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The Real Story (Former Employee)
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RAMONA/SANTEE/SAN MARCOS, CALIFORNIA -- Revolution RV would be the place to go if you want to SAVE money... be lied to... treated like a [snip] (words of the owners) and be victims of poor business ethics. First an foremost (I would know 1st hand) if you buy your trailer it does not take 3 weeks for them to prep your unit/deliver. When I would call customers to make the apt I was told to push their delivery to 3 weeks due to money issues. Rev RV sells so many units they cannot pay off the ones they have sold to you. So in the 3 weeks your sitting waiting for your unit the owners [snip] are stressing hoping they can sell enough to pay off the last month before the monthly audit comes around.

When the audit comes around you customers that waited 3 weeks for your unit has a "bad batch of batteries" or "Your parts are in" so they need your unit for about a week so make sure your unit wasn’t effective. All they are doing is holding unit so when the auditor comes through from their lending company it is marked as not they don’t have to pay you $12,000-$52,000 unit off. If they say your parts are in! DON'T BELIEVE THEM! More than likely your parts are not in...They can barely pay the bills at their local hitch provider.

Parts department is having problems paying their bills due to other more important departments at Revolution RV. So if your parts are supposed to be in, I highly doubt they are and you need to make sure those are your parts and not just robbed off another trailer before you drop your unit off at the Service Center in Ramona to have your parts replaced. Just a little advice from a recent employee who resigned because I didn’t want to lie to the customers anymore!!!

Also...... They got their BBB membership taken away from them! That’s the largest RV dealer in San Diego CA!!!!! We need to shut Rev RV down! Amanda

Don't fall victim!
Worst Customer Service Ever!
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SANTEE, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased a brand new Ragen FX 1800 Toyhauler in January 2008. The dealer never told us that it would be at LEAST a 3 week wait for delivery of the trailer. After playing phone tag w/ numerous people at different levels within the company we were told we could pick it up early, they would delay the delivery of other RVs. At the time of pickup, we're told that the service dept accidentally tore a hole in the awning and that another was already ordered and it would be there the same day. We wait around - no awning. Finally they tell us to go home, they'll have someone call us when it comes in.

We didn't get any phone calls from these people until we began calling them a week later. It got so bad that I had to get in touch w/ the owners of the company, who also don't seem to care too much about their customers. About a month later, the new awning is installed (did I mention they promised to come to our house, and never showed up...or bothered to call us?), but the awning leg is off by about 2 inches. They then tell us it's now a warranty issue and to deal directly w/ Ragen. I would could purchased a used one and had faster delivery, and no doubt better customer service!!! I will never deal with or recommend this company again!

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