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Never Rent A Car Here... Dishonest, Rude, Disrespectful
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- DON'T EVER RENT HERE ....WHAT A SCAM OPERATION. BASED IN COSTA RICA. JOHNNY "THE MANAGER" IS SO RUDE AND HAS NO RESPECT FOR CUSTOMERS. These people are scary.... they will take your money and continue to charge on your credit card without authorization. My card company suggested that I cancel my card and re-issue with a new number because they don't trust them.

This was pre-arranged for me by a company and booked through Orbitz, otherwise I would never have gone near this place... Flight delayed coming into Palm Beach, so they were closed when my flight arrived. Had to pay for a taxi to hotel and back the next morning ( $85.00 ). When I arrived back at the airport the next morning to pick up my car, I was informed that they were doubling the daily rate because the rental would now only be 3 days instead of 4 days. So a 40.00 rental turned into 89.00. What a scam. Received the car with 3/4 of a tank of gas and was told to bring it back with the same or they would have to charge us for gas. Not my first time renting a car, so I get it. We spent 34.00 in gas and returned it 3/4 full, signed off on the agreement for 89.80 and received a receipt. Checked my credit card online and they had added extra charges without authorization.. When I called to inquire about the charges he ( Johnny ) couldn't explain it, and tried to guess at things and ended up telling me we must have had an overage. What's an overage? No answer. After three days of calling, he tells me that the car was not returned as received. What does that mean???? No explanation... then he comes up with the gas issue...stating that they had to put gas in it and it cost 9.00/per gallon

Had an issue: Someone backed into the side of the car while I was driving through the parking lot, so he proceeds to charge $750.00 to my credit card. When I inquired about the status of the insurance claim and my refund of 750.00, he starts hurling insults at me ( obviously a woman hater ), and proceeds to ask me if I am a law enforcement officer. Weird. He said I couldn't possibly know it was not my fault because I'm not in law enforcement. This is after he knows that the car hit me from the side, and the other party admitted to it. STUPID.

Made demeaning comments to my wife, and told her it was none of her business. They will give you the run around on the phone for days and tell you to call back for someone who, it ends up, doesn't exist after all. Then when you get upset they yell at you and hang up the phone. Good luck getting your money back, they are based in Costa Rica. .
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If You Do One Thing In Your Life: Never Ever Rent Here!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- My fiance and I have traveled the world and never have had such a bad experience! I booked with them because they had a FAR lower price than anyone else. ( I guess you get what you pay for- I need to remember.)
When we got to the Miami off-site rental office, we were greeted by a blank-faced employee named Krystal---very sullen, must have hated her job-- and decided to hate US as well!
In the rental agreement it states to bring proof of your auto insurance, to avoid a 15 dollar a day "charge" My fiance and I both did that. We brought what our insurance co. gives you to keep in your glove compartment in case of a wreck, verifying coverage. This robot, Krystal, would NOT accept either of our cards, BECAUSE IT DID NOT STATE THE AMOUNT OF COLLISION INSURANCE! Insane.
Why in God's name would a person have insurance and not have COLLISION coverage?? We were dressed very well when we showed up--and certainly did not look like the kind of people who didn't have proper insurance! She said, in order to rent the car we had to pay an additional $15.00 a day. That is when we knew this was a scam rental joint. I told her that's how I felt, and then she flat out refused to rent us ANY car! We were stranded and on our way to Palm Beach, and had no way of getting to another rental place-- she flat out REFUSED to call us a taxi! Fortunately, the nice bus driver who brought us there happened to overhear us and said he'd take us to find another place to rent a car. NICE man-- thank God for him! I imagine that this extra $ to rent that car, was likened to an airline "baggage fee" only much, much worse. Krystal was nasty, non responding and apparently management must be awful to have someone like her as an employee. . (The fish usually starts stinking from the head down!) If she was mine, she'd be out of a job in 30 seconds flat.
It all ended well, as I can see from the other reviews, chances are we'd have wound up in a dirty, malfunctioning car if we HAD rented the car from them. We rented one at the airport-- more expensive, but worth it.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/01/2012:
I dress well and have not carried collision on my vehicles EVER.

And yes, I have bought new vehicles. I just avoid hitting other things, and take the risk that someone isn't going to hit me and cause me to take a loss.

I have seen companies state that proof of collision coverage is required, and I would take the sheet I am sent yearly that shows that.
dan on 07/19/2013:
CROOKS! Never rent cars from them!
pls aware, they will rip you off with insurance and BS....

Real CROOKS in business! be alerted!!!
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Avoid Rent Max Car Rental, Miami FL
Posted by on
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I reserved a car with Rent Max Miami about a month in advance of my trip there. Their rates were reasonable, and much better than those of other car rentals around Miami. I got a prompt confirmation notice, and then a second confirmation as my trip date approached. It is a small outfit, so you have to call them when your flight comes in, and they send a van to the airport to pick you up.

I got to the airport and called the number, and the person on the other end asked how much I was paying for the rental, and then said that my pickup was on the way. Forty minutes later, I called again, this time with more details about where I was waiting. They again asked how much I was paying for the rental, and they again assured me that the ride was coming. Finally, I called thirty minutes later, and this time I learned that they had no ride coming, couldn't find my reservation in their database, and that they in fact, had no car for me.

I'd wasted an hour and a half, almost missed an appointment, and ended up being ripped off by one of the big name rental outfits who charged over twice as much as I expected to pay with Rent Max.

I have no proof of this, but some locals opined that Rent Max may have found someone who was willing to pay a higher rate for the car, and therefore they played dumb and I lost the reservation.

So, if you try to rent with Rent Max, I recommend that you speak on the phone with a human to absolutely guarantee that your reservation is in the database, and get the person's name so you can reference it later if you have to. It also may be worth putting down some small deposit to ensure that you're in the system.
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Valerie772 on 07/05/2010:
RentMax car rental was the best!!! They gave us prompt service to airport. Their shuttle operator was extremely courteous. Didn't have to wait at all for my ride to airport even though it was just us in bus. When our economy vehicle was not large enough to fit our luggage, we received an upgrade for just a few bucks more. We were thrilled with their service. The vehicle was clean and well maintained and they gave us super fast friendly service to get us on our way. They even gave us tips on traffic and helped us locate the best route to our destination and gave printed out maps for us. They really went out of their way to make our experience special! RentMax carrental was outstanding!!!
mrbrines on 08/07/2013:
I had the same experience with this company. I reserved a car with Expedia with this Rent Max Miami location.I had a confirmation with a price and type of car and dates.
When we get to the airport we call them to get us a ride to pick up our car and they tell us we overbooked your car in not going to be available. We were stuck on our vacation SRAM ling to rerent a new car at a much higher rate and lost almost 2 hours of time. This company is a joke on top of that when we get home we find out they charged us a fee for not canceling our reservation even though the person we spoke to who told us they had no cars had our confirmation number. Stay away from these crooks.
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Don't Rent At Rent Max Miami, FL
Posted by on
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- This company is unsatisfactory and totally irresponsible. The car we rented was old, over 60 thousand miles, dirty, it had an engine noise, old tires (hardly any thread left), bad windshield wipers, old radio (cassette player), bad speakers, No water to clean the windshield because the water sprayers were broken, one tire kept losing air pressure and the other one was flat. When I called for service they told me they didn't have any service outside of Miami, to just buy Fix-a-flat, and that they would reimbursed me. I had to put air on the tires 4 times, drive around to find a store to buy the fix-a-flat, got myself all dirty, not to mention the inconvenience and hassle to do this and drive around worry about the car tires, and the car breaking down.

To top it all, the car displayed "Low Oil Pressure" while we were on our way down from Orlando to Miami. When I arrived to drop the car off, the mechanic was the only person there to receive the car; they had already charged my credit card, and he didn't even know about the refund. I had to wait for him to call the owner to get his approval for the mechanic to reimburse me the money. I had to settle with a dollar less, because the mechanic didn't have enough cash on him, and forget about the $3.00 I spent putting air on the tires because I didn't have a receipt (Air machines don't give receipts). While chatting with the mechanic, he himself was surprised that particular car made it to Orlando and back.

He said that all the cars there are old, and that only two (a Nissan Altima, and a Corolla) were good cars. He also said, he was fed up that they left him responsible for receiving the cars because he had to put up with the customers complaints. I bet they are plenty of them! I am a local, and also been to Orlando many times before, so taking care of this wasn't as troublesome as it was, but if this happens to a tourist, I can only imagine how bad their experience will be!

Please, DO NOT use Rent Max ever again! Elder Rios
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Ripped Off Rent Max
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- You are absolutely right!!!!! I left my cell phone in the car and attempted to stop the driver before he left the airport. I then called the office informing them that I needed the driver to turn around (I could see the driver as I was calling the office) I then hopped a cab to the office, got there and the person whom drove me to the airport was nowhere to be found, however the car was cleaned sitting in front of the company.

I called back to the office and spoke with Patricia who informed me that she was taking a report and would give the information to Kathleen (office manager) upon her return the following day. This morning I called Kathleen and she was very non-chalant about my phone and the thief. I informed her that I wanted the name of the driver, I will be pressing full charges against the person and because the phone cost over 500 dollars it will be considered grand larceny theft. I refuse to allow these people to get away with this continued thievery.
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User Replies:
Cwazychicken on 03/22/2014:
sadly, this is why you must make sure you have all your belongings before you leave the vehicle.
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Stay Away From This Rental Company
Posted by on
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- On Jan 19 I rented a car from this company, through their web page and online reservation. I waited at the airport for 45 minutes and only after the third phone call did someone in a private car and not the shuttle finally picked me up. I had to further wait for them to clean and prepare the car. total lost time one and a half hours. The rental office is in a COLLISION REPAIR SHOP !! The company would not accept the collision coverage that VISA credit card offers. I suppose that is because they are a ghost company and are not insured. The car I was given developed all sorts of grinding noises when accelerating and braking.

Worst of all is that they refused to return my cell phone when I accidentally left it in the car. I noticed as soon as I was dropped off at the airport (in the same rental) and immediately called. The mangaer Mr Joe, refused to return the phone. There is no question that it was in the car since I had used it parked in front of the "rental office" before returning the car. The car I rented was a Honda Civic plate # 725-HNJ contract # RMRC 402453.

I checked the company on, their document # is P04000137386.

This company should be inspected, I believe that they are not licensed to rent cars, they have no insurance and the lack of set up suggests its another ghost company with a web page. By the way in their reservation page they do not inform that the collision coverage by VISA is not honored.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 01/27/2009:
If he knowingly had the phone and refused to allow you to retrieve the phone then he has committed theft. I'd file a police report.
Ben There on 01/27/2009:
Soaring, I think the complaint is that the car rental company would not drive the phone back to the airport. I did not get the impression that the OP returned to the car rental office to get the phone.
FBB-PIQ6 on 01/28/2009:
The phone was left in the car since it was used prior to arriving at the rental "office".

The only way I could get back to the rental office to pick up the phone was by having the rental pick me up at the airport again. It did after all drop me off with the same car I rented.
jmvs on 05/10/2009:
Anonymous on 06/04/2009:
Well, after reading those message, and with the twice problem that I has with cheap rental car like EZ rental car at Embassy Suite Miami Florida. I never ever rent a dirt cheap company advertise cheap rental and try to scam customer.

chippergirl on 06/07/2009:
Do not rent a car from this company. The cars are older models and are full of problems. I rented a car from the Fort Lauderdale Rent Max office and was given a 6 year Ford Taurus that was dirty inside and out. I had body damage plus when you drove over 55 mph the car shook. I called the Fort Lauderdale office to report the problem and ask if I could take the car to the Miami office to have it checked out. I was told that that was fine when the previous driver had it and that Taurus drove rough. Finally, after arguing with the sales person she told me to call the Miami office. I called the Miami office and I was treat really bad by the sales person. He told me he did not have another car for me and could do nothing for me. When I again explained how dirty the car was, he put me on hold and then came back 2 minutes later and told me to bring the car by the Miami office. I was offered another car which was again a Ford Taurus that was at least 4 years old. As I drove off with the car I noticed that the odomdoer and speedmoder was not working. I was so upset by this time I just kept the car because I knew I would not be drive it very much anyway. This car was missing vinyl strips in the interior doors. I drove the car two times and on the third time I went to drive it and the car would not start. When I call the Miami office the young lady that answered try to tell me that I must have left the lights and caused the car to die. I explained that I did not do that and I need to know what to do about the car. She told me to find someone to jump the car and let it run for 30 minutes and it would be fine. I told her that someone from the company needed to come out and check the car because I needed to drive to the airport in the morning for a flight. She told to there was nothing she could do. So I quess in the morning I will get the car towed to FT Lauderdale office and get my free shuttle ride to the airport. Be very aware of this company and what kind of car you are getting. They are not very helpful employees.

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Best Car Rental Experience
Posted by on
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- This is the first time I've used Rent Max Car Rental and I was very pleased with the company. I wasn't too sure about the online booking without speaking with anyone, but when I arrived at Rent Max Car Rental at the Miami Airport I was truly amazed at how willing the Rent Max Car Rental people were to work with me. I was taking some things down to my son and new daughter-in-law in Miami and needed room to carry items to them. The Rent Max Car Rental employee upgraded me to a Toyota Mini-van for a nominal fee that met my budget. And because of that, we had a wonderful trip.

Thanks Rent Max Car Rental.

A very satisfied Customer,
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traveling tim on 03/21/2010:
Rent Max Car Rental —
On two recent trips to Florida, we wanted to rent SUVs. My husband and I avoid the family minivans as often as we can! For us, small SUVs give us the room we need with 2 adults, 2 kids and lots of luggage!

We went on to Travelocity and Expedia to compare prices of the various car rental companies. The basic cost for a small minivan was $450 per week in Miami Florida. Ouch!

We then turned to Google to see if we could get a bargain. (For those that know me, you know that I love to get nice things-- but I love to get a deal more!) Rent Max Car Rental quoted us at $250 for a week long SUV, We decided on Rent Max Car Rental for our car pick-up. Go Rent Max -- thanks for being half price!!

When arriving in Miami, we were pleasantly surprised how closeby Rent Max Car Rental was to the Airport. It was the just across the street. (we used their free shuttle) There was no line and no waiting at all and the staff was very pleasant and very accommodating.

In our case, United Airlines lost my sons car seat so we needed to rent a car seat last minute. Rent Max Car Rental was great about getting him all set up.

Then, we were assigned our car-- an SUV. We were told we could go out to the lot and pick out any SUV we wanted. They had Saturns, Pontiacs, Chryslers, Toyotas, etc. All seemed reasonable options. The car attendant outside was super helpful. He knew all the cars and suggested the one that we should take--the Equinox. We started loading our luggage into the car when he came zipping around the corner in a different car. He told us we had to switch to this other car because it was nicer, had a better stereo system and was newer. He proceeded to take all our bags out of our car and load us up! How nice!!!

We were off and running with our Rent Max Rental Car. At half the price, we definitely got full service and a decent car for our trip. Also, United found my sons car seat mid-way through our trip and Rent Max Car Rental let us return the car seat rental and get our money back for the days we didn't use it.

Overall, I would recommend

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