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Robbins Brothers Complaint
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GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- Total dissatisfaction with customer service and ring quality. On two separate occasions within ten months, my white gold Rhodium-plated engagement band has cracked. Once in June ‘09 and another time in December ‘09. In addition to the band cracking, the prongs holding the 1c diamond constantly shift.

On the first cracking occasion I shipped my engagement ring (registered and insured) to your office for repair. When the ring was returned I noticed it had not been Rhodium-plated as it was before. Typically, Rhodium plating is common practice and considered SOP, however I immediately had to ship it back to California for Rhodium plating because RB forgot to do so. Your store did not reimburse me for the registered/insured shipping, even though it was the fault of your store and repair technicians forgetting to Rhodium-plate the band.

Following the second cracking occasion my husband called to personally express his dissatisfaction of the quality of the band and to inquire why a white-gold Rhodium-plated band would crack twice in such a short time. RB informed us that the band was “probably porous.” This does not seem like good quality after the money he spent there. During this conversation a RB representative said they would send us a pre-paid shipping label and box as to lessen the inconvenience and costs for having to ship yet another cracked band. A week went by and we still hadn’t received a pre-paid shipping label or box so we had to call RB again. Shortly thereafter a representative from your RB store phoned to get an address, even though our home and work addresses have been in the system since the last time they shipped the ring. When we finally received the shipping label (no box), my name was wrong and the representative indicated to hurry up and ship it out the next day “because of insurance purposes.” RB also indicated at that time that the reason for the band repeatedly cracking was possibly due to the European/flat shank on the bottom and that a round band would probably not be prone to more cracking. Reluctantly I agreed to a round band this time, even though I prefer the European/flat shank look and feel of the band and it is not what I initially wanted. That was a disappointment. Approximately 1 week later a RB representative emailed indicating they were shipping my engagement ring out for next-day delivery to my place of work in downtown Chciago, but it never arrived the next day (and I stayed late at work around the holidays to sign for it). Instead, the box containing my engagement ring was shipped to my mother-in-law’s house in an entirely different city at least 30 miles from Chicago. This was yet another inconvenience we experienced having to pick up the ring because it was in another city and I do not own a car.

After retrieving the repaired engagement ring from the box that was shipped to the wrong address, it was too big for my finger. So now we need to get it re-sized. Note that I had initially included the ring size and contact details in the original shipment of the cracked band. For the resizing we brought it to a Helzberg Diamond store in Chicago, which was previously agreed to by a RB store manager. At the time of resizing, Helzberg was unable to locate our names in the system and we had to explain the entire situation and backstory as well as reproduce more receipts and ring information, as the RB manager neglected to inform Helzberg or our arrangement.

In October 2009 my husband’s titanium wedding band needed to be resized. RB indicated that they could not re-size it, but that a whole new custom band would need to be manufactured, incurring more costs for us. He was not happy. He was told at one point that his band would arrive in the FedEx box along with my repaired engagement ring, but his band was not in the box. When he finally did receive his new ring this past week (which was shipped to the wrong address), it was still too large for his finger.

We are truly unhappy and beyond frustrated with the lack of customer service at RB, not to mention the obvious poor quality of the bands. It is an inconvenience having to ship the rings back and forth for all the ongoing repairs. It has been one long, ongoing let-down and RB cannot get it right or follow instruction. We fully regret having bought our engagement and wedding bands from Robbins Brothers.
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Robbins Brothers- The Worlds Biggest Joke
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS, TEXAS -- My boyfriend and I decided to go to the Robbins Brothers engagement ring store to pick out a ring. I drive by the location in Dallas every day, and after searching land and sea I thought that the "worlds biggest engagement ring store" would hold "the one". We pulled up to the 2 story building only to find that the rings were only held on the top floor. I thought this was weird. There were also not that many rings. I would honestly say that a regular jewelery store would carry close to the same amount, minus some of the big name designers. OK, whatever. So, I find a ring that I love. Not only was it ridiculously overpriced, but the saleswoman insisted that Robbins Brothers would "help" to plan the perfect proposal.

Apparently no thank you, was not good enough. Personally, I don't want a store to plan how my fiance will ask me to marry him. So we left. Apparently my sweetie went back to lay down a chunk on my outrageously expensive ring. The saleswoman then convinced him to write a series of post dated checks to make payments. Obviously this didn't work out. With the failing market the next week he lost his job. So the next payment check bounced. Instead of contacting him to find out what happened they sent it straight to collections. But it gets worse. We had no idea it was even in collections until they called my boyfriends parents! The woman from the agency said that he owed OVER $1000. The interesting thing is that he never had the ring in his possession. The collections woman said that it should have never been turned over to collections in the first place, since he did not have the merchandise.

So now the big surprise is ruined. His parents know, and on top of that it affected his credit negatively. That was by far the worst retail experience either of us have ever had. I would trust a street peddler before I would trust them.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/25/2008:
Why did your BF write post dated checks? It would seem his credit wasn't that good to begin with. If he lost his job why didn't he contact the store about the post dated checks prior to them trying to cash them?
You must have somehow convinced your BF that was the ring you wanted otherwise why would he go back if you were that disappointed?
madconsumer on 11/25/2008:
if the boy friend lost his job, and knew he had open checks, why didn't he contact the jewler himself and explain the situtation?

and by you picking out the ring, you already know he is going to purpose to you.

high dollar rings are not kept where it would be easy to theft them. this prevents the "crash" and steal thefts.
yoke on 11/25/2008:
Your bf's first mistake was leaving post dated checks. When he lost his job he should have contacted them to tell them. Did it go to collections in the store or a collection agency? What your bff needs to do is cancel the sale since he can not afford it at this time.
Good Luck!
Hugh_Jorgen on 11/25/2008:
You didn't like where the rings were in the store, you didn't like their selection, you didn't like the pricing, you didn't like their offer to help plan the proposal and you don't like the way they collect their bad debt. I wish your boyfriend all the luck in the world!
Ponie on 11/25/2008:
'Personally, I don't want a store to plan how my fiance will ask me to marry him.' What? Don't you become a 'fiance' *after* you propose marriage and present a ring? Of course, I guess in today's world anything goes.

Hugh, you have something there. But I think they deserve each other.
Anonymous on 11/25/2008:
I have a slightly used ring that you can have for free.
revan on 11/25/2008:
Take a vacation to Los Angeles. Buy your diamond ring at 7th and Broadway. If New York is closer go there. We paid about 1/2 what a retail store would of charged and is EGL certified with papers.
Ponie on 11/25/2008:
'Buy your diamond ring at 7th and Broadway.' Revan, was in the fair city of LA only once. That area of 7th and Broadway is fascinating! Dropped a small bundle in just a few minutes. Could have browsed for hours!
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A High End Store with High Prices - Buy Smarter and SKIP This Place
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- After visiting my local Houston, TX Robbins Brothers (in Galleria area) for engagement rings...both his and hers. I was extremely disappointed with the price point for most (if not almost all the rings they carry).

My reason for offering the suggestion to shop prices and consider Robbins Brothers as one of your last-stop options (shop as last resort only) is that you are clearly overpaying for rings that you can get anywhere else for much much cheaper!

Case in point. Attempted to see if Robbins Brothers would back off of their high pricing for one of their A.Jaffe designer solitaire 14k rings which was priced higher than all competitors. They had it in my size and I could buy and go right on the spot. They refused to come off the 3,495 ring price (this w/out diamond added in yet) and we are only talking $100 off here. I purchased this same ring for so much cheaper and told them I would do so. Knowing that, they still let me walk away - for $100 request in reduction no less.

Zero ability in securing my sale and zero ability to ever let me shop there again. Buyer beware - shop around before purchasing anything for the top end retail prices that Robbins Brothers is offering. There are many reputable online dealers as well (ie: Blue Nile) that can blow many local shops and of course....Robbins Brothers out of the water on pricing. Shop those expensive diamond deals - take a trip on the $$$ you could potentially save. Don't give it away blindly to help fund Robbins Brothers fancy buildings and large media campaigns to lure you in the store. Shop smart!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/10/2008:
I hate wearing my wedding band.I'm not a jewelry kind of guy.

It is surprising that the salesman didn't try to do what he could to make the sale.
heaven17 on 07/10/2008:
Shouldn't this be more of an informative post than a complaint? So they were higher. Somebody always is. You went somewhere else, got what you needed, all is well.
Move on.
Anonymous on 07/10/2008:
I say kudos to Scramer for being such a savvy consumer. $3500.00 for ENGAGEMENT RINGS? Must be nice.
With people on here that can't even order a $5.00 lunch correctly, I give Scram a big (VH).
DebtorBasher on 07/10/2008:
The price is also reflected by the overhead...some places will charge more in a Mall setting than they would if they were on your corner.
DebtorBasher on 07/10/2008:
Steve, I think you don't like wearing your wedding band because you're in the sun so much, it would leave a white band around your finger when you take it off. You would not believe the tan line I have on my ring finger after wearing my ring for a double digit number of years. Even when I DO take it off, it still looks like I'm wearing it....LOL!
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Gaining back interest free loans by charging late fees
Posted by on
NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- My husband and I bought our rings at Robbins Brothers. My husband choose to use Robbins Brothers because they offer an interest free loan on the balance for one year. We are submitting a payment 3x's the actual monthly amount so that we can pay it off in one year and avoid the interest. We have made 4 payments, out of those 4 payments they have accessed a $39 late fee on at least two of them. We set up payment electronically, only to find out that they do not accept electronic payments; therefore, they a paper check is mailed to them by our bank. They are claiming that it's taking 6 to 8 days for the check to get there, which makes the payment 3 days late, which means they are in their rights to access a $39 late much for interest free! When I noticed the charge on our bill I contacted them and they claimed they got it too late and that I would have to PROOF they got it sooner, which since its electronic, I can't provide! When I asked to speak to a supervisor, they refused...said I had to submit something in writing and someone would review my letter and get back to me! Unbelievable...I would NEVER recommend Robbins Brothers to anyone!!! Bunch of crooks! I have submitted my complaint to the Better Business Bureau and if anyone else out there has experienced a situation with Robbins Brothers, I encourage you to do the same...we need to make sure that the consumer is protected from the crooks in this world!
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 06/17/2010:
It is not interest you're being charged. They are late fees.
purple_crayon on 06/17/2010:
I see what your saying OP. Your paying late fee's,to off set the free interest. They will only accept mailed in payments? what about over the phone?
Obsfucation on 06/18/2010:
When you introduce the USPS into the equation, 6 to 8 days is not unreasonable for payment delivery. All this means is that you have to make the payment 3 days sooner, or write a check a take it into a store and pay and get a receipt.

You can ask your bank for a copy of the cancelled check. The bank stamp on the back will tell you what day it was processed. I'm betting you will find it to be in line with what they say. Overall, their response to you seems pretty reasonable.
danih on 08/31/2010:
klg - did you resolve this at all? my fiance and I are going through almost the exact same thing with them - only it's regarding the very last due date in which he was supposed to have it all paid off - said they didn't get it in time so they charged him back all the interest over the year, he disputed it, and during this dispute they charged him a late fee, then just sent a letter basically saying denied. ridiculous.
kemmo on 02/25/2011:
The same thing happened to me. They claimed it took over two weeks for two of my five my payments to reach them when it was sent by online payment through my bank. They charged me a late fee each time. I complained and they just blamed it on me.
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