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The Manager Treated Me as a Beggar!
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FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK -- I just got my Rite Aid Wellness Card few months ago and just earned 250 points, which is a 10% shopping pass last week. The Edge shaving cream was on the flier last week and I used the pass to purchase them. An Edge shaving cream original price is $3.69 and it has a $2 off coupon in the store ad. I bought 7, which supposed to be $3.69 X 10% off - $2 coupon = $1.32 each (and 0.37 off per shaving cream). After the cashier scanned my coupons and 10% shopping pass, I got my receipt and about to leave the store. I saw that 10% discount was not applied. I asked the cashier and she agreed with me, so she asked the manager to come.

The manager looked at the receipt, insisted that I got my 10% off, because the bottom of the receipt shows "Your BONUS saving: 80 cents" (which I believe it's the chocolate discount, I got 2 Twix, original price is 99 cents and on sale is 59 cents). She insisted and walked away. The cashier looked at me because she understood the situation but she has no authority to fix the problem. I stood next to the counter... What the...? The manager walked back 10 sec later, still insisted that each shaving cream would only get $0.17 cents discount (because 3.69 - $2 coupon = 1.69, and 10% applies to $1.69, not $3.69).

I was like OK, if what you said was right, I would get more than 80 cents off. She did the math, 0.17*7 = $1.19. Then she said OK, 30 cents different, you know what, I have a quarter in my pocket, let me give it to you. Did she treat me as a beggar? I screamed and said "I don't want YOUR money!" She even asked "Why... that solves the problem." I repeated myself firmly. She said "Call the number on the back of the Rite Aid card." I left the store with anger and disappointment. I seriously wonder how could she become a manager when a cashier could provide better customer service than her.

Employees May Be Rude for a Reason
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SALISBURY, MARYLAND -- These employees may be rude for a reason. It's how they're treated by the company. I have a relative that has worked for Rite Aid for years. Unless you're a store manager, you're screwed. They continually treat their employees like slaves. They cut hours on purpose so they lose their insurance. They don't post their schedules until the last minute, so there's no way you can schedule a Dr's appt or anything else. They are now cutting their elderly employees hours down to 15 a week so they lose their benefits and their health insurance, the thing they need the most.

My mother is 72 years old and only works to keep her health insurance. My father just passed away and now they're pulling the rug out from under her. This is what you get after 25 years of service. You are just a body, not a person in their eyes. My mother can no longer drive and since my dad passed, they've scheduled her to work every evening shift, so a good portion of her paycheck now goes to a taxi service. None of my family, including extended family, will ever walk into a Rite Aid again. They make me sick the way they treat these employees. The bottom line is the almighty dollar, they don't care about you.

I hear now that they're considering cutting everyone's hours and hiring more people just so they can get rid of the benefits. I hope they go bankrupt... It would serve them right. Their stores aren't even that nice compared to other drug stores. They probably won't even be surprised when the attorney contact them. It appears they have many lawsuits. What they've done to a couple of these women is illegal. I hope they win big, at least big enough to keep paying for health insurance.

Poor Customer Service
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PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I switched from Sam's Club Pharmacy to Rite Aid Pharmacy in September 2008. Most of my visits to the pharmacy have been pleasant; however, today's visit was much different. I went to the Rite Aid Pharmacy (store # 04682) around 6 PM. When I arrived, there was no one waiting in line. The store's pharmacist on duty and the pharmacist that served me was Ms. ** and Ms. ** was very rude for no apparent reason. I took my new prescription to be filled along with my other two monthly prescriptions.

I asked Ms. ** how much the co-pay for the flu medication was because my doctor told me that most insurance companies do not cover this medication and if it was too expensive, I would not be able to pay for it so there would be no need to fill it. Ms. ** told me that she would have to fill the prescription first, in order to tell me what my co-pay would be. She then proceeded to tell me in a very rude tone, that the store was out of the medicine anyway so it really did not matter. When I explained that, Ms. ** should not just fill the prescription, as I may not be able to afford the co-pay as I do not know what it is, Ms. **proceeded to slam the prescription paper on the front counter.

Needless to say, I will be switching all of my prescriptions to another pharmacy. I do not have to have my prescriptions filled by Rite Aid, I just chose to and I am very disappointed with Ms. **'s customer service. I expected the pharmacist to have been a little more compassionate, helpful, and respectful but most of all...professional. With the economy being in bad shape and people do not have much money to spend, you would think that companies would try to keep their loyal customers opposed to purposely driving customers away.

I understand that employees are overworked and underpaid but so am I (that is everyone's story) but it doesn't have to affect how you treat other people... How you treat others is a reflection of your own personal moral character.

Resolution Update 03/06/2009:

3/6/09 - I received an email from Rite Aid customer service that read: They have forwarded my complaint to the Regional Office and Store Management
to be addressed. A member of management will contact me shortly regarding
my email. They apologize for any inconvenience.

Disabled Customer Gets Verbally Attacked While Getting Meds
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ALTURAS, CALIFORNIA -- I have been using Rite Aid to get my meds since they have opened. I have only had a few issues with my meds not being ready or short a few pills (3) from a couple bottles once. In Sept 2011 I went in to pick up my monthly meds and was waited on by the same girl that usually waits on me. While I was signing for my meds, she leaned down real sneaky and asked me if I was the one who wrote a letter for her sister-in-law. I told her yes I did that, they are great neighbors. Well that was all I had to say.

She then started telling me about her sister-in-law with so much hate and anger and telling me to be careful. She has done this to other older people who know her sister-in-law as well but has scared them off. I wrote the letter for my neighbor to take for a court case the pharmacy girl had against my neighbor. Now the Rite Aid employee stares at me in the store or anywhere she sees me. I have since felt the need to transfer my scripts to an out-of-town pharmacy and receive them in the mail.

I was only picking up my meds, I had never mentioned anything about the feud she has with my neighbor, it isn't my business or family but my neighbor has been truly a good neighbor, and I didn't feel I should be afraid to write a letter about her, expressing she has been a great neighbor. However I was told by the Rite Aid girl that I should be careful, very careful. I take that as a threat. I also know she has been looking through my personnel paperwork about meds that had recently been picked up for me by my son and I was called a liar in court when I said I have not had contact with this girl at the pharmacy or anywhere but she knew my meds had been picked up.

The only way she would have known that is if she looked at my personnel info. The managers at the store don't want to hear about their girl. Now the Rite Aid girl had gotten me involved in her mess, she is evil, will do anything because of the hate she has for her sister-in-law. This is not showing any professionalism. She is supposed to be a caregiver, not trying to convince someone not to be friends with someone just because she doesn't like them.

My neighbor told me the Rite Aid girl would turn on me and I told her I don't think so, why?? She had always been nice. Well she turned and I won't use Rite Aid pharmacy unless it's an emergency but I will continue to shop the store. I won't be intimidated by her and I feel she needs to lose her position if she can't treat everyone the same.

Rite Aid - Horrendous Experience!
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- So disappointed with the Rite Aid at 6201 4th Ave Brooklyn NY. Rite Aid is definitely my favorite drugstore but I can never ever go back to this one because of the outrageous security setup at this place. The moment you walk in, you're automatically greeted by a security personnel with no uniform just standing at the door where the cameras are stored. That isn't even it.

I was browsing through the cosmetic aisle which is only two aisles in the whole store. If you're a makeup fanatic, you cannot help but to pick up a lipstick and look at the color (and to try hard to look inside the tube for a more accurate coloring of it, it just can't be helped.) Hence you keep up anything that catches at your eye and look at it, look at the same of it, etc.

I was here looking for a limited edition nail polish. Of course you walk around looking for it and picking up bottles that are somewhat that color hoping you can find it. I walked through the two aisles, couldn't find it and as I leaving the "so-call security guy" stopped it and accuse me of stealing a lipstick. He kept demanding where I put it. How is that possible, I walked through two aisles constantly picking up and looking at things to remember where I EXACTLY put each thing back.

I couldn't remember which one he was referring to and he couldn't specify where I picked up from but that he saw me pick it up and didn't pick it back at the same place supposedly. Seriously is anything there at the right place? The lipsticks are everywhere, the nail polishes are thrown everywhere. I clearly told him I don't know. Then he demanded me to empty my pockets and when I did, he was staring at the lotion and lip balm I was carrying. Thank goodness it was not a drugstore brand and you can only get it at department stores. I mean right after he couldn't find whatever it was on me, he continued to argue that I took it and did not even apologize.

If you really saw me take something, I freaking sure you would have called the cops. Plain and simple. After you search me you don't even have the decency to apologize but continue to accuse me. That is just wrong. I will never ever go back to that Rite Aid location and now I feel like I can't ever shop at Rite Aid again. I have never been to a Rite Aid setup like this and with this kind of security. I have never ever faced this kind of embarrassment before.

New Policy Regarding the Purchase of Beer
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Rating: 3/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Rite Aid has recently adopted a policy where you cannot purchase beer without identification. I recently stopped by the Rite Aid on Grand Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and despite the fact that I am fifty years old and my brother is seventy-nine years of age, we were unable to purchase beer because we were not carrying identification. Where does discretion come into the equation or common sense? The laws are designed to prevent underage drinking; not to prevent middle and mature men from purchasing beer.

I guess what really is appalling is the fact that I have purchase beer on numerous occasions at the location and have shown my identification to that very cashier at least four different occasions over the past week. I served our country and cannot purchase beer at 50? It is obvious to me that this policy is not very consumer friendly to those above forty. The fact that the employees cannot use common sense speaks volumes of upper management's confidence of their employees.

Employee Complaint
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MAINE -- To start off I am a current employee and I have to say this is one of the worst companies to work for. First of they have this survey that print on the receipts. These suck because that is the company's way of telling customer reactions. As an employee if myself or family or friends call that number I will be terminated. A nice way to say you are good enough to work here but you or anyone you know can't shop here.

I was on vacation three states away, called that number from my cell phone. When I got back I received a written warning that if I did it again I would be fired. I also had the district manager tell me I was not to shop in his stores. Now I myself am a store manager, what BS. Needless to say I am now looking for a new job.

Made Promises of Free Photos With Online Account but Never Fulfilled
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Rating: 2/51

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I saw a promotion for 50 free prints with activation of online account. I took the time to set up the account, but never received free prints in my shopping cart. I spent 4 hours the next morning speaking and online chatting with several people from customer service and photo departments only to be told that they see it in my account on their end and that it must be a server error on my end. (Never had problems before!) Seems AWFUL convenient! They can't just tell a customer the promo code or send a coupon via snail mail. They don't even want to fulfill their promise! What a SCAM!

Tired of Being Ripped Off
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Rating: 1/51

ASHLAND, KENTUCKY -- I do not know why I keep going into Rite Aid. Every time I do, I get ripped off. Something needs to be done with such horrible management and brought to their attention they act like they could careless. When you purchase an item and there is a price under that item, that is the amount you should pay for. Then when you check out, it rings a higher price as usual. Their prices are so ridiculously high and on top of that, they know they are ripping people off. Will never be in this store again but something needs to be done.

New Packaging for Rite Aid Latex Gloves 100 CT and 50 CT
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Rating: 4/51

N/A -- A few weeks ago, Rite Aid repackaged their latex gloves which were great into a smaller package about half the size of the original. As it is, the original package just barely fit all gloves, now trying to get them out is a mess especially for those people who don't want these latex gloves scattered all over the floor just trying to pull them out! It's absolutely cheap! The price is still the same, and frankly the company can't be saving more than a few cents using the smaller box. If you agree please send them an email to return to the old packaging. There aren't too many good options out there, and this product was great to begin with. Now it's like CVS latex gloves - pricey and lousy!!

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