Regal Jewelers, Chicago

2 reviews & complaints.
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Regal Jewelers, Chicago
2625 W Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60659
773-262-4377 (ph)
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I bought two nose rings from Regal Jewelers to use it as a earring for my daughter. It can be used as both earring as well as nose ring. But I found it big for my daughters ear. I went immediately after a week to return it. The guy did not gave exchange saying some hygienic reason.

It was ridiculous. We just asked for exchange only and he refused. It was of no use for me so I kept both receipt and nose ring with him. I wrote my Cell no. on the receipt. The guy didn't call us back, he didn't gave us exchange and didn't credited our account.

Beware of after sale service. While buying the things they will give you commitment of exchange but after sale they don't agree.

Cheating Tactics
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- If you're thinking of buying from Regal Jewel Jewelers in Devon Ave, Chicago then don't. Here's why:

They will show you the gold ornaments at the price of $44 per gram, when the market rate is around $30. Then when making a final bill they'll come down to $35 by themselves without giving you any chance of bargain, which they'd promise at the beginning.

Not only that once home you'd realize that once you inquire about gold price from, then they'd ask you to get a refund of $100, then they won't telling that we've to make our profit.

Trust me, stay away from this scoundrels.

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