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My Experience at Rite Aid Was Equivalent to a Nightmare
By -

BOISE, IDAHO -- Rite Aid 15th State Boise Idaho. Supervisor **. Associate **. Sunday May 22, 2011. Incident occurred between 9:30 am and 12 pm. ** and ** saved me $100 dollars. I should be thanking them. I had been feeling very congested. I went into Rite Aid looking for something to soothe my sore throat and relieve my cold symptoms. This was my first time patronizing Rite Aid and it will definitely be my last. I wish I would have never stepped foot in Rite Aid.

I saw the Altoids (breath mints) were on sale so I stocked up on them among a few other things. I paid for my items and left. That transaction cost $46.00. I paid with cash. As I was walking to my destination I realized I should have bought more Altoids since they were on sale. I turned around and walked back to Rite Aid to buy more Altoids and a few other products I forgot to buy. After making my selection, the cashier ** said I was not allowed to buy any more Altoids because I had already bought a lot of them.

He said it was store policy to limit customers. I asked him to show me that in writing (it wasn't like I was buying all of the Altoids they had in the store). He said the policy just started today and he did not have anything in writing. I asked to see the store manager. That's when the supervisor ** came out and said, “We can't just be letting you come in here and buy up all of our products.” Then ** said, “You already bought Altoids and you can't buy more. It's store policy and it just started today.”

Of course while ** was talking loudly to me, she created a public scene. She treated me as if I was robbing the store or as I had stolen something. That's when I told her she could keep all of her products. I returned everything I had already purchased. This is the most interesting part of this humiliating experience. For return transactions (at this particular Rite Aid), ** had to input her fingerprint for the cash register to process the return. The register will only permit $5 per fingerprint on a return. ** had to stand at the register and input her fingerprint by touching the blue glass on top of the register 10 times. My return took 20 minutes.

Hence the $46 for the return along with the additional $54 dollars' worth of products that I didn't buy saved me $100. As I was leaving with the $100 I had intended to spend at Rite Aid safely in my pocket, I began to think about how ** (the store supervisor) was hounding me the entire time I was in the store. Every time I turned a corner to walk down an isle, she was standing there. She even scared me a few times because she ran up behind me. ** was standing so close behind me at one time she almost stepped on my foot.

I also noticed ** (the cashier) running from cash register to cash register watching my every move. I suppose they were trying to catch me stealing and when they were not successful, they decided to limit the amount of products I could buy. I don't know what the Rite Aid employees thought they were accomplishing by denying me the opportunity to purchase their products, but they certainly lost a customer for life. The bigger question is why I put up with that treatment? When I called customer service at 1800-RiteAid, I was told by customer service that management had the right to limit the product quantity.

Then she offered to have the team leader contact me. I declined. I originally purchased 30 tin cans and went back to purchase 30 more but the store had over $10,000 tin cans of Altoids in various flavors. They were going to run out. If I walk into a store and any of the employees cause me to feel uncomfortable, I never spend another penny in that store again. That's my policy!

Where Have the Good Caring People Gone?
By -

DOWNINGTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I wanted to write a review on my experience this morning, and this one will be the first of many that I post out on the web. People should be aware of the maltreatment happening at this Rite Aid drug store. I went in this morning to pick up my antibiotics that I had dropped off two days prior, and to get Monistat, which every woman knows is embarrassing enough to have to buy. For some reason they did not have my insurance information on file, even though I had used the same pharmacy for 5 years.

Well, I could not find my insurance card, so I had to request one before I could go back and get my meds. I printed a copy of the temporary card right off my Benefits Website at work. I walked up to the counter greeted by a woman who clearly had no interest in welcoming me, or even cracking the smallest of smiles. I felt as though I was an instant inconvenience. She said, "Pick up?" I said yes and gave her my name. She then looked in the pouch and threw it over the other counter yelled over her shoulder "Re-bill!" So now I'm pretty confused because I don'™t what that means, but had already handed her my insurance paperwork.

So another lovely bundle of happiness goes over and picks up the prescription and is typing something into her computer. I walk over 3 feet and stand in front of her. She looks up and says, "Can I help you?" I am now thinking to myself, "Am I missing something, what's wrong with these people?" I tell her she working on my prescription paperwork. She says, "You need to stand over there," pointing to the next stall (maybe a foot away). So I take one step to the left where she insisted I needed to stand. Now 2 minutes go by and she screams my name out like I'm not standing in front of her. She says "I cannot get your insurance information in here, it isn't working."

Well now I've reached my wit's end. I ask her politely to retrieve my prescription and I will take my business elsewhere. She goes and retrieves it, and hands it to me. I turned to walk away, leaving the Monistat on the counter, and one of the ladies makes a remark about me and the product and the entire pharmacy broke out in laughter. Please put yourself in my shoes and tell me this isn't the most humiliating situation. I couldn't do anything but run for the door. I was so embarrassed.

I plan to take this as far as I can to ensure that no one else experiences what I went through today. I am appalled at the lack of humanity. I researched Rite Aid online and found it funny that their "Code of Ethics" is easily found. Have these people read this? Should they be serving the people of our community? When one walks into a pharmacy it is likely they are ill, and on top of feeling bad, they have to deal with incompetent staff who couldn't care less about us as customers or human beings.

Needless to say I took my prescription to Wegman's Pharmacy, was greeted with a smile, treated with respect, and there were NO ISSUES with my insurance. I had my prescription in 10 minutes. This company will also receive reviews from me, in the highest of praise. Rite Aid should be ashamed of the people they hire. I am writing a letter to Corporate, and to my local newspaper. I was humiliated and I won'™t stand for it. Thanks for reading this.

Prescription Rip Off
By -

TEMPLE CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I took a prescription to the Rite Aid Pharmacy in Temple City, CA. It was for a class 2 medication for pain. They had to have the original Rx before it could be ordered. Since I had no insurance, I asked for the price. I was quoted $61.99 without their discount. I had also received the same quote over the phone. Two other pharmacies had quoted me $97.00 without the discount card. The difference in price is why I opted to have the Rx filled at Rite Aid. All three pharmacies had the same delivery time of 2 or 3 days.

I gave the original Rx to Rite Aid on a Tuesday. Four days later, the Rx was filled. The original Rx was for #120 tabs. When I called to ask if the Rx was filled, the pharmacist informed me that they only had #100 tabs and the price would be $135.00. I was in shock about the difference in the price I was quoted for #120. To add insult to injury, he also informed me that I could not get the additional 20 tabs without another Rx.

I had been in severe pain without relief since Tuesday. He now tells me that I can wait till next week to get the full Rx of #120 or take the Rx to another pharmacy. This was on a Friday after 6:PM. I voiced my complaint about the overcharge and the shortage to no avail. I was between a rock and a hard spot... What could I do? I had to have some relief from the pain, so guess what? I had to accept the overcharge and the shortage and just get "RIPPED OFF!" I feel like a 74-year-old fool, but I just couldn't endure the pain any longer.

Can anyone tell me if this is FRAUD or what? How can Rite Aid justify $135.00 for 100 tabs vs $97.00 for #120 tabs? How can I find out if this is legal and who can I file a complaint with?

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Rating: 2/51

OCEANSIDE PLASA DRIVE, CALIFORNIA -- The pharmacist gave me a paper cup for water as I had to take my meds. I found the water fountain was filthy, floors dirty, with a buildup of dirt around edges of floor which I'm sure has been there since Rite Aid took over. I never purchase food, or ice cream. Medication only. I live 10 min away and it is a good thing in that sense. I cannot imagine the food and health department overlooking so many things. and how about the restrooms. A little upgrade would be nice. The complete store.

Late Opening
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Rating: 2/51

BROAD N WYOMING, PENNSYLVANIA -- Arrived at 7:55 sign says open at 8 am. I was waiting for bus which comes at 8:12, saw three employees go in after 8 am. Doors didn't open until 8:10?! I missed my bus of course! If you are not going to open until 8:10 then put that on the sign! May not seem like a big deal but it is to me! If I'm late I lose money so the same should apply to business, open late and get your purchase 50% off! Sounds fair to me! OPEN ON TIME!!

Employees May Be Rude for a Reason
By -

SALISBURY, MARYLAND -- These employees may be rude for a reason. It's how they're treated by the company. I have a relative that has worked for Rite Aid for years. Unless you're a store manager, you're screwed. They continually treat their employees like slaves. They cut hours on purpose so they lose their insurance. They don't post their schedules until the last minute, so there's no way you can schedule a Dr's appt or anything else. They are now cutting their elderly employees hours down to 15 a week so they lose their benefits and their health insurance, the thing they need the most.

My mother is 72 years old and only works to keep her health insurance. My father just passed away and now they're pulling the rug out from under her. This is what you get after 25 years of service. You are just a body, not a person in their eyes. My mother can no longer drive and since my dad passed, they've scheduled her to work every evening shift, so a good portion of her paycheck now goes to a taxi service. None of my family, including extended family, will ever walk into a Rite Aid again. They make me sick the way they treat these employees. The bottom line is the almighty dollar, they don't care about you.

I hear now that they're considering cutting everyone's hours and hiring more people just so they can get rid of the benefits. I hope they go bankrupt... It would serve them right. Their stores aren't even that nice compared to other drug stores. They probably won't even be surprised when the attorney contact them. It appears they have many lawsuits. What they've done to a couple of these women is illegal. I hope they win big, at least big enough to keep paying for health insurance.

Poor Customer Service
By -

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I switched from Sam's Club Pharmacy to Rite Aid Pharmacy in September 2008. Most of my visits to the pharmacy have been pleasant; however, today's visit was much different. I went to the Rite Aid Pharmacy (store # 04682) around 6 PM. When I arrived, there was no one waiting in line. The store's pharmacist on duty and the pharmacist that served me was Ms. ** and Ms. ** was very rude for no apparent reason. I took my new prescription to be filled along with my other two monthly prescriptions.

I asked Ms. ** how much the co-pay for the flu medication was because my doctor told me that most insurance companies do not cover this medication and if it was too expensive, I would not be able to pay for it so there would be no need to fill it. Ms. ** told me that she would have to fill the prescription first, in order to tell me what my co-pay would be. She then proceeded to tell me in a very rude tone, that the store was out of the medicine anyway so it really did not matter. When I explained that, Ms. ** should not just fill the prescription, as I may not be able to afford the co-pay as I do not know what it is, Ms. **proceeded to slam the prescription paper on the front counter.

Needless to say, I will be switching all of my prescriptions to another pharmacy. I do not have to have my prescriptions filled by Rite Aid, I just chose to and I am very disappointed with Ms. **'s customer service. I expected the pharmacist to have been a little more compassionate, helpful, and respectful but most of all...professional. With the economy being in bad shape and people do not have much money to spend, you would think that companies would try to keep their loyal customers opposed to purposely driving customers away.

I understand that employees are overworked and underpaid but so am I (that is everyone's story) but it doesn't have to affect how you treat other people... How you treat others is a reflection of your own personal moral character.

Resolution Update 03/06/2009:

3/6/09 - I received an email from Rite Aid customer service that read: They have forwarded my complaint to the Regional Office and Store Management
to be addressed. A member of management will contact me shortly regarding
my email. They apologize for any inconvenience.

Rite Aid - Horrendous Experience!
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- So disappointed with the Rite Aid at 6201 4th Ave Brooklyn NY. Rite Aid is definitely my favorite drugstore but I can never ever go back to this one because of the outrageous security setup at this place. The moment you walk in, you're automatically greeted by a security personnel with no uniform just standing at the door where the cameras are stored. That isn't even it. I was browsing through the cosmetic aisle which is only two aisles in the whole store. If you're a makeup fanatic, you cannot help but to pick up a lipstick and look at the color (and to try hard to look inside the tube for a more accurate coloring of it, it just can't be helped.)

Hence you keep up anything that catches at your eye and look at it, look at the same of it, etc. I was here looking for a limited edition nail polish. Of course you walk around looking for it and picking up bottles that are somewhat that color hoping you can find it. I walked through the two aisles couldn't find it and as I leaving the "so-call security guy" stopped it and accuse me of stealing a lipstick. He kept demanding where I put it. How is that possible, I walked through two aisles constantly picking up and looking at things to remember where I EXACTLY put each thing back.

I couldn't remember which one he was referring too and he couldn't specify where I picked up from but that he saw me pick it up and didn't pick it back at the same place supposedly. Seriously is anything there at the right place? The lipsticks are everywhere, the nail polishes are thrown everywhere. I clearly told him I don't know then he demanded me to empty my pockets and when I did, he was staring at the lotion and lip balm I was carrying. Thank goodness it was not a drugstore brand and you can only get it at department stores. I mean right after he couldn't find whatever it was on me, he continued to argue that I took it and did not even apologize.

If you really saw me take something, I freaking sure you would have called the cops. Plain and simple. After you search me you don't even have the decency to apologize but continue to accuse me. That is just wrong. I will never ever go back to that Rite Aid location and now I feel like I can't ever shop at Rite Aid again. I have never been to a Rite Aid set up like this and with this kind of security. I have never ever faced this kind of embarrassment before.

Employee Complaint
By -

MAINE -- To start off I am a current employee and I have to say this is one of the worst companies to work for. First of they have this survey that print on the receipts. These suck because that is the company's way of telling customer reactions. As an employee if myself or family or friends call that number I will be terminated. A nice way to say you are good enough to work here but you or anyone you know can't shop here.

I was on vacation three states away, called that number from my cell phone. When I got back I received a written warning that if I did it again I would be fired. I also had the district manager tell me I was not to shop in his stores. Now I myself am a store manager, what BS. Needless to say I am now looking for a new job.

New Packaging for Rite Aid Latex Gloves 100 CT and 50 CT
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Rating: 4/51

N/A -- A few weeks ago, Rite Aid repackaged their latex gloves which were great into a smaller package about half the size of the original. As it is, the original package just barely fit all gloves, now trying to get them out is a mess especially for those people who don't want these latex gloves scattered all over the floor just trying to pull them out! It's absolutely cheap! The price is still the same, and frankly the company can't be saving more than a few cents using the smaller box. If you agree please send them an email to return to the old packaging. There aren't too many good options out there, and this product was great to begin with. Now it's like CVS latex gloves - pricey and lousy!!

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