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Regis Ruined My Hair


Regis - Botched Choppy Haircut - Side view
Regis - Botched Choppy Haircut - Back view
I went to Regis Hair Salon for a one-inch trim of my long layered hair. I left with a chopped up mullet, that resembled something a 5-year-old might have done to themselves.

I sat in the chair and said to the stylist, "I am very picky about my hair. I delay cutting it for over a year for fear of having a bad cut because it takes me so much time and effort to grow my hair long. I am tired of stylists not listening carefully to what I am asking for, so please let me explain what I want." She said, "OK, I'm all yours. I'm listening."

I said, "as you can see I have long layers with face framing layers in the front. I want to keep this style, this shape, but my layers are just overgrown and damaged. I do not want to lose any more than an inch of length. I want you to leave my layers the same, just take them up a bit to return the shape and movement of my cut. And I want my front layers around my face to frame my face again instead of just hanging there because it's too long. I do not want my shortest top layer any shorter than my cheekbones. Does that make sense?"

Her: "yes"... So she repeated what I said to her and added "you want your shape and movement back right?" Me: "yes." I also added, "my hair is curly and it responds best to a razor cut. This is how I previously had it cut and I was happy with the results, so please use a razor. I do not like a blunt scissor cut because it causes too heavy lines, looks choppy, and not enough blending." She argued and said she didn't want to razor cut it, assured me the cut would not look that way, and that she would blend it with scissors, and she said word for word, "I promise you will leave here with a good haircut. If you are not happy, you do not pay." I said "fine".

So she started to cut and right away I noticed she was taking thick chunks of my hair and just chopping. So I stopped her and told her that is not what I wanted, that I wanted it blended and soft, and that I wanted to keep my fullness and body, and that she was cutting it all off. So I could see her getting visibly frustrated (and of course I was not hiding that I was not happy). So she turns me around in the chair so I couldn't see what she was doing.

She finished cutting and she used a hot straightener and serum on my hair. When she was done, she turned me around and asked what I thought. I was shocked that literally half my hair was GONE, and that I had a MULLET! So I said "NO, I am not happy." This is not what I asked for! So she picks up a chunk of my already chopped hair and goes to cut MORE, and I just said, "NO! I'm done. Enough!" I got out of the chair and walked out. My husband was there the whole time and he heard/saw this whole thing.

My confidence and appearance of necessary for my work and my earnings and ability to be hired are affected by this. I have gone to other salons and each of them have been shocked at the negligence of this stylist, and at the obvious poor quality of work. I need my hair back and I do not have 12 months to grow it back. This incident has cost the stylist the loss of the price of one cut, and an hour and a half of her time. It has cost me significant emotional stress, nine months to a year to grow my hair back, and it has affected my work.

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SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- I had my hair done in Aug. 18, 2008 at Regis at 4750 North Division Spokane, WA 99207. I brought a photo of the haircut I always get. I told the stylist to trim only 1 inch. I ended up with very choppy, not blended hair that was cut off over 2 inches! It looked like when a young child attempts to cut their own hair. I returned the next day requesting another stylist to fix it and she ended up trimming my hair even more to try to remove the "shelves" and trimmed my bangs - which I had never had before - uneven where one side was 3/4 an inch longer!

I returned the next day, receiving a full refund and proceeded to Fantastic Sam's where they did fix it the best they could with what they had to work with. In the end my hair is over 3 inches shorter and I have short bangs! I had to purchase a new curling iron since my barrel was too large for my new only 3 - 7 inches of choppy layers. I have NEVER had such a horrific haircut in my 30 years of professional stylists.

As I am telling my story to other people, they have told me of their own bad experience with Regis Salons. While she was styling my hair some young man came in wanting a haircut. He specified to have my stylist but was told she did not have time for a walk-in. He insisted on her so they told him to come back at 4:15. My color, cut, style and waxing began at 2:00. She finished at 3:45. I suspect she hurried so she would have time to trim this handsome young man whom many of the stylists apparently knew.

My family will never use Regis again and I will tell my story to anyone willing to hear it. I have more faith in the abilities of a professional at Great Cuts, Fantastic Sam's and the like than the unprofessional stylist your corporation employs.

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