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Roamans Catalog /never again
Posted by on
FLORISSANT, MISSOURI -- I purchased some clothing from Roamans that didn't look like the catalog.
It also didn't fit., so I used the free shipping return label and drove
to the UPS facility to mail it back.
The free shipping label does not include pick up from UPS. The next month
I got a bill for $21.00 for shipping of the merchandise. I did not pay it.
It was supposed to be free. I kept getting the same bill. I ignored it.
They put a $20 late fee onto it. I then got a notice it was turned over
to a collection agency. Today I had to pay another fee of $10 to them to
take it off my credit report, plus the late fee and the original shipping.
All in all I had to pay $51.00 to return an item I did not use.
So, here's the deal...If you want to be treated like this...keep shopping with Roamans. I never will again.
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User Replies:
MissMae on 02/16/2010:
Hence, this is what happens when you ignore a bill...eventually it gets turned over to collections. I'd consider myself pretty lucky to only have to pay $10 bucks to have it removed from my credit report, in all honesty.

Why didn't you just call them and deal with it when you first received the bill?
Anonymous on 02/16/2010:
"The next month
I got a bill for $21.00 for shipping of the merchandise."

Did you ever get in contact with them for this error? Or did you think that by ignoring it, it would simply go away?

According to the site:

" We cannot refund shipping & handling charges or return postage."

Are you sure the labels that came with the garment were for free shipping and not just customer return labels?

"Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 90 days of receipt for an exchange, or refund of the purchase amount, less the shipping & handling charges. After 90 days, we'll be happy to send a merchandise credit to you, less the shipping & handling charges."

PepperElf on 02/21/2010:
because if you ignore something it goes away I guess?
unless it's a bill...
Ghost of former member on 02/27/2010:
I will never understand people who think ignoring bills will make them go away.
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Roaman's Catalog Does False Advertising + Bad Customer Service
Posted by on

I received a sale catalog, hopped right online and placed my order on 9/30/2008.

Then when 2 1/2 weeks went by without receiving the package, I followed up with them and was told the item was on "back order" and in the "Date Expected" section were three question marks ? ? ?

So I emailed them and asked them what ? ? ? meant in terms of a backorder timeline. I was then told that the item would be shipped out on 11/27/2008. So I contacted them again and said that this was a long while, but at least I'd have my shoes in time for the Holidays.

Well, I received one email day before yesterday on 11/3/2008 that stated that my item would be shipping out "any day now" and then just now another lovely Roaman's email popped into my inbox and stated that my order has been cancelled.

So ... all of the previous emails were to keep me browsing and buying.

Believe ME ... I will not purchase from Roamans ever again.

We are savvy shoppers and will not be treated unfairly by a company that clearly does not care one bit about customer service.

Prior to this fiasco, I ordered three separate pants suits. All three packages I received contained THE WRONG ITEMS. Wrong color, wrong style and wrong size!! When I called Customer Service, they were quite nonchalant about it ... because it happens ALL THE TIME.

Anyway, I wrote this so that I may save some of you some time and many hassles. BEWARE OF ROAMANS CATALOG ... THEY ARE THE WORST I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED.

Happy Holidays everyone!

MJ from NJ :o)
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User Replies:
NoGood59 on 05/25/2011:
I couldn't agree more, but I do like some of their clothes, so once again I ordered from them. I just got an email stating the order I placed last week "has been shipped." However, upon opening the email and checking the tracking number, I see that ONE ITEM IS BACKORDERED, so I logged onto my Roaman's account, and it doesn't even say WHEN the rest of the order will ship! There is literally a "?" after that item!! I'm truly FED UP with them!! They have the WORST customer service EVER, take forever to refund orders that you have to ship back, charge a ridiculous amount for shipping...the list goes ON AND ON. Why is it that when you place an order, let's say at Kohls, they do NOT list items that they NO LONGER HAVE IN STOCK, but Roaman's can't do the same? They just want your money...and there is really NO savings with them. They SUCK!
pslarsen on 07/26/2011:
I am also having trouble getting my back-order. I placed an order for bargo shorts, buy two get one free. I have only received the two so far, and I am getting the same treatment. When I placed my order, it was of course in stock. Now, it keeps getting pushed out and I have been told it would ship on several occasions. Not sure when I will get it, but if they cancel on me, I will cancel my credit card payment to them. The two pair of bargo shorts that I received have stitching falling out, zippers breaking, rivets breaking. I have left two reviews and they won't post them. They were honest reviews of the items too. I ordered these shorts because the reviews were so good. I don't think I will be ordering again because the quality isn't there. And the reviews are rigged for only good reviews. Terrible customer service, they feed you full of bull to get you off the line, when in reality, what they told you never transpires. I'm just speechless.
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Order Sale Price but Once Shipped They Increase Price.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I ordered 5 items, received a confirmed email with correct advertised prices. Once shipped, all prices were different. Total charge was $16.00 more than order price with one item on back order. After trying to explain to 3 customer service, no help. I returned all items, then received a bill for $17.++ with a interest fee charged. Don't waste your time! Quality is so poor, once you wash item you might as well throw it away. Cheap clothes, with very poor customer service.
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Roamans won't fix their mistake
Posted by on
I had posted on a website called asking for a new swimsuit. A nice lady responded and ordered a swimsuit for me from Roamans. When the swimsuit arrived it was the wrong size. The correct size was ordered and listed on the invoice, but the item was incorrect. Roamans is insisting that I send back the swimsuit at which time they will refund the original method of payment and then recharge the credit card for the replacement suit. Since a stranger sent me this suit I obviously can not authorize this. They then offered an option to credit MY account. But that it'll take 4 weeks!

Considering this was a mistake by their company this is totally unacceptable. I have told them several times now through email correspondence that I do not have contact with the woman who purchased this swimsuit. I feel like I'm going around and around in circles with them. Each time it's a different person who answers the email, and several time just "form letters". I just need to return the swimsuit and get a replacement (since they no longer even have the size that was ordered) within a reasonable period of time. This was NOT my mistake or the mistake of the woman that ordered the swimsuit. The invoice proves that. So waiting more than 1-2 weeks is unreasonable.

I have also contacted the BB regarding this. I will never purchase from Roamans again.
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User Replies:
Alain on 08/10/2010:
You'll have to go through the person that ordered the swimsuit to resolve this.
jktshff1 on 08/10/2010:
Go back to your original post or start a new one on the web site explaining the situation. It's possible that the donor would pick up on it and help out.
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