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Rialta Heaven and Pop Top Heaven
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MILFORD, INDIANA -- I bought a 1999 Rialta WInnebago RV from Rialta Heaven located in Milford Indiana. I purchased this vehicle on eBay and paid 20K plus. The company assured me that my purchase would be fully inspected and any issues be reported to me. Our agreement was made and I purchased the vehicle based on photos and their assurance that everything was in order and that I could rest assured based on my own research on eBay reviews of previous customers. I took delivery of the vehicle this May after paying for the delivery. Upon delivery I noticed a number of obvious problems. The coolant was low, there was a low tire and the generator would not start. The windshield had a delamination problem. The mechanical condition seemed okay. Also, the clear coat on the paint was peeling...none of this was ever revealed in their thorough inspection? Then after getting the vehicle home, I discover corrosion underneath the vehicle which was never revealed and was a major concern from my first inquiries, So far they have refused to take any action. I have filed with the Indiana BBB and they have filed my complaint twice. Ebay does not warrant vehicles ten years or older. They were dishonest and I have learned that the business will be moving to California to join Pop Top Heaven??? I asked for a reasonable fix. They pay for the problems or refund my money...they have rejected both ideas...so much for their reputation. If anyone else has had a similar problem, I would like to share. I am hoping their business receives the proper kind of review. They got my money and misled me. I explained the vehicle would be great for my family and my son has CF (cystic Fibrosis) which I made clear was one of the reasons I wanted to buy the RV so he could perform his treatments while we were on the road. Overall, they claim my 20K was well spent?? I believe they need to stand behind their product and put the customer first!I wish they could just do the right thing!
Company Response 07/26/2010:
Rialta Heaven:
In response to This consumer's Complaint. He purchased this vehicle a 1999 Rialta QD with 69,000 miles on Ebay Sept 09 from our company. At the the time of the purchase which was done site unseen other than detailed pictures. He chose not to come and inspect the vehicle to see if there was anything he would be concerned about. He was looking for an inexpensive RV and this particular model holds it's value and thus to obtain one in the price range he was willing to pay, years and mileage are what he would have to sacrifice. I had many conversations with him describing the vehicle and its condition as best I could based on the report given to me by our independent mechanic. I did not hide or neglect to tell him any condition regarding the vehicle. Global Auto of Warsaw does all of our inspections and repairs. they are very diligent about telling us if there are significant rust issues on any of our vehicles as well as anything else that needs replacing. He was concerned with having to pay storage for the winter though, and as a bonus to the sale I offered to store his vehicle here at no charge, for no later than may of 2010. At that time I indicated that we would not be responsible for the vehicle once the purchase was made. I offered to start the vehicle once a week and run the generator to keep batteries charged which we did. It was stored on our lot which is an open lot subject to all weather conditions. I asked for proof of insurance on the vehicle and never got it, I did have a signed agreement stating the conditions of the storage of the vehicle. I did request he come pick it up one month sooner due to possible changes in management. He was not able to and we then delivered the vehicle to him at our cost. It should have cost him at least $800.00 to have it delivered but all he paid for was the flight and gas for my driver. Less than half of what he should have paid for a delivery. He offered to pay us in the form of Honey.
The issues he is speaking of were not present at the time of the sale as far as the windshield or any of the mechanical issues. I am happy to supply the BBB and Alan with a report from our Mechanic regarding the condition of the vehicle at the time of the sale. Any Vehicle regardless of the age is going to have some rust and corrosion. This is a 99 with higher miles and as such very likely does have some. If any rust went undetected by my mechanic then it was not significant enough to be an issue regarding structure and safety.
His purchased vehicle sat on my lot at my cost for 7 months. We are not going to be held responsible for any deterioration that has happened to the vehicle since then. Since this customer never came to personally inspect the vehicle prior to his purchase he has no grounds on which to say it was in that shape at that time.
We do value our reputation but unfortunately many people want more than what their money will buy and have buyers remorse after the fact. We make sure all of our vehicles are mechanically and structurally sound prior to any sale. Our Mechanic values their reputation as well and since we are a nationally known small business it is important to us that we honestly represent what we sell. Im sorry if Mr Montgomery is not happy with his RV. I understand that 20,000.00 is a lot of money but as a consumer he also has an obligation to be informed and understand exactly what he is getting, what his money can buy, and understand that he cannot let a vehicle set for 7 months and not expect a few issues to crop up in that time. We do want him to be Happy with his purchase however we will not be taken advantage of by his misconception of what his budget can afford.

Our Offer:
Rialta Heaven is under no obligation by law to refund any or all of his money, accepting a return or exchanging the vehicle for one he deems suitable. We have offered to A: Pay for 1/2 of the windshield replacement. B: If he has decided that he cannot afford to own or does not want the Rialta we will be happy to help him sell it on consignment here, which would include our receiving a 10% commission from the sale. He wants us to replace his Vehicle with one that is in better condition but is not willing to pay the difference. He has turned down our offer to help pay for the windshield and is adamant about a return/ refund or exchange for a better unit which neither of those options we are willing to accept ourselves.

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wildirish on 08/10/2010:
I am mystified. I called the California office and they were adamant that they would never sell a vehicle in the condition I received. I have owned many vehicles and the reason I did not choose to come all the way to Indiana is I have a job which does not allow me to travel nine months out of the year. I put my full trust in them. To be fair if a vehicle sits for seven months it will not suddenly develop issues such as the ones I have laid out. They were there to begin with. The "mechanic" did not do his job...I would not recommend they continue with that mechanic. Basically, I was misled and that hurts! 20K...and by the way, the mileage was 60k not 69K! I know the vehicle came from NY state and I would advise non one buy one of these vehicles from the northern tier. Do you research. Or buy one from the California folks who seem a lot more on top of things and know their business. I was treated unfairly and I have the feeling buying from CA is the way to go. Again I was not asking a hell of a lot just fairness and so far got the absolute minimum. Karma...the great equalizer.
SaMoore on 08/10/2010:
Rialta Heaven sounds more like Rialta Hell by their own response. To come to an online forum and begin your customer satisfaction offer with the words "under no legal obligation" is customer service suicide. I now know better than to buy from Rialto Hell... Thanks for the heads up OP.
Jim on 01/17/2013:
What we have here is a failure to communicate!! Never buy a vehicle online for $20,000 sight unseen. The only outcome will be agreement to disagree on condition and what information was shared by the two parties. This situation could have been prevented by a physical self inspection.
Karlajustme on 09/04/2013:
We work on RV's in San Diego CA. I'm very familiar with repairs, maintenance, pre/post purchase inspections, and sales. We are not associated with Rialta Heaven in any way.

I see several mistakes with this type of transaction/experience by both parties:

A) I will highly discourage a $20k purchase without inspecting the vehicle yourself.

B) Both parties shoukd of enforced an independent inspection paid by buyer. Therefore if there was ever an issue it wouldn't fall on the seller, and the buyer would have a 3rd party inspection that will not be protecting the insterests of the seller.

C) There are several mechanical, and mechanical situations that happen when a vehicle is not being used. Such as the fuel goes bad and therefore causes for anything related to fuel (gas) to fail. Tires also get deteriorated from it's shape from being sitting on the same side. Paint also start failing, in particular the clear coat bubbling away, mostly on the side were the sun hits the most, which in this case appear to be summer time.

D) Storage should have never being allowed because precisely this issues, and it also takes away space on a dealers lot for inventory.

D) 60k miles are NOT very high as stated by seller, this is a 1999 vehicle and miles are indeed very low.

E) Any buyer that purchases a vehicle were there is severe weather conditions (rain and snow) should expect rust ALWAYS. You don't want rust? Buy from CA, AZ, etc.

F) RV Heaven is a consignment dealer as I understood. They can't be liable for other person vehicle, and they should fully disclose warranty.

F) Delivery always has risks due to road and weather conditions.

G) For God's sake, if you are buying a vehicle for such medical needs, why leave it there for 7 months? That's insane,
Denny on 10/05/2013:
When I was shopping for my Rialta I ended up at the CA location. They had several HD's which was the floorplan I wanted. The guys there were incredibly tolerant and helpful. They allowed me plenty of time without trying to sell me anything to spend time in it learning it's pro's and con's.

They said not to pay attention to minor deficiencies as it hadn't been to the shop yet for its inspection.

I returned the following week to check out a couple of things I wasn't sure of but the rig was not there. They told me it was at the shop having work done and offered to take me over there, which we did.

The work hadn't been done yet but it had had its inspection. The service writer handed him the inspection report and he handed it to me. I was able to see the raw report. He said....if a deficiency is noted in the inspection report, it's repaired.

In the end I didn't buy from them ONLY because they didn't have one with low enough mileage. That said....had they had "the" one I wanted, I wouldn't have hesitated to buy it from them. But I wouldn't buy ANYTHING that expensive from them, or anyone else without a "personal" inspection.
Christopher Nelson on 02/26/2014:
I just stumbled across this complaint. When reading this thread, please note that rialtaheaven.com is no longer affiliated with Rialta Heaven, Inc. (now owned by Pop Top Heaven, Inc.). We acquired the rialtaheaven.com domain after Rialta Heaven, Inc. closed, and are selling Eurovan Rialtas using it. I noticed most responses were posted after we acquired the domain, so I feel this should be made clear that this thread is related to two completely different companies. This transaction obviously took place during the transition, and while the sale was still under the control of Rialta Heaven, Inc. (since the customer apparently spoke with our California office). Being the President of the company (Pop Top Heaven, Inc.), I would never have allowed this kind of poor customer service to transpire. The response to this complaint was posted by Rialta Heaven, Inc. while it was still in business, not my company. I hope this clears things up a bit.
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