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I Love Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Non Stick Foil
Posted by on
COLORADO -- I love Reynolds Wrap heavy duty non stick foil! I've always used regular Reynolds foil, to line pans, and cookies sheets, but things would still stick.

Nothing sticks with Reynolds non-stick foil, food lifts right off. I used it all through the holidays for baking and cooking. I would line my pans with it, and cook whatever it was I was cooking, and after the food was done, just lift the foil off, and toss it. You don't have to wash your pans, just a quick rinse. This foil keeps everything nice and neat.

My only suggestion would be, be careful when you line your cookie sheet, because when you remove the cookies, they tend to slide all over the place, because this foil is so slippery, but worth it. I wish it came in a bigger roll, at least 100 sq foot. So far I've only found it, in 35 sq ft rolls.
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Anonymous on 01/04/2011:
I haven't tried this yet, but I'm going to pick some up next time I'm at Freddy's. I love Reynolds foil, it's one of those things that is worth the extra $ over the store brands. Thanks Skye!
Nohandle on 01/04/2011:
I enjoy the Reynolds Heavy Duty brand as well and just checked. I have the 12 inch and 18 inch size in width. Neither are non-stick. In the past I've always sprayed with a little Pam for anything that might stick but this sounds neat. I'll give it a try.
Anonymous on 01/04/2011:
Just be careful with the metal edge. I reached into my kitchen drawer the other day looking for a tupperware lid and sliced my finger open on the metal edge of a box of Reynolds Wrap
Anonymous on 01/04/2011:
Thanks, Skye. I use Parchment Paper for the cookies. It works great. You can find it where the foil is (same kind of packaging).
Venice09 on 01/05/2011:
I've been using this nonstick foil since it first came out. I agree that it works great and is sometimes even too slippery! I thought it would eventually be available in a larger roll, but so far I've only seen the small one. If you have a lot of cooking and baking to do, this really comes in handy.

I usually buy Shop Rite brand foil in the 200 ft. size, and it is just as good as regular Reynolds. It doesn't come in a nonstick version though.
Alain on 01/05/2011:
I haven't tried this yet, Skye. This could save me a lot of clean up time! Thanks!
chelliep on 01/12/2011:
I love the nonstick Reynolds wrap but use the regular to cover food when baking meats. I get the 35' roll at Smart and Final. I THOUGHT I saw a larger size but didn't need it at the time so didn't pay attention. To the person who cut their finger on the cutting edge of the roll.. I used to do this all the time until I figured out to turn the roll upside down so the edge isn't sticking UP. As soon as I did this I was kicking myself for not figuring it out years ago..
Nohandle on 01/12/2011:
Chelliep, I do the same not only with foil but plastic wrap as well. It trims off easier.
ok4now on 01/14/2011:
Good info. I have been using the Reynolds wrap 250 ft size, twin pack from BJ's for $13.00 minus coupon. It beats the store brand, outstanding on the grill but food sticks to it. To remedy this one quick shot of Smart Balance Omega non-stick cooking does the trick. Zero Fat & Calories. Works for me without paying the premium price.
Anonymous on 01/14/2011:
You have persuaded me to try it Skye. Good review.
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Is my Reynolds Wrap cooking along with my food?
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Has this happened to you??

This evening I put 3 boneless chicken breast on a small baking tray, covered them with Reynolds Wrap, and put them in my toaster oven to cook at 375 degrees. As it happened, each piece of chicken was touching the foil in at least one spot. After 10 minutes on the timer, I removed the tray to check on the progress. Before removing the foil, I noticed a small amount of what looked like light grey (aluminum color!) ash in three separate places on the outside of the foil. When I pulled back the foil, I also noticed that there were 3 corresponding places on the chicken that had a blackish residue where the chicken had been in contact with the foil - on one piece I was able to scrape it off, on the other 2 pieces I had to actually scrape away the chicken in order to remove the black "stuff".

At this point, since the chicken was not cooking fast enough for out dinner timetable, I decided to place the chicken in our conventional gas oven, also at 375 degrees. A bit concerned by the strange behavior of the foil, I pulled off a new piece of foil and re-covered the chicken. After another 10 minutes, I again checked the chicken and found that the foil had done the exact same thing. This time I had to cut away part of each piece of chicken, and then decided there was no way I was going to serve this chicken. The same thing happened to me several months ago (different roll of foil, same brand) and I just chalked it up as a fluke, although it did make me nervous.

What is going on here???

The only time I have ever seen foil do this is sometimes when cooking baking potatoes in a charcoal fire and leaving them in the coals for too long. The foil seems to disintegrate, become ashen, and leave a powdery residue. And of course it has holes in it. Tonight I took the second piece of foil and held it up to the light and there were several pinholes where you could see light coming through the foil - and this after only 10 minutes at 375.

What do you think? Has Reynolds changed the composition of their foil? In using this foil, are we having substances transferred to our food during the cooking process? I would love to hear from anyone with a similar experience, and any thoughts as to where I should go with my experience to see if this is a larger concern?

In the meantime I think I may try some experiments with this foil ................
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 07/14/2012:
I've had my foil darken where it touched the food, but I haven't had the food darken like you did...I no longer allow my foil to touch the food if it can be avoided.
trmn8r on 07/14/2012:
Aluminum foil will react with certain things in foods when in contact with them at high temperature. Two examples are table salt and milk. My guess is very small (harmless) amounts of aluminum are transferred to food at higher temperatures even if the foil is not in contact.

Here is a somewhat lengthy bit of research someone did:

Seems the best advice is to keep the food from touching the foil, if you are concerned. As to whether that grey stuff is toxic, I don't know but I doubt it is. I would call this an "informative". Aluminum foil won't be changing in our lifetimes, much as toilet paper won't.
madconsumer on 07/14/2012:
I use reynolds wrap heavy duty, and have for decades. reynolds does offer types of wrap, and the thinner one I would suspect could burn.

very helpful review and voted as such!
ok4now on 07/15/2012:
Cooking chicken in a toaster oven, wrapped with Reynolds foil or not, would not be my preferred cooking method. A gas oven is a step up but still not great. Here are my 2 choices for good chicken.

1. Prep the chicken with good seasoning and cook it on a preheated Weber Grill at 350 degrees. Use the Direct Cooking method, about 8 minutes for each side. It will be crispy on the outside & tender and juicy on the inside.

2. If you want it cooked for you (like me) go to Costco. They sell a huge rotisserie cooked Purdue chicken for $5.00. OMG is it good. Forget the cheap imitations sold at Acme, Shop Rite, Walmart etc. You are wasting your money.

FYI: Here's some useless information. Costco has over 450 stores and they sell over 55,000 chickens EACH day. For the mathematically challenged (that's me!) they sell over 50 Million chickens a year!! That's a lot of chicken so they must be doing something right. Give them a try.
wight-waltman on 07/16/2012:
Thank you ... all comments were interesting and helpful in understanding what is likely going on. I will be more careful of food-to-foil contact in the future.
On a different note, I am visualizing the 50 million chickens a year, for Costco alone, and thinking "at what price"? (and I don't mean dollars and cents)
jahjah on 08/09/2013:
I had the foil covering the meat then put it into the oven for 5 hrs on 200 to 250 degrees and when I remove the meat the foil on top had a hole burned in it and it appeared the foil had melted onto the meat leaving a grey spot. I cut the meat away where the grey deposit was ...but this disturbed me . I am going to contact Reynolds Wrap tomorrow and find out about this....have used this product for a long time but never seen this...disturbing.
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What Makes Reynolds Non Stick Aluminum Foil Non Sticky?
Posted by on
I had just read a glowing review about the latest of Reynolds Aluminum the non stick aluminum foil.

I haven't tried it because I wonder what makes it non stick and will it seep into the cookies or anything else that bakes or broils on that foil?

We need to know more about this latest invention of Reynolds.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/12/2011:
Did you check their website?

Here are some reviews about this product. Seems like people really like this product; it earned 4.5 out of 5 stars:
Anonymous on 01/12/2011:
Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Foil is manufactured like other Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, but it has an added food-safe coating that gives it outstanding non-stick qualities. In the manufacturing process, the non-stick coating is applied and cured onto the foil. The foil is also imprinted with the words "NON-STICK Side" on one side to indicate the side that provides the best non-stick surface. It is safe for food contact and will not seep into your food.

Starlord on 01/12/2011:
I have used the non-stick foil for a number of recipes including barbecue and cookies, and am very impressed with it. I checked out the Reynolds website, and the explanation makes sense and satisfied any questions I had.
arlene rowser on 07/06/2011:
I bought three rolls of the new non stick foil for the fourth of July and it ruien ny family dinner I wrap all my food up with the foil an the foil caught on fire I mean a blazing fire I never seen in my lie I had to use the hoose pipe to put it out I was so upset an my family was to I thought this was a good I idea to buy this non stick foil but it was not it is not what it was to be non stick it was a lie I bought an paid good money for my food barbque steaks hotdogs hambuger meat corn and etc and all my food was jet black and it was a sad day
k.o. on 09/17/2012:
so, is it teflon coated, or some other "SAFE" poison??
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I love using your product but the last time there was a problem
Posted by on
The last time I purchased reynolds wrap (aluminum foil) that was a problem it was stuck together and ripping like a coil or a spring making the pieces too small to use. I had to go out and buy more, this was an inconveince considering I had to leave a house full of guests to go back to the store. I thought you would like to know. Thanks, Mindy Morgan
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/13/2011:
mindy, consider calling Reynold's Wrap corporate office and telling them this story. They will probably do the right thing and compensate you in some way, though there is no making up for having to abandon your guests, let them have the chance to make some type of amends.

(502) 775-4307
If you call, let us know how it turned out, the information would be useful to other consumers who have experienced similar issues with this product.
Venice09 on 07/14/2011:
This is something that can happen with any brand. If the end/edge of the roll is crimped, that's usually the first indication that there will be a problem unrolling the foil. If you had taken the bad roll back to the store, they probably would have given you a refund or exchange.

As ript advised, you should contact Reynolds and let them know what happened. I'm sure they will send you coupons to make up for the inconvenience.
Skye on 07/14/2011:
This has also happened to me, and I've used many brands, not just Reynolds. At least now I know its not me, its the foil, lol.

Contact Reynolds as ript suggested, and let them know. They want and appreciate feedback.
kim on 03/18/2014:
Ihave been using rey wrap heavy duty foil for 35 years they just came out with new packaging but the product is not the same.they say new packaging same length they do not say anything about the same me it is not the same.I still have an old roll left.not even close to the same.reynolds raise your price do not lessen the quality.I am calling to complain and tell all 693 face book friends to stop buying reynolds wrap you can not count on the quality any more .Guess profit is more important to them than customer satisfaction.They tried to pull a fast one and got caught.shame on reynolds wrap.
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