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Please Don't Register Your Domain With Register.com
Posted by NoNoNo on 04/26/2013
Register.com refused the authorization codes to transfer my domains with a form letter, much of which didn't even apply to my situation. These are active business domains. Clearly they do this habitually. Please don't register your domain with this company, you'll be relinquishing complete control of it. In addition, they force "auto-renewal" and charge you even without your authorization.

Also, they placed a large banner across my website. Not all companies do this, and not all registrars deny transfer. Keep shopping...

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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-04-26:
These are the same crooks and swindlers that have brought us Network Solutions and their over inflated prices. Along with Web.com, who for a mere $100.00 a month contract (that they will never let anyone out of) they will build you a free web site using their staff of five year old's and Crayola Crayons. (It will never work right either)

Register.com, Networksolutions.com, Netsol.com, Web.com, Leads.com, 1shoppingcart.com, RenovationExperts.com, Solid Cactus.com and all their other scammy operations are all great places to avoid.

Give GoDaddy a call, fair prices and they answer the phone with English speakers within a couple minutes, not hours.
Posted by Joan Davis on 2013-06-24:
People should really read the service agreement before getting a domain name or any other service with Register.com. or any registrar. It clearly states your credit card will be kept on file within your acct and unless you contact them and tell them you no longer want the domain, it will be auto renewed.

The credit card can be removed by going into your acct and clicking on wallet, then follow ALL the steps for removal and keep clicking continue all the way to the end to save this action.

Transferring a domain away is not that hard if you do as advised. By law, no one can deny a domain name transfer to another registrar, but according to ICANN rules, certain steps have to be followed for security purposes. You must call in for verification so it's known it's really you and not someone who got ahold of your information. The auth code will be sent to the email address on the acct. So it's wise to make sure when talking to Register.com, to check the email address on the acct to see if it still valid. The auth code has a time limit on it of 3 days. You must contact the winning registrar with that code to get the transfer started. If there is privacy on your domain with any company, make sure the privacy is off so all your contact info shows because the winning registrar needs to look at the public WHOIS record to check the info on that.

Also it's Web.com that bought Register.com and then a year later they bought Network Solutions.

You can point your domain name to wherever you want and you don't need to pay for it and there will be no blue banner at the bottom. Contact whoever is hosting your website first and get from them either the DNS or IP number they are using for your acct. Then call back to whoever is hosting your domain name, tell the operator you need help in re-pointing your domain name. It takes 12-24 hours for this to propagate because it has to go thru 13 servers internationally. It is best to start the process on a Friday so things are sure to be up and running my Monday.

There are no contracts at Register.com. You can cancel at any time.

Register.com has live English speaking operators who answer the incoming calls and then they redirect the calls to the dept that fits the reason you are calling for. The calls are answered in the order they come in and within a minute of connecting to Register.com There maybe a waiting time after talking to the operator depending on whether or not there is an issue going on.

What can and does back up the waiting time is the hoards of people calling in that have forgotten their login info.
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Fraudulent business practices
Posted by Laurad1022 on 02/07/2013
This company practices deceptive, if not fraudulent, business tactics. They sign you up for auto renew without your knowledge, then they hike up the prices or add services that you don't need. They put you on hold forever, to discourage you from resolving complaints or making changes. They constantly try to up-sell you on unnecessary products. I was lied to on the phone regarding the expiration of my domain. I was told it was expiring the next day, when it had a year left. They charged me twice for successive renewals, told me they would credit one back, and didn't. Now I have to file a complaint with my credit card company. This company is a nightmare. I am trying to file a complaint with ICANN. Register.com should have its license taken away by ICANN for defrauding consumers!
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Posted by Joan Davis on 2013-06-24:
Before signing on with any company, read the security agreement first. All calls are recorded and the agent has to ask if you agree to the security agreement or they can not move ahead with setting you up. The security agreement can be found on Register.com's homepage, midway down. It's all there so nothing is hidden.

It clearly states if there is a credit card on the acct. unless the customer calls in to cancel the acct, the acct will be renewed. All it takes to get that reversed is a phone call in.

Sometimes the hold times are long if there is an issue going on which happens with all companies. There is call back system. At anytime after the initial advertising, one can hit the pound button (#) which will bring up the call back option. LISTEN to the instructions. Put in the phone number you want to be called back on, push the button the recording tells you to push. At the end of the process, the system will read back the phone number and will give you the option to change it if it's wrong. Once again, the system will read it back to you and once you hit the button to confirm that is right it will just hang up and then you can hang up and you can expect a call back in about the same amount of time of whatever the announced hold time was give or take a few minutes. It's an automated system and will only call back once. If you step away from the phone or are on the phone or for whatever other reason you may not get the callback, you'll have to call back again.

Register.com is a business and any business is going to try to sell you something.
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Register.com Is A Fraud Scam Company. Stay Away
Posted by Jovvan on 01/13/2013
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- REGISTER.COM is a FRAUD SCAM company. Stay AWAY. They auto-renew web sites registered with them at 10 times the cost of any other registrar without the owners permissions....and then on their website they do not have any way to remove auto-renew...they want you to call, which of course no one picks up...thus harassing owners till owners finally give up...Register.com is a Fraud Scam company...Stay Away from Register.com under all circumstances.
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Posted by Joan Davis on 2013-06-24:
You may want to read the security agreement you agreed to when you called in. You have to agree to it or the agent can not move forward. They have no way of knowing if you really read it or not. It clearly states there, if there is a credit card on the acct, unless the customer calls in to cancel, the card will be charged.

There is a way to remove the auto renew as well. Once you have logged into your acct, on the far left of the page there are boxes with links in them. Click on safe renew and you will go right to the page where you can start the process to turn off the safe renew. You must click continue all the way thru this process in order to save this process. That is why the continue button is there.

If you don't want a credit card on the acct which will assure the safe renew will not work, on that first page where the boxes are with all the links, click on wallet. Remove the info for the credit card and again, click the continue button all the way thru. Log out of your acct and then back in and check to make sure the removal stuck.

Many companies offer starting prices on their goods and services. My cable company does, my cell phone does, etc etc etc. It's a business.

When one calls Register.com there are live operators who answer the phones and redirect the calls to the needed dept. There may or may not be much of a hold time for that dept. There is a call back option that can be used and there are prompts for that as well. Keep in mind though it is an automated system and the it will call you back in whatever the announced hold time is give or take a few minutes.
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It's really RIP-OFF.COM
Posted by Stsloke on 12/03/2012
SUNLAND, CALIFORNIA -- We used Register.com about 10 months ago as a registrar for a couple of domain names, utilizing single year registrations.

We never used the domains and thought they'd just die after the year but Register.com had different ideas. They initiated their own auto-pay system and re-signed us for another year through our PayPal account. I attempted to call three different 24-7 phone numbers to cancel their auto-pay system. I wasn't real surprised when they said their "billing department was closed". Nobody to talk with unless you want to purchase a service.

I'll be doing a Better Business Bureau about Register.com report next.

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Posted by Old Timer on 2012-12-03:
1&1, GoDaddy also do do it that way. Just about all the domain registers set you up on a yearly auto pay/renew that you have to turn off.

Microsoft turned off the auto renew on microsoft.com years ago, they forgot to pay it and Netsol turned off the domain. It was only one day, but that is one reason why the default is to auto renew.
Posted by Joan Davis on 2013-06-24:
As with any company always read the security agreement before agreeing to it. All calls are recorded and the agents can not move forward with establishing an acct without the customer agreeing first. It clearly states there about the safe renew option and it also states that unless the customer calls in to cancel the acct and if there is a credit card on the acct, the card or paypal will be charged.

The billing dept is open 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday. That part of the business is not open 24/7 and there are a couple other depts also not open 24/7. Sales and tech is there 24/7 365 days a year.
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Worst Available Service
Posted by Jimsflh on 04/03/2009
Not only are they way more expensive, but lately they have very frequent outages. They told me I am welcome to transfer my domain, but they wouldn't refund the money I paid up front for 3 years of registration.

Go Daddy is very inexpensive and free email account with the domain, which I paid $269 for 3 years with register.com.

Worst service ever.
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Posted by Madtypist on 2009-04-11:
AGREED! I was one happy camper when I was told about GoDaddy. And you know what, even if you haven't paid yet it is almost impossible when your domain expires from Register.com to transfer to another domain registration company. I couldn't do it on-line and I had to call during very specific hours. Now I did get someone from register.com call ME after I tried to transfer offering to "lower" the registration for my two names ready to expire. It STILL wasn't as low as GoDaddy and you would think they would be a bit more on the offensive with competition and the economy these days and OFFER their clients a low renewal rate. I never was successful at transferring those two domains but Register.com still "owns" them. Fine. I have decided to let them both go and go on with my life!
Posted by Pied Piper on 2012-08-10:
Hello Madytpist [2009-04-11]. I'm sad not to have been here when you visited this User Discussion group. If anything, you shouldn't have surrendered your domain names. Register.com profited from your registrations
Posted by Joan Davis on 2013-06-24:
When a domain name is transferred, whatever time remaining on that domain, goes with it. So if there is 3 years left, then there will be 3 years when it is transferred over. You may have to buy time on the winning registrars end but that gets tacked onto the current time remaining on it already.

Also it is against the law to hold back a domain name from being transferred. You have to call in so you can be verified and then an auth code will be emailed to the address on the acct. So check with the agent about the email address. That code has a time limit on it as well. So it's important once you have the auth code to contact the new registrar right away and get things started. It can take 4-5 days for the process and this is the case for any registrar. The dept that handles transfers is open 24/7 365 days a year.
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Auto-renewal feature is a scam
Posted by on 12/11/2001
I find it very hard to believe your auto-renew feature was put in place to help us consumers. When I visit your site and login to my domain, I cannot find anywhere in my domain manager a place to shut off the auto-renew. You must have it hidden somewhere so that my domain DOES automatically bill my credit card. The only way I found to access this shut-off feature was through a custom link provided in one of the 20 emails I get from you each month.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Posted by Ken on 2013-04-30:
I called to cancel the auto renew, however it already was in the process of going through my CC. I was told by a customer service rep, I would receive my refund in entirety and the service would be canceled, along with an email from them about the refund. Its been weeks and still no refund. I called and they just said to wait, that it was approved. I have emailed customer service over a week ago twice and still to no avail. Very bad practices.
Posted by Joan Davis on 2013-06-24:
If there is no credit card on the acct. it will not auto renew. Just open your acct. on the far left of the first page once you are in your acct there are boxes full of links. Click on "safe renew" that will take you to the page where you can start the process of removing it. Follow the steps and click continue all the way to the end so it will save. Or, click on wallet instead of safe renew and go in and remove the credit card info. Once again, be sure to click the continue button all the way thru to save this action.
Posted by Carrie on 2013-08-30:
Actually, Miss Davis, unless there has been a recent change in the past few months, I believe your explanation is incorrect. The only way I can see to remove "safe renew" is to make a phone call. And it seems this is only available during a limited time of day. Not great business. Really unhappy being charged on a credit card that was even expired. Seems to me that there are some pretty shady practices happening with this company and I'll be glad when ALL of our dealings have ended.
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