturb other ticket paying customers.
couldbeyou on 07/11/2008:

I trust they supplied you with a blindfold for your little nephew. If not they were surely lacking in discretion. A child as old as 7 probably has seen more than they have in a lifetime.
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
DB, that felt wonderful. *sherdy leans in a little with a smirk on her face* Do it again. Harder.
Anonymous on 07/11/2008:
This thread is just way to funny and now I see EileenBB11 is online. Hmmmmmmmm, what are the odd's?
DigitalCommando on 07/11/2008:
About the same odds as a flock of seahorses flying out of my butt.
chris513 on 07/12/2008:
You're right, they should be ashamed.
21502 on 07/12/2008:
the only place I went to this week that had the potential of a good story on here was motor vehicles, but other than waiting two hours while reading newsday, everything I needed to get done got done, well I have to buy sneakers today at walmart perhaps I will have drama experience myself like I've read on some of these, most likely just ordinary , but anyway I'm glad you didn't try to sneak in caffelatae like kramer did, then this thread would really take off
oldisgood on 07/12/2008:
OK, I know this post has to be all JOKE. At least I hope so. Someone had nothing to do that day and decided to "stir up the viewers".
Anonymous on 07/12/2008:
Oldisgood, this whole Eileen thing has been going on for some time. Some demented regular with to much time on his hands posts these reviews then sits back and watches the fun. Can't say it's all bad as these lame reviews due liven the place up and some people enjoy the mindless reviews for the most part.
chris513 on 07/12/2008:
I know, Super....isn't it great?
Anonymous on 07/12/2008:
Chris, I enjoy the "brother" parts the best. If there was really such a person you would think he would have thrown out his cell phone by now, LOL.
chris513 on 07/12/2008:
LOL, and who could blame him? Oh yeah, it rained here and cooled everything off yesterday...the high temp could not have been higher than 95...kind of nuts...
Anonymous on 07/12/2008:
Steve, the stapler is back:
Anonymous on 10/10/2008:
MeMe08 on 03/10/2010:
I am an employee at Regal entertainment group andI know that this post you made is old but I want to let you know something. 1. Its rude as hell to be on the phone during a movie (in case you didn't know other people ARE TRYING TO WATCH A MOVIE THAT THEY PAID FOR) 2. I get tired of customers complaining over stupid ish then getting free tickets because the mangers HAVE TO if they could get away with it without losing their job trust me they would slap the ish out of you I know I will. 3. If you need to make a call then take your ass oustside, you waited until you got in the movie to call your brother you should have done that while aiting in concession line or maybe box office line.
Customers are stupid at times (you being one of them)
Anonymous on 05/11/2011:
good review, very helpful
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Forget the concession stand at regal 16 cinema
Posted by on
On New Year's Eve, my friend and I went to the Regal 16 Cinema in Lacey, WA. A girl in a Regal uniform was standing by the door to the auditorium where Avatar was showing. She saw us approaching, both walking with canes. She shutthe door and in a rather condescending tonme of voice told us to go to the back of the line. The so-called line was three and four abreast and extended to the back of the building, possibly 400 people. We got discouraged and contacted the theater later and got readmission tickets. We went back on Thursday, the 7th, and there were no more than two dozen people in that auditorium. Heaven! We got one small bag of popcorn and two small drinks. I was amazed at the sizes of the items, but even more amazed at the prices. The three items cost $15. At a Diamondbacks ball game, two beers and two bags of peanuts cost $20. The movie was fantastic, but I still feel the hole in my wallet carved by the girl at the concession stand.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
Concession stand food is the biggest rip-off in the world. I have a special purse for for bringing in coffee and snacks, and it's not stealing or whatever. I bought the stuff, I take it out when I leave. I'm sorry you were treated so ill. If my dad was treated like that, I'd have a chat with the management.
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
I don't like popcorn, but even if I did I wouldn't buy it at the movie theater. It's not butter they put on the popcorn. It's butter flavored oil and they make the popcorn extra salty so that you buy drinks. I do what sherdy does and bring in candy I bought beforehand. I always go to Harkins and I have a Harkins cup that I bring with me each time. It's only $1 to fill it up and it's a large sized cup.
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
I agree, eveything at the movie theater is over priced.
Eloise on 01/08/2010:
Starlord, just a question, please don't take it the wrong way. Did you think that the employee should have let you skip the line? I fully understand you were using a cane. I have a feeling that the girl would have likely by the crowd lynched if she had let people (even people using a cane)to jump the line.
Principissa on 01/08/2010:
I too have an extra large purse I use when (on the rare occasion that we do) we go to movies. I can fit 2 candy bars, 2 cans of coke, a can of peanuts, and some chips. I can even fit 2 slices of pizza if I layer it right.

I refuse to purchase anything from the concession stand. 8.50 for two tickets is expensive enough.
Eloise on 01/08/2010:
We only have a local independent movie theatre here in rural Western North Carolina. A large Popcorn, and 2 large drinks (all which include a free refill) would cost a whole $12. For our family of 5 to go during prime hours is only $21. (our son is too old for the child price) However candy's high so we stop at the dollar store first.
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
Eloise, I can't speak about SL's theater, but my local theater has special seating for physically challenged patrons. Assuming that Star and his bride are going to use the reserved seating, why wouldn't they give them a little bit of extra time to get in and get seated. I imagine it must be a big problem dealing with a throng AND canes.
Eloise on 01/08/2010:
Sorry, I'm used to my small redneck theatre. Where it's first come, first seated, and please spit your tobacco into your spit cup and not the floor.

I did check Regal's website and they do have special handicapped seating for wheelchairs. They don't say anything about any other seating assistance. However they do note that if you need assistance to contact an employee.
Ytropious on 01/08/2010:
Did you enjoy Avatar, Star? I agree that concessions are a rip. I always sneak in a soda, and usually some candy in my purse.
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
Avatar was outstanding in my book. Another home run like Titanic. Saw it in 3D HD, great flick.
Starlord on 01/09/2010:
Avatar was the most awesome picture I have seen in ages. It was our roommate that I went to the theater with. Crystal did not want to subject the furkids from sitting through an almost three hour movie. Our tickets had been purchased through Fandango, and we had been told that handicapped would be given assistance in seating. There was no way the nearly 400 people in line were going to be seated in the auditorium, which looked to be able to hold maybe a hundred. When we went Thursday afternoon, we had no problems at all getting replacement tickets, and there were about two dozen people there. While I cannot enjoy 3D, only having one working eye, the digital 3D glasses did make the picture sharper than without. It has been 53 years since I got hurt, and Casper the Ghost was the first and last 3D I got to see. the red and blue glasses never made the image good enough for me to see properly, and it made me nauseated.
CrystalSword on 01/09/2010:
Star and our roomie had pre-paid tickets, the tickets said no waiting in line!! I'm not a fan on movie theaters and I really didn't want to subject the dogs to the noise and crowds there....they had some quality "mommy time" while Star was at the theater. Besides, I got a lot done at home being the only one here and it was a nice day besides, and after I did some housework, the dogs and I went and got groceries and got some killer deals in the meat dept. at Safeway!

They both enjoyed the movie and I'll get to see it when it comes out on DVD.
Eloise on 01/09/2010:
The main star in Avatar looks exactly like my brother. It was surreal.I'm with Crystal having to wait for the DVD. I've got to say the previews look incredible!!!
Ytropious on 01/09/2010:
I enjoyed the movie very much, but being spoiled on the 3D I got to wonder if the DVD is going to be worth it.
PepperElf on 01/09/2010:
you know... maybe it's me but those 3D movies tend to give me headaches.

I've tried watching them but can never really get the "awesome focus" they seem to advertise.

though, if you put both images side by side and let me relax my eyes to watch it that way (focus on them so they merge into one image) that works just great... but most theatres aren't going to do that kind of movie *sigh*
Anonymous on 01/09/2010:
Pepper, we saw it in the iMax theater, 3D, HD, iMax, six channel sound, all I can say is, WOW!
Anonymous on 01/09/2010:
My roommate tried to see Avatar today. The theater was packed so they had to sit in the front row. They left after 30 minutes cause she got motion sickness. She said she'll see it again during the week so she can sit further back in the theater.
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High Pricing
Posted by on
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- As a consumer of middle age, to go to a movie these days is a very expensive outing. Not worth the money spent. To buy a ticket, or to purchase a refreshment is highly overpriced.
With all the new technology, people will begin to stay at home and watch their movies. We have pay per view and just wait a short time to run to the video store to rent at a much smaller amount of money. I could feed a house full of people with the money I spend at the theatre for two. I feel the industry is going to hurt themselves. People living here, Miami, Florida, especially, can hardly pay for living expenses much less entertainment. I think the big shots need to wake up to reality. How long do they think they can continue on this same path and benefit. My opinion is time is running out and so are people's pockets. Wake up America, all of these high prices can and will not continue.
No one will profit!!

I personally will not be attending another theater until there are some changes for the people. I am fortunate to be able to make my choices. I am able to pay these prices without taking food off my table, but many people are not. I select not to continue to pay these high prices for the good of all people, including the less fortunate.

I hope this is something that would be taken into consideration by the big shots, because the little shots are fed up.

Yours truly,
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User Replies:
MRM on 06/01/2007:
I only go to the movies on special occasions. For every other days, I rent DVDs, copy them, and return the DVDs. Now I can watch movies whenever I want without worrying about late fees. Ooops...did I say that much...
shawnp80 on 06/01/2007:
"With all the new technology, people will begin to stay at home and watch their movies".

It has already begun.
Anonymous on 06/01/2007:
I agree with everybody and Linda I think they movies they MASS PRODUCE now a day are just not worth watching anyway. I'm with you!
Anonymous on 06/01/2007:
Spiderman 3 was pretty good.
chemman on 06/01/2007:
yeah, I can't remember the last time I went to the movies. I recently installed a 106" HD projector setup, so I really don't see myself going now. I'll wait for it to hit DVD and get it from Netflix and enjoy it from the comfort of my home. No lines, screaming kids or ridiculous prices to deal with!
MRM on 06/01/2007:
Yes Spiderman 3 was good. I did not watch it in the theater, though. I watched it on another kind of media outlet. *wink*
Starlord on 06/02/2007:
We have DirecTV, and we just cancelled the movie channels and signed up with Netflix. It is great! For what it would cost us to go to the multiscreen theater in town, we get three movies at a time, and have a turnaround on them of one day, as the nearest center is just 65 miles away. In addition, we can download movies to our computers for 18 hours per month in addition to the physical DVDs. We don't have to worry about our vehicle being vandalized or stolen, or getting mugged, or having to put up with the pot fumes when some people come back from the restrooms. All in all, Netflix is the way to go.
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