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Is It A Scam Or Not?
Posted by on
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am not a beginner in savage vehicles. I drive 2 cars myself that I have bought, had rebuilt and have driven for over 4 years and familiar with salvage prices. I live in an area where 50% of the vehicles on the road have been rebuilt locally. When wanting another bike, I have rode bikes for over 30 years, I decided to go the salvage route. After research I thought the Ridesafely.com site seemed to look the best for me. There are numerous other sites that shadow their terms exactly, word for word, this seems strange itself.

Over a 2 week period I bid on several (9 or 10...I lost count) bikes. I was targeting the Harley FXD series and similar Harley models. I had a deposit made by the my second bike I bid on. I made my deposit via Pay pal within minutes of having the high bid on the Ride Safety website (step one). I will describe the procedures as a 3 step process. Step One is bidding on the Ride Safety web site, the auction on their website ends around 8, 9 or 10 PM depending on the auction location. If you are the high bidder there, you send the 400.00 deposit to them by 10:00 AM the next day, then you go to step two.

Step two ends at around 12:00 to 1:00 the same day of the Deposit day. This is where you have the chance to increase your bid against other websites, which always happens if you want to stay in the ball game according to the calls from Ride Safely. The Ride Safely bidding on that item is over by then, supposedly you are bidding against other bidders on other web sites and the live auction. The Ride Safely people call you on the phone as soon as you are out bid by other websites etc. If you are watching your notifications on their website, it is within seconds you get the call from their people that you are out bid as well as being notified on the website. It is normally within the last hour of Step Two that you will have the chance to increase your bid from their phone call. The third step is when the second step ends and if you are the high bidder at the end of the second step, you wait until 9:00PM of the same night to see if you have won all the bidding. In all cases I never did Win the bidding in the 3rd step.

After the third step is over, you are sent an e-mail and on the website, you can see if you bought the bike or not by monitoring the offers area of the website. If you did not Win the deposit will be credited back to your account there. This happens long before the e-mail arrives. They say you are notified by 9:00 PM but it doesn't happen to 9:30 or 10:00 PM on the website and much later by e-mail. This is a problem if you want to bid on other bikes that same night if you loose you offer in step three. This happened to me several times. Step three is the area you have no control of and is a mystery to me. To speak exactly of my experience of why I quit the website.

After bidding on several bikes and making it to step two and step three, I never won the bidding in step three. When I was notified at the end of step three, I would be told the selling price of the bike. I was bidding on 2005 or later Harley FXD models. I was always winning the step two process around the 2600 to 2900 Dollar area. When I was notified after step 3 they would tell the final price the bike sold for usually around 5000 to 6000 dollars in each case that I lost. Then a 2005 FXD in Denver (nicer than any bike I had bid on earlier and with far lees damage, less than 8,000 miles and it ran and drove)I was bidding on a week earlier I lost the bid of step one by 100 Dollars. We went in to over time on the bidding process in step one but I let it go for 2900 to someone else, my last bid was 2800. Then a few days later the same exact bike shows back up at the same auction and on the Ride safety website. I called and asked why? They told me that the person didn't send their deposit in and it was returned to the sale when that happens. Well this is where it all gets fishy for me for many reasons.

The deposit has to be in by 10:00 AM then you are still bidding against other websites and the live auction until 12:00. So if the deposit wasn't in, the bidding was still going on at other places at the time the Ride Safety didn't receive the deposit from their client. So if the bikes in the past was selling for 5000 to 6000 dollars you would think at 2900 dollars or higher this would had been no problem to sell to other bidders on other websites and at the live auction and my complaint to Ride Safety was ....why didn't I have the chance to put my bid in at my last highest bid at 2800 or at least have a chance to bid at 2900 since they didn't get the deposit from the other guy, they had at least 2 hours to call me? Remember, if you are the high bidder in step one, during step two you are called within seconds of supposedly being out bid. So in this case they had two hours to call me and say the other didn't send the deposit in. Then the real fishy thing is no one else in the world and from the live auction and other web sites didn't bid for this bike over the 2900?

MMMMM.. this is strange to me. I was told that when someone doesn't send the deposit in the bike is then sold at the next auction. Again, what happened to the people at the live auction and all the other websites..... and also Ride Safely doesn't have control of the bikes in almost all cases, they are owned and sold by other people not by Ride Safely, they can not return them to another auction if they don't own them, also I went to the websites where licensed dealers bid on the same bikes and there was no reserve on this bike, so it should have gone to the highest bidder if it was a real auction...This is where I think it is fishy and seems like price fixing is a question....

I asked for my deposit refund via the website. Since I did my deposit via Pay pal, I had my deposit back into my Pay pal account within 2 hours of my request, not like the other horror stories I have read. I went to the Harley dealer and bought a brand new 2009 FXD and equipped it just like I wanted, over 16,000 when finished. I can't say I was totally pleased that the way things went. I am suspicious of the bidding process. Comparing it to salvage cars the bikes go for over double on the ride safety website of what they should compared to cars..just my opinion......Also after reading some of the stories about picking up the bikes and the lack of the chance to talk to someone if a problem exists...I didn't like those comments either....

So I bailed....I guess a person should make their own mind up to use these people or not.....
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Anonymous on 12/23/2008:
I have been around auctions my entire life, I have NEVER heard of such a process. This entire process is NUTS!!! and I would be extremely nervous of fraud!! If you continue using this website I wish you the best of luck, I think you are going to need it
Anonymous on 12/23/2008:
Seems like some sort of scam. What's the sense of bidding on one web site just to have the privilege of bidding again on another web site for the same item?

50% of all vehicles in the Philadelphia are rebuilt?
Anonymous on 12/23/2008:
Luckily you bailed before step 4.... dropping your drawers and bending over.
Starlord on 12/23/2008:
The term is not savage, it is SALVAGE. When you buy or drive a car or bike made from scrap, ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances. I picture a bunch of natives, riding choppers around a blazing fire with a huge pot in it. ROFLMAO
Anonymous on 12/23/2008:
The term is savage during step 4....
Slimjim on 12/23/2008:
That whole thing does seem crazy. You were getting blown away from other site bids, yet this one bike went back to auction, presumably because the ridesaftey site finally had the winning bid with no deposit? Why doesn't it just go to the next high bid. Very confusing and a bit suspect.
csr1 on 03/17/2010:
Hello, I am a Customer Service Representative and I will try to answer the concerns of our users to the best of my ability.

We have been in busy for over 9 years and are selling over 10,000 vehicles annually. Although, there may be some instances where customers are not happy with their purchases, many customers purchase vehicles without reading over our website FAQ and Terms of Use pages. Let me clarify how our site works. We are listing vehicles for insurance auctions on our site with the information provided by insurance companies. They don't describe cars in detail and only list several pictures, and have a basic two word description of damages. Since the description field is very small - they have no way of listing all different damage types, and hence they list a primary damage based on which the vehicle has been salvaged. Be aware ridesafely.com does not have the vehicles in our possession nor do we have vehicle history reports on these vehicles. Therefore we do not know to what extent the vehicle may run and drive or if it runs and drives at all. Since we did not perform the tests on these vehicles we do not know how the insurance auction verified this information. Some of the auctions do provide the full vehicle identification number and others do not for decoding purposes. We assure our customers that we do not increase offers to make a bigger profit. In the offer that customers are submitting, the offer already has shipping, all insurance auction fees, and our own profit built into the offer price. Therefore, the offer you submit is the offer that we will present. You can read more about this on our FAQ page.

Please be aware www.ridesafely.com is a marketing company which allows you to register for free and we are open to the public. We are a marketing company and not the actual insurance auction. The first email you receive is only informing you that you had the highest eligible offer on our website. This only means that you were selected from all of our customers to be represented by us at the insurance auction the following day. That is why we request a deposit to secure that if we are successful at acquiring the vehicle for you, you will then be responsible for paying the balance. The updates you receive are that of other parties are placing higher offers on the same vehicle. We do this so that you have the best possible opportunity in acquiring the vehicle. Just because you have the highest offer on our website does not mean this vehicle is yours. Please read the FAQ’s located under the “about” section on our website and you will understand that other authorized parties at the insurance auction can place offers on these vehicles. All vehicles go to the insurance auction the day after we end the listing on our website. Please be aware we can only contact you if the insurance auction has not started and a higher offer from another authorized party has come in. Once the insurance auction begins, it is a silent auction and all authorized parties submit their offers within less than a minute, therefore cannot contact our customer to ask for a higher offer. Also be aware the insurance auction has the right to refuse any offer they feel is not sufficient enough for the vehicle, insurance auctions also do not state any minimums or reserves on vehicles which they may or may not have so we have no way of knowing what they are looking for in an offer. The vehicles are located at the insurance auction and therefore you will not be able to view the vehicles prior to submitting offers. This is all done online. Sometimes the insurance auctions will not approve an offer and re-list the vehicle or someone cannot make payment on a vehicle and therefore, the insurance auction re-lists it for a later date. We apologize if there are any misunderstandings as to the way our process works. That is why we recommend that people visit our frequently asked questions section on our website so that they can get a better understanding of what we do and how it works. Once the auction starts it takes place within a matter of seconds and usually takes less than two minutes for the auction to end once started, therefore it becomes very hard for us to ccontact our users if they are out offered at auction. However, if customers are out offered prior to the auction's start, such as in a preliminary offer period, if you are out offered we will be able to contact you. We have also improved our customer service and continue to strive for excellence.

Also we would like to inform customers that lately there have been false websites that have used the language directly from our site and are attempting to seduce people to purchase from them. They are not legitimate sites and charge fees to register unlike ridesafely.com. If anyone has any questions or concerns please contact our customer service center at (215)-525-3885 or (215)-289-0300.
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Reopen Auction After 5 min extension after I was the highest bidder
Posted by on
BENSALEM, PA -- I was bidding on this 2006 CADILLAC CTS 910021368, on Oct 4, 2009. The auction was to end at 9PM, with an additional 5 min extension if there were any bids in the last 5 min of the auction. At 9:03 I was the highest bid and at the end of the Auction at 9:05 there were no other bids. The Smartride web site stated the auction had ended and I was the highest bidder.

At 9:11 the auction reopened and there was someone else who bid, I intern was not able to bid and based on the web site info I assumed I had won. I tried to call the company right away but there was no answer. I right away sent them an e-mail. They contacted me the next day verified all the facts and actually said they didn't know why I didn't Win but would look into it. They e-mailed me later that day and said there was a glitch in the system and the auction had reopened on its own. The customer service department also said that the invoice had not gone out yet so they may be able to rectify it.

I waited till the next day and contacted them again they said there was nothing they could do about it as they had contacted the winner already. After speaking to someone at the Fair Business Practice they informed me to contact the company and tell them that the glitch should have affected the individual who bid at 9:11 when the auction was over. As that individual should have known it was over and closed for over 8 minutes before reopening.
One other thing is this is an American company selling a product that is in Canada, so Canadian laws would apply and when an auction is over it is over and can not be reopened unless everyone involved is aware and have equal opportunity to participate. I will be pursuing this as I hate to be ripped off.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/07/2009:
Buying a car at an internet auction is like pinning a big KICK ME sign on your butt
PepperElf on 10/07/2009:
awesome answer ken

cos... who in their right mind buys a car without actually seeing what condition it's in or test driving it to make sure it works.

you simply don't know what you're going to get
you're at the mercy of the other person's honesty
Anonymous on 10/07/2009:
I agree with Ken and Pepper. I have no clue why EBay Motors is so successful. Buying a car is hard enough, buying it sight unseen is scary!

Wasn't it GM who announced recently they will be selling their new cars online?

Regardless, I hope the OP gets a resolution. It sounds as the the company admitted their error but have chosen not to inconvenience the party who won erroneously.
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Did Not Provide Proper Documentation Making It Impossible to Register the Car
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LANGHORNE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Ridesafely refused to provide proper documentation requested by the California DMV so that the vehicle that I purchased via the Ridesafely website could be properly registered in California. Ridesafey refused to sign a bill of sale for California. The vehicle was purchased in California but Ridesafely demanded that the title come from Pennsylvania. All of this confusion has made for a very confusing situation at the DMV and Ridesafely has no interest in abiding by the DMV rules but they still have no problem selling vehicles in California and then do not take the steps to help the customer properly register the vehicle. They want to fight with the DMV and all I want is for them to fill out the proper documentation that the DMV has requested. They refused and want me to go to the DMV and get them on the phone to argue with the DMV. This is unacceptable and unprofessional. Multiple calls and appointments to the DMV and to Ridesafely has not resolved this issue. I expect to purchase a vehicle that can be supported with the proper documentation for resale. They simply refuse to do anything of significance and dumped the mess in my lap to deal with.
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Beware Ridesafely.com Rip Off "Selling Cars Without License"
Posted by on
LANGHORN, PA -- Back in March 2001 I bought a BMW 325i 2003 from Ridesafely. Com ... After having the car rebuilt (it was a salvage/rebuildable ) I went to the Florida dmv "bureau of fields opperations" gave them all the paperwork to have it inspected and the realized that Ridesafely is not a dealer lincense in the state of Florida so they fraudulently and goin against the state federal laws sold it to me so at this point the dmv keept all my paperwork including the title I got from Ridesafely and I can not get neither a title or not even the inspection done.. The company Ridesafely. Com has not solve this matter and it has been 3 weeks since they got nottified from me and the dmv.. This guy under the name of alex supposedly a mannager of Ridesafely. Com has been playing me around all alone but I will laugh at last when I see him in court.. I'va already open a claim through the BBB and anotherone is on the way to be open through the state of Pennsylvania to them file a lawsuit against Ridesafely. Com and this guy alex.. I highly recommend you not to deal with this fraudulent company cause they will cost you a lot of money ... If someone else is going through a problem with this company and want to suit them please get in contact with me so we can do it together.. This company is selling cars without license and is making a lot of money from each car they sell when a broker can do the same thing for a lot less.. Don't be a fool do some research before doing anything through Ridesafely. Com (theftsafely. Com suits them better)
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/17/2011:
Did you buy this from a Ridesafely dealer? The following disclaimer makes it sound like you didn't buy from Ridesafely, but a dealer that posted on their website.

"REMEMBER: RideSafely.com is merely a marketing service that cannot guarantee, verify, warranty information about the products or the products themselves, which are placed on the Site by third parties or affiliates of RideSafely.com."
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Ridesafely.com Auction Cars
Posted by on
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I placed a winning bid with ridesafely.com. The morning after placing the winning bid. I attempted to transfer money via pay pal. I had a problem with my pay pal account and then opened another. At this point in time I attempted to transfer the money. I was told it could take up to 24hrs. for my pay pal account and my online banking account to connect with each other. I called Ridesafely and explained this to them. a customer service representative told me, that because I called. My account would not be terminated. My account was terminated anyway even though they told me, it wouldn't be. When I contacted Ridesafely, they stated that if I send them $400.00 that they would re activate my account, even though the car I was bidding on was no longer available.

I then asked them if they had another Q45 running for me to bid on, and the agent became irate, and stated he didn't have time to answer my questions. I was really trying to purchase this vehicle. For as I was without one
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 03/22/2009:
"I placed a winning bid with ridesafely.com."

"they stated that if I send them $400.00 that they would re activate my account, even though the car I was bidding on was no longer available."

it looks like you did not win the bid after all.
Soaring Consumer on 03/22/2009:
I bet what happened was that after they closed his account, they sold the car to the second-highest bidder.

Don't pay them, just buy from a reputable dealership.
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This Site Is Just Awful
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Besides the phone calls and small things I don't have much experience with the site. My uncle who has bought over 6 vehicles recommended me to it. He has had OK. experiences with Ridesafely but after reading all these reviews I don't doubt they are terrible and you should NOT deal with them. His purchases took place a while back. Grant it, I am no rocket scientist who does brain surgery as a hobby, but I do have an above average Intelligence Quotient (IQ), and this "auction" makes no sense. I bid on a few vehicles and won, however, I was advised that the insurance didn't approve the sale as my bid was too low. By definition a "salvage" vehicle is born when (depending on the company) the damages (costs of repairs) exceeds 75% of the vehicle value. The insurance then deems and labels it "salvage" yet I see the "buy now" prices at around $14,000. Mind you the car I am looking into can be purchased non-salvage from a dealer for about $18,000. So, $14,000 for a car that only God knows how much the repairs will cost (keep in mind you cannot fix anything on a car when they are in a wrecked or flooded condition for under $3,000) plus their fees, etc, DO THE MATH!!!!!! You end up paying about the same or more, plus the risks of it no being in the condition they state, problems registering it and insuring it if they don't send the paperwork PLUS you end up with work to do, and a vehicle that you can't sell for HALF of what they are running in the market at the time (non-salvage). This scam is on a whole other level.
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Out and out fraud
Posted by on
I bid on a Hyundai sonata and got the car the statement from ride safely was
That it runs and drives and was verified to do so by the co.
The car had to be loaded with a fork lift and rolled off the trailer.
It cost me over $3000.00 to get it in the runs and drive condition.
At the time of this writing it is not streatable yet.
The car was intentionally fixed up to look like it had nothing wrong with it but it had bin wrecked hard.
I do not mind that it needed some work but the verified statement that it runs and drives was a fraudulent statement.
These people prey on trusting honest people.
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Auto Auction Scam
Posted by on
RUN AWAY NOW...This company is a scam. You send them money and they supposedly "bid" for you! If you don't win, you don't get all your money back! They claim they don't charge the customer anything. They are paid by the insurance companies. THEY LIE...THEY WILL NOT DISCUSS THE ISSUE. YOU LOSE!!!
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User Replies:
Skye on 07/09/2007:
Well thanks for the warning. I can say in all honesty, this is something I would never ever consider doing. So when you tried to get your money back, they had to have said something, or did they just totally ignore your requests, and give you the answer "we won't' discuss it" ??
adzidek on 07/09/2007:
This review is seriously lacking information.
Sprintbandit on 07/09/2007:
My point is don't waste your time trying to buy through this company. They did say they had a right to charge a "wire" fee. Even when they didn't wire any money into my account. They claim upfront they are a free service only to be paid by the insurance companies. It's best to stay clear. I have read other reviews on other sites where people aren't getting any money back. One gentleman won the auction but never received the vehicle and is still waiting for a refund after several weeks! JUST A WARNING TO ALL
legaleagle on 07/04/2008:
I agree with Sprintbandit's comments, essentially ridesafely.com is leveraging the oldest vice in the world to their advantage: greed.

Why? Because ridesafely.com mandates the bidder to purchase the vehicle with no vehicle identification number (so the vehicle history cannot be checked) and essentially no true representation of the vehicle's condition, while demanding up-front payment, on a wing and a prayer.

If you call ridesafely.com and ask about one of the vehicles they will tell you to take a flying leap. By any standard, demanding payment up-front for goods and services potentially not-as-described (or not rendered) IS tantamount to fraud and a tort.

If we had any sort of responsible government oversight ridesafely.com would be regulated, or at least forced to follow consumer guidelines through tort law. There are Russian guys near me who deal with ridesafely and know what they are doing - but they saw cars in half and weld them together again. If that is your thing, ridesafely.com *might* work for you.

But if you are looking for a low-priced bargain in a luxury car forget it, these Russian guys are not going to allow you to buy a $40K car for $20K when their thing is to rebuild them and sell on eBay for $50K.

Bottom line: if it is too good to be true then it is a LIE - especially where an operation like ridesafely.com is concerned.
Misiak on 12/11/2008:
I also get the feeling that something is not right. Most of the prices which you win are too high for the vehicle which you bid for. If the price is good then you never get the vehicle and if your bid is high, you get it. I think they have their own people pushing up the auction prices at the last minute and taking away good deals for themselves or for some friends who can make some money on it. Many times I had the highest bid but never got the vehicle as almost always it went to someone else for usd200 more ! Without my approval or consent ! Something here stinks !!
bobm225 on 04/20/2009:
I used them with NO HASSEL-- I bid enough, won the car, it was delivered from California to Nebraska, even had a 30 day title re-assignment, got the title today. Great Value, nice poeple, I will do more deals with this company. Thanks to all at RIDESAFELY.com
cdizzle99 on 11/11/2009:
I have bid several time at auctions in NEW YORK and NEW JERSEY and have noticed the bids that are winning are to high lately, everyone looking at these cars should either personally look at these cars or pay for someone to do it for you and furthermore the rules have changed at these auctions due to more people buying these cars sight unseen. they are now letting the the auctions reopen as well as colluding with auction type access services moral of the story if you cannot see the car personally do not bid any car with pics check them against oics on known good cars and never bid more than 40% of the value of the vehicle blue book.
speed123 on 03/16/2010:
The car I received was certified by ride safely to run and drive a 2007 hyundai sonata.They put new fenders and hood on the car to make it look like it had nothing wrong with it.it was loaded with a fork lift in Fl.
and rolled off the transport $3000.00 later it is still not streatable .It is in the condition now that I expected,It runs and drives.
When I called them they said they guarantee nothing.
When you send them your money you are at there mercy.
I paid over $8000.00 for the car expecting to have to do some work but got screwed.
Buyer Beware head the warning.
Fraud is the name of the game with them!!!!!!!!
PepperElf on 03/16/2010:
this is why I don't believe in buying cars online

nothing can really substitute checking the car out yourself in person
instead of relying on what a webpage tells you about the car
Ytropious on 03/16/2010:
Very true. I bought my car from an eBay seller, as I already said in another post, but he lived a few hours away and I went to check on the car before laying down my cash deposit. He took his eBay listing down by the time I arrived home. You can buy online, but I use it more for getting information on the car before buying in person. You can have your cake and eat it too.
california001 on 04/17/2010:
Ridesafely.wow what a ripp off.look at www.copart.com and you will find the cars that ridesafely selling for double price like 1 day advance before copart auction.Its robbery
yus on 05/29/2010:
I amazed how many people getting ripped off, do not ever use pre biding service it is a scam, if you are not a dealer you still can buy a car directly from the dealer’s only auction I found this website http://www.autoauctionhelp.com/ , and did it.
I did not buy a salvage car, they helped me to buy a car @ Manheim (clean title), but I know they work with Copart, IAAI, Salvage Direct.
Forget pre bidding go live.
If you have any questions contact me I will be glad to help you I recently had a good experience with http://www.autoauctionhelp.com/ and can answer your questions.

heather373 on 07/28/2010:

My motorcycle was transported by COPART from the dealer to their facility in Lansing, MI. It had some damage on the left side due to an accident, but nothing on the right side had been damaged. Somewhere between the dealer and the COPART facility the bike fell over on its right side doing almost another $1000 damamge. I saw my bike before they picked it up and there was no damage to the right side. The person that dropped my bike picked up to broken pieces and put some of them in the saddlebag of my bike. Of course COPART says that I can't prove that they damaged it, which means that they will not cover any damages. Its not rocket science: No damage before COPART'S transporter and yet there was damage when I picked it up. You would think it was obvious to them that it happened while they had the bike. Yet the COPART company is denying everything!!! Do Not Use Copart!!! Tell everyone you know that this is not a reputable company. They do not care about their customers satisfaction at all. I felt like they were calling me and the dealer (where they picked the bike up from) a liar even though I had pics before they picked it up. They still stated that I had no proof that they did the damage. Please pass this on to anyone that might use Coparts services. They are crooked!!!!!!!!
MMK on 07/25/2013:
I purchased 3 card from them smoothly after that I decided to take the rest of my money from there account , when I sent withdraw request they send me email notification claiming that I bought from them Lexus 2003 and I need to complete the amount which I didn't !
I was so angry so I called there manager but he fixed this and send me my money back , but they do tried to steal my money claiming I made a purchase and need to complete the payment and the funny thing is they sent me this request after one hour of sending the withdraw request so I suggest you stay away from them
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Posted by on
A while back there was a topic on this company in which I shared my encounter with ridesafely.com . I entered a bid in their rigged style of auction , at the close of auction I was the high bidder on a wrecked 2005 Chevy truck . To complete my terms of the agreement I need to bank wire them a deposit . The next day I was informed that my bid was not high enough so they would not complete the deal . I requested a refund and it took them over three week and a dozen phone calls to get my money back. They also kept $ 8.00 for a check fee. Keep in mind I had to pay my bank $ 18.00 to wire the funds. I will never do business with them again .

Please feel free to share your experience with this company .
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User Replies:
voiceoff on 03/25/2007:
Did they say they would not sell unless a minimum amount was reached? If so, why did you send them money knowing it was not reached? If they din't say so they may be forced to sell at the low price...check with an attorney.
romac on 04/04/2007:
No ,they said anything about a minimum price . They just called me after the close of auction to confirm my bid and inform me that they will require $ 400.00 as a deposit. I sent a wire transfer as requested ( which cost me $ 18.00 from my bank ) The following day they said that the bid was not high enough . Meanwhile , I had bid on a few other trucks and won those auctions as well . They offered to roll my deposit to one of the other trucks and wanted and deposit and the 3rd . Later that day I was informed that the bid was not high enough and I could place another offer . At that time I told them to forget it and I would rather just have a refund . Now I get a song and dance and I need to speak to another dept in the morning . Of course no answer , just passed off to a voice mail . Long story short ..... It took almost a month to get a refund of my $ 400.00 , and they had the nerve to keep $ 8.00 for a check fee . Anyone thinking of doing business with these people , do yourself a favor and just save your money . There were a few other horror stories on here about other who got ripped off , but they are no longer on here . It kind of makes you wonder .
Sprintbandit on 07/09/2007:
Yep I got ripped myself. They are nothing more than a scam operation. Claiming they don't charge the customer...WRONG They take everyone who is a fool to send them money. I even called the pickup point for my auction and they claimed they were a bit shady as well. Cars were several days if not weeks delayed in showing up...etc...STAY AWAY...
Sal on 01/29/2013:
DO NOT USE !!!!!!
This company was supposed to be bidding for a motorcycle for me. Never put the bid in !!
Told me they had a computer glich.... Gave me the run around for 2 days. My max bid was $1500 dollars over what the bike went for.
Peter "Sales guy" Alex "floor manager"
Both told me they would be calling me back. never received a call.
These guys dropped the ball on the only thing they do !!!
Sorry for all the !!! but if you lost a bid because of incompetence you would be doing !!!! too.

E.R.HOPKINS on 06/01/2013:
I put in a bid amount for ride safely to bid up to and the car sold for less and ride safely credit me back the money the transaction was very professional and the car was exactly what the listing said it was. I think its a great site for people who need parts or are into rebuilding them and following the ride safely instructions for each state or out of state transactions with regards to D.M.V (GUIDE LINES).great site!
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Very Positive Experience
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Rating: 5/51
PENNSYLVANIA -- I have now purchased 2 vehicles from Ridesafely and both times I have had the upmost most positive experience anyone can ask for. From the staff to the e sign feature for documents, it truly is made easy. I read all the negative feedback on here and it puzzles me, some people you just can't make happy. But I must say I will be making more purchases in the very near future. I have purchased a 2011 F150 and a 2011 ford flex from them. Both came as described. Not one complaint at all.
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