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Stay Away From Reliable Imports of Springfield
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SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- I don't even know where to start with this dealership. They lost the second set of keys to our pre-owned car when we bought it, so we are without a spare set now. The tires that were on our car when we bought it were the original tires on the vehicle, although UnReliable lied and told us they were brand new. The "new" tires were completely bald after 3 months. They also lied about a warranty package and tied it in with the purchase of the vehicle. It took 3 months for me to clear up that mess because UnReliable lost my paperwork. When I called about it, the salesman was conveniently never in and never returned my phone calls. They also failed to do routine maintenance work on the vehicle prior to point-of-sale(like recalled parts that are free of charge to the owner) and tried to charge me for labor when I took the car in for maintenance. These guys are scam artists. If you are looking to get burned, then this is definitely the dealership for you.

Goes to show you should always have a pre-owned vehicle independently inspected, a lesson learned too late. We would have probably been better off at one of those "no credit? no problem!" joints than at Reliable Imports. Do yourself a favor and never set foot on a Reliable lot!
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madconsumer on 05/25/2008:
used vehicles come with all kinds of problems. I have never heard of a used vehicle place not charging for maintenance.

it is hard to believe the tires were bald in 3 months, even if they were used.

stop by the hardware store and buy a second set of keys. ewill cost about $5.
Slimjim on 05/25/2008:
I can't comment about the warranty package because of lack of details, but used cars are sold generally as is. Regardless of whether the tires were new, they were safe. Maybe they were newer. Some types of tires today, usually the most expensive, don't have a lot of mileage life with them. Thin profile, stiff sports car tires for example.
Anonymous on 05/25/2008:
I cannot condemn the dealer because the tires were bald within three months. They may have been very cheap, new tires. In the interest of 'good will' the dealer should have offered to comp you a set of keys to replace the ones they lost. Finding warranties for pre-owned cars is more common than it used to be, some cover very little. However, if the OP had a copy of a warranty covering maintenance items or recall items, he/she should not be charged for those services. The post does not supply sufficient detail about the warranty to know if this is so.
drummer_boy31 on 10/07/2008:
I used to work at the dealership and have a few things to add. I have recently been getting into the online forums to try to help people make better decisions. As a sales rep at the dealership for almost a year, I know the types of things that went on there. First of all, the second set of keys that you were thinking you should have had.. not every car is traded in with two sets of keys. people automatically assume that if you buy a car (even used) you get two sets. this is not always true. as a sales rep, its very hard to explain that to a customer as customers are not as understanding as we would like them to be. In some cases, some sales reps are out to get you, but I was not that kind. I sold over 130 cars while I worked there, and the only unsatisfied customer I had, I had to plead and beg my director to let me fix the situation, which I ultimately did. Secondly, the salesman is NOT!!!! responsible for ANY type of warranty you purchased on the car. This was discussed in the finance office, and EVERY!!! transaction in the finance office is recorded: if you don't believe me, call and ask them. I do know that every vehicle we sold was sent through a 39 point inspection. On a used vehicle, this is not every knook and cranny. its simply to make sure the care is not leaking oil, drives safe, and isn't going to kill you while you are operating it. As for the tires, could have been something made up by the salesman. You as a consumer should have checked them. People always assume that what we tell them, is the truth. I never mislead any of my customers, and I could back that up. I was honest, and tried to be straightforward to my customers as that's what I would expect from a dealership. I am sorry you had a bad experience and if there are any questions you may have regarding your vehicle information, I will gladly try and help you figure them out. Please feel free to email me at
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Rip Off Artists
Posted by on
SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- I would never recommend purchasing an automobile from this company. I purchased a brand new Subaru Outback from Reliable Subaru in Springfield, Missouri in March of '05. Without my consent the company added an extended warranty policy as well as a "gap coverage" policy to the sale. When asked to remedy the situation I basically got the run around. Avoid this dealersip at all costs unless you like being charged $3,000 for something you did not sign up for!!!
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Budro on 10/16/2006:
EVEN WORSE, They refused to honor my "extended" warranty, kept putting me off, giving me the run around, saying it was only for 75,000 miles, this after I paid extra for an extended 100,000 mile "complete car, if ANYTHING at all goes wrong" warranty! Reliable Hyundai = THE WORST SERVICE DEPARTMENT ON THE FACE OF THE FREAKING EARTH! A two hour wait just to have the oil changed WITH AN APPOINTMENT!! Nothing but B.S. and excuses!!! Take it from someone they RIPPED OFF royaly! DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THESE "PEOPLE". You WILL get ripped off if you do. I DID!
Budro on 10/16/2006:
Follow up: This was the "Hyundai Advantage Plus 10 year/100,000 mile Protection Plan" This is a quote from the plan text "For starters, both Hyundai Protection Plans cover just about every part and component on your Hyundai (more than 14,000 parts and components, to be exact). The New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers everything, excluding wear and maintenance items, soft trim, and upholstery." Now someone explain to me why they won't take care of my car?!?!

ALSO: I called the Hyundai protection plan 800 number, gave my info to them, guess what? They said I did not have the extended warranty plan and they show I had declined it when I purchased the car! But strange thing I was CHARGED FOR IT, AND PAID FOR IT! ANSWER; RIPOFF ARTISTS!
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