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Bad Rodney D. Young Auto Insurance Co
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9730 ABRAMS RD, TEXAS -- I had an accident cause by Rodney D Young customer, them been at fault. its been almost three months and not yet completed I don't recommend this insurance company after you save their 7 customers life's instead of saying thanks, their adjuster eddie flores & scott not been at time of accident make decisions and affirm what was damage and not damage if metal got damage plastic much easier. eddie also use vulgar language at employee from Charles Clark Chevrolet where I took my veicle to get fix. other agents are also not polite when its time to pay a claim its an awful company to deal, a nightmare, careful if you don't want to go through this don't get this type of insurance. Lets vote for removing this type of companies out of the market. we all customers are paying every month for insurances and we deserve to be treated with respect and good treatment from their agents. congress please look in to this. please check in to this insurance company.
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Alain on 05/16/2011:
Call the Texas Insurance Commission at 800-578-4677 to see if they can assist you.
Ridiculous on 06/24/2013:
I am having the same problem with Rodney D Young. I was rear ended by their insured and it took them a month to get me a rental car and it took another month to determine if my car would be repaired or totaled then after they determined it was a loss they stopped the rental car but never paid me a dime for my loss. The rental car company charged my bank account and put my account in the negative. Now I will sue them using every letter of the law! Rodney D Young needs to be investigated and removed as a insurance carrier.
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