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Was Actually Cool Experience! They Are Listening to You Guys :)
Posted by Theblondejme on 03/20/2014
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- It is working and I had a positive experience :o) I have seriously shopped at every furniture store in Jacksonville, Florida! I read all the reviews before I purchase furniture or basically anything. I was scared to purchase from them yesterday from all the reviews here. I asked them every single concern that was on here from the delivery, tech coming out, customer service care, to the actual fabric because I was nervous. They NOW have the fabric protection include the cracks, peeling, and fading and not just leather conditioner or just spills.(yay) I have one piece of furniture coming 2 days from purchasing from 7am-10pm. LOL note the time. We bought the furniture 15 mins. before closing and the guy actually pulled up a calendar.

We could now pick out delivery dates. The calendar showed the available times for the rest of the month. I have a kids bed coming from a warehouse on the other end of the state in 2 weeks. I actually think you guys made them listen because the people there had all their ducks in a row. I asked about the fabric protection and even talk to the manager about it. Whatever you guys complained about worked! It was actually easy .. they even walk around with IPads to access information faster for people. It was actually quick and easy (shrugs)

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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Jamieann1110 on 03/18/2014
NEWNAN, GEORGIA -- My husband and I began searching for new furniture several weeks ago. Our first day of looking we went into several furniture retail stores with the same experience at most. We would tell the associates that we were just looking and would ask for help if we needed. I know most furniture store associates work on commission and I did not want them to waste their time on us unless we were making a decision and I knew we were not ready to make a final decision that day.

We then went into RTG and began browsing. We told the sales associates the same thing that we told all the others. The first day we went to RTG (a Saturday) they were too busy to pay much attention to us. That was fine with us because as I mentioned we were just browsing at this point but it did make it a little more difficult to really look so we decided to come back. We went back on a Monday morning when it was substantially less crowded which made it difficult (nearly impossible) to browse without associates coming up trying to talk us into a more expensive sofa than the one we were looking at or printing out pages of information on living room sets that we had no interested in. We mentioned again we were just browsing and we were not ready to make a decision. My husband and I were attempting to discuss among ourselves what decision we would make and the associate would not give us the time or space to do so. We then decided to leave the store to go home and look online and discuss. The associate got visibly frustrated that we were leaving without purchasing (despite us saying upfront we were just browsing not ready to purchase) so we decided if we did order it would be online.

I placed an order on RTG online after a few more days of online browsing and was asked to complete a bizrate survey at the end. I completed the survey expressing my dissatisfaction with the in store process and was also asked how long I was having to wait for delivery (3 weeks). The 3 week wait was frustrating but dealing with the associates was much more so. I received a call about my bizrate survey and my "dissatisfaction with delivery time" and was told there was no sooner delivery time available. My dissatisfaction with customer service was never addressed. So we began our 3 week wait for furniture.

On the day of delivery I called RTG to find out if the 4 hour window might be narrowed down at any point (perhaps by the driver calling as has been the case in most major deliveries or installations I have received the last couple of years). The customer service representative told me it would not be narrowed down and if no one was there within 15 minutes of the driver arriving then the furniture would not be delivered. While I understand the policy the way the information was given to me was with little care and I later found out there was an option to "perhaps" receive a call an hour before although it was not guarantee. However, this representative did not give me that information. I then called back the customer service representative (Melissa) who originally called about my bizrate survey. I thought that after reading the survey and seeing the frustration with the associates in store, the fairly long wait time, and then the frustrating dealing with the customer service that morning she might care to know more about a customer's experience. I could not have been more wrong.

As seems to be the norm with RTG customer service she had little interest in my concerns. At this point I began to get very frustrated. My frustration was with the lack of service and/or caring exhibited by the customer service representatives. She told me the drivers could not call ahead because they could not call while with a customer and could not call while driving. Both excellent points but as I told Melissa, many other companies manage to do so by perhaps calling after finishing with one appointment but before leaving for the next. She said she could not speak for anyone's policies except RTG but then went on to say that she has "never received a call ahead from any company" (which to me seems to be speaking for other companies' policies). I told her the delivery was only part of my frustration and I was more frustrated with the lack of care any customer service representative has shown about the negative experience I have had with the company. She responded that SHE was not being rude and because I did not know the names of the representatives in the store there was nothing she could do. She also expressed multiple times she could not help me because I was angry (I never cursed, yelled, or name called simply expressed my strong dissatisfaction that grew stronger as the lack of service from the "customer service representative" continued). I expressed that I was looking for some acknowledgment that I am a customer and some caring at my dissatisfaction or an apology would be great. She then said if I was looking for compensation she could not offer me that. The final resolution was she could offer a non-guaranteed call ahead from the driver or cancel my order.

My furniture arrived well within the four hour time frame and I even received a call 20 minutes before arrival (although it didn't really help as a non guaranteed call still means I had to miss work whereas if I would have known of the call I could have easily gone to work and returned home in time). My husband and I spent lots of time emptying/cleaning/preparing the rooms where the furniture would be going and removing hindrances to the process of bringing in the furniture (including moving other pieces of furniture that might be in the path and taking baby gates off of the hinges).

The living room furniture was placed haphazardly into the room with the pillows left thrown on the floor still in plastic. The delivery crew then moved on to the sofa that was going downstairs and I was promptly told the furniture would likely not fit through the door frame. And he then spent a few more minutes expressing how difficult it was going to be (I thought we paid for delivery for a reason). I showed him the much larger sofa we had just moved into the garage a few days before that had been moved through those same door frames to which he replied it was a different type of sofa. The sofa we ordered did in fact fit through the door frames and was placed into the room (in less than 10 minutes mind you so not too difficult). He then got me to sign saying I received my furniture. After walking out he then knocked back on the door asking for a disposable fork to eat his lunch (I didn't have a disposable fork but I gave him a plastic one out of my dishwasher that he then asked to wash in the sink). When leaving this time he left the door leading outside open continuing to show little regard for the customer's home.

No representative of Rooms to Go has expressed any regret over the fact that a customer is dissatisfied and has decided to no longer be a patron of your establishment. My issues are not with RTG policies and procedures themselves but how I have been treated by every person who is suppose to represent RTG (sales associates, customer service representatives, and delivery crew). I understand that we all have bad days so if it was just one experience with one representative I would not feel the need write this but every person I encountered that represents RTG was at the least disinterested in my satisfaction and at the most outright rude.I would hope a company would feel the need to make sure a customer is heard, even if they cannot satisfy every desire, which is the exact opposite of what happened. I did not feel my complaints were heard, acknowledged, and definitely not addressed.
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Delivery Time Frame Is Horrible, Horrible Customer Service Experience
Posted by CAMPILLO.MIRIAM on 03/18/2014
JENSEN BEACH, FLORIDA -- They advertise same day delivery, maybe if you buy a floor lamp and take it with you. We purchased sofa and chair, promised in two weeks. Kept calling for update during 2 months, finally scheduled appt. For delivery requested any time after 10am. Said they cannot schedule like that in the "rooms to go world". Customer service reps were very unprofessional and just right mean. Like they did not care and not able to assist. If I want to schedule another delivery date without any time windows option I have to wait another week.

Horrible, horrible service. Cant imagine what would happen if I had a warranty problem with the furniture.

Canceled our order and went to ashley furniture.
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Screwed Up Delivery. They lie..
Posted by Cliff621 on 01/31/2014
We got screwed. They finally delivered our merchandise around midnight - it was damaged and still over month later and after numerous calls still not repaired. I asked for the delivery fee to be returned and they refused. Worse they say it isn't their fault. They are a scam..

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Very Shady. Should Have Known Something Was Up When They Kept Whispering to Us!!
Posted by Tesinko on 01/13/2014
We wanted to exchange the carpet for a lighter color. We were treated like 2nd class citizens and sent to the far corner of the store to be dealt with. This was all whispered to us of course. Then we were told it would cost us $ to have the carpet switched out.
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Poor Customer Service, Response and Quality
Posted by Ldba23 on 12/26/2013
I have sent countless emails over the last 6 months to no avail about the poor quality of my couch. After finally speaking to someone I was told too bad and that I waited too long. I am so disappointed in the lack of customer service and unwillingness to help me exchange my purchase for something even more expensive. It's sad that they don't care about loosing a customer after 15+ years.
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I Purchased An Electric Recliner 1 Year 5 Months Ago And Now It Is Not Working
Posted by Chaversb7 on 12/19/2013
Rooms to Go told me I needed to find someone to fix it. They could not tell me who I could get to fix it. They were not obligated to do anything. So be careful what you buy from them. They will definitely rip you off... Then they will not help you when it breaks after a year...
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Misleading and Rude
Posted by Chris.sulli13 on 11/25/2013
SPRING, TEXAS -- I purchased my furniture from the woodlands store on Saturday 11/23. The delivery was then scheduled for Monday 11/25. Before purchase the sales representative told me the delivery people would not call before they delivered the furniture and they would show up anywhere from 7 AM till 10 PM that day. Because of this I asked if it was ok if I had my 13 year old nephew sign for the delivery so I would not have to miss a full day of work just for the delivery. The sales representative said that was fine. Then when Monday came around my phone must not have had signal for a little while because all of the sudden I had 4 voice mails saying I had to have someone of at least 18 years of age to sign for the furniture and they provided a different number in 3 of them for me to call back.

The first one I tried never even went through, the second was an automated system for the woodlands store that never went to an actual person or ever told you to press a number to do anything, and finally the last number was, I believe, the personal number of the sales representative I had. It was not until the second time I called that third number that I was even able to talk to anyone. After talking to the rep, she told me to call the second number, so I told her I already did, but it never gave me an option to do anything. She told me I actually had to press 0 to talk to someone. This is something I would not have known unless someone told me. This number got me in touch with the woodlands store where I asked to speak to a manager.

The manager told me there was nothing he could do to help me other than call me the next day at the earliest with the next possible time they could deliver the furniture (which would be next week at the earliest). On top of not being helpful, the manager's voice was obviously being rude. After not being helped by the store I called the first number again. After 15 tries the number finally worked. This was the customer service. The customer service also said they could do nothing for me, but at least she contacted dispatch to see if the drivers were still in the area. This was about 2 hours after the delivery men came. If I would have had help when I first sought it out it would have been about 45 minutes after they were there and they may have still been in the area.

For a company that says they are so interested in customer satisfaction, the process to get any kind of help was way more than it should have been.

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Posted by andbran on 2013-11-26:
i think it was wrong for the rep. to tell you it was ok for a 13 year to sign for delivery that probably boderlines on being a legal document.
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Deceptive Salesman, Dismissive Management, Horrible Experience
Posted by Llhennessee on 11/23/2013
WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- We visited our local Rooms To Go store in Wilmington, NC to purchase at least two rooms of new furniture. Before my visit, I'd printed off several items I was interested in. Greg, was our salesman. He greeted us when we went in the store, advised he could help us, and promptly disappeared while we looked around. After we'd decided on the pieces, I went to find Greg. We discussed our furniture and then looked at the living room set. It was the Angelo Bay set, sale priced advertised at approximately 1000.00 as a 3 piece set. The room setup showed a recliner, end tables, sofa with chaise and ottoman. During our conversation, we expressly asked if the recliner was included in the price for the set. We were told it did. It was advertised that you could get a television as well. At no time did Greg mention that the TV Package was an additional 688.00. His sales info was extremely deceptive. This turned out to be a major issue- of course, when we received the furniture, there was no recliner- it was NOT included in the package, and there was nothing that could be done.

The second issue was with my nightstands. I'd previously purchased a bedroom set from RTG and needed more stands. Greg told us that the original set was discontinued, but he could get comparable nightstands. I mentioned to him that my set is black and would need black. He stated he could get them with no issue. When my furniture arrived, the truck had wooden nightstands, in the wrong finish. When we contacted Greg and Mike to advise- we were told that the stands didn't come in black (and they also asked "Can't you use the walnut stands?" No, I can't. It's not what will match, what I wanted, or what should have been ordered.) We had to call the store multiple times with absolutely NO resolve. Mike told us at least twice that there is nothing that can be done about our errors....his suggestion? Use the money we spent on the stands to buy the recliner! No thank you. I will never order anything from Rooms to Go in Wilmington.

The sales experience with Greg was absolutely horrible. Such a shame, because my last order with Charles at the same store was wonderful. If this is how they treat a 5500.00 that was paid, in full, on purchase....I would hate to see how they treat customers who purchase only one or two items at the time. This store and this company, it seems, doesn't care after they get the money in pocket.
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Posted by Paul on 2013-11-24:
Was what you printed deceptive, or were you given wrong information verbally? Looking at the RTG website, the Angelo Bay comes in either a 3 piece or 6 piece, but the 6 piece is not pictured or described. There is no recliner in the pictures of the 3 piece.

The key is what is listed on the contract that you signed. It seems to me that it should list all the items so there is no confusion. If the set is "3 piece," there should be 3 pieces - no more and no less. It blows my mind that you were expecting to receive a recliner, only to find out you were not getting one.

Again, my guess would be that the finish should be listed on the contract...
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Squeaky Furniture Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Ncsugrad2000 on 11/19/2013
NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I recently purchased the Dumont King Bedroom set from your store in Charleston, SC. However, within the first night the bed was loudly squeaking any time anybody moved in the bed. As I am a light sleeper, this is absolutely not acceptable especially considering the price of the bed. I immediately contacted Rooms To Go Customer Service in order to have a technician come look at the bed, and was told nobody could come look at the bed for another two weeks. That unfortunately meant another two weeks of sleepless nights with continuously getting woken up throughout the night.

To make matters worse, when the technician did finally arrive at the scheduled 4 hour time window he was by himself. He proceeded to look at the bed and confirm that it did indeed squeak very loudly, but that it was a two person job and we'd need to schedule yet another time window where we would have to set aside another 4 hours to sit at the house. Our order showed the size of the bed we had, and the problem we had so there is no reason why two people should not have been sent the first time, the reassembly of a king size bed of that size is always going to be a two person job. After setting up another appointment we waited the entire time window and nobody arrived. Upon inquiring we were told the driver called and when nobody answered, he chose to not leave a voicemail and just not show up at all. Once again we scheduled another 4 hour time window and yet again nobody showed up and not a single missed call this time.

At this point I am done dealing with customer service and inquired about just having the defective furniture picked up for a refund since Rooms To Go is too incompetent to rectify the problem, but was told we couldn't do so without a technician looking at the furniture. Well a technician did look at the furniture already the first time and confirmed the problem, we just can't get a technician to come to correct the problem.
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