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Most horrible car buying experience EVER!
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RENO, NEVADA -- Sales manager lied to us about credit check process. We went in pre-approved for a loan with our credit union. We did not want to pursue other financing. They kept insisting that they could get a better rate for us, and I said, that's OK, I don't want a bunch of credit checks noted on my credit report. He insisted that they were "soft" looks and that it wouldn't affect my rating. I finally (stupid me) agreed to let them at least try to find us a better rate. Guess what? A week later I checked my credit rating and there were over a dozen "hard" looks at my credit history, and my FICA score dropped 20 points! This can't be disputed or "explained away." They lied to our faces about it. Period. When we finally did get the financing issue settled, we got the paperwork signed. We bought the extended warranty because the mileage on the vehicle was 75K+. We probably wouldn't have bought a high mileage car without thinking we had a warranty. Next, it took 4 tries to get a crack in the windshield fixed that was incl w/sale of car. I kept making appts, and the guy would either not be there or tell me he didn't have time to fix it. Next: they sold us an invalid extended service agreement. We found out only when trying to make a claim. Several months go by, and we have an issue that needs fixed, so we took it into them to have it inspected and fixed, per our warranty instructions. After having the car for several days, they end up telling us that they can't find what's wrong, but they agree something is wrong, and to just "keep driving it until it gets worse." WHAT! But of course they still charged us for the inspection. About 2 weeks later, we get a letter in the mail from them that the warranty plan we bought is not valid for cars over 60,000 miles, so it is no longer valid. Why would they sell it to us in the first place, then!! So now we have to go back in again and get this straightened out. Every step of the way has been nothing but frustration. I will do everything in my power to warn anyone I can not to do business with these guys. They are exactly why dealerships get a bad reputation. I have bought cars at several other dealerships in Reno, and I pretty much never even talk to them again once the papers are signed. This has been a nightmare!!!
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Skye on 03/12/2010:
Soft looks??
Anonymous on 03/12/2010:
Soft looks = soft inquiries. It's a credit check but it doesn't effect your rating. Like what Time Warner and some other places do.
Anonymous on 03/12/2010:
We called them ghost pulls. Their look probably doesn't affect your score, but if they use multiple financing agents, then those would. How would being pre-approved guarantee you could be financed? Unless you actually went to your bank and got a pre-approval from them, then took the paperwork to the salesperson, you would have inquiries no matter where you went.

If you had a bank pre-approval, then you would take the sales info of the vehicle to the bank for the loan to be approved. Then the bank would deal with the lender (or cut you a check for the car, then the dealership would have the title sent to the bank).
Skye on 03/12/2010:
Thanks Bkk and LS. I never heard the term, soft looks. I don't understand why the OP agreed to this, because they already had the pre-approved financing.
Anonymous on 03/12/2010:
Skye, I am wondering the OP had an actual pre-approval from a bank or finance company, OR those junk mail pre-approvals.
MaggieMcT on 03/13/2010:
Well, the OP said "pre-approved for a loan with our credit union," so it sounds like they were all set. But I don't see where the financing ended up -- was it with the credit union after all that?
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Duress Tactics
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RENO, NEVADA -- I went in to see if I could get a car w/ a better interest rate and lower payments. I was a return customer who made the mistake of going into the dealership after a stressful day at work. They took my car keys, supposedly to check the value and condition, and did not give them back, and triple teamed me for 3 hours. I was hungry, and tired, and without my car keys to leave and ultimately caved into the tirade. I would have signed anything just to get home! They told me if I did not like the car, I could get mine back. The payment was higher, and I could not cover the down payment they wanted so I issued a stop payment on the two remaining checks though they cashed the initial check for $300. even though I told them the car was not for me and I signed the paperwork under duress. They've been jerking me around for over a week, during which my gas cost has quadrupled. They tell me the loan papers must be turned down before they will give me my car back. I told them, it's moot, I don't the additional $1,000. they want down, so the loan will not go through... Mind you, I told them this at the time... They team tagged me down, and now tell me, I'm stuck. What can I do?
Resolution Update 10/10/2009:
I got my carrito & $ back! Close call, thanks everyone!
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Anonymous on 09/30/2009:
You aren't going to like it, but here it is. You admit you went there after a stressful day at work.

Yes, I know car dealerships are adamant about selling. But NO ONE forced you to sign those papers. No one forced to hand over your keys. You could have demanded your keys back anytime and left. If you felt that you couldn't 911 is easy to dial.

No one forced you to drive off in a car you can't afford. What can be done is you can be sued for check fraud for writing checks and stopping payment on them. Better hope one was not the down payment.

First thing you need to do if it has been under 3 days, is return that car, demand your $300 back, and cancel that contract. If over 3 days, you have sunk yourself.
Diabolical on 10/03/2009:
You can say 'no' in the future.
Sandy40306 on 10/03/2009:
I did say no, many, many, MANY, MANY, MANY times. I only signed when they promised me if I could not come up with the additional $1,000. they would "kill" the deal and give me my car and $300. back. I thought I had 3 days to cancel the deal. I just wanted to home. It's easy to say oh well your fault. And to some extent, my ignorance is at partial fault. But being triple teamed and brow beaten while tired and hungry and without ones own keys if far more effective psychological tool than you realize. More than I realized at the time. Even you might have been "pushed" into an unsatisfactory deal.that And yes, I went back the very next day and the next and the next. I was told there is no 3 day clause in Nevada; and, that the banks know better than I what I can afford. I repeated told them I could come up with an additional $1,000. so the deal was moot. They offered me a cheaper car. Unfortunately, according to their own figures... not possible! I stated such and told them I wanted them to live up to their promises because the cheapest & most economical car was my own. Again, I was told the banks know best. How so, they didn't give them all the facts. The application is incomplete. I was told to wait. I then stopped payment on the $1,000. because fraud is also writing rubber checks. 2 weeks later, I'm still being told to wait for "the banks". Did I make a big mistake? Absolutely, but they lied, not only to me but the banks with an incomplete application, and I was not aware that I didn't have 3 days to cancel the deal in Nevada. My question is, since they still have not placed the loan, what can I do?
Anonymous on 10/03/2009:
OP, I feel for you a little bit. But ONLY a little bit. The fact is you could have turned around and walked out. I took my daughter looking at cars last year and the first thing I told them was the first one who starts with a pressure tactic we would leave. We were there to browse and ask questions only.

I don't understand why you didn't just tell them to back the you know what up and leave.
Ytropious on 10/03/2009:
Exactly, they can't detain you. If I felt like I was being put in a harsh sales position I would have blown up at them and said "try a little less hard next time" and walked out.
Sandy40306 on 10/03/2009:
I did tell them over and over again I wanted my keys and to go home and think about it. I had no idea the psychological disadvantage I was at without my keys. I've dealt with car dealers for years (I'm 61) and have never been through an experience like this... And nothing in my life prepared me for this type of situation. And remember too, I was a returning customer who'd been done a solid deal previously. All I can say, is of course you're all right, to a point. My question is this, would you want to patronize a dealership like this, would you send your friends, relatives or children there? I wouldn't and won't. And really, should such tactics be permissible? Is "psychological captivity" okay? I personally don't think so... and wonder where honesty and honor as gone. And don't forget, they out and out lied to me... a returning customer. At this point, I am two week down the road and they have yet to place the loan. When can I demand they "kill" the deal? How long must this go on if they cannot place the loan? Mind you, I told them they couldn't. Any advice at this point?
Anonymous on 10/03/2009:
Sandy, I think you are stuck with a bad deal and I can't see a way out of this situation that you would be in control of. Because you signed a contract and because you wrote the additional checks then stopped payment on them then I think (though I am not sure) that they can come after you for the money. Never sign anything when stressed, emotional or otherwise psychologically strained. I am not sure about other states but in California there is no three day right of recision (cooling off period) on purchase contracts for cars.

I'm not sure if you will ever find yourself in this type of situation again, but if a dealership ever refuses to give you your keys again you look them straight in the face, tell them they have 60 seconds to put your keys back into your hands or you will call the police. If they don't get you your keys, make good on that threat.
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RENO, NEVADA -- I had to go back to the dealership 3 times because of mistakes they made on the paperwork. The smog certificate that they gave me initially was expired and when I went back to get another one, they gave me a certificate that belonged to another customer. So, I had to go back yet another time to get the correct one. They also printed the extended warranty paperwork incorrectly, which lead me to going back a third time.

They seemed rather unapologetic to me about the hassle I went through.

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Anonymous on 11/02/2007:
Pirate Happens
Anonymous on 11/02/2007:
LOL, Dealerdirect. PRMKC, we trust all is OK now?

Love the Reno area, used to have a cabin up on Mt. Rose. Really miss going up there now.
Reno Newbie on 08/29/2008:
I want to emphasize that I will never consider Reno Mazda Kia as a dealer with whom I wish to do business. In June my wife and I spent the better part of 2 weeks trying to make a deal on a car at their lot for her business use. After several visits and several phone calls with their sales rep Brian and a sales manager, whose name escapes me right now, we agreed on a price on a Friday evening on the telephone. I was out of town but told your sales manager I would be in on Sunday to pick up the car, a 2007 Kia Optima. He agreed to hold the car. On Sunday after calling and leaving a message for the sales manager that we would be in about noon to pick up the car with cash in hand, I showed up to take delivery. Imagine my surprise to find that they had sold the car to another party on Saturday. My wife was devastated, and the only explanation we received was that we should have canceled our out of town plans and returned to Reno to pick up the car on Friday. This after almost 2 weeks of negotiations on price. Had they met my price on Thursday instead of calling me back on Friday while on the road, we would have made the deal before leaving town. Finally, after being snubbed and ignored for 45 minutes while someone tried to find our now non existing car, I drove across the street to Allison Automotive and 20 minutes later purchased a Hyundai Sonata. As it turned out, this car was a much better deal with the V6, sunroof, and many more options than their 4 cylinder Optima. Needless to say, our buying experience there was also much more pleasant and I will recommend them to everyone I associate with.
My wife and I are recent transplants from California after selling a SERVICE business (emphasis on service) we owned and operated for 30 years. I am now the operations manager for a 270 unit townhome complex off of South Meadows Parkway (right in your new locations back yard) and have daily contact with all of the residents. My wife is a sales agent for a local credit card processing company who meets with 3 to 5 business people daily and contacts many more by phone. We also live in Sommerset in the Del Web Sierra Canyon Community and are very active in the community. Our experience with this dealership is detailed on their bulletin boards and on their website.
This dealership was our first experience with a local Reno business, so it will forever remain in our minds. At every opportunity, we try to detail our experience with this dealership and that of their competitor. Guess who wins and who loses!
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