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Rent-A-Wreck Of America
11460 Cronridge Dr. Suite 118
Owings Mills, MD 21117
410-581-5755 (ph)
410-581-1566 (fax)
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Rent a Wreck. It's all in the name
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Worst experience of my life. It's all in the name Rent A WRECK. I called ahead of time to insure they can rent to a 24 year old and they confirmed. When I got to the car rental place they said they do NOT rent to anyone under 35 and they need a $100 deposit. The cars had over 160,000 miles on them, oil light and engine check lights on. Their hours of operations are ridiculous. No one picks up the phone when you call. If they do answered they will be sure to tell you that they are the manager.

The car they gave me had a broken seat. It hurt to sit down in this seat. BROKEN. Stunk like cigarettes. When exchange the car no one was there. I called no one answered. Mind you this is 1:45 PM. I called them and had to wait for 45 minutes for them to come back to their place of work. They finally got me a new car which turned out to be worse than the first one I rented. When I demanded a new ride, they told me this is all they had. NEVER RENT FROM RENT-A-WRECK NEVER! It's not worth the savings. They kept my deposit for God know what reason. I'm currently fighting with them to get it back with no luck.

Rented a car
By -

PARLIN -- I completely understand you're not getting a Lexus when renting from Rent a Wreck, but I've used them 3 times in the past, and 2 out of the 3 times I hadn't had a problem. The last time I used them was a horror show and a half, Because I've used them 2x since I thought they would @ least treat me with respect & give me a car that worked.

Well, as soon as my fiance got over the Outerbridge, cause we live in SI, and we would go out to NJ to get the rent a crap! Anyway, she just barely made it over the bridge, until the car died right there on the spot. There was smoke coming out of the hood. We are both not mechanics, so it was scary to see something like that. All she kept doing was crying cause it was getting late & she was stuck on a deserted road near the bridge. I had to take car service to my mother's to borrow her car to pick up my fiance.

We called Rent a Wreck which was closed, and told them we had to leave it there cause there was no way this car was starting. Never again! I mean the 2 other times we rented a car the cars were nasty, filthy, dirty. It smelled as if someone actually died and was left in the cars for a couple of years. It was bad! But I will never and would never refer them to anyone over my dead body!

They certainly live up to their name! I'm just stupid to have rented from this place. When you're not rich and can't afford Enterprise & you have no choice, you get screwed! Take car service or public transportation if your car is in shop. Don't waste your time going to Rent a Wreck! And the workers are very rude as well. Not very polite to anyone.

Good value and service at Rent-a-wreck
By -

BILLINGS, MONTANTA -- Called from San Diego and made all the arrangements for a 4 wheel SUV. A few days before our pick up date we received a call and were told our vehicle would not be back in time but we could have a full size SUV for the same price. We called from the airport and were picked up promptly. We went to the rental office, filled out paperwork and were on our way. It has all worked out well and I would definitely use them again.

Never Rent a Wreckage
By -

I took a minivan from Newark Airport and as I was reaching in the night they said they will arrange the car at airport. I thought it would be around airport. But it was 8 miles from city and the car was so ill condition and I don't have choice. I went on my trip on this minivan and I just missed an accident and I was stuck with my family on a highway for 24 hours. So please don't choose this rental company and put yourself in risk.

No Vehicle
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I reserved a car from Rent-A-Wreck Seattle in March for a two-week holiday in September 2008. I showed up at the airport in the evening (having flown from overseas) and called the number Rent-A-Wreck had given me for the free shuttle to collect my car. I was told that they had no vehicles so they could not honor the reservation I had made even though I had given them my credit card details and had a reservation number.

I asked them what I should do and the man on the end of the line just kept repeating that he had no vehicles. I could try again the following day but as I needed transport to get from the airport to my motel for that night and to head north the following day at 6 am, I was forced to trawl the airport car rental counters - finally coming away with a minivan (for only two of us) for $175 more than my original quote from Rent-A-Wreck.

Several days later, I did find out that they had called my home (we do not have cell phones) and let my mother know that a car had come back later that night but it was too late. I emailed Rent-A-Wreck to complain about their unreliability when we returned from holiday, but several weeks have gone by and there has been no response.

Car Rental
By -

RESEDA, CALIFORNIA -- DO NOT RENT FROM HERE! I don't mind renting an older car but the rates are not that great! Could get better on HOTWIRE or advance rentals from the BIG companies such as DOLLAR. The key was bent and didn't open all the doors. The Check Engine light was on which they stated was a "minor" thing. I got stopped by LAPD for a tail light AND (R) blinker light. Do they say sorry? Do they compensate you for your inconvenience? Rude employee says "What do you want to do about it?" RIP OFF!

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