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Using personal info without permission
Posted by on
I did a Google search of my name to see what would come up. To my surprise, I found a record for me in and I have NEVER signed up at either of these sites. They have my name, DOB, town and a relatives name. This is personal info. Their site claims they get info that is public knowledge on the web and put it in their database. Funny though how my name is only showing up in their database. How is this legal?

I searched the internet to try to find out how to remove my info but all I could find was other people who have the same problem.

The other thing I found out that is that both of these sites are scams. People should not sign up at these sites. They take a lot of money from people by luring them into thinking someone is looking for them and that they can find out who it is if they join. Another thing, if you sign up, somehow they can access everyone in your address book and they start sending them SPAM to get them to sign up and they tell them you signed up.

Be careful what you put out on the internet and what sites you use. I thought I was careful but I was not careful enough. I don't know how these sites got my data.
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leet60 on 08/21/2010:
Your name and date of birth are readily available via public databases. Information on people related to you is also easily found via birth records, marriage/divorce records etc.

These sites are indeed "scams" in my opinion, as to they being the only ones with your information if you search more carefully you will find the same information readily available on other sites. Do a google search for people finders and you will get a wealth of links going to any of them will give you the same information.
DebtorBasher on 08/21/2010:
Trust me, as a skip tracer I can tell you these are not the only sites that have your personal info posted. You'd fall off your chair if you knew how easy it is to find out everything (and I mean EVERYTHING)about you with close to no information to start with.
I have found people simply by checking 'voter registration' info online, yup, it gives your address and where you vote, whether your Rep. or Democrat etc. Once I found the person's address on there, I did a homeowner's search on the address, which also gave me her husband's name, once I knew the husband's name, I found his phone number which turned out to be his business number as well, with that, I verified he was also the business owner. These sites will list the name and ages of everyone in your household, once I had his address, I also got the cellphone numbers of his two adult kids who lived at the same address, along with the schools they graduated from and the year...a simple classmate lookup and there they were, picture and all...and all this was from a simple search. Oh...titles, marriage applications etc are also all online. It's scary...good for my business...but very scary.
DebtorBasher on 08/21/2010:
Much of your information comes from 'reward cards' info you get at local grocery stores etc. YUP...every time you fill out the application for those cards, you can be sure to find it on the Internet. You might save 10% off your total bill with it, but you're giving up your privacy when you do.
Disaster Worker on 08/22/2010:
DB, I learned a long time ago that reward cards are simply a marketing research ploy to learn your spending habits. I never use them.
MRM on 08/22/2010:
Hmmm, interesting reading, DB. Thanks for the intelligence gathering.

You should be part of the NCIS team, working along with Agent Anthony Dinozzo.
DebtorBasher on 08/22/2010:
Hey, what can I say, it's in my blood!
raven2010 on 08/22/2010:
I agree, DB...there is NOTHING better than hearing a "GULP" followed by a few seconds of dead silence when you finally get a professional deadbeat on the phone.

Even better is the "screaming banshee" sound effects I get when they call me mere seconds after I send the sheriff out for a friendly visit.

Starlord on 08/22/2010:
DB is spot on, as usual. Many sites like this are available to skip tracers and private investigators or anyone else who will pay the monthly subscription fees to access the information. One place they were totally correct, all the information that they get is public information. Some information that exists on some sites is restricted, such as criminal history, etc.
raven2010 on 08/22/2010:
Star, at my law firm, we also have access to "not so public" info. Such as state and federal employment records.

Even if you no longer work there, former co workers are almost always willing to dish dirt and give me leads.
DebtorBasher on 08/22/2010:
Starlord, if you know your way around, many of the information sites charge you for, you can find online for free. I very rarely pay for any of my info. Ex spouses are always the best to contact, they usually want to see the ex 'pay', they are very free with the info...sometimes more info than I care to hear.

Raven, you and I would be dangerous as partners!
DebtorBasher on 08/22/2010:
Just five minutes ago, I found a subject's marriage application on line. Not just the info, but a photo copy of it in their handwritting, address, maiden name, parents names, birthdates...from that, I got the home ownership info, parent's phone just doesn't stop. I love this!
raven2010 on 08/22/2010:
LMAO DB, who knows...we could partner one day and rule the world
DebtorBasher on 08/22/2010:
Today, M3C...Tomorrow, the WORLD!
raven2010 on 08/22/2010:
Starlord on 08/23/2010:
Hey, we could make a triumvirate. :D
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Be Careful
Posted by on
I received an invitation today to click on an email where it stated I had been added as a friend to Reunion. Com and to confirm if I knew this person yes or no so they could connect us. Well, I emailed the individual and inquired it she had provided my address to this company. To say she had a small seizure is an understatement. She has responded to everyone she has ever known from birth until now and having a hissy fit in the meantime.

It seems she received an email from a trusted friend and began to fill out a profile. Once she got far enough along decided she wanted no part of the website and deleted her profile. Too bad, so sad. Somehow or another all on her email list have been sent an invitation to join.

Please members, be careful of what you sign up for or agree to. The friend maintains she never gave an address to anyone. This website obviously sees things differently and sends an invitation to anyone and everyone to join.
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User Replies:
Nohandle on 02/08/2009:
Has this sort of thing ever happened to anyone else?
Anonymous on 02/08/2009:
Not too often but I have seen a few of them in the spam folder from time to time.
Nohandle on 02/08/2009:
I didn't open the invitation but would be sore as could be if someone emailed me and asked if I had forwarded their email address on to this company. Something is a bit amiss here. I don't think she took the time to provide everyone's email address to this company. The incoming email had her address on it so my spam filter didn't pick up on it. At any rate members, do watch out for this sort of thing in your inbox.
jktshff1 on 02/08/2009:
run your virus software immediately!
Nohandle on 02/08/2009:
Thanks Jkt, but I never opened the email. This was just to alert others in case they received something from this company. Times must be worse than I thought for some company to take it upon themself to pass on unsolicated information to someone's email address.
jktshff1 on 02/09/2009:
I understand, but you need to do it anyway, takes a little time and be sure.
lobo65 on 02/09/2009:
They are always trying to get me to join by saying someone either looked a my profile, or is looking for me. You always have to pay to see who it is. Not going to happen.
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