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VIRGINIA, VIRGINIA -- Well the night of august 30 we went around looking at cars. And my wife seen a candy apple red gt it was a 2003 model with payments of 249 a month. Well the next day we went to the lot and were looking at the mustang gt and the salesman comes up and says that he had a 2002 mustang gt trade in we would like better. Well we look at the front of it cause he rushes inside of it for a test drive well the test drive lasts around the block. When everywhere else we went we got to take it a few miles down the road. Well before we even pull out the lot I told him I was just looking and wasn't going to buy nothing today.

Well, he was like lets go inside and talk and me and the wife was thinking he would he was going to tell us the price and would payments would probably be for the car so we could think about it. Well we go in and he takes my military id and my driver's license. He goes and talks in the back room about how much a 2002 mustang gt with 27500 miles would cost he comes back saying they would take 18999.99 for it and with payments of 400 dollars a month and I said isn't that corvette payments. And I said for that much I could take another 2000 and get a new v6 mustang.

And so he goes back again and come back with a carfax sheet saying a 2002 mustang gt with 27500 miles had a retail value of 31000. And so he comes back again and I start asking for my id's back and the guy goes why don't you want to get it today and I'm like well I want to go home to think about it well. Me and my wife keep asking for my ids and he keeps coming back saying that he don't see what I have to think about and I go out to our car which is a 2005 gt g6 which is paid off and was talking to a friend on the phone about how bad of experience we are having and notice the back bumper is all scraped up.

Kind of look like it had rear damage or something but according to him it had never been wrecked. Well manager comes out and I tell him that I was upset that I couldn't get my license back when I leave and tells me that I couldn't get a better deal and asked us why we came in and I was like I was interested in that candy apple mustang till I started dealing with this guy. And we left.

My Durango
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I bought a 99' Durango from RK Chevrolet around the month of April this year. After purchasing it I was told I had to pick another vehicle because the bank didn't want to finance me. They said the reason that they wouldn't finance me was because the SUV had 81,000+ miles on it and the bank didn't feel safe thinking it was going to break down. I worked with the agent in charge of financing and I was able to keep the Durango. So after all the problems with getting the SUV I thought things were fine. About a month after I discovered that the passenger side front tire was going bald on the inside part of the tire.

I took it to a garage after I purchased new tires for the SUV not 3 months after getting it. I went to a garage to get the tires aligned to eliminate the problem. The service person at the garage told me that the inner tie rod ends were no good and needed to be replaced. Again this is only 3 months after purchasing the vehicle. This told me that the parts were bad to begin with when I purchased it. I then went to RK Chevrolet and asked if they were going to take care of the problem because the SUV was only purchased 3 months prior. They told me no and that I would have to pay to get it fixed there.

After hearing the reputation of the company after buying the SUV I knew I didn't want them to fix it, So I told them I was going to go someplace else to get it done. I then went and purchased the parts I needed for about 1/2 the cost RK told me and was told it would only cost me $150 to fix the problem which is under 1/2 the price RK told me it was going to be.

I strongly suggest to anybody who asks me about where to go to get a new vehicle not to go to RK Chevrolet because they will screw you around and try to put you in something that you don't want just to try to make a bigger commission. Finally I feel that they don't care about the customer and once they make a sale that's the ends of it. U.S. Army Specialist, **.

Do not buy from RK Chevrolet!
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I have purchased many vehicles from car dealerships, but I have never been treated so poorly as I was treated by RK. I traded in my old vehicle which I still owed money on for a brand new 2004 silverado. I went through the entire process and we came to an agreement on price, payments, and everything was acceptable. So I gave them my trade in and away I drove in my new truck. A few weeks went by, and I had traveled out of town, putting 2500 miles on the new truck, and I hadn't heard anything from them and I was supposed to come back in and sign some papers from the bank.

So I called them up asking when I was supposed to sign the paperwork, no one knew so they were supposed to have the manager call me back when they figured something out. Another week went by and still no call. By this time I was growing impatient so I drove to the dealership, raised a little cain in the showroom in front of other prospective customers and within 5 min. I was sitting in someone's office. Turns out the contract they tried to get me to sign was not the original contract we agreed on and to boot the payments were $200.00 more a month that what we agreed on.

I refused to sign the contract but they told me that Virginia law stated if I had put a certain amount of miles on the vehicle I was bound to the contract. So I reluctantly signed it. There is no such law I have since found out, by the way. But that's not even the end of the story. They didn't pay off my trade in vehicle for the next 90 days, this is on top of the three weeks it's already been. So here I am stuck paying 2 truck notes for 3 months which they assured me I would be refunded. It took a call to the Better Business Bureau to get them to pay it off. It's 6 months later and no refund in sight.

I would hire a lawyer and take them to court but I'm so broke from the whole ordeal I cannot afford one. I now know I am not their only victim. As soon as I started telling all my friends and co-workers not to go there and how badly I was treated, the most common response I was given was "I could have told you that." Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Should I Trust These Guys?
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I'm in the process of looking for a new vehicle. This is a want, not a need, so I'm not in a position to be backed into a corner by unscrupulous salespeople or finance staff. I have pretty much settled on Subaru, but there are only two dealers in Virginia Beach, and RK is one of them. I've dealt with them before and had a putrid experience. Since they're pretty much a standard complaint topic on these boards, I'm wondering if I should give them another try. I bought another vehicle about a year ago and shied away from them. Now I'm wondering if I can trust them. Anyone?

Master and Commander
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RHODE ISLAND -- Previously, in a letter, I complimented salesman ** yet slammed ** which in hind sight was unfair since I never meet **. After reading my letter Mr. ** was concerned enough about my feelings and thoughts of his dealership to invite me into his office and explain why I was so distressed. We listed my complaints and found, that some were just anger on my part and unwarranted, yet some were Justifiable. He fixed the ones that were justified. I guess the point I am trying to make is that he didn't have to do that.

The owner of a corporation took the time to satisfy the concerns of one individual. I think that was great and he'll have my business for life. Most times you can get the help you need from the managers and I'm not saying everyone should be running to the owner with every problem. It's just nice to know that **'s door is always open. Thank you.

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