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Time share sales
Posted by Guida on 08/11/2007
This company took my money and I never heard back from them. It's been a year. I never received an offer. Don't waiste your money!
I also never received the free airline tickets they promise you if they don't sell!

It's all hot air!

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Not Happy With REM
Posted by Mmethier on 04/07/2013
I signed up with REM on 5/27/2009. I sent the $395. The last time I spoke to a live person was 5/11/2010. I called today 4/6/2013 and left a message. I wonder if the "contract" I received was legal or not? Anyway, I went to try and find the web site and was unable to find it. I would like to now cancel my contract.
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Posted by Tezrien on 2013-04-07:
Posted by TomSF on 2013-04-08:
I assume you paid them to sell your timeshare. No reputable realtor would ask for an upfront fee unless they are scamming you. You may as well forgot about your money, it is gone.
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Resort Equity Marketing Scam! Beware False Salespeople
Posted by A_woman_scorned on 07/26/2009
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- About a month ago my husband and I signed up with Resort Equity Marketing. We received a call from a [snip] who's claimed he would sell out Bonnet Creek timeshare. He gave us an astronomical quote of more than 40,000 for it if we agreed to pay 1,499. The arrangement was that it would be sold guaranteed within 6 months but was supposedly going to be sold in 3. Neither happened. It was a scam. We tried to get our money back but it was too late.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-26:
EVERYONE, PAY ATTETION. If it has to do with a timeshare you are being ripped off whether you're buying one or selling one. Why would you pay someone who says they will sell it for you, if you're not sure. If they want to make money in a legit way I would tell them to sell it first then take their commission. People, I work for a timeshare company and you are ALL GETTING RIPPED OFF." Stop believing these sleazy salespeople.

Think about this. What does the company offering you such a great deal going to get out of it?
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Happy with REM
Posted by Timeshare free on 06/02/2009
It took REM 63 days from the day I signed up with them to sell my timeshare. I did read some of the bad things on the internet just like you have. I own my business and I have found out that ANYONE CAN WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT YOU!!!! I have had terminated employees write things that have hurt my business. I was very happy with the way REM handled everything. I am now timeshare free! No more mantinance fees!! No more hoping I can get to use the timeshare (because they always seem to be booked!)

Thank you REM!!! I have sent other people to you!!!!

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Posted by Jro86 on 05/22/2009
Im rather confused by all these negative postings pertaining to REM. I received a call about six months ago, paid my 1300 advertisement fee and they started sending my offers to my doorstep. I had my timeshare off my hands in 67 days!
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It worked for me
Posted by Laedebug on 05/01/2009
WINTER PARK, FLORIDA -- After ready a complaint I couldn't believe what I read. For starters if that person would have kept in contact they would have received results. I was afraid to pay upfront but took the risk. I owned a timeshare in New Smyrna Beach and thought yeah right you can sell that. well guess what they did to my surprise within 65 days I was rid of it, not saying it was a bad place but money wise I could have stayed elsewhere. Now I don't own and made a good, very good profit. As in anything you try to sell keep abreast of what you are doing and you get results, Ciara
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Timeshare Owner Actually Sells Property!!
Posted by HawaiiLover69 on 04/23/2009
YARDLEY, PENNSYLVANIA -- I would like to give everyone my three cents and say that I have successfully sold my timeshare with the help of Resort Equity Marketing. I signed up with REM about 3-4 months ago and paid them $1295 so I can get my property marketed. My TS was in Hawaii and I paid $41,000 for it two years ago and I sold it for $72,900, I almost doubled my money. I would highly suggest REM to anyone that wants to sell their timeshare!

Best Regards,
Joe C.
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Posted by jimmyjo on 2009-04-23:
I always wonder if a post like this was planted by REM. So many bad reviews and then this.
Posted by leena on 2009-06-11:
i think you paid to much they told me i would only 1095 and others said they only paid 500 if something was legit they would have one set price and not such a bad rap
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Scam In The Working
Posted by Fairlanegurl on 04/13/2009
ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- All I can say is "crap" I am feeling like I stepped in it. I was called by REM to rent my timeshare for me for a fee of $ 899.00. I was told I would have plenty of "bids" on my timeshare to chose from within 30 days my timeshare would be rented out no problems. I was even told I could get my $ refunded to me no questions asked. Well it has been over 30 days no offers, no answers on the telephone, no returned messages. No one will talk to me. Now what am I supposed to do to get my money back?

Does anyone know the steps to take now? Its not like I can afford to lose this much money especially to a scam. I am so stupid for not researching this ahead of time. Now what?

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-04-13:
Sue them in small claims court.

They are located at:
801 State Road 436, Suite 2101
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
Posted by fairlanegurl on 2009-04-14:
That is easier than it sounds, I looked into that and I have to have all of the names of the owners of a "company" to file successfully. If I leave out someone and I am awarded my judement, I still would have to sue the person or people I unknowingly left out. The cost will keep rising and the owners of a business are confidential as far as I am told. So I dont really even know where to begin finding out who Resort Equity Marketing is.
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Not All Bad Experiences Mean Scam!
Posted by Cri on 03/23/2009
FLORIDA -- I have read some of the reviews about resort equity marketing and was a bit shocked to say the least! The one that really threw me was from the consumer that said that REM's phone number was a home phone, and that the their bank was going to sue! Are you kidding? Or just ignorant? Please, lets be serious. If you had a little intelligence, and I do mean just a "tad bit" you would have done your research. Not too hard, go to the state site that regulates businesses and see if the company is legit! Are they licensed? Sure are! That would be in Fla, sunbiz.com, well look there.. it's a genuine company in the same location for years! Not a home phone, and a bank suing? For what? Because their customer said so, again, please. I, for one had a good experience with REM. It didn't happen overnight that I rented.

But at 3 mos. I had 2 weeks, rented, so yes, worth it. I made back the money I paid and then some. Reading some of these complaints really makes you wonder! Are they disgruntled employees, or maybe uneducated people who expect a miracle overnight and when they don't get it make things up to make others look bad. Lets all be educated consumers, and at the very least use common sense! A licensed business with a home phone number? Same location for years... Come on, they are very legit, maybe some of you need to direct your anger elsewhere, and also exercise patience. And, oh, by the way, did you forget the one really important thing that I don't lose site of? We all bought these timeshares, aren't we the dummies? Unless of course some of you were physically forced to do so. Otherwise, if you are trying to get rid of your timeshare and don't use it, blame yourself for buying it in the first place, I do.

Don't make those that may be able to help you the scapegoats. And again be patient, even houses don't rent or sell overnight!
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Resort Equity Marketing
Posted by BD!($$ on 03/10/2009
Resort Equity Marketing sold my timeshare and I was paid more than I expected in less than 45 days. Great job, professional service. They don't deserve all the negative comments posted on this site.
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