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Fabric Protection Ripoff
Posted by The mighty pen on 10/07/2006
Having worked for ROOMS TO GO for 7 years, I want to make people aware of just one of the many back-handed things this company does. Their salespeople are basically forced into saying almost anything to pursuade the customer into paying for fabric/leather protection. They expect almost a 90% penetration of this. I can personally say, anything less is cause for being written up and being threatened with dismissal. I began in early 2000. We had a black vinyl set on the floor which was untreatable. However, because of the sales contest going on, we were told by management to sell the "bond" on this in order to "spike" the Numbers, in which everyone did. 59.99 for a sofa, 49.99 for the loveseat I think 39.99 for the matching chaise. We sold a ton of these. Thats just 1 store. Of course, from these type of practices, they went on to win the "presidents cup" and pocket $1400 per salesperson. Another thing they did was mislead many many customers on pricing. Lets say a 7pc living room consisting sofa ,loveseat, 3 tables and 2 lamps was 999.99. Thats what the front of the tag said. The chair alone was 399.99. However, to add the chair to the package should have made the package $1349.99 not 1399.99. This price was actually on the back of the tag but most customers didn't know that. The 1399.99 was always quoted to the customer if the salesperson felt resistance to them adding the protection. Then we gave the customer a super deal by telling them we would deduct $50 from the price of the protection. Most fell for this ploy. They no longer use that tactic. Maybe they got caught or something.I don't know. I transferred to the Vero store a few months ago. Here, the manager Sandy told customer after customer that the leather protection offers a replacement warranty if it stains. Thats as far from true as you can get. All it offers at those prices is a "lifetime" supply of cleaner and if soiled within 3 years, RTG, at THEIR DISCRETION, will come clean it. Shes also told customers that it extended the actual warranty on the furniture for 3 years. Another lie. The fabric is also at THEIR DISCRETION. Rooms To Go has probably made enough money on all their lies just on the protection itself, to finance the war in Iraq! I'm ashamed that I was a part of this. This is how I was trained, and what was expected of me. To sum this up, if you're going to buy at RTG, let the salesperson do his pitch on the protection. Deny it. Then after what you hear next or being turned over to the manager, demand to see the warranty papers and READ THEM IN FULL!! You may hear they "ran out" of them. You'll probably walk right out and go elsewhere. Don't let their finance terms force you to buy there either. I believe their practices could be illegal and they should have to pay back every dime taken from good hard working people, because of their misrepresentation. Spread the word
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Posted by glc on 2006-10-07:
Were you fired? This sounds like a disgruntled employee. If it's not, thanks for the info. Just an FYI, most sales-oriented jobs have quotas and the employer can and does use the quota system to rate employees.
Posted by the mighty pen on 2006-10-07:
To answer your question, YES! There reasons were all bogus and as far as quotas...I wrote 1.7 million in business last year putting me in the top 50 out of approximately 1500 sales people. The main reason I was terminated was for trying to save a sale by going over the head of a non-worthy manager to satisfy a customer. After being written up for this, I was told they couldn't fire me for that but I better start looking for another job. After walking on egg shells for another month, I was stricken with food poison, and was up the previous night puking my brains out without any sleep. I was to afraid to call in sick, as i felt for certain they would terminate me if I did. So I made the mistake of going in. I sat on a sofa and knowingly rested my eyes until we were to open. Thats when the office manager Debra came up and asked if I was ok. I was literally choking on vomit and at that time told her that I better go and I left for the hospital. The manager Sandy called me the next day and told me I was suspended until I spoke w/ the regional manager Jack Curtis, whom called me on the telephone. After 7 years of good service to that company, I was fired over the phone! Gisgruntled, absolutely. But i can say this...the exposure of their practices is long over due. Even an employee friend of mine said , "wow, its about time someone lets this out". Whether I was fired or not and whether I'm disgruntled or not, that is not the issue here! You should go to www.ripoffreport.com and read some of the things on there. Thanks for your response. Marc
Posted by Ponie on 2006-10-07:
Yeah--sure. Anyone who believes those whiners on ROR needs their head very thoroughly examined. It's always someone else's fault--writing NSF checks, not reading the fine print, etc. When I want a few yucks, I read some of those posts. Wonder why that site hasn't been taken down? I also learn a few more four-letter words on there, too.
Posted by the mighty pen on 2006-10-07:
Pony, I noticed a rebuttal you had with a RTG on ROR. Youre so full of crap. I saw how there were many responses ripping you a new A-hole! You sound like some low payed idiot employed by RTG. Theres alot more than 4 letter words that you need to learn!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-07:
Thanks for your helpful post Mighty Pen. You should consider trusting me on my blog.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-10-09:
If you're going to the ripoff report to see what people say about businesses, stop by http://bad-business-rip-off.com/ and see what people are saying about the ripoff report.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-09:
Nice google slim.
Posted by Donefedup on 2013-03-29:
As a former employee, I can tell you that this is the most misleading company that I have ever worked for. Sales people are actually written up if they do not sell over 90% of all fabric and leather protection opportunities. This also goes for selling mattresses with bedroom suites, floor lamps, ottomans, rugs and sofa tables. The pressure is relentless and their employee turnover is unbelievable. Their own manufacturer has a training film that states that microfiber is “naturally” impervious to stain. It needs nothing done to it. Anyway, they don’t spray it. The warranty that they charge you for is ONLY for food and beverage stains. It provides that a technician must come to your house to check it. The technician is given a bonus if he rejects your claim. I have seen the emails that come to the store to tell them how much bonus the tech was paid each month. This caused an uproar with sales people in my store and Corporate turned around and made emails “unavailable” to anyone except the store manager. If you want furniture, spend your money with honest retailers. Don’t go there!!
Posted by Ron Tabb on 2013-05-07:
I have to agree with above comments. I spent about $8000 in 2010 and bought fabric protection on everything. Recently, I noticed stains on loveseat and sofa. I called RTG and they scheduled tech to go to house in two weeks. He saw stains that I pointed out to him and he attempted to clean and could not. He said I would hear from them in 3-5 days. Did not happen so I called them. They said tech wrote that everything OK. I told her that is not true. She demanded I email her pictures. I explained I did not have that capability. She said they would have to reschedule another tech to come out in two more weeks. Wow. The same tech came again and saw the spots. He took pictures and said I would hear from them in 3-5 days. Did not. 11 days I called them. Rep said they determined furniture was dirty and needed professionally cleaned at my expense. I did record the conversation. I visited the store manager and gave him two option, replace fabric or give me new furniture or I will take them to small claims court. Waiting on response.
Posted by Mani on 2013-10-30:
Their quality was not great and they are basically forcing protection plan and make extra 100 $ on already over priced items. They delivered damaged coffee table, before assembling we told to take it back, let left and asked her to call customer service, they sent a assessor to check the damage, then he approved replacement, next once again they delivered a damaged item, and took it back.. then never get back to us, after couple of follow they sent another replacement 3rd time once again damaged piece, now they are asking to send pictures. I am tired of Rooms to Go.
Posted by sonali on 2014-01-22:
We bought sleepers from Rooms to Go and they have horrible customer service. The sofa we bought started shedding fibers, and they replaced with another one of the same sofa type, and guess what--it started shedding again! When we called to notify, the tech who came out stated that this was expected and as for the ripped up pillows, he took out his needle and sewed them up. I called rooms to go to notify them that the product was of poor quality but was unable to get them to replace it. This is the first and most definitely the LAST time I will every buy from Rooms to Go. They need to work on providing better customer service
Posted by John on 2014-02-24:
IMPORTANT….. Concerning Leather and Fabric Protection !!!!

On your receipt THERE IS NO LINE ITEM for this expense. It just adds into the SubTotal line of your receipt. I think this is a TERRIBLE PRACTICE !!!
*In other words… If you purchase a 599.00 Chair…. The subtotal will read 649.00 then delivery and tax. Seems clear… unless you are buying a 7 pc set.

If a person is spending hard earned money… they should see a line item for their purchase. I was amazed that RTG could get away with this practice.

Posted by Jme on 2014-03-20:
It is working!!!! :o) I have seriously shopped at every furniture store in Jacksonville, Florida! I was scared to purchase from them yesterday from all the reviews on here. They NOW have the fabric protection include the cracks, peeling, and fading. I have one piece of furniture coming today from 7am-10pm. We bought the item 15 mins. before closing and I am not complaining about the time... because those guys made miracles happen to get it delivered the day after. I have a kids bed from a warehouse on the other end of the state in 2 weeks. I actually think you guys made them listen because the people there had all their ducks in a row. I asked about the fabric protection and even talk to the manager about it. Whatever you guys complained about worked! It was actually easy .. they even walk around with IPads to access information faster. It was actually quick and easy (shrugs)
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Appalling quality and no Customer Service
Posted by WLS on 07/06/2009
NORCROSS, GEORGIA -- Do not buy from Rooms to Go Kids!

At the beginning of May 2009, we purchased an “Ivy League Twin/Full Step Loft w/Desk” from Rooms to go Kids – value $1,200, not a trivial amount for Kids Furniture! Link to items: http://www.roomstogokids.com/index. cfm?fuseaction=ktg. showItem&ipac_id=19179

Despite our paying cash upfront for the furniture, it had almost a month wait on it. The associate processing the order bungled the delivery so instead of it being delivered second to last week of May, it got delivered first week of June, and then the real fun began.

The quality of the furniture was appalling. The stain was uneven through all the pieces; there were serious imperfections in the wood with it being damaged in some places; shaved and not even in others (it looked like the piece of wood was bad so they took off the damaged area and left the ‘square’ plank uneven; there were areas where there was no stain at all!; some parts of the wood had splintered where the bolts went it and was broken to pieces; the draws inside had huge splinters of wood about to break off into a child’s fingers if they happened to run it along the top of the drawer (!); the screws were finished with rubbers in the store to protect the wood when bolted together but when I asked the delivery people where they were, I was told that they were not provided (?). I went back to the store to look at the floor sample and it looked NOTHING like what I had in my bedroom at home. Nothing like it!

After complaining to Customer Service about the poor delivery, I was told that they would send a technician out to inspect the furniture, who diligently came out a week later and all he did was touch up some of the areas of poor stain, not even all of them, and when I spoke to him, he told me that the quality of the furniture was to manufacturer’s specifications and that kids furniture was not made the same as adult furniture???? When then did I pay adult prices for the furniture…

So after much complaining, RTGK said they would replace the imperfect items two weeks later after first inspecting it at the factory prior to delivery. The items came and were equally dissatisfactory as the original pieces. After more complaining, RTGK said they would send out another replacement for the furniture a week later, to the same deplorable quality and really not any sort of improvement to the terrible quality already in hand. When I send the third attempt back, Customer Service said they would not send any more replacements and that there was nothing wrong with the furniture because “the technician said so”. If you are wonder why I didn’t just get my money back, is because I had already purchased the rest of his furniture in his room to match that style and color, plus a twin and full mattress, so could not turn back at this point.

After 2 months of waiting, calls and time lost in trying to get mediocre quality replacements, RTGK Customer Service eventually offered a 10% settlement discount to keep the furniture as it – however, the caveat… “BY ACCEPTING THE 10% DISCOUNT FOR THEIR SUB-STANDARD QUALITY FURNITURE, YOU AGREE TO VOID THE REMAINDER OF THE MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY PERIOD (1 year). This is disgraceful Customer Service and really seems to be the store version of Bait-and-switch tactics.

I am still waiting for the agreement that I have to sign before I can get my 10% refund on their second-rate furniture, and thereby accept their junk furniture as-is from this moment on.

PLEASE, take my ordeal as a warning so that you don’t go through the same thing. It is not worth the time or effort. Their furniture is not up to any type of decent specifications and because it is kids furniture they think that they can get away with even lower standards than that. PLEASE go buy your cherished child’s furniture anywhere else by at Rooms to Go Kids.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-07-06:
Furniture for children should be made at a HIGHER standard than furniture for adults. Don't agree to those terms.

I suggest you file a BBB complaint here:
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-07-06:
Soaring, I never thought about that before, but you're absolutely right..furniture for children should be made, if not at the same standard as adult furniture..higher. They are rougher on it, and it could be a terrible safety hazard. Good answer!
Posted by nicole on 2012-09-19:
I am not even joking this exact same situation happen to me, we ordered the same bed as you along with the dresser. the dresser we have no issue with but the bed is a piece of crap, i wish i had researched this bed more. so unhappy.
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Harassing Extended Warranty Calls
Posted by Eye4neye on 02/23/2008
Warning !!! Do not buy from Rooms To Go! I have been getting phone calls on the hour for the past 3 day's about an extended warranty that I don't want! I have answered the phone twice and kindly told them no, and to please stop calling my cell phone/business line. They told me sorry and it won't happen again. Yeah right! These sorry @#!$%@'S keep on calling me.

Here is the number #1-813-703-0290 today is Saturday and I have had 3 calls already today. Is Rooms To Go that desperate to rip off America with these extended warranty plans. Rooms to go you are a rip off!!
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Delivering of defective/damaged merchandise
Posted by Katherinekay on 01/11/2006
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- In August I purchased an armoire and sofa to be delivered a week later. The armoire was damaged when received. I contacted the customer service department to set up an appointment. I took a day off of work as they will not make an appointment or provide you with a time frame any earlier than 2 days. The technician showed up, took one look and said the door would have to be replaced. I questioned this as the armoire is stained and it's impossible for a stained item to match another item that was stained separately. I was assured there would be no problem. I received a postcard from them indicating it would be 2-6 weeks for the part to be received. I called at 6 weeks and was told it would be 8 weeks. I called at 8 weeks and was told it could actually take 3-4 MONTHS for the piece to come in. Realizing my frustration (or to get me to go away) they decided to deliver a new armoire. I also requested at this time that a service call be made to look at my sofa as the color is fading onto everything. It's a burgundy color and everything in my house that touches the sofa turns pink. I have pink socks, shorts, shirts, pillow cases. You name it, it's pink. I was advised by the customer service agent that the person delivering the new armoire would also make the service call. I VERIFIED THIS AT LEAST 4 TIMES WITH THE REPRESENTATIVE!!!!

Today, I get a call that the service technician will be there between 8a-12n and the delivery truck will be there between 1p-5p. Now, I will have to reschedule the service call or the delivery as I am not able to spend an entire day sitting around waiting for a new armoire to be delivered when I know the service technician will tell me they will have to deliver a new sofa. I will never do business with Rooms to Go again and I would discourage anyone from doing business there.
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Posted by katherinekay on 2006-01-15:
UPDATE!!!!!! Well, the delivered the new armoire and sofa. The new sofa was delivered without the fabric protectant which I paid for on the original sofa and reconfirmed that it would be on the new sofa. The color on the new sofa still bleeds. The new armoire looks worse than the first one. The stain isn't anywhere near what the last one looked like. In fact, it looks like it had been sitting outside in the sun for months. The stain was missing in several places and it was very faded looking. I requested that the deliverers return the original one and I was told that I had to accept the new one. I called customer service and was told that as far as the armoire was concerned it's stained and that I would not be happy with anything they brought me and that in order for me to receive a new one I would have to first make an appointment for a service call (another day off of work) and then another appointment if a new one were to be delivered (another day off of work). I was also told I had to make another service call to have someone look at the sofa. Unbelievable. After my threats to call the BBB, I was told I could come to the store and pick out a new sofa, which I did. There was no offer of a discount or anything for my convenience. As far as the armoire goes, I purchased a can of stain and some rags and restained it myself. It was absolutely amazing what a little can of stain did. It looks so much better which is surprising since this was the first time I have ever stained anything!
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Posted by Blownoff on 10/30/2004
NORTH CAROLINA -- Since 1999 I have attempted to resolve a dispute with Rooms to Go, their finance company Household Bank, Na and now a collection agency named Sherman Acquisitions. I opened the account on October 31,1999. On October 31,1999 I purchased a complete berdroom set when it was delivered the molding on the footboard was completly detached from the footboard, I received a cherry oak siderail when the bedroom group was sandlewood, the sandlewood siderail had dents in it as well as white paint skuffed in several different places on it, and the metal slat supports that go under th bed were missing. I asked the delivery people to take the furniture back and send the order when it is corrected, I was told that they could not take furniture back once it is off the truck. I would have to contact customer service. Between the November delivery date and January 15,2000 I tried in good faith to return the damaged goods but again was told by the delivery people that they were not allowed to put stuff back on the truck once it was taken of so I would have to contact customer servic. Customerservice told me that they don't take returns, due to that I then attempted to come to an reasonable resolution to receiving damaged goods, an incomplete order, missed delivery dates (on five different occasions) and terrible customer service but was unable to get assistance from the Rooms to Go’s "customer satisfaction team", I went to their University City showroom in Charlotte on January 16,2000 and spoke with store manager Bill ****. I explained to Mr. **** what went on and after some negotiation I was offered a $400.00 store. I asked Mr. **** for a day to think about it since I had gotten damaged furniture the first go round, and he granted me that. On January 17, 2000 I returned to the RTG show room to accept the $400.00 store credit. When I went to the store I spoke with salesman Rick ****. Mr. **** informed me that Mr. **** was not on the premises but stated that he needed to speak with the office staff to verify my story and would assist me from there. Mr. *** came back and informed me that his staff was aware of my situation but Mr. **** left notes that I was only authorized a $300.00 store credit. I was livid because it was $100.00 less that what he promised me the day before needless to say I felt powerless and did not know what to do. I walked around the store for a while looking for a $300.00 item that I was willing to accept and found nothing, I decided on a 5 piece dinette set selling for $477.00. Mr. **** processed my order and at the conclusion of the sale had worked out a deal so that I paid an additional $36.72 for the dinette set, delivery and fabric protection for the chairs so the account balance would be increased only by $101.71. Delivery was set for January 26,2000 between 11 am and 3pm. On January 26 the dinette set was delivered on time, however the table was damaged. The table corners were badly smashed in and one the seat backs was separated from the chair. I called customer service and was treated rudely but I did manage to get a delivery date and time set up. The delivery was set for Saturday February 5th between 3 and 7 p.m. On February 5th the replacements for the dinette set and damaged chair were to be delivered. This time THREE corners of the table were smashed in and no replacement chair was received. I called customer service and they scheduled February 12th for the next delivery date. February 12 came and I waited all day and no delivery showed up. I left for work at 7:05 p.m. when I arrived home from work an sorry we missed you note was on my door stating that an attempt was made to deliver at 7:20pm. I again called Customer Service but this time demanded that they come get all of the damaged furniture, since their solution to compensate their damages turned out to be a flop but was told that they do not take returns. Due to the fact that I was unable to get the problem resolved with Rooms to Go in March of 2000 I decided to file a dispute with their finance company Household Retail services. I sent Household Retail services a statement of chronological events with dates, times and names of every person that I encountered between October 31,1999 to February 2000. In May 2004 I received a letter dated May 19,2000 signed by Mr. Paul **** customer service Representative ruling in my favor for in the dispute. This resulted in the account being credited for the full amounts of $201.74 and $1956.98 total $2158.72 and closed which let the account at a $0.00 balance In October of 2000 RTG contacted me attempting to get me to sign a “Customer Charge back Authorization” form or send them a check for the full amount that was credited by their finance company. The form stated that I was to sign stating that I was happy with resolution that Rooms to go gave which was the damaged dinette set and chairs to compensate for the damaged bedroom set. Because that statement was untrue I declined both attempts that were made to charge back the amount that was disputed and or re-open the account. In 2001 I pulled my credit and the account was closed with a $0.00 balance. In April 2003 I was preparing to qualify for my first home and discovered that the account had been re-opened, charged off and sold to Sherman Acquisitions for collections. Since April of 2003 I have spoken with Household Retail services, Sherman Acquisitions, the Better Business of Charlotte and two of the three credit reporting agencies that will not remove the account from my credit report. Trans Union Deleted the account in 2002 and has not allowed it to be reentered to my credit file. The collection agency and the CRA' keep telling me that the 13 pages of documentation proving that the account was fraudently re-opened is not sufficient to remove the account from collections and or delete it from my credit file. I am now faced with not being able to close on my home in December if this is not resolved by then. I CAUTION anyone from buying or receiving ANYTHING from Rooms To Go even if it was free.
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Posted by hardroc on 2005-09-29:
You can refuse any delivery of furniture!!!
NEVER,NEVER let a driver tell you that you HAVE to except the delivery. It is your home, and NOONE can barge in with a divery. Most policies for furniture co's say that all the driver has to do is get it in the front door,and not promise that the furniture will fit into any specific room. Furniture left in the front yard is NOT a delivery. It is illegal dumping. If in doubt,,call the police!! Also,, You don't have to sign a damn thing. And noone can make you!
Posted by hardroc on 2005-09-29:
You can refuse any delivery of furniture!!!
NEVER,NEVER let a driver tell you that you HAVE to except the delivery. It is your home, and NOONE can barge in with a delivery. Most policies for furniture co's say that all the driver has to do is get it in the front door,and not promise that the furniture will fit into any specific room. Furniture left in the front yard is NOT a delivery. It is illegal dumping. If in doubt,,call the police!! Also,, You don't have to sign a damn thing. And noone can make you!
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Rooms to Go can GO!
Posted by Jsereb on 02/07/2006
Don't waste your time with this poorly run company. In October we ordered a chair, dresser, bed and end table. We were told it would be delivered the end of November since it was not in stock. Fine, since there was no rush for us to have it earlier. They called the end of November and said we were scheduled for delivery in two days. Well, my wife and I both work and could not sit around for the truck. They were totally not helpful to give either a time frame for that day's delivery or to reschedule for a different day. The attitude was, either take delivery or the furniture will be given to someone else and you will have to wait for the next shipment of your furniture.
Fast forward now to the end of December, since the November delivery could not be coordintated. Now they tell us that it will be deliverered on 12/30 between 12-5. Great! Now we have a time frame for the truck and will finally get our furniture. Well, after sitting home all afternoon, we call customer service (oxymoron since they do not give any service to a customer) at about 4:30 to make sure it is still on its way. The rep says that they can't do anything until after the scheduled time. OK then, we will call back at 5! At 5:15 the rep can't give us any answers and gives us the trucker's cell phone number and he is at least 5 hours away!! But Mr. Truck Driver says he will be there by 8:00 PM! First of all who gets a delivery at 8:00 at night? Secondly, how is he going to make it in 3 hours when he is 300 miles away? The driver can't explain how and neither could the Customer Rep.
FINALLY, at 10:30 PM the truck pulls up to the house. They bring in the furniture, we look it all over, and the footboard for the bed is damaged and a leg for the dresser is too! WOW, what a surprise that this was not going to be over with! Rooms To Go says a "repair technician" will come out. A missed appointment later, the tech today,looks at the furniture and says "you need new pieces" and he will notify the company and they should contact us within 5 days!

Well, we have waited this long....

Do yourself a favor and run very quickly away from this company. If you want customer service, helpful employees, quick delivery or any other type of positive experience .... shop with ANY other company.
I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy!

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Posted by guchiedad on 2006-02-09:
hm. I wonder if they are a division of Levitz. Sounds awfully familiar...
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StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star
Posted by Angelacat77 on 08/25/2012
BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- It takes something of great magnitude to get a complaint out of me and Rooms To Go really stunned me today. I read mixed reviews prior to visiting the Baton Rouge, LA. showroom. I am really kicking myself for giving them a chance. They have a wonderful selection for kids arranged in a beautiful setting. The saleslady was extremely nice, I found the perfect sets for my 15 y/o son and 5 y/o daughter. I didn't want the furniture immediately so waiting a few weeks for delivery was not an issue.

I am not one to flash my money but I spent $4,000.00 on a full/twin bunk bed set with desk/storage attachments, daybed with trundle/matching desk/accent chest/canopy, lamp, 2 desk chairs, 4 mattresses, and an additional desk. Well that is what the saleslady and I discussed and how my order should have been. In translating my A la cart receipt later that day I noticed a desk chair was left off.

I made another 30 mile round trip visit and waited 2 hours for the saleslady to add/charge me for the chair since ordering online required another delivery/setup fee. The bulk of the delivery was today and so many things went wrong starting with the delivery guys getting lost by going exactly where I stated not to go. One desk chair was broken so the guys are returning it and ordering another one, the second desk chair was put together backwards. I received 2 mattresses instead of the 4 I thought I paid for however Customer Service insisted I did not order them and advised me to visit my original saleslady.

The purpose of the entire purchase was to provide space for my children to have friends stay the night so not purchasing the additional mattresses is absolutely absurd. The pins to assemble the bunk beds were not included therefore the entire set remains disassembled. Customer Service informed me they will be shipping them Monday and I will have them Tuesday so that I may assemble the set myself despite having paid them to assemble it.

Customer Service for the online store is not a pleasure to do business with either. I ordered a bedding set for my daughter that should have arrived within 7-10 business days. On the 10th business day I emailed a request for delivery status, in response I was informed they were out of stock and that an email was sent to me shortly after I placed the order. I did not receive an out of stock email from them. If I had then I wouldn't be questioning delivery status. Bottom line this company is an absolute NIGHTMARE to conduct business with!
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Posted by Koncerned 1 on 2013-06-19:
I too had a horrible experience with this store and advice everyone I can to steer clear!
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Bar in Sleeper Sofa Causes Back Pain
Posted by Rommell on 10/15/2011
PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA -- My wife and I bought $4,000 worth of furniture from Rooms to Go a year or so ago. A few weeks ago we went to their store in Panama City, Florida to purchase a Cindy Crawford Sleeper sofa for our condo. It was delivered and when we tried it out for a few minutes the bar caused my back to hurt for two days. We had tried the sofa on a showroom floor and it was comfortable. We also purchased a $150 mattress upgrade (posturepedic).
I contacted the customer service number and a tech (what a joke) was sent to our condo. He told us that he didn't know anything about sleeper sofas, but that he could feel the stiffness in the mattress. He told us that buying the upgraded mattress probably added to the problem. He also said if we ordered a hundred of these they would all be the same.
The next day Patty with Rooms to Go called to tell us that the technician found no problem with our sleeper sofa. As a matter of principal I will not let this go. The technician and the woman who called back the next day were poor representatives of this company. I know for a fact that there have been similar complaints concerning the uncomfortable bar under the mattress.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-10-16:
Sometimes techs tell the customer what they want to hear and then report something different to the company. I've had that happen to me. It's very frustrating, and there's not much you can do about it except perhaps ask them to send someone else.

Since you noticed the problem immediately, can the sofa be returned? Or maybe you can dispute the charge with your credit card company. That will get their attention and may be an incentive to help you.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-10-16:
"V09" made a good suggestion - if this has been used only a few minutes I would try my best to get them to take it back.

A "Cindy Crawford Sleeper Sofa" sounds heavenly, but not as much so as 15 years ago. I bet her name wasn't on them back then - the tragedies of youth.

Did you try the same model in the store for a couple of minutes? It's too bad the issue wasn't noticed. Sleeper sofas aren't known for their comfort.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-10-16:
Very good point trmn8r. Sleeper sofas are not known for their comfort.

I'd be surprised if disputing the charge, in this case and assuming the purchase was made on a credit card, would have any effect.
Posted by Skye on 2011-10-16:
We recently visited family, and my husband and I slept on their brand new sleeper sofa, and even with the top notch mattress that was on it, it was not the best sleep. It was a thick mattress and still felt that bar. Not pleasant.

How about contacting the manufacturer, to see if they will do anything for you.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-10-17:
If I understand this correctly, the sofa they tried in the store did not have the upgraded mattress and was comfortable. Apparently the better mattress made it worse. Obviously, that was not something the OP anticipated. I think RTG should either switch the mattress, if that's possible, or let them exchange the sofa for one with the regular mattress.
Posted by Bama on 2012-08-26:
I just purchased a Cindy Crawford sleeper sofa. There was a giant sticker on mine that said to remove the reinforcement bar before use. Did you do this? Because if not, that might be the bar that is hurting your back so badly. And why the showroom one felt comfortable.
Posted by Logo20 on 2013-04-29:
We also have this uncomfortable sleeper sofa and we did see the remove reinforcement bar but can't figure out which one to remove. Can anyone tell us which is the bar to remove and how to remove it properly. I'd SO appreciate it.
Posted by chellybelly on 2013-07-05:
Please HELP, which bar do you remove!!
Posted by lyde on 2014-01-10:
they sell junk you are paying for there advertising not quality furniture
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NO Return policy!!!!
Posted by Ginnafive on 11/25/2012
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Bought a mattress from Rooms to Go. Don't do it!! It's been a nightmare! Slept on it for 2 nights. Very uncomfortable my hips and back hurt! Called customer service wanting to exchange it. Very, Very rude customer service employee told me they have a "NO RETURN Policy" and I was "stuck with the $1300 purchase". She claimed it was all in the paperwork which I read and never found!! The store saleswoman claimed she was told not to tell the customer about this fact unless specifically asked! The store FINALLY did make good and replaced the mattress after making me keep it for 2 weeks and then incredibly delivering a wrong second mattress!Finally a month after purchase (and $152 more delivery fee) the right mattress was delivered and I'm sleeping well but I will not never again shop at Rooms to Go! Sad because I've been a very long term customer!
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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-11-26:
Not to take sides with this review, it is important to point out a very poor assumption that this consumer made -- that the customer is somehow ENTITLED to a refund. Unless documented within the process of the purchase, and thereby being able to show it became a condition of the sale, the purchaser does not have the right to undo the sale; anymore than the seller has the right to contact the customer and determine he/she wants the merchandise returned.
Posted by R U Kidding on 2013-06-18:
That's ridiculous. You should be able to return ANYTHING you buy, it's not "entitlement" - it's called good customer service. I have been in retail for over 25 years, it's how things are done. I am looking for bunk beds now and was set on getting a great full size set with a trundle and three mattresses, it will be nearly $2,000. There is no way I am buying from RTG after reading these reviews. OMG. Really? Not happening. Who operates like that???
Posted by kiki on 2013-09-01:
yes rooms to go have bad customer service. I will never go buy anything from RTG. hhhh wow no return
Posted by Stacey on 2013-10-27:
I just had a similar experience and I am absolutely shocked. No return policy?? This is ridiculous! I will never shop there again as well!
Posted by Jason on 2013-11-21:
To comment on the first writer's response, it is not as cut and dry and that writer is making it seem. If there is no return policy, but a return policy is a common practice within the industry, the customer may be relying on this and you could argue that RTG should tell clients of their deviation from industry norms. Also, if the bed hurts to sleep on it then it might not pass the implied warranty for merchantability, since it would not be suitable for its ordinary use (sleeping). Basically it is not as cut and dry as that person made it out to seem. If you feel that what they are doing you should fight for what you think is right.
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Poor quality and service
Posted by Thelittlesparkplug on 10/31/2009
FRIENDSWOOD, TEXAS -- I purchased a 7 piece set from the Cindy Crawford collection just over a year ago. I can't begin to relay the poor construction of the furniture. Once, I leaned against the arm rest of the sofa and I heard it crack. The tear drop style lamps from the set are clear glass and are filthy inside. To make matters worse, the lamps are sealed and cannot be taken apart to be cleaned. One of the delivery drivers broke a leg on the table during assembly. I waited to see if he would say anything since I heard it break. He didn't and when I asked him about it, he told me to call customer service and they would take care of it. Their version of taking care of it was to send me a replacement leg via UPS and replace it myself. I paid for the delivery so that they would assemble the furniture because I had no tools. Given that I had just started chemotherapy before buying the furniture, I didn't have the energy or time to fully pursue a complaint with RTG. I'll not be paying for the furniture, they are more than welcome to come pick it up and I'll use my $2000 to buy furniture somewhere else. I recently saw the salesperson from RTG working at Room Store. As I told her about the poor quality, she just began to tell me horror stories about their products. While I was glad to know it wasn't only my experience, she told me she left about a month after I made my purchase. I know people need to make a living but she knowingly sold me furniture that was of the poorest possible quality. I'm certainly never buying from her no matter where she works since she clearly has no integrity. Do you think Cindy Crawford knows about the crap they're slapping her name on?
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Posted by Ytropious on 2009-11-01:
Rooms to go seems really overpriced, but that's just me. I wonder how the inside of the lamp got dirty if there's no opening? That's pretty odd.
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