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I'll never buy another Ford.
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I bought a new F-150 in October 2002. I have had problems with it that the dealers don't seem to want to fix. The fuse for the brake switch kept blowing. "We cannot get the fuse to blow" they said. Sure enough, as soon as I pull out of the lot, there goes the fuse. One time, I picked my truck up and noticed a big dent in the tail gate. I brought it to the service tech's attention. "It's a truck" he said. That just pissed me off even more. I went to talk to the owner's daughter, Nicole Terapelli. Supposedly, she takes care of any customer service problems. "That was there when you dropped it off." I could go on and on. Every time I address a problem they either tell me they "can't find a problem" or "that's normal". The lemon law would apply if they'd admit there's a problem. "There's nothing wrong with this truck. Do you have buyer's remorse"? Now the radio works but the CD changer (same unit) won't work. I just know they're not going fix it. I've had that truck in the shop more than out and they've almost never fixed the discrepencies. I started a claim with the Better Business Bureau about all my problems. They wrote a letter to RON TERAPELLI FORD end of story. Nothing was ever done. I called I don't know how many lawyers and the very few that called me back said the laws are on the dealers' side as far as returning vehicles. This was probably my last new vehicle but definitely my last Ford. Oh yeah, I also filed a complaint with the Ford Adminisrative Office. They wrote me a letter stating Ford would not fix my truck. Does anyone have any tips on how to get these people to fix a problem? Maybe there's still hope for my CD player.
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