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Internet Contests
Posted by Jab083899 on 12/20/2011
You tell people to enter your contest on customer service. You have to enter this contest by internet. What about the people that don't have a computer. Why do all companies take for granted all have a computer. I use a computer at the library.

Thank You

Janet A. Boyle

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Posted by Kris10 on 2011-12-20:
can't you enter from the computer at the library?
Posted by JayByJay on 2011-12-20:
So you have found a solution to your problem.
Very helpful review.
Posted by onlooker on 2011-12-20:
there is a very strong trend to internet-this and that...which can be handled by a trip to the library - if it is still there, if it is open, if the computer area is staffed, if the computers are maintained, if, if, if.
The complaint is valid, a large segment of the population does not have or can not easily access computers for activities. But are they really the ones that are being targeted by the internet activity - the internet connected shopper might be the target here. Should one lose out due to the digital divide?
Posted by Kris10 on 2011-12-21:
as of 2009 about 69% of US households had a computer. Sorry, but I think they're targeting the majority of the poputlation here. the OP themselves said that they access the computer at the library, so even if they don't own one, they have access to one. The other 'ifs' that were mentioned are complaints against the library. not Rite-Aid. Participate or don't. it's a contest and you'll be no worse off if you don't participate.

Posted by jonthethird on 2011-12-21:
Uuuh, the OP used a computer to post here ......
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Never Enough Checkers Always Long Lines
Posted by Jeaniius17 on 11/22/2011
Lately when I go to check out at my local Rite Aid there are never enough checkers to check out the customers, are you having problems with keeping the help?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-11-23:
Retail has a high turnover. They might be understaffed. But hopefully they will be hiring seasonal workers soon
Posted by olie on 2011-11-23:
Drugstore wait times often depend on the time of day. For example, I ran in to my local Walgreen's yesterday(Monday)at about 5 p.m. to grab a store-brand OTC dry-eye treatment.

Long lines at the front checkouts and even in Cosmetics. At the Photo desk. Amazingly, NO wait in Pharmacy.

But usually at that time on a Monday, Pharmacy lines are long.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-11-23:
I agree Olie. The time of day plays a part in the long lines
Posted by RA on 2011-12-27:
The long wait has nothing to do with a lack of keeping help, clearly in this economy there are thousands of ppl looking for jobs daily. The issue is with a lack of payroll. I am a supervisor, when I open the store (at 8am) I am alone two hours (10am) that means that if my line gets long...I'm just SOL. my store has 180hrs/week to divide between 6 employees. 3 of which are full time (35-40hrs/week) It sucks! Not only for you, but us as well.
Posted by reya on 2013-08-26:
The ceo of rite aid should take a pay cut and employ more employees and stop cutting hours so they wouldn't have long lines
Posted by joe on 2014-03-29:
These are PEOPLE not CHECKERS. So in turn call them by their job title associate, cashier etc. Show a little respect. You know...not a secretary anymore kind of respect. Things might fare better fir ao many people on here that call cashiers and associates checkers and girls.
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Disabled customer gets verbally attacked while getting meds.
Posted by Suzanneplants78 on 11/14/2011
ALTURAS, CALIFORNIA -- I have been using rite aid to get my meds since they have opened, I have only had a few issues with my meds not being readdy or short a few pills (3)from a couple bottles once. IN Sept 2011 I went in to pick up my monthly meds and was waited on by the same girl that usually waits on me. while I was signing for my meds she leaned down real sneaky and asked me if I was the one who wrote a letter for her sister in law, I told her yes I did that they are great neighbors. Well that was all I had to say she then started telling me about her sister in law with so much hate and anger and telling me to becareful. She has done this to other older people who know her sister inlaw as well but has scared them off. I wrote the letter for my neighbor to take for a court case the pharmacy girl had against my neighbor. Now the rite aid employee stares at me in the store or anywhere she sees me, I have since felt the need to transfer my scripts to an out of town pharmacy and receive them in the mail. I was only picking up my meds, I had never mentioned anything about the fued she has with my neighbor, it isn't my buisness or family but my neighbor has been truly a good neighbor, and I didn't feel I should be afraid to write a letter about her, expressing she has been a great neighbor. However I was told by the rite aid girl that I should be careful, very careful. I take that as a threat. I also know she has been looking thru my personel paperwork about meds that had recently been picked up for me by my son and I was called a liar in court when I said I have not had contact with this girl at the pharmacy or anywhere but she new my meds had been picked up. the only way she would have known that is if she looked at my personel info. The managers at the store don't want to hear about there girl, now the rite aid girl had gotten me involved in her mess, she is evil, will do anything because of the hate she has for her sister in law. THis is not showing any professionalism she is supposed to be a caregiver, not trying to convince someone not to be friends with someone just because she doesn't like them. My neighbor told me the rite aid girl would turn on me and I told her I don't think so, why ??she had always been nice, well she turned and I won't use rite aid pharmacy unless its an emergency but I will continue to shop the store. I won't be intimidated by her and I feel she needs to lose her positon if she can't treat everyone the same.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-11-14:
It's tempting to ask what the court affair is involving Rite Aid and your neighbor, but it's easier to agree that the CSR should be more professional and leave it at that.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2011-11-15:
When you take sides in a family feud, expect to be hated by the other side. While she should have been more professional, her reaction is just the downside of you doing what is right. As they say: No good deed goes unpunished.
Posted by suzanneplants78 on 2011-11-15:
Rite aid isnt involved in the court it is between the counter ggirl at the pharmacy and her sister inlaw, it is one sided my neighbor doent bother her but lots of false acusations have been made by the rite aid employee. The only way im involved as i wrote a reference letter for mt neighbor, thats what is wrong with this country no one wants to help anyone, everyone runs.I always liked the rite aid girl and she was always nice to me, i dont think she knew i was her sister in laws neighbor. I never said anything it wasnt the place this is a biz and should be conducted as so.
Posted by SuzeB on 2011-11-15:
This is technically not a complaint against Rite Aid as it appears to be a personal feud between a Rite Aid employee and the OP's neighbor.
Posted by suzanneplants78 on 2011-11-15:
yes however the rite aid girl is trying to intimadate customers in rite aid for her own personel buisness therefore it is rite aid not doing there job and letting this continue not to mention the loss of business. The rite aid girl has a bogus restraining order on my neighbor and she isnt allowed in the store so why try to intimadate others just trying to do there business with the pharmacy and could care less about the family fued?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-11-15:
BA, SuzeB. The OP should have politely declined to answer the question and left it at that.

Posted by suzanneplants78 on 2011-11-15:
That is true but was taken off gaurd.
Posted by suzanneplants78 on 2011-11-15:
I have to go there today, lets see what kind of looks the rite aid girl gives me today, i dont look at her directly i act like i dont even see her but i can see her out of the corner of my eye. I heard another person called rite aid to complain and rite aid told them they are only trying to get the rite aid girl fired, thats not true no one wants her to lose her job i just wanted to be treated with respect and not intimadated. Isnt there a law? this is harresement on a disablied elderly person minding there own biz while shopping at rite aid. id shop somewhere else however there is no other store in this small town and cant travel the 2 hours to get to the next town with stores.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-11-15:
Is there a Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, or other pharmacy in your area where you could transfer your prescriptions? You don't need to take that kind of abuse from a pharmacy assistant. She is giving Rite Aid a bad name for the way she treated you and other customers.
Posted by suzanneplants78 on 2011-11-15:
No i live way up in northern ca, 3 hours from reno, 2 hours from oregon, i really wish we had a walmart or any store similar to go to.The closest pharmacy is in susanville 2 hours away so i have them mailed to me now. Yes she is giving the comp a bad name and they wont do anything about it, they dont believe it. One thing i never do is lie, i hate liers. Even though telling the truth gets u in more trouble sometimes than if i would lie. lol.
Posted by suzanneplants78 on 2011-11-15:
I havent complained to the managers for fear of retaliation and i need to shop there several times a month to get health supplies as i cant drive long distance to other towns plus it will be snowing soon, i cant drive in it that far.Other people have complained to the company and was told they are trying to get the girl fired. That is not true.
Posted by suzanneplants78 on 2011-11-17:
It didnt matter if i answered the question or not i was sahpinahd to court.
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Rite Aid - Horrendous Experience!
Posted by Dreamiazngrl88 on 11/02/2011
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- So disappointed with the Rite Aid at 6201 4th ave Brooklyn NY. Rite Aid is definitely my favorite drugstore but I can never ever go back to this one because of the outrageous security setup at this place. The moment you walk in your automatically greeted my a security personnel with no uniform just standing at the door where the cameras are stored. That isn't even it. I was browsing through the cosmetic isle which is only two isles in the whole store. If your a makeup fanatic you can not help but to pick up a lipstick and look at the color and (to try hard to look inside the tube for a more accurate coloring of it, it just can't be helped.) Hence you keep up anything that catches at your eye and look at it, look at the same of it, and etc. I was here looking for a limited edition nail polish of course you walk around looking for it and picking up bottles that are some what that color hoping you can find it. I walked through the two isles couldn't find it and as I leaving the "so-call security guy" stopped it and accuse me of stealing a lipstick. He kept demanding where I put it. How is that possible I walked through two isles constantly picking up and looking at things to remember where I EXACTLY put each thing back. I couldn't remember which one he was referring too and he couldn't specify where I picked up from but that he saw me pick it up and didn't pick it back at the same place supposingly. Seriously is anything there at the right place? The lipsticks are everywhere the nail polishes are thrown everywhere. I clearly told him I don't know then he demanded me to empty my pockets and when I did he was staring at the lotion and lip balm I was carrying. Thank goodness it was not a drugstore brand and you can only get it at department stores. I mean right after he couldn't find whatever it was on me he continued to argue that I took it and did not even apologize. If you really saw me take something I freaking sure you would have called the cops. Plain and simple. After you search me you don't even have the decency to apologize but continue to accuse me. That is just wrong. I will never ever go back to that Rite Aid location and now I feel like I can't ever shop at Rite Aid again. I have never been to a Rite Aid set up like this and with this kind of security. I have never ever faced this kind of embarrasssment before.

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Posted by At Your Service on 2011-11-02:
Good review. You're right. They shouldn't be accusing you unless they now for sure, and even then some.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-11-02:
Sounds like this location is actively cracking down on shoplifting, but they don't seem to be going about it the right way. I'm pretty easy going, but this would have bothered me, too. Most people are not shoplifters, and to treat them like criminals without proof is a good way to lose customers. I don't blame you for not going back.
Posted by db1105 on 2011-11-03:
I would of called his bluff and refused to empty my pockets until the police were there. That way you have some documentation when you complain to corporate.
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Creative Cashier
Posted by Vinnie11 on 07/04/2011
I shop at Rite Aid about twice a month. It is my pharmacy of choice due to the fact that they almost always have the greatest savings through their +UP program and they seem have better control of their inventory on the weekly sales items. Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that my transactions on at least 3 recent occasions have not been rung properly. The cashier on all of the receipts is the same and it is a very sweet, friendly, bubbly young lady who seems to have a handle on what she is doing but apparently doesn't.

One weekend in April I ran in to purchase a shampoo for my son. It was an expensive shampoo (about $10) and I added about 3 or 4 things like candy, gum, etc... She rang the items, I was busy fooling with my kids and I swiped my card and left. When I got to the car I realized that the total was only about $4 and she had forgotten to ring the shampoo even though it was in the bag. I took the shampoo back in, waited in line again and paid for it. She apologized and we left.

On May 30th, I went in to take advantage of an Arm & Hammer sale. Everything was Buy One, Get One Half Off and I had several manufacturer's coupons and some Rite Aid +UP coupons. She did ok with the coupons but she very badly rang the B1GH. I had 4 A&H Laundry Detergents, 2 A&H deodorants, and 2 A&H Toothpaste. She said the sale wouldn't ring automatically and she had to do it manually. Looking at the receipt today (I save them), I can see she did the laundry detergent just right, charged only the half price for both of the deodorants and rang me for 3 toothpastes instead of 2 and charged full price for 2.

Today I went in and did 2 transactions. One was to get a slew of +UP coupons to use on the second transaction. She did the first one perfectly and I earned $23 in coupons for the second one. On the second transaction, the coupons did not scan (they rarely do) and she entered them manually, forgetting to put in one for $5. I had to return to the store (14 miles) to get the $5 and now I notice that there is mystery item for $1 that says "Merchandise Taxable" that I have no idea about. I work from a list and I know exactly what I purchased and the $1 item is not accounted for.

The cashier is a doll and I hate to get her in any trouble but I spend a lot of time calculating these savings and it is a huge headache making an extra trip when they don't get it right. Of the last 10 receipts, hers are the only ones with issues. It isn't a huge amount of money but if I am clipping to save $3, what's the use when you take back $5?

Not happy :(

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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-07-05:
This is a tough one. Sometimes I avoid certain cashiers but in a store like Rite Aid, that's hard to do. The only thing I can suggest is to pay very close attention during the checkout process so corrections can be made on the spot.

It's frustrating when you plan ahead to get certain discounts/savings and end up paying more. It sounds like the cashier needs to pay better attention, but I understand not wanting to get her in trouble. If she sees that you are watching closely, maybe she'll be more careful.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-05:
I always watch the screen as items are rung up, paying special attention to ensure sale and in-store coupon items are being rung up correctly.
Posted by Vinnie11 on 2011-07-05:
My cart is usually full to the brim. The counter space is so small, I am usually unloading as she scans and bags so I haven't had the opportunity to watch her ring but next time I will stand right there and review the receipt before I leave the store. At least she will know I am looking.
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Miscalculation on Father's Day
Posted by Don218 on 06/19/2011
PUTNAM, CONNECTICUT -- On June 19 (Father's Day) I arrived at my Rite Aid store to pick up a critical pain med I was told would be ready. The rude, insulting pharmacist told me that the refill would be ready on June 20. When I suggested that another pharmacist told me June 19 he handed me the prescription and said "You have 2 choices: either come back tomorrow or take your prescription back". Actually, I have one more choice; To take all my family's pharmacy and health-related business to another pharmacy--CVS. I rely on a pharmacist's advice for all my medical needs. Time to move away from Rite Aid.
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Posted by Anna Molly on 2011-06-20:
Did you get your prescription refilled at CVS?
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-06-20:
I like your third choice. I think the pharmacist was rude. I'm glad you went elsewhere.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-20:
How was the pharmacist rude and insulting - I did not see that in the complaint, other than the final statement telling you your options.

Was there discussion prior to this? Was the problem that it was near closing, that they didn't have that medication? If you told the pharmacist that another had told you the medication would be ready that day, what was the pharmacist's reply?

If the sum total of the interaction was was what you report, I would agree it was rude.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2011-06-21:
I would like to hear the pharmacists side of it.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-06-21:
I wasn't there to hear the tone of this conversation, but if a pharmacist said to me, "You have 2 choices: either come back tomorrow or take your prescription back", I'd take the prescription back. We have too much competition here for me to put up with that kind of unprofessionalism.
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My experience at Rite Aid was equivalent to a nightmare.
Posted by Fedup_notagain on 05/24/2011
BOISE, IDAHO -- Rite Aid 15th State Boise Idaho
Supervisor Kristy
Associate Aaron
Sunday May 22, 2011
Incident occurred between 9:30am and 12pm

Kristy and Aaron saved me $100 dollars. I should be thanking them.
I had been feeling very congested. I went into Rite Aid looking for something to soothe my sore throat and relieve my cold symptoms.

This was my first time patronizing Rite aid and it will definitely be my last. I wish I would have never stepped foot in Rite aid.

I saw the Altoids (breathe mints) were on sale so I stocked up on them among a few other things. I paid for my items and left. That transaction cost $46.00. I paid with cash.

As I was walking to my destination I realized I should have bought more Altoids since they were on sale. I turned around and walked back to Rite aid to buy more Altoids and a few other products I forgot to buy.
After making my selection the cashier (Aaron) said I was not allowed to buy anymore Altoids because I had already bought a lot of them.

He said it was store policy to limit customers. I asked him to show me that in writing, (It wasn’t like I was buying all of the Altoids they had in the store).
He said the policy just started today and he did not have anything in writing. I asked to see the store manager.

That’s when the supervisor (Kristy) came out and said, “We can’t just be letting you come in here and buy up all of our products.”

Then Kristy said, “You already bought Altoids and you can’t buy more its store policy and it just started today.”

Of course while Kristy was talking loudly to me she created a public scene. She treated me as if I was robbing the store or as I had stolen something. That’s when I told her she could keep all of her products. I returned everything I had already purchased.

This is the most interesting part of this humiliating experience. For return transactions (at this particular Rite Aid) Kristy had to input her fingerprint for the cash register to process the return.

The register will only permit $5 per fingerprint on a return.
Kristy had to stand at the register and input her fingerprint by touching the blue glass on top of the register 10 times. My return took 20 minutes.
Hence the $46 for the return along with the additional $54 dollars’ worth of products that I didn’t buy saved me $100.

As I was leaving with the $100 I had intended to spend at Rite Aid safely in my pocket I began to think about how Kristy (the store supervisor) was hounding me the entire time I was in the store.

Every time I turned a corner to walk down an isle she was standing there. She even scared me a few times because she ran up behind me. Kristy was standing so close behind me at one time she almost stepped on my foot.

I also noticed Aaron (the cashier) running from cash register to cash register watching my every move. I suppose they were trying to catch me stealing and when they were not successful they decided to limit the amount of products I could buy.

I don’t know what the Rite Aid employees thought they were accomplishing by denying me the opportunity to purchase their products, but they certainly lost a customer for life. The bigger question is why I put up with that treatment?

When I called customer service at 1800-riteaid I was told by customer service that management had the right to limit the product quantity.

Then she offered to have the team leader contact me. I declined.

I originally purchased 30 tin cans and went back to purchase 30 more but the store had over $10,000 tin cans of Altoids in various flavors. They were going to run out.

If I walk into a store and any of the employees cause me to feel uncomfortable I never spend another penny in that store again. That's my policy!

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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-24:
When you say you were treated like you had stolen something, exactly how? Handcuffs, intense questioning, something else?
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-05-24:
I believe employees almost always have good reasons for their actions. I do not believe they are just out to get customers for the fun of it. I'm not saying you did anything wrong, but I can't say the employees were wrong either.

You were at the store shortly after it opened on the first day of the sale. You have no way of knowing how many tins were available. It would be unfair to other customers to let you purchase a total of 60. I'm actually shocked you got away with purchasing 30.

When stores limit sale items, it means they care about all their customers and don't want to disappoint them. That's my kind of store.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-24:
The store has the right to limit the quantity of products purchased. You have the right to shop elsewhere. It seems both parties exercised those rights.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-24:
Very true Venice. So many people take it personally when things don't go their way or when rules are enforced. They seem to think the company is doing it just to screw them over. They fail to look at the whole picture and see things from the company's point of view. Rite Aid has eveyry right to limit the quatity of products being bought. It's only fair to everyone. BTW, what happened to all the other comments on this review? Most of them didn't seem like they violated the TOS
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-24:
little -> this is a repost. I believe you are thinking of the 1st one.

I agree Venice - think of the reactions of "loyal" customers filing in to get a special, but are disappointed to find an empty shelf. Sounds fair to me to limit the goody bag size for each customer.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-24:
Oh gotcha trm.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-24:
I'm going out on a high note - I made sense to one person. Wheeeeeee!
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-05-24:
When my supermarket first started limiting certain sale items to four (years ago), I was annoyed. But then when I saw that the sale items were still available at the end of the week and I didn't need rainchecks, I was pleased. If I really want more than four, I can always go back. But at least I know I'll get something the first time around. I think it has worked out quite well, especially for someone who always forgets to use the rainchecks. ;)
Posted by ontario_girl on 2011-05-24:
I once saw my local convenience store owner in the local grocery store, buying two carts full of brand name ice cream that was on sale for $1.99. The very next week, I went into the convenience store and, low and behold, there were two shelves full of that same brand of ice cream, one that they had never sold before it went on sale at the grocery store. The price of that ice cream at the convenience store? $7.49 per carton.
That is why they put limits on products and they have every right to do so.
Posted by Ytropious on 2011-05-24:
You purchased 30 tins. I assume that was most of what they had available on the floor. It did sound like you wanted to clean out the place and stores are allowed to limit customers on sale items to prevent one person from doing what you intended to. Doesn't have to be in writing either. My place of employment has similar limit rules that aren't always written but endorsed by corporate.
30 tins is plenty for one person in my opinion. Imagine if they allowed you to take all 60 tins, on the condition that they were allowed to give out your phone number to all the people coming in for the Altoids and they were now sold out because of one person. They have to think of ALL their customers, not just you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-24:
Churro/Stew +100!!! You're always "spot on" with your comments. Very helpful review.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-05-25:
Help!.. I'm seeing spots. It's making me nauseous. :(

Ontario Girl, you reminded me of a story I've told many times. Once when I was checking out at the supermarket, there was a man with two carts piled high with 2-liter bottles of Pepsi that was on sale. It must have been every bottle on the shelf. After he left, I asked the manager why he was allowed to basically wipe the store out of Pepsi. She told me that he owns the local convenience store and does it all the time. He fills his trunk with soda from the supermarket, then sells it at his store for double the price. I asked her why she didn't impose a limit, but she said there was nothing she could do. I don't know how true that was, but the store now has a limit.
Posted by yoke on 2011-05-25:
We can thank the people like the ones on Extreme Couponing for stores limiting the quantities we are allowed to purchase at one time. I still can not figure out what stores allow the ones on that show to do what they do. The stores in my area limit the quantity on items.
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-05-25:
Well, not exactly.... sale limits have been around for a while even before that TV show came out.

Posted by Venice09 on 2011-05-25:
True, sales have been around for a long time, but the average customer wasn't as greedy as some of these extreme couponers. I think they are one of the reasons stores are enforcing limits of both sale items and coupons.
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-05-25:
I'm not sure about the show - I honestly don't watch it - but I do agree that people have been rather greedy lately about sales.

And a bit of what I said earlier too - that other customers are also paying customers. I think many people forget - or ignore - that.... along with the fact that, as loyal as they claim to be... they cannot singlehandedly support the store.

And that's why limits are in place. It's more profitable to piss off one customer and keep everyone else happy, than it is to piss off *everyone* for the sake of one individual.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-05-25:
Yep, that's the way I see it too, Pepper. I don't watch the show either, but I know about these extreme couponers. I don't believe in what they do, and I think they are the reason average coupon users are sometimes looked down on.
Posted by yoke on 2011-05-25:
I have watched the show and have watched the greed of the shoppers that they showcase. For the life of me I can not figure out how they get out of the stores with paying a few dollars for hundreds of dollars worth of food. For years stores in my area have limited the quantities of all items in the store sale or not.
Posted by Churro on 2011-05-25:
There's nothing greedy in extreme couponing. Weird perhaps, odd at best and obsessive definitely but it's not greed.

As far as limiting goes all you have to do is flash a little charm to the "I don’t give a ratz azz" manning the register. You and the check-out chimp can usually figure out how to get as much of whatever you want without pause. When dealing with retail workers you gotta also remember they’re merely punching a clock they don’t care about anything except getting through the day without being hassled.
Posted by momsey on 2011-05-25:
There's plenty greedy about the nuts who do extreme couponing. How else can you describe someone who will tie up a checkout line, the checker and manager for who knows how long to get $1,000 worth of groceries for $10? And wipes a store out of every one of a certain item? I know that most of what happens on the show wouldn't be tolerated without cameras being around, and it shouldn't be.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-25:
What Momsey said. There is an element of greed for sure...especially when you are hoarding items that will sit unused.
Posted by yoke on 2011-05-25:
There is PLENTY of greed on Extreme Couponing. I have never heard of a store that would special order cereal that they are going to give away for free. When you see the people being filmed literally taking everything off the shelves as if they are entitled to it and now there is nothing left for the rest of the consumers that is greed. Again, I can not figure out how they manage to do what they do. Are we to believe that they got all their meats, veggies, milk, etc for free also? Again, this is why stores have limits as to how many you can buy at one time.
Posted by Churro on 2011-05-25:
IDK, I only saw the extreme coupon show once and only for about 10 minutes. Boring show if you ask me. It looked more like mental illness than greed OR perhaps flat out FAKE to garner them "reality" ratings. Who knows these days. Now that I think about it I've never seen anybody "Extreme Coupon" in person although I have a hunch I probably will sooner or later because of this fake "reality" show.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-25:
Even with stores having limits, it seems the extreme couponers can find ways around that. In the show (and maybe it was allowed just for the sake of TV), I saw them do lots of seperate transactions. I think one lady did a total of 17 transactions. Another woman actually called up 5 or so of her friends to come down to the store so that she could have them use a coupon that was limited. So, apparently, you can still get around the limits. Crazy.
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-05-25:
"flash a little charm"

It may work better if you don't call them chimps.
Posted by ontario_girl on 2011-05-25:
Love it, Pepper. Call me a chimp at work and your going to get chimp service.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-25:
I watch 'Exreme Couponing' and some of the stores on that show will limit the number of coupons used. A woman had to have her husband do a seperate purchase so they could get the savings. On one episode, they were told that it was one transaction per household. That makes sense
Posted by Churro on 2011-05-25:
Chimp service would be a step up from what passes as customer service these days.
Posted by yoke on 2011-05-25:
The show has to be fake. I watched one show and the lady got away with not having to pay sales tax on items. The way it was rung up the manager stated she did not even have to pay sales tax. I wish the show would state what stores they are at. I also noticed how empty the stores were when they were being filmed.
Posted by Fufu487 on 2011-05-25:
I really feel it depends on the individual working the register, Churro. Your attitude towards those working customer service seems to be very generalized.
Posted by Fufu487 on 2011-05-25:
Agreed, yoke. I don't understand how an item could be made out to be free. Stores get reimbursed for manufacturer coupons though, don't they?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-25:
Yoke, if you look closely, you can tell what store they are at. As they are loading their car, the store's logo is visible in the background. I've noticed a lot of people go to Albertson's
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-05-25:
Yoke - it depends on the items and the state.

In NY, for example, medications and basic foods are tax free. Clothing only has local tax (unless it's changed).

Other states however don't have sales tax. There's no sales tax here for example, not for regular shopping at least. (for other things such as cars or firearms there may be taxes involved however)
Posted by yoke on 2011-05-25:
I do try and watch to see the store logo's and at one point I thought I saw items from Price Chopper, but I know that they limit the quantity and somehow the person was able to get away with spending less than $10 and I saw a few things of ice cream, lol. That you can not get coupons for (store brand ice cream)and they do not have them as buy one get one free.
The stores do get reimbursed for the coupons but I have never heard of a store special ordering cases of cereal for a customer when there is a sale. They always limit the amount of cereal you can buy and the coupons are usually by 3 to get a dollar off and one coupon per transaction (something to that effect). It amazes me how much these extreme couponers spend and waste. If you already have enought deodarant to last you a lifetime why the need to get more? That is greed.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-05-25:
Yoke, I wouldn't consider it greed, but more of a disorder. There is something wrong with some of these people who feel like they can't spend full retail price on an item.

Some of the people buy items that they don't need so that they get extra money to use on other items. For example, if an item is BOGO and they have a $1 off coupon (which gets doubled) on an item that costs $2.50, then basically for ever two items they get of that product ($5 retail value), they would receive $1.50 credit. This is because they would have 1 coupon per item (of $1), doubled since the places they go to have double the coupon. So they are getting $4 off, plus $2.50 off of a normal $5 purchase. They then use that credit towards other items they purchase.
Posted by yoke on 2011-05-25:
Steve, I get what you are saying, but it is greed. They have admitted they do not need the item but because they have figured out a way to cheat the system they will and they have rooms full of the items they got for free. They honestly do not care about the other consumers who now can not get the special because they have literally taken all the items off the shelves. There was one guy who literally emptied all the tooth brushes into his cart and somehow got them for free. Again, this is why most stores will limit the quantities you are allowed to buy at one time.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-25:
Could be a disorder, could be greed. I agree with both of you.

I consider greed to BE a disorder. Watch the show "American Greed" on Wed on CNBC - there are plenty of examples.
Posted by momsey on 2011-05-25:
That's another thing I don't get about the show, Steve. I can't believe a store would give you more off than the item cost.

But yeah, the people on that show have problems. The one lady I saw spent 30 hours a week on her coupons! Why wouldn't she just get a job???
Posted by yoke on 2011-05-25:
I would never spend that much time with coupons for items I will never use. One lady bought 100 bags of croutons and bragged how they were free. Who needs 100 bags of croutons. Now there was probably someone, like me, who could use a couple of bags but if she got there before me then I would be out of luck.
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Where have the good caring people gone?
Posted by Embarrassed and Infuriated on 03/18/2011
DOWNINGTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I wanted to write a review on my experience this morning, and this one will be the first of many that I post out on the web. People should be aware of the mal-treatment happening at this Rite-Aid drug store.
I went in this morning to pick up my Antibiotics that I had dropped off two days prior, and to get Monistat, which every woman knows is embarrasssing enough to have to buy. For some reason they did not have my Insurance information on file, even though I had used the same Pharmacy for 5 years? Well, I could not find my insurance card, so I had to request one before I could go back and get my meds. I printed a copy of the temporary card right off my Benefits Website at work.
I walked up to the counter greeted by a woman who clearly had no interest in welcoming me, or even cracking the smallest of smiles. I felt as though I was an instant inconvenience. She said, "Pick up?" I said yes and gave her my name. She then looked in the pouch and threw it over the other counter yelled over her shoulder "re-bill!" So now I’m pretty confused because I don’t what that means, but had already handed her my insurance paperwork.
So another lovely bundle of happiness goes over and picks up the prescription and is typing something into her computer I walk over 3 feet and stand in front of her. She looks up and says, "Can I help you?" I am now thinking to myself, "Am I missing something, what's wrong with these people?" I tell her she working on my prescription paperwork. She says, "You need to stand over there", pointing to the next stall. (maybe a foot away) So I take one step to the left where she insisted I needed to stand. Now 2 minutes go by and she screams my name out like I'm not standing in front of her. She says "I cannot get your insurance information in here it isn't working". Well now I've reached my wits end. I ask her politely to retrieve my prescription and I will take my business elsewhere. She goes and retrieves it, and hands it to me. I turned to walk away, leaving the Monistat on the counter, and one of the ladies makes a remark about me and the product and the entire pharmacy broke out in laughter. Please put yourself in my shoes and tell me this isn’t the most humiliating situation. I couldn't do anything but run for the door I was so embarrasssed.
I plan to take this as far as I can to ensure that no one else experiences what I went through today. I am appalled at the lack of humanity. I researched Rite-aid on line and found it funny that their "Code of Ethics" is easily found. Have these people read this? Should they be serving the people of our community? When one walks into a pharmacy it is likely they are ill, and on top of feeling bad they have to deal with incompetent staff who could care less about us as customers or human beings.
Needless to say I took my prescription to Wegman's Pharmacy, was greeted with a smile, treated with respect, and there were NO ISSUES with my insurance, I had my prescription in 10 minutes. This company will also receive reviews from me, in the highest of praise. Rite-Aid should be ashamed of the people they hire. I am writing a letter to Corporate, and to my local newspaper. I was humiliated and I won’t stand for it.
Thanks for reading this.

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Posted by Mrs.Cole on 2011-03-18:
Sounds horrid!... don't worry about the laughter... every woman has used monistat or a similar product... that is why they knew what it is for, they've used it themselves.

I've been going to the same pharmacy since 1992 and one woman still acts like she has never seen me before... I just wonder why she is so miserable with her life that she behaves that way... I just smile and say see you next month, normally she doesn't even respond back... If we could see her thought bubble it would say "I hate my life, I hate my life"
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-18:
I would of walked over to the enimas, grabbed them, taken them back to the counter, and suggested that the staff should use them. Unfortunately, Rite Aid does not care about customers or customer service.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-18:
I love throwback's comment. Very good idea! On a serious note, don't let them make you feel embarrassed. If their lives are so miserable that they want to treat customers that way, then that's a shame and what goes around comes around.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-03-18:
+10 throwback
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-18:
What a coincidence, I had a confrontation with an employee of Rite-Aid today.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-18:
I would of filed a complaint and asked to speak with a manager. Not only is that kind of behavior not professional it is also grounds for termination.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-18:
Lsal, I smell a review coming!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-18:
Perhaps. That guy had me pretty ticked off.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-03-18:
"one of the ladies" was this an employee? What was the remark?
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-03-18:
I couldn't help but laugh at your remark "So another lovely bundle of happiness" and the rest of that encounter. A pharmacy and a medical office should always be professional regardless. I don't care how casual the workplace has become in recent years and what seems to have become accepted as the norm by some. It appears they need a general housecleaning at that place. Where was the Pharmacist while all this was taking place?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-18:
It all depends on the type of personality an individual has. If you're like "throwback", you get even. If you're like the OP, you are embarrassed, and just want something done about it. The correct course of action for the latter personality would have been to immediately speak to a manager and repeat the lewd comment the employee made. With that being said, I share the personality of "throwback" and would have suggested the OP retort, "Well, maybe I'll just have your husband pick it up for me on his way over to my house tonight".
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-18:
DIRM, a mature person turns the other cheek and walks away
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-18:
Shorty> Then do as you please. I am just being honest, and actually depends on my mood that day. Somedays I'm a smarta** and love to comeback with a few zingers of my own.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-18:
Why stoop to their level?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-18:
Again, it just depends on my mood that day. Other days, I will demand to see a manager. Other days, I won't say anything at all. I'll just leave without giving anyone the satisfaction of anything. Again, just depends which side of the bed I woke up on.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-18:
I would have been embarrassed at first but would have quickly reached the point where embarrassment went out the window and fired back. I know you just wanted to get out of there, and I don't blame you for that, but maybe you can go back and speak to the manager to see what his/her attitude is about this. If the manager is just as obnoxious, by all means write this place off and take your business elsewhere. On the other hand, your complaint may help bring about the necessary changes at this location. It would be terrible if they treated all customers with such disrespect.
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Awesome sales and deals
Posted by SkyeBlue28 on 12/22/2010
Despite the sometimes rude and un-knowledgeable managers and employees, Rite Aid has awesome deals to be had. They have Rite Aid Coupons, they take manufacturers coupons and they give up rewards (rite aid coupons) to use on your next purchase. Combine these three coupon types to get the best deals.

If you know of a store that's a pain in the rear end, stop shopping at that store and find a different one to shop at. It may have a different district manager (even if it's close) and be run totally different.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-22:
Since you are familiar with Rite Aid, I have a question about their store card. I usually don't shop there because the prices are too high, but I went in for something specific and also picked up another item that was on sale. It rang up at the regular price and I was told that I needed a card to get the sale. I asked the cashier if a card was required for all the sale items, and she said yes. She then argued with me that all stores work that way, which of course is not true. So I was wondering, are the sales only good with a Rite Aid card?

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-22:
Venice, I've had to use my Rite Aid card to get the sale price.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-22:
I know I've bought things on sale in Rite Aid in the past without a card, but it's been a long time. I guess you need the card now. I don't go in anymore because their prices are outrageous. Target and my supermarket are much cheaper. I was looking for a magazine that I couldn't fine anywhere else and ended up in Rite Aid, but I really don't see any reason for me to sign up for a card.
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Very Disappointed
Posted by Ellie76 on 11/23/2010
By August 2010 I made a request of a rebate for Glam Camp, supposedly for a bag with different beauty samples, my status says SCR Glam Camp Bag WAS MAILED ON 09/20/10. However I never received anything, I contact the customer service, but the only answer I got was : "your status says the bag was already mailed and we do not have more bags in stock" . I really felt stolen, disappointed, deluded, because I trust them. I think it was not the value of the article, It was the action of NO responsibility, respect and just receive a poor answer of "we are out of stock".
I wish people can read my review and know is not 100% secure to buy articles in this store and receive the rebate they promise to you at RITE AID. I just happened to me!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-23:
Id email corporate and explain your aggravation, and express your urge to be going to CVS from now on. They will give you something :)
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-11-23:
Maybe someone stole it off your porch or something.
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