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Rite Aid
30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, PA 17011
1-800-748-3243 (ph)
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Pharmacy Sucks!!!
By -

I have lived in this area for about eighteen years, and I have to say that I have had several issues with this Rite Aid pharmacy. Last issue was when I dropped off two prescriptions, one was filed and the other wasn't. Nothing was said to me about the missing medication, the bag was simply handed over to me as if both meds were in the bag. When I realized this and questioned the manager Ms. **, I was told that the prescription was no good and they could not verify the Doctor, crazy if you ask me. I have been there many times before, but they did fill the other prescription both from the same Doc. Tired, taking your meds is serious business, can't afford to risk my health.

Horrible Service
By -

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- Pharmacist always give me attitude and make me feel uncomfortable. My prescriptions are never filled on time and they seem to "lose" my information from time to time. I do not have any insurance, however my mom does and we both went to fill our prescriptions at Rite Aid. I sent mine in an hour before, my mom had just given hers in, I went to the counter for pick-up and they had given me my mother's prescription. Then they continued to say the prescription I had dropped off over an hour ago wasn't written up yet… but the prescription my mom handed in ten minutes ago was already filled and given out. Right.

Then because I had no insurance, I had a discount card and I had to convince them I had no insurance and when they went to check the card with my prescription, they told me it was "expired." The paper they gave me had my mother's name on it and I tried to explain to the pharmacist that's not me. She told me it's right and my name "pops up" under my mother's. How would it pop up if we have different (in my case no) insurance? The attitude from them was horrible and I refuse to go back there anymore.

Pharmacy Staff Are Terrible and Online Customer Service Worse
By -

MORRO BAY, CALIFORNIA -- Cashiers at pharmacy are terrible. When they don't know something (which is frequent), they make up and answer. Seems like the last place you want bad information is at your pharmacy. When I reported the issue to the Rite Aid online customer service, I didn't receive any response even though I asked them to get back to me. I contacted online customer service again to let them know I still wanted to be contacted... still nothing. My recommendation is stay away from Rite Aid especially the pharmacy -- even if it is your most convenient option. They are incompetent and indifferent to their customers.

Horrible Customer Service!!!
By -

VINELAND, NEW JERSEY -- I've had a couple rude encounters, once (actually, more than that!) by phone and in person. The phone complaint was, I was checking to see if my refill for Strattera was filled and ready for pickup. The woman I spoke to, talked to me in the most unfriendly, rude manner, saying it was ready. Her attitude was appalling. Incidentally, I spoke to her in the same manner - only after I was talked to that way!

The in-person encounter I experienced was at the drive-through window. I'm assuming it's probably the same person. The phone complaint was a pharmacy technician, by the way. At the drive-through, a different technician handled the transaction for my pickup, and another technician literally shot me a snotty look and rolled her eyes at me!! When she looked back at me, I made sure I did the same thing back!!

Just a few days ago, I picked up my medication (drive-through) and this man (pharmacy) technician gave me no greeting, smile or anything. He just doesn't talk to me at all. When I sign for the pickup, he just walks away from the window, not saying a word. I find this very unfriendly and very unprofessional. I will say that the (very) few pharmacy technicians there are very nice, friendly and caring!!

In Some Instances There Is ZERO Room for Error
By -

741 COLUMBUS AVENUE -- I just had a lumpectomy and was given Tylenol with Codeine for pain, I am not a pill popper never liked meds, but because this was serious surgery not your everyday superficial procedure, I thought pain meds were needed. Thank God that He has my back, He is always in the mix, and I am the daughter of THE MOST HIGH GOD, I read the bottle info just to inform myself. Lo and behold, this was someone else's prescription, medication for blood pressure!!!

So I took it upon myself to call the person whose name appeared on the bottle and make sure she did not have my medication, she was oh so thankful, and it turned out she could not pick up her meds because they did not have a trace of the prescription that was "called in." So Rite Aid you screwed up, in some areas there is ZERO ZERO ZERO room for error, please remember this!!!

Get this, as I checked the identifying leaflets, they were all under my name - correct info and everything. It was the meds and label on meds bottle that are incorrect. I have seen these pills before, I work with seniors at a nearby hospital and they use the generic brand related this blood pressure medication. So I am positive, the medication is incorrect!

Absolutely Awful! Keep Away and Beware of This Store!
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Terrible. Will be be taking my business elsewhere & be sure to tell the community. There are many run-ins with these difficult, repugnant employees every time my family and I walk in that particular store that we've encountered, as well as many others I have witnessed. We are literally sick & tired of it. We are taking our money and business elsewhere.

These employees and managers are incorrigible and totally incompetent at handling the most basic, mundane situation, and to make matters even worse for the customer, they ignore you, are rude, unfriendly & not helpful whatsoever. Nothing ever gets done, no matter how nice and reasonable you are with all of them. There are too many establishments that work hard for their money and are a LOT better to shop.

Horrible Service at This Store
By -

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- The Rite Aid on N. College road in Wilmington, NC has always been slow, very slow. However, I have been going there for monthly prescriptions for about 8 months due to convenience from my home. Today, the pharmacy got my prescription so messed up that it took 2 calls to my doctor, call to the insurance and me feeling like I was trying to illegally get narcotics instead of my routine thyroid medicine. I was yelled at, the lady was argumentative on the phone, would not listen, rude, then when I said I wanted to file a complaint, she hangs up the phone!

When I go to pick up my medicine, I ask for the ladies name, no one would tell me. Then the lady sticks her head around the corner and yells at me again. The assistant manager of the store was no help. It's hard to believe that large companies like this are able to function at such a bad level. I do not recommend this store.

4+ Business Days to Order Prescriptions??
By -

RAMONA, CALIFORNIA -- This is a copy of the letter I sent to Rite Aid on June 4, 2008: I have been a loyal Rite Aid customer going on ten years now. I have been filling countless prescriptions at your stores around San Diego for allergies, asthma, high cholesterol and most recently; chronic back pain due to compressed vertebrae & two herniated disks.

Needless to say, my pain medication is very helpful to lead a somewhat normal life and to deal with the aftermath of intensive physical therapy. My monthly prescriptions have at times exceeded $1,000 (I am glad that is not my co-pay!). However, I am through with filling my prescriptions at Rite Aid and will never again drop off a script at any Rite Aid store. I would rather go to the local Ramona Pharmacy and pay more for my medication than to hand over one more prescription to Rite Aid.

Your Ramona, California store has repeatedly delayed my prescription orders resulting in days without pain medication. Since when does it take four business days (and counting) to receive prescriptions? I am not happy with the repeated excuses and outright lies as to why my prescriptions are delayed time and time again. The staff there is usually kind, but that is of little solace when I am out of medication and in constant pain while my prescriptions are delayed again and again.

I dropped off my script early morning on Friday, May 31st. I was told my medication would be in on Monday. I know that the medications I ordered are available next business day, as I have in the past received them next day and that is when the staff told me to expect them. On Monday, however, the story changed. Now I was told by your staff that these particular medications take three days to order. I can expect my medicine on Wednesday!

I know that three business days is a lie, and it is rather pathetic that your staff lies to its customers. Your staff obviously missed my request, and would rather make something up than admit a mistake. It is now Wednesday, June 4th, and only one of my two pain medications has arrived. This is absolutely ridiculous. So now I “hope” my medication will be available four business days after my order. I am sure there will be another excuse tomorrow, as today they did not even provide me with a reason for the delay.

Now, I must begin the process of shopping around for a new pharmacy and there is no shortage - Wal-Mart, Sav-On, CVS, Costco, etc. But no more Rite Aid. You have burned this bridge one too many times. Feel free to search the web for this review of your terrible service, as I plan on posting it to every pharmacy review blog, message board or website I can find.

Getting Your Prescription Slip Back
By -

ATCO, NEW JERSEY -- Last week, I told the pharmacist that I want my prescription slip back and to not fill my medication. He told me he couldn't do that for me right now cause he was by himself. So he told me he will leave a note with the other pharmacist. The next day so I had called and see if my slips were still there. The girl told me yeah that they have them that they won't throw something like that out and I said, “OK, I will be there soon.”

So I went there and ask for my slips. Her head was like in the clouds. She was looking at the area where they keep filled prescriptions at and she asked me when I had it filled. I told her that I was only here for a slip and she said, “oh, you meant the actual slips” and I said, “yeah.” And then she asked the pharmacist where are my slips, so he came to me and said that my prescription had been filled and I told him I never wanted them filled that I told the other pharmacist that.

He said he has to back it out of the system and find the slip for me. He told me to come back in a hour, so I did. And he asked me if it was a phone-in one, I told him no that I dropped it off in person and I asked him why. He told me that he couldn't locate my slips and I asked him if they might have thrown it out. He told me he doesn't think so, then I said that they has to be somewhere here. He told me he don't know what to tell me and asked me if I can contact my doctor to get a new one but he doesn't understand the concept of this. The slips shouldn't have been lost in the first place that I had notified the pharmacist last week that I will be picking my slips up.

$4:00 Prescriptions
By -

Hi, I just wanted to let everybody know that here in CT our local Rite Aid is no longer doing the $4:00 prescriptions. We used to go to Target but Rite Aid started the $4:00 program (they also were giving out $50:00 gift cards) so we switched. So now, we are back at Target.

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