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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by SUNDERING on 10/04/2006
ARKANSAS -- This is going to be long, but please read it entirely.

I recently applied for and received a visa credit card from Rewards 660. I have had some credit problems and am now trying to rebuild my score. After receiving the $300.00 Credit limit card with only $50.00 Available because of the high fees and charges, I decided to pay the $250.00 Payment at once so I could have a little more to work with. I made the payment by check. Once the check had cleared my bank, I called to activate the card. After having to answer several questions about my identity, I was told that in addition to the high interest rate, that I would also be responsible for paying and extra $10.00 Per month just for use of the card.

When I asked why, the customer service rep could not definitively answer. I then decided that I did not want to use this card or company and prior to completing the activation, cancelled it. I verified that they had received my $250.00 Payment and asked for the money to be returned. I was told that it would take at least 30 days for the refund to be issued, but that I could cut the time in half by faxing a copy of my bank statement showing that my check had cleared.

So, I did that. After 2 weeks, no refund. I called again and was told that the font on the bank statement looked to have been changed and that they could not verify if the check had in fact cleared and that they had to be insured that they were going to get paid. Keep in mind that I never even activated this card. I became enraged and asked for a manager; was on hold for a lengthy period and finally a person who said that they were a manager came on the line and repeated the whole changing of the font story and suggested that the only way to prove that the check had been cleared was to call my bank and have them verify it. I told him to go ahead. Ok, the bank verified that the check had cleared 3 weeks prior, just as my statement indicated.

I asked this person was he mailing my refund on this day. I was told that it would take an additional 7-10 days. I have not received my refund yet. What they implied to me by their actions is that just because you may have had past credit problems, you must be a dishonest person and moreover...Stupid! In my opinion this is not a credible company and the dishonest one.

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Posted by LANDON on 2006-10-04:
Like I've said in many reviews about this company, I think they're GREAT!!! U are acting like they know u personally. That does seem a bit much to go through, but i love the company. And because u have no/bad credit they would like to cover their butts, which in my mind, is completely understandable.
Posted by SUNDERING on 2006-10-05:
Landon, I think you have missed my point. Their "butt" was covered when my check cleared with no problems. And, part of my complaint was that they do not know me personally, but instead they made a stereotypical assumption that I was not, going to pay them. But I am so pleased that their services work for you. I am going to try to do better.
Posted by LANDON on 2006-10-05:
And trust me as someone who works in a bank, they can't tell that ur check has cleared. When a company deposits a check it can take up to 10 days for that check to be returned to to account closure, nsf, among other things. Rewards cannot call ur bank to find out if the check cleared because it is against the law for ur bank to release any info to anyone else. And if Rewards calls their bank all that is able to be told to them is "It hasn't been returned yet" yet! That's why they wait! to make sure it has completely cleared. That's why they asked u to fax them bank statement. Don't know why u got the runaround after that, but...clearly i wouldn't expect them to do this EVERY month when i made my payments. but if u read ur agreement, u would see it is right there that payments by checks can be held for up to 10 BUSINESS days for security purposes. read before u sign or complain.
Posted by SUNDERING on 2006-10-06:
LANDON, I appreciate your defense of this company and your inside knowledge of banking. It has been over 30 days and I still haven't received my refund. And, I still don't believe that rewards is on the up and up. Quite frankly, I am very nervous.
Posted by LANDON on 2006-10-07:
I'm very sorry u're having so much trouble with them. Once i accidently sent two payments to them and i was refunded with no issue. it took about 45 days, but....better than nothing. Good luck with this and keep us posted!
Posted by smc59 on 2006-11-20:
This has to be the worst card ever. Those of you who are defending the company please let us know hw much you are being paid to say glowing things about this company as I might be in the wrong job. The CS is a joke well for the most part the whole company is a joke. Don't waste your time on getting the Rewards 660 card--go elsewhere.
Posted by LANDON on 2007-01-22:
Well smc, i work for wachovia.... but i seriously doubt that they r on Rewards660's payroll.
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Cancel W/O notice
Posted by Disatisfied Customer on 01/20/2006
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Warning! This Rewards 660 survives off of the initial fees you pay to receive the card. a company representative contacted me requesting a payment of $60.00. on a $300.00 credit card limit. The next week I sent ion a payment for $80.00 to cover any late fees. Without notice Rewards 660 cancelled my credit card account after receiving the $80.00 payment I sent. I have 3 other credit cards with the same limit, and my monthly payments are $15-$20 a month. Rewards 660 charges $40.00 a month on a $300.00 limit. This company, and companies that rip off people trying to rebuild their credit should not be allowed to do business anywhere in the U.S.

How are Federal, State, and local Governments allow these companies to operate for any length of time is beyond me. If you have a Rewards 660 credit card, and you've been treated unfairly or cheated unfairly I urge you to send a complaint the the Attorney General of Sioux Falls, and the Federal Trade Commission
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Posted by Ponie on 2006-01-20:
'The next week I sent ion a payment for $80.00 to cover any late fees.' Don't quite understand this statement. If you just got this card, why were there already late fees? If you sent in a payment after the due date and added a bit in anticipation of late fees, this certainly is not a way to build your credit. Please explain.
Posted by silvrhawk9 on 2006-02-28:
If you would have read your schedule of fees you would know that they have the right at anytime to cut off your card and also if you had a couple of other cards why in the world would you get another card that is made specifically for people with bad credit I have had this card for over a year and have had no problem whatsoever with them in fact they have helped raise my credit score enough for me to get a mortgage on a house.
Posted by rebuilder on 2006-07-12:
slivr hawk is right this card is great, only to the people who dont read the ch agreement is a ripoff and this card was ment for people who are high risk an you can only post payments every 14 days!!!!!!!!
Posted by jNinja on 2006-12-08:
Very helpful compliment they suck.
Posted by Mel41 on 2007-08-24:
PS-- so far have had the best luck with Continental Finance... still rough waters, but not as bad.
Good luck folks.
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Rip Off
Posted by Wvemsd24 on 06/02/2005

More info on Rewards 660:

The make payments address for rewards 660/ metabank credit card is
PO BOX 30490
TAMPA, FL 33630-3490,

But the please send inquiries to the company is this address
Please send inquiries to:
PO BOX 89210
SIOUX FALLS, SD 57109-9210

Customer service number is
For customer service inquiries call:
(800) 653-4570
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Posted by alp2023 on 2005-07-09:
I have a Rewards660 Visa card and it is a rip off cause it charges $250 at the beginning and u only have 90 days to pay it off. Also it won't let you go over the limit but somehow my bill is $320. I don't understand and then when I call customer service they have no idea why it is over the limit. I thought it was a good card at first cause I have bad credit and no one would approve me. If you know of another card that is for people with bad credit and I will get approved, let me know. Thanks!
Posted by wholuvzu2003 on 2005-09-05:
I had that problem with the TOTAL card some time ago which I feel is connected with the Rewards 660 due everything being the same except the names...phone system, city, paperwork etc. If it is the same I can tell you that calling will do no good....send them a letter. I found a very good form letter on about.com and sent it...I got results right away.
My friend had a problem with them as well...she paid online and they said payment wasn't received even though the bank said it cleared. They wanted a copy of her statement so she faxed and then they said that that wasn't good enough....I told her to use the form letter....bingo...they fixed it right away.
I think that they prey on people that they believe don't know any better so PROVE to them that you will do something about it! Don't just let them charge you.

As far as good cards, Asprire is the best UNSECURED that I have found but the fees are huge. However, I have had billing issues etc and they fixed them so thats a bonus. I am sticking with secured cards through banks that don't cater only to bad credit people. Its a lot safer since they have a reputation to uphold with their "good credit" customers.
Posted by blondldy36 on 2005-09-21:
that is what they did to me. they claimed i had 2 returned online payments due to insufficient funds!!! i had plenty of money in my account. i reported them to the bbb and they are helping me now. you might want to try a card with orchard bank.
Posted by rebuilder on 2006-07-12:
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Excellent Credit Card from Meta Bank (Visa Rewards 660)
Posted by Sweetpineapplekitten on 12/12/2005
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I have had this card now for 3 months. I agree the fees are too high, but look at it this way, if you have bad credit go for it, if you have good credit the card is not for you, right? My credit sucks and I've been making my payments on time and no problems with this company whatsoever! If you know you have to pay a bill monthly, just pay it and you're have no problems too! I just had to add this for some folks who don't know, if you send more than a $100.00 payment, they will hold your check for 14 days until it clears, so send money orders or cashier's check. If you send $99.00 or less your money will post the next day via online or mailing in a payment (checks, money orders, etc) it will post the next day. But the catch is if you pay online you cannot make another online payment for 14 days, so mail the rest in as long as its under 100 if you want it to post. Take care.

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Posted by sweetpineapplekitten on 2005-12-18:
Posted by Dont Play Me on 2008-12-19:
Meta Bank Master and Rewards 660 Visa disgust.
There were no processing problems, dishonest unfair-credit conduct. Ck this Reward 660 excuse out.
It is not an uncommon practice to suspend use of an account for various reasons. We have stopped charging privileges for all Rewards 660 accounts because of processing issues. We have made arrangements with a new servicer whom you will be hearing from within the next two weeks.

I never received a letter from Rewards 660 on their account change. Seems their letters went out after Dec 09 2008 per a Customer Service Rep at Meta. It took me two phone calls to figure out what was going on as the 1st phone call provided me with a automated vague message via Rewards 660 to the tune of, no new cards would be issued and if you received a 660 card do not activate, then a click disconnect. I did not fall into either category as I have been in good standing for over two years. I was merely calling in to verify my balance. My second call provided me with a live rep who laid out the new nasty deal with their Master card.

Here is my added disdain for what happened. Rewards 660 was converting everyone in good standing during this time to a higher increase in a shorter time limit from 50. to 75.00 and from 6 mths to 3 mths for a increase but they added an additional fee. They gave me an increase of 75.00 and told me I would be increased to 2500.00. Low and behold within less than a month I discover via my mentioned phone call my Rewards Visa card is suspended and a new issue of a Master card with Meta was being sent out but there would be no further increases as Meta does not currently have an increase program in place. Disgusted yes, feeling cheated you bet. Rewards 660 converted cards knowingly that they were transferring accounts to Meta where card holders would not be entitled to anymore increases and would remain frozen.

Figure out the math, with Rewards it took over two years to get close to 500.00 now frozen there. So much for rebuilding your credit and bringing up your spending limits. What Rewards amd Meta cooked up to beat the very small window with the credit card company over sight changes was not only dishonest but corrupt. Guess the plan is to keep those attempting to rebuild at the very bottom as sub-prime continual feed. It takes yeas to rebuild ones credit. My woes did not come from over spending but job lose, medical issues and supporting a family. Just as I like others catch our breath we got smacked down again.

I would be interested in a class action lawsuit if one can be made for fraudelent conduct or what ever fits this gross and disgusting move by Rewards aka Meta.
Posted by Dont Play Me on 2008-12-19:
Sorry for typing error spell check not correcting. Guess I'm slightly blinded by sub-prime credit card companies. I might add in. I never had problems with Rewards 660 always in good standing and still ended up in the Meta pool, so don't feel bad as your standing made no difference on their flimsy excuse of processing problem claims for trading your account to another side with even less benefits, after all you still have to give them that $10.00 dollars every month whether you use the card or not which equals $120.00 per yr. that is an annual fee, plus pay no less than 40.00 on your card towards your charges. Card holders should be steaming mad.

I would read their new terms as I would not be a bit surprised if there is not a catch on how often you spend with added fee's falling in there some where. Check the terms out. You do not want them to play you as a new line of credit showing on your credit report either especially if you have already established a credit history via Rewards 660, its like you just began and that's plain wrong. One thing is for sure their not to be trusted.
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READ and Follow Directions!
Posted by Velmeezee on 11/14/2005
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I most certainly do NOT work for Rewards 660. I wish they WOULD pay me to tell people to start using common sense! I am a single mom from CA who has had a hard time financially and ended up with some seriously bad credit. I consider myself lucky to have come across this credit card program. I did not pay the fees up front, this company TRUSTED me enough to send me a real, legitimate, unsecured visa with money on it. Think about it. Isn't it cool to pay $250 and get $300 in return? I think so. And you don't get charged those fees everyone keeps complaining about unless you're LATE, which you shouldn't be if you're trying to establish GOOD credit, duh! They tell you straight up that if you're paying by check then you need to mail it or phone it in 2 weeks before your due date so it can clear in time. If you don't do that and refuse to pay by a quicker method - that is your bad! Yes they call you to remind you to pay, to make sure you know how to pay, and when they haven't received payment on time. They are trying to HELP you not f*ck up AGAIN. Yes, it bothers me a little that they called me at work more than I felt was necessary, but looking at my credit report I'D call me too if payment was not received promptly :-)

And if you pay attention, you know that you can access your account online 24/7 at www.eZcardinfo.com. And they've even started accepting debit card payments over the phone. The payments this way post in less than 24 hours. I know cause I JUST did it on 11/10. I used my card on 11/11, no problem. My other credit cards don't have this convenient option.

I don't know why some people have been having problems with the customer service reps, but I didn't have any. They probably get irritated dealing with so many people who don't know how to/are too lazy to read contracts they sign and follow the directions, then wanna throw a tissy and make excuses when they receive the applicable penalties.
Bottom line, people please READ and make sure you fully UNDERSTAND any contract you sign. If you do that, you can be at least 99% sure you won't be scammed. Rewards 660 is not a scam. They are one of the very few credit lending services available that are NOT a scam for people with seriously messed up credit.
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Posted by blondldy36 on 2005-11-14:
velmeezee: good for you, but just because you like the company doesnt mean they are a good company to do business with. also, do not take for granted other people do not read a contract! you sound very hostile towards people you dont even know a damn thing about. i know from my own experience this company SUCKS and is a SCAM!!!!!! people, please do not give this company your business, even if you can read, haha.
Posted by vlad on 2005-11-14:
let's see, i DID pay with a money order, and they DID cash it, so think about it, you sound like one of thier rude CSR's! well i did report them to the ftc and that's why they are not taking apps over the net!
Never fear good people,they will stop harrassing all of you shortly!
I guess she is an employee, she's the only one who said they are good, and she sounds like she's making up excuses for them (sound familar)
Posted by Shakra on 2005-11-14:
I love this! She goes on a tangent about people who do not pay her bills on time when she freely admits that she has terrible credit herself. Helloooooo!!! What an idjit.
Posted by vlad on 2005-11-14:
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-11-14:
A measure of respect would be good here.
Posted by blondldy36 on 2005-11-15:
we are only trying to help innocent victims of this rip off credit card. i dont want anyone else to have to go through what i went through with this company. consumers beware, DO NOT get a credit card with REWARDS 660!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by sweetpineapplekitten on 2005-12-18:
you go girl!!!! I really really liked what you had to say to others out there who do not read and don't comprehend very well. I have had this card too since September 2005 and I have had no problems and my credit sucks too! But like you said all they have to do is pay online and pay less than 100 and the funds will be there the next day, and if you pay more than a 100 you have to wait 14 days. But like I mentioned earlier, I really liked what u said in your comments!!
Posted by sargefoley on 2006-01-17:
I have had 660 for well over a year now and haven't had any problems at all. I always pay w/ a check at myccpay.com and have my funds available the next day. I don't understand what all the fuss is over this card. I had to file BK in 2004 and this is one of the few cards I could get with my crappy credit. Now thanks to ppl. like 660 who give ppl. like me a second chance, my credit score has went up. I haven't had to call customer service often, but the 2 times I did is was over a change of address and they just couldn't seem to get it right! They weren't extremely rude nor where they extremely nice, just somewhere in the middle.
Posted by my2boys on 2006-05-10:
Funny how you are one of the "few" who hasn't had to throw a "tissy" yet, sit back and wait your time is coming. And since people like me must not be 'intelligent' enough to 'read my statement' , there is nowhere on it that says anything about viewing your account info -only one listed is www.myccpay.com to make your payment.Also it doesn't take 14 days for an "electronic funds transfer" to clear. It's just that - ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER . Call your bank and ask them what an EFT is and how it works. I wouldn't defend this company so quick either. It's clear from the posts how they operate.
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Posted by Mikeinsf on 05/19/2005
Rewards 660 visa, AKA Meta bank is a huge rip off, 1st they charge you alot of fees to ge the card then when you pay them they hold you funds for 14 days. When you question them about there policy they hang up on you. This is a GIANT RIP OFF STAY AWAY
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Rewards 660 Visa
Posted by Brightbluestuff on 05/11/2006
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I've read a few mixed reviews about this card, but for the most part it seems like the people complaining are complaining because of high fees or a 14-day hold on personal checks. The fees are there because it is a risk to issue a card to those with bad credit, and if you can't work with a 14-day hold pay with a debit card.

Now, I will tell you a story. Just one year ago my credit score was under 400. I had some screw-ups my freshman year of college and there was no way anyone was going to let me prove that I was actually responsible. I got the rewards 660 visa card. I paid the initial $250 in fees (a price well worth the opportunity to rebuild your credit), I pay the $8 a month or whatever it is membership fee and I pay the $25 finance charge every 3 months for a credit limit increase. Everyone I've spoken to on the phone has been friendly and helpful and they certainly do not hang up on you. I've paid my balance in full almost every month (I'm not trying to over-extend myself, I'm trying to REBUILD my credit).

Only a year later and my FICO score is 690. It took one year to go from very poor to good, and I have the Rewards 660 Visa to thank. I've been able to obtain a small personal loan and also finance a new car. The fees are a very small price to pay to get your financial stability back on track.
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Posted by notimeforbs on 2007-01-10:
Thanks for the tip. I had good credit - then hit a few rough spots and now my credit score probably only has two digits!! :) I wasn't sure how to even start rebuilding my credit..thanks again
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credit and customer service
Posted by Littledebbie on 11/21/2005
I have had the rewards 660 card now for almost a year, and I dont know about anyone else but this is the best card I have ever had. I have had no problems with their people and I have always gotten my increases as stated, maybe some of us should be thankful a little more to the people that will give us the credit we need, since most of us with bad credit probably dont deserve credit cards anyway.

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Posted by tonya y. on 2007-11-13:
I think this card is a great way for people to get their credit back. People that are complaining should be happy that someone is willing to give them a second chance of getting their credit back on track! Of course you are going to have high fees because of your credit history what did you expect? Great! card I recommend if you have bad credit give this company a try to start over!
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Thank goodness for this card!
Posted by Tinroofrusted on 07/07/2005
I have had this card for several months now. After filing BK in 2004, it was one of the few cards that would allow me to apply: and approve my application.

Yes, the fees are tremendously high. However, because I am considered "high risk" I am willing to pay them to get my credit back on track. They have reported me as an on time payee to the credit bureaus, and all is well with that. I have had no trouble with the customer service, or anything of that nature. I recommend paying with a money order or Cashier's check however. They will hold funds if you pay online, or with a personal check. My bank charges $.50 for a money order, so I go that route. Check it out- you won't be disappointed.
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Posted by blondldy36 on 2005-09-21:
you are crazy
Posted by acv on 2005-11-06:
This company is a scam that apparently has employees posting as "satisified" customers. Report them to your local Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission rather than believing scam participants like this one.
Posted by velmeezee on 2005-11-14:
No, you don't have to work for the company to have actually read and understood just what you were getting into. Complaining to the FTC and all that is just going to reveal your ignorance or laziness to them. The company is legit and they are offering a good service to people who really want to improve their credit. It's not their fault that people can't seem to understand that it takes 14 days for checks to post to the account.
Posted by blondldy36 on 2005-11-22:
rewards 660 doesnt care if you know how to read the fine print or if someone KNOWS they take 14 days before they will clear your check(a normal check clears MUCH sooner) but that is not the point here, the point is this company is a SCAM and i know from firsthand EXPERIENCE!!!! DO NOT get involved with this company!!!!!!!
Posted by rebuilder on 2006-07-12:
i definitly dont work for rewards 660 and this card is great and just because you had a bad expereance dosnt mean you should TRY to spoil it avc, you make me sick!!!
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Card Service
Posted by RobM on 04/14/2006
MACON, GEORGIA -- I've been reading the reviews and found the absolute opposite of my experience with the company. I really enjoy their customer service and find that most of the reps have a great sense of humour and are happy to be at work. They go out of their way to help me and explain my situation.

Occasionally there are 14-day holds on a check at random times for their own purpose. If you read the terms in their credit card offer, as you should, you'll find that it's all listed there; an offer to extend credit is just like any other contract.

I was late on one of my payments because of a mailing situation between the bill arriving at my parent's house, and my being at college. I called the company and explained everything; they refunded my late fee and it didn't tarnish my credit.

It's worth the money, you pay fees to American Express, just like you do with this card. The differnce is, the benefits are simply credit for someone trying to build or restore.

It is not a scam, they are a FDIC insured retail bank.
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Posted by KenPC on 2006-04-14:
How could you be young enough to be in college, and yet have tarnished your credit so badly that you need to deal with bottom feeders like these people?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-15:
But Ken they are bottom feeders, they are super de dooper customer service specialists! My goodness what a joy it must be just to be in debt to them eh, I can hear the joyous laughter from here can't you?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-15:
Doh! I meant to say they are NOT bottom feeders, sometimes these fingers type what I mean and forget I am trying to be sarcastic
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