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Poor Product, Even Poorer Service
By -

DULUTH, GEORGIA -- I am writing this to express my frustration, exasperation, and downright infuriation with the quality of my 2007 Hyundai Veracruz Limited and the service department at Rick Case Hyundai in Duluth, GA. I have taken the vehicle in on three separate occasions totaling over 3 weeks in your shop without satisfactory results. This is my last effort get either Hyundai or Rick Case to make things right.

In Feb 2008 I purchased a new 2007 Hyundai Veracruz from the Rick Case Dealership in Duluth, GA. I should have known the model was a lemon when the demo vehicle I test drove had a radio that did not work. I loved the ride, the lines, styling, and handling, so I dismissed the non-functioning radio as a non-issue and ended up purchasing an identically equipped vehicle the next day. From very early on I experienced intermittent anomalies with the electronics. I have compiled a list of everything I have been dealing with for the first year of ownership.

For example: The radio presets would randomly jump back to pre-set 1 no matter where in the pre-set order I was in. The automatic power windows would randomly fail to move when auto-open or close was engaged, requiring me to "double tap"€ the window button to make them move. The steering column would not return to the upright position when the ignition was turned off, or would not come down to the pre-set position when the car was turned on. This was most inconvenient (and even dangerous) since it left the wheel in the retracted upright position making driving hazardous.

The transmission would disengage and frequently "€œthud"€ as I would decelerate to stops or when easing on the throttle while cruising. One time the transmission disengaged at a busy street light and would not come out of high gear, making pulling away from the light almost impossible. This particular case I had 3 passengers and was in Atlanta rush-hour traffic and a car with no low-end torque, limping along till I could get off the road. The keyless entry system refused to unlock and lock the car. When I could lock and unlock the car, the alarm would go off when any door was opened. The ignition would not unlock to allow me to turn the key to start the car.

The issues began small and slow at first (issues 1-3 in the first few months) and I was frequently out of town on business, but began to come on with more frequency and severity as I passed the 6 month point. In September I brought the car to the Rick Case Hyundai dealership in Duluth, GA and explained all the symptoms listed above. ** was my service contact. He seemed to be only half-listening and was most interested in assuring me that it would be fixed. He mentioned he'€™d take it for a test and that he lived 50 miles or so away or someplace, yada yada.

A little less than a week later I came back to pick up my car and am told that none of the symptoms could be duplicated but that they replaced a throttle regulator or something, to supposedly fix the "€œthud"€ and tranny engagement issues. When I drop off my cars for service I write down several things about the encounter: what was discussed, what was promised, when to expect it back and things like odometer and fuel levels. The car had been washed and the inside cleaned. So far I was pleased.

That ended when I checked the odometer and fuel. I had left it with 1/3 tank and had it returned with almost no fuel left at a time when gas was running out all over Georgia. In addition to this, I was horrified to see that over 230 miles had been put on my car in less than a week and the car had far less fuel in it than when I had left it there. Work order invoice ** states that mileage in/out equaled 60 miles, this was neither accurate nor truthful.

Upon further inspection in the coming days, I discovered yellow and red discoloration on the rear-passenger armrest area, I wiped it with my hand and a sniff confirmed that it was ketchup and mustard. This prompted me to look further. Under the passenger seat I found a "€œto-go"€ package for a hot dog with some bun left inside. No one but me had been in the car to that point so it was obvious where it came from. This was unacceptable and I was very angry, but I told myself I'€™d just never deal with this clown again if the car was fixed. The car was not fixed, not even close.

Every symptom continued with the exception of the transmission being fully disengaged. All the electronic issues, the thuds, the car alarm, etc. all remained. I was pissed. Due to travel with work I was unable to return for some time.

I brought the car back about a month later and spoke with **, who for all intents and purposes, showed me that your dealership might actually give a damn and took my case herself. I told her about my experience with the first service contact, the hot dog, condiments, mileage, and being returned to me on empty to which she assured me that he would be punished if not fired and I would never have to deal with him again. He'€™s still there but I don'€™t deal with him. In fact, he won'€™t even look at me.

** sat with me and went over all my symptoms/issues in great detail. She witnessed the steering column issue which seems to be "€œimpossible"€ to duplicate when I am not around, as well as the car alarm and keyless lock issues. Funny how they happen all the time to me but never while in the shop - even over 230 miles of use. The VeraCruz was in the shop for 2 weeks to replace the "€œcomputer"€ or command chip in the vehicle'€™s brain.

When returned to me, I noticed that a few things seemed to be better: The keyless entry issues seemed to be resolved, no longer was the alarm going off when I opened the door. The ignition locking issue had not resurfaced. The transmission "thud" disengagement was reduced greatly, occurring only once and a while rather than regularly. And a few things remained uncorrected and in fact got worse: The windows more frequently refused to work on a single push. The radio presets still randomly jump back to #1. The steering column issues persisted.

When I inspected my car I was disappointed to find that: The car was not cleaned at all and had dust/dirt all over the exterior and tracks from the people who drove it on the interior. Returned with about ¼ less gas than what I left in it on drop off. Again, I didn'€™t formally complain, this time because ** had been so helpful.

Most recently, (Jan 21) I brought the VC in for the final 3 issues and after a week it was returned after replacing a tilt/tele switch in the column, apparently suggested by Hyundai Corp. I am sad to say that at the time of this writing, the steering column continues to fail in both returning to the starting position and moving to the pre-set position. The windows seem to work, but who knows with time? The thud of the tranny still occurs on occasion and the radio pre-sets still occasionally do not function correctly.

At first glance I found no obvious issues when I picked up my car this time, other than having no gas and it being dirty. At least you folks are consistent in your disregard for your customers. A few days later my wife reached under the passenger seat and found a used baby pacifier. A used baby pacifier. Unbelievable. I'll mail it to you Rick, got it right here. We have no children. Our friends have no children or none that have had a pacifier in their mouths for 15 years. No child of that age has ever been in my vehicle with me or my wife.

What the hell do you people do with your customer'€™s cars when we hand them over? Do I need to put a nanny-cam in my damn car just to make sure the dealership employees don'€™t trash it? From what I have personally evidenced, your people have cross-country hot dog parties with toddlers and sloppy condiment handlers as passengers that stuff trash under the seats. I am not laughing, and you shouldn't be either. This is outrageous, nothing less than outrageous.

I'€™ve put up with far too much from your people and am disgusted with the poor quality of the vehicle, the inability to correct the issues, and foremost - the utter disrespect I feel when I leave your dealership and find the kind of things I have found in my car after a week or two in your "€œcare." Is this kind of gross disregard for a client base what happens when one gets as large as Rick Case Automotive Group? I cannot imagine the dealership grew this large by accepting this kind of shoddy service and terrible customer care. This is outrageous, nothing less than outrageous. I am beside myself with disgust at both Hyundai and your dealership.

Extreme Disappointment In Rick Case Hyundai

I went to the Rick Case dealership on April 24, 2010 with a "blank check" from Capital One Finance giving me an approved $$ amount and monthly payments. I was told they could put me in a 2007 KIA Sportage. I test drove it and then was given the keys and told "congratulations". I was waiting to sign the papers when the sales representative came back and said unfortunately I wasn't approved on that particular one and something else would have to be done BUT that I should let them deal directly with Capital One Finance and not even use my check. They assured me they could get me a much better deal.

Almost SEVEN HOURS later they came driving up with a 2009 KIA Sorento. To say I was confused was putting it mildly. How could they not approve an 2007 Sportage but they could an 2009 Sorento!?!? It didn't make sense but I was so tired by that point and figured if they could make it work (which they assured me they could) I'd go for it.

When I finally sat down with the papers the amount was almost $2000 more, payments were higher, and 72 months rather than 60 months which was on the original "blank check" I came in with. I also had to put down $650.00 which was totally unexpected and I didn't have. They said they would be glad to hold a check for 30 days and so I agreed and signed the contract. That was 7:30 pm on Saturday night.

By 10:00 am Sunday morning I had called the sales representative on his cell phone and told him this was a huge mistake and I couldn't afford the vehicle. I wanted to bring it back immediately but he told me to wait because the banks were closed and they couldn't do anything till Monday anyway. On Monday I was told several times "they were working on it" and by Tuesday when I said I would be coming up there I was told to talk to a sales manager. He told me they wanted me to be happy and, "although they hadn't done anything wrong" they would try to find me something more affordable.

I thought there was an option on a major purchase to return within 72 hours but obviously that isn't the case any more and the contract says "even if I change my mind they don't have to take it back". Funny how they were there for me and wanted to put me in something I'd be happy with until I asked for something different. It's now been 2 weeks of "we're working on it" so I drove the KIA up there today and asked where things stood. I was told it was my vehicle and it'd be looked at like at trade-in to get me in something else!?!?!?!

The sales manager I've been talking to wasn't in today and I was told to talk to him on Monday about the fact he told me he could do a "total cancellation" when I called upset that they had accepted the funds from Capital One Finance while assuring me they were working on something else.

I handed the keys to my sales representative and said he could keep it until I talk to the manager on Monday. He wasn't happy and I don't know what the outcome will be but I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED in RICK CASE and, after viewing another complaint on here, felt I needed to share my own experience. If I could go back 2 weeks and know what I know now I would never have left with a vehicle no matter how tired and beat down I felt.

Incompetence/Malicious Intent
By -

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- First, this is a personal statement/recollection of events regarding my experience with Rick Case Honda. I purchased a used vehicle from Rick Case Honda on a Monday evening with the understanding that it had been through their safety/certified check. I traded in a fully functional vehicle, in perfect condition, for their vehicle which had issues within 24 hours of the completion of the transaction. I phoned the dealership the next day, Tuesday, and left numerous messages and no one returned my call.

After calling the dealership again the following day, Wednesday, with no reply, I drove back the dealership and spoke with the Used Car Manager personally and was given a "loaner" car while they fixed the car I had just purchased from them 1 day prior. The "loaner" they gave me was filthy and extremely disgusting. But, I had no choice, I needed a car. The Used Car Sales manager admitted to me that the vehicle he "loaned" me had been on their lot for 3 weeks, unattended, because he was upset about the circumstances in which he had to take possession of the vehicle.

The Used Car Sales Manager then proceeded to tell me that I may be financially responsible for any repairs that needed to be done. I questioned him on this because I had had the car less than 12 hours when I noticed issues with the air conditioning (broken) and the ABS system (broken) - Who knows what else. On Thursday, I called the service department to check on the progress of my car because I was going out of town that weekend. I was told by service that I should have it back by that Friday.

On Friday, I phoned the Rick Case Service Department and was told that the vehicle had been transferred to a "specialty" shop to ensure the proper repairs were completed by a "certified" maintenance shop of that particular vehicle. I was then told I would get the car back Saturday morning. On Saturday, I phoned Rick Case Service again and inquired about my vehicle. I was told that the other "specialty" shop had not finished with my vehicle and they had to order specific parts. I was told I would get the car back the following Tuesday.

On Tuesday, at 3:00 pm, I phoned Rick Case Service and inquired about my vehicle. I was told they had not received it from the "specialty" shop. I asked for the number of the "specialty" shop and immediately called them. I was told by the "specialty" shop that they had called Rick Case Service at NOON to have someone pick up the car, a full 3.5 had passed, and no one came to get the car. I then called "Rick Case" at the number on his business card, which he sent me along with a letter inquiring about my experience at Rick Case Honda. The letter said if the experience was great, tell my friends. If the experience was not great call him.

I called and spoke with is "Secretary", Carol. I explained the situation and informed her that I did not want the car anymore and I requested that the deal be voided. I explained that I purchased the vehicle EIGHT days ago, drove it for ONE day and it had been in the repair shop for SEVEN days. She became very rude and unprofessional. She told me there was nothing she could do and it was up to the General Manager of Rick Case Honda to make a decision and then she hung up on me.

I phoned the General Manager, Bob, and I told him I did not want the vehicle and I would like to have the car I traded in back. He told me that I would have the vehicle I purchased the next day, Wednesday, by 5:00 pm and he would personally deliver it to me. I told him I didn't want the car, I didn't trust it.

I informed him that I was under the impression that it had gone through a safety inspection and a "safety checklist". Come to find out later, it hadn't. Their explanation was that a new technician didn't complete the inspection correctly. I told him again I didn't want the car. He told me that I could choose to pick up the car or not, but if I didn't, I would suffer because it would go as a repossession on my credit record. I asked him if that was a threat, and he hung up on me.

I then proceeded to contact the Operations Manager for Rick Case Honda, who was about the only reasonable person in that whole system which is good, yet disturbing because, in my opinion relating to my personal experience, RICK CASE'€™S OWN SECRETARY WAS DISMISSIVE AND SNOTTY? I explained the situation to the Operations Manager and he agreed with me that the whole situation was handled poorly. He said purchasing a vehicle 9 days ago, only having it for one day, and having it in the shop for 8 is unreasonable. He agreed to void the deal and apologized for the mess.

He told me I could pick up my car (the one I had initially traded in) the following day (Wednesday) (This was a week and 2 days later - after originally purchasing the car). He told me I couldn't pick up the car that day because the General Manager, Bob, was out of the office. I was told if I didn't hear from Bob, by 10:00 am on Wednesday, to call the Director of Operations back. I called Bob at 9:45 am, to ask him when I could pick up my car; he replied "Anytime" then hung up on me. I got in the stinky "loaner" they provided, stopped at the gas station, filled the vehicle to the same amount as they had provided when they loaned me the car, then proceeded to the dealership.

When I got there, the general manager, Bob, sent the Used Car Manager, Steve out to complete the reversal. Steve told me where MY car was, the one I had initially traded in, and as I went to get it, I noticed a 2.5" screw strategically placed/lodged under the rear driver's side tire so that had I just pulled straight out of the place the vehicle was parked, it would have punctured the tire. Oh yes, BOB and STEVE were shocked. It was like watching a "B"-movie, actually that's an insult to the actors in a "B" movie, BOB and STEVE were much worse. Explaining how they had no idea how it got there. They said there are screws all over the lot.

I scanned the whole side of the building my car was parked and there were NO OTHER SCREWS lying around the lot. Steve took the screw, went into the dealership, came back out and I asked him where the screw was, he said he threw it away. I asked him to go get it. He fluttered around and did nothing. Finally I went into the dealership and asked for the screw which Steve had taken. It was a miracle, it vanished. The trash can I threw it in was empty.

All this occurred within a matter of minutes. All said and done, they denied any fault or responsibility for anything. The only good news is that I did get my car back. Although I've only had it back for less than a day, I can only hope I won't find anything maliciously tampered with.

Worst service every received from a dealership
By -

DULUTH, GEORGIA -- Brought our company car to this dealership for 120,000 service. Spent $1,000 changing plugs, filling fluids, oil change, transmission flush, etc. Got the car home and 3 days later the alternator failed (Could be a fluke). (Let me go ahead and mention that the windshield wiper fluid was bone dry on return and air filter was not replaced with oil change). Brought back to the dealership and they say that the valve covers need to be replaced along with some wiring and the alternator. Let them change the valve covers and wiring and decided to let my husband replace the alternator since it was in an easy spot to get to and they wanted $900 to replace.

Upon picking up they tell us that the plugs needed to be replaced as well. What??? Wasn't that replaced the first time??? We made them pull the paperwork where the car was worked on a week before and sure enough the plugs were replaced. Or were they? Or were they just trying to screw us out of yet more money now? We had already spent a lot of money and it's crazy to me that they were LYING to get us to spend yet more money. Very shady guys. Would not let anyone I know go there. Some auto shops try to upsell you on every service which is annoying, but what they do - these guys lie with no conscience to make money. Very sad and bad business practice.

Horrible Warranty and Service
By -

DULUTH, GEORGIA -- I purchased my first Hyundai in August 2005. It is a 2006 Santa Fe. I bought the car because everything I read was talking about how good the cars were and how great the warranty was. Well, I have put roughly 27,000 miles on my car since then, which I believe to be on the lower side. I have had several minor, but irritating issues with the car lately.

First, a piece of the luggage rack flew off while I was driving. If I had ever used the luggage rack, maybe this would not surprise me but as I have not this was in my opinion a defective part. Then, the driver's seat seam has come apart. The material is not torn, the stitching has simply come undone - clearly a defect.

Yet another obvious defect is the back windows and the back windshield leak. Well, if it were possible to even open the back windows that might be considered wear and tear. Quite obviously, since the windows are not functional and they still leak, this is a manufacturing defect. Finally, my last problem is one of my speakers is blown. I do not listen to my radio very loud, but I guess this is something that was possibly not a defect.

The problem I am having is with the service department (mostly) at Rick Case Hyundai in Duluth (Atlanta), Georgia. The first time I called to schedule an appointment for these issues I discussed them over the phone and set up an appointment for the following week. When I showed up for my appointment I was told I could not be helped because the leak specialist was not there. He only came out on certain days. Well, if they scheduled me and I had told them my problem over the phone, they should have had him out there. So, I show Jim at the dealership all the problems and he tells me they should all be covered except possibly the seat.

We go back inside and schedule a new appointment for a day when the “leak guy” is going to be in. The day of that appointment, Jim calls to cancel my appointment because the leak guy cannot make it in. He promises to call me back as soon as he hears from the leak guy. A few days go by and I call Jim. Well, I get the same story - "I will call the leak guy and call you back."

Well, a week later I call back and tell him I need to come in. He takes my information this time (make, model, and mileage) which he has never done before, even when I was there in person. Then he puts me on hold for a few minutes, comes back and tells me the leaks aren't covered by my warranty and neither is the seat. What the heck happened to my 5 year bumper to bumper warranty???? Last time I checked the seats and the windows were both in between my bumpers. I really feel that I am getting the run around.

The sad thing is I have considered buying another Hyundai. However, if I cannot get this resolved, I will not purchase another. I will also do everything I can to make sure other consumers are educated about these cars and their supposed “GREAT WARRANTY”, including sending letters to car magazines, Consumer Reports, Clark Howard and anyone else I can think of. All of my issues are fairly minor and should not be hard to fix. I guess that is why I don't understand why I am having so much trouble.

Oh, and the reason I am writing to you and not calling the general manager of the dealership is because I tried to call and the receptionist insisted she did not know his name. It appeared to me that they were not willing to discuss my issues. I am however sending a copy of this letter to the dealership so that someone is made aware of the problems they are having.

secret scams dealer pulls make you look stupid

WESTON, FLORIDA -- So this local dealership is having a sale. Instead of just listing the prices, they say "everything must go". No kidding! What, do they usually hold things back? Then they say "no one will be turned away". Why would they ever turn away a customer?? Then they say "when the tents go up, the prices come down". Why is that? Wouldn't putting up all those tents drive prices up??? Finally, they say "your job is your credit". Well I told them where I work and showed them a paystub. Know what they said? "We need to run a credit report". So it's my credit - that's my credit, not my job. Why do we let these dealers get away with this sort of stuff??

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