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Profiled and adding Gratuity without my authorization to my Credit card
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- April 10 2008 my friends and I dine at the Dean Fearing restaurant located at the Ritz Carlton of Dallas Tx. We started with drinks and that is where it all begun. The waitress ID my receipt to my table as 3 B Ladies and added Gratuity without my permission. The Dean Fearing reservationists sent me a email of my receipt and 5 others that was not with my party, but by the reservationist senting me the other receipts, I't just showed me that I had just been profiled. I called the company and asked for a apology letter. But was sent a joke letter, not a apology. To all who wrote me a review to this complain, let me try to answer your questions. First I'm a BLACK lady and that is what the B Stood for Ritz Carlton hotels Pride there Company in addressing there guest by there name Not by there color of there Skin. The Ritz Carlton does not automatic add gratuity to three guest. The 5 other receipts that I received was not with my party, I don't know these people but I do have there names, what they were drinking and eating and some of the Credit Card info.

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