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Furniture Shopper Beware!!
Posted by on
PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA -- It would be a shame to rate this business anything less than horrible. They do not even deserve that. The customer service is over with as soon as they are done bending you across the counter. Any mistakes made with the order, or something isn't quite right, you are responsible for shipping,(at a super inflated rate) if they will even exchange it. The merchandise they sell looks good on the floor, but is of very poor quality. It is so bad that when asked the name of manufacturer It is answered "we have it custom built in Italy to our specifications" The warranty is over as quickly as the customer service. You call the store for customer support after the sale, you are given an 1800# in Swamiland.

Any problems they will send a "tech " to appraise the damage/defect. You will quickly receive a call claiming "It has been damaged during home use". The hitech leather preservative protector they sale you is the same stuff as Hein Gierke Leather Treatment mfg. in Ga. and available in any motorcycle shop for a few bucks a bottle. It will not do near what the salesmen claim. We spent over 5 grand with them, and it is deeply regretted. They will not stand behind even a $200.00 Tiffany knockoff lamp shade that was improperly soldered and fell apart.

Not even going to bother with the TV stand of "select hardwoods and veneers with hand rubbed lacquer" that the paint is just flaking off of. God forbid a year or so down the road other stuff falls apart, just have to duct tape it and patch it or kick it to the curb. Ask around, Google reviews through Yahoo and others before you shop there.

We found out the hard way afterwards and have found nothing positive about anyone's shopping experience there. Everyone we spoke with had negative to hostile comments. DON'T GET BURNED AS WE DID. Our money is hard earned, it takes a lot of saving and sacrifice for a purchase like this.

Spend your money at some other store, or better yet buy antique American made furniture. Much much better quality than this imported crap, and the warranty is just as good.
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Bar in Sleeper Sofa Causes Back Pain
Posted by on
PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA -- My wife and I bought $4,000 worth of furniture from Rooms to Go a year or so ago. A few weeks ago we went to their store in Panama City, Florida to purchase a Cindy Crawford Sleeper sofa for our condo. It was delivered and when we tried it out for a few minutes the bar caused my back to hurt for two days. We had tried the sofa on a showroom floor and it was comfortable. We also purchased a $150 mattress upgrade (posturepedic).
I contacted the customer service number and a tech (what a joke) was sent to our condo. He told us that he didn't know anything about sleeper sofas, but that he could feel the stiffness in the mattress. He told us that buying the upgraded mattress probably added to the problem. He also said if we ordered a hundred of these they would all be the same.
The next day Patty with Rooms to Go called to tell us that the technician found no problem with our sleeper sofa. As a matter of principal I will not let this go. The technician and the woman who called back the next day were poor representatives of this company. I know for a fact that there have been similar complaints concerning the uncomfortable bar under the mattress.
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Venice09 on 2011-10-16:
Sometimes techs tell the customer what they want to hear and then report something different from the company. I've had that happen to me. It's very frustrating, and there's not much you can do about it except perhaps ask them to send someone else.

Since you noticed the problem immediately, can the sofa be returned? Or maybe you can dispute the charge with your credit card company. That will get their attention and may be an incentive to help you.
trmn8r on 2011-10-16:
"V09" made a good suggestion - if this has been used only a few minutes I would try my best to get them to take it back.

A "Cindy Crawford Sleeper Sofa" sounds heavenly, but not as much so as 15 years ago. I bet her name wasn't on them back then - the tragedies of youth.

Did you try the same model in the store for a couple of minutes? It's too bad the issue wasn't noticed. Sleeper sofas aren't known for their comfort.
At Your Service on 2011-10-16:
Very good point trmn8r. Sleeper sofas are not known for their comfort.

I'd be surprised if disputing the charge, in this case and assuming the purchase was made on a credit card, would have any effect.
Skye on 2011-10-16:
We recently visited family, and my husband and I slept on their brand new sleeper sofa, and even with the top notch mattress that was on it, it was not the best sleep. It was a thick mattress and still felt that bar. Not pleasant.

How about contacting the manufacturer, to see if they will do anything for you.
Venice09 on 2011-10-17:
If I understand this correctly, the sofa they tried in the store did not have the upgraded mattress and was comfortable. Apparently the better mattress made it worse. Obviously, that was not something the OP anticipated. I think RTG should either switch the mattress, if that's possible, or let them exchange the sofa for one with the regular mattress.
Bama on 2012-08-26:
I just purchased a Cindy Crawford sleeper sofa. There was a giant sticker on mine that said to remove the reinforcement bar before use. Did you do this? Because if not, that might be the bar that is hurting your back so badly. And why the showroom one felt comfortable.
Logo20 on 2013-04-29:
We also have this uncomfortable sleeper sofa and we did see the remove reinforcement bar but can't figure out which one to remove. Can anyone tell us which is the bar to remove and how to remove it properly. I'd SO appreciate it.
chellybelly on 2013-07-05:
Please HELP, which bar do you remove!!
lyde on 2014-01-10:
they sell junk you are paying for there advertising not quality furniture
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Do NOT buy from Rooms To Go
Posted by on
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Hopefully others will read reviews and avoid RTG. They provide awful service and do not seem to care about it. We spent nearly $1800 on 1 mattress/cover/tax and have still not received the correct mattress after 3 failed deliveries. They delivered the wrong mattress twice, Carolina Embrace (about $1200) instead of the Carolina Caress ($1600) and the one time they delivered the correct mattress it was torn. To make matters worse they only deliver on Tuesdays in Beaumont TX (and absolutely refuse to deliver after work or on a weekend) so we either have to take off work or pay someone to be at the house every time. On top of their complete incompetence they have done absolutely nothing to try to make it right. We have spent hours on the phone with ... RTG. They provide awful service and do not seem to care about it. We spent nearly $1800 on 1 mattress/cover/tax and have still not received the correct mattress after 3 failed deliveries. They delivered the wrong mattress twice, Carolina Embrace (about $1200) instead of the Carolina Caress ($1600) and the one time they delivered the correct mattress it was torn. To make matters worse they only deliver on Tuesdays in Beaumont TX (and absolutely refuse to deliver after work or on a weekend) so we either have to take off work or pay someone to be at the house every time. On top of their complete incompetence they have done absolutely nothing to try to make it right. We have spent hours on the phone with customer service and no one seems to care enough to actually change the delivery or get us the correct mattress, much less offer any consolation for our troubles. It is amazing that this company continues to operate. I know in the future I will shop elsewhere, and for your own sake, I hope you do too.
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User Replies:

andbran on 2011-08-24:
I have used RTG
andbran on 2011-08-24:
never had any problems with them
Anonymous on 2011-08-24:
great review! very helpful! It's nice too see I"m not the only who's ever had trouble with this company.
FurnitureBill on 2011-08-28:
That is very hard to believe that they would send a mattress on a delivery truck torn. They go through a inspection process before they are even put on the truck.

"no one seems to care enough to actually change the delivery"
If you are referring to the customer service personnel, they do not have the authority to change the date it is delivered. I am sure it is only on one day most likely due to that they don't have many customers out that area.

Condemning a whole company over a few incompetent personnel does not seem very fair at all.
D_Johnson on 2011-08-29:
I’m surprised to read about the issues that you are having with your delivery of the mattress. If you can email us your order details, we would like to look further into your account to see if there is anything that we may be able to assist with.

To do so, please email us the order information to tellus@roomstogo.com.
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Took awhile, but in the end they stood behind their product
Posted by on
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- Purchased a living room set which was delivered when scheduled. After about two weeks we noticed that there wasn't enough padding in the arms and we could actually feel the frame. Even guests who came over remarked about the sofa being uncomfortable. So, after having the set for only 3 weeks I went to the store where I purchased it (the salesmen did not remember me, shouldn't a good salesman remember your face at least?) and was told to call the service center.
Week 3,I called the service center and they sent out a technician the next week.
Week 4 technician came out and agreed with me and told me that he would report it and to wait 5-7 days and someone would call.
Week 5, well no one called after 7 days and I called them. I was then told that the technician wrote it up as "nothing wrong" ! I can't believe that the tech lied to my face! So, the CSR offered to send another tech to my house.
Week 6 the 2nd tech came to the house and could feel the frame through the material. He told me someone would call in 3-5 days.
Week 7, I called them after 5 business days and was told that the tech did write it up and I was authorized an exchange. Well I didn't want an exchange, I wanted to get a totally different set and I would pay any difference. CSR told me it was not possible. So, I told her I would call her back. Well, I called back about an hour later and got a different CSR. She told me the same thing. So I asked her, what would happen if the new set had the same defect, and she said that then I could reselect a different set. Then lo and behold, she says not to worry about it and that I had 30 days to pick a different set! I thanked her and went the next day to the RTG store and selected a different set. I am expecting delivery in 3 days. I did not have to pay for delivery and they applied the fabric protector that I purchased on the old set to the new set. I do feel that their "system" could be streamlined (each step takes a week) but in the end they did stand behind their product/warranty and I am a satisfied customer.
I have seen many negative comments about RTGs warranty service and I wanted to post a positive one so that people will know that there are people in the company willing to work with you.
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D_Johnson on 2011-08-02:
We appreciate your positive comments! We will be sure to review your concerns with the appropriate personnel so that concerns as such are better addressed in the future to provide a quicker resolution.

We thank you for you feedback, and look forward to better serving your future furniture needs.
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Dangerous Product from Rooms To Go
Posted by on
I purchased a recliner sofa set from Rooms To Go. Last week my wife was sitting on the sofa with the recliner extended and she got off the sofa from the side. She cut her leg when she got off. She had to get a tetanus shot for her cuts. The metal bars under the recliner are sharp and not filed down correctly. When I complained about it, the service technician they sent over said that it was her fault. She should have closed the recliner before getting up. Rooms To Go made no effort to rectify the situation. I'm not happy that they sell dangerous products and make no effort to correct the error. On top of it they blame the customer for "improper usage". Very unprofessional behavior especially after spending thousands of dollars on the product.
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olie on 2011-01-22:
I agree with Rooms To Go. Your wife got up and did not make sure that she was safe when she did so. Either by closing the recliner, as the technician suggested, or by moving farther away from the recliner.

What "correction" would you like from Rooms to Go?
tnchuck100 on 2011-01-22:
Another case of personal denial of responsibility.

This case appears to be customer negligence.

Blaming a customer for their own misfortune, even when true, is a site rule violation. This comment may not survive.
trmn8r on 2011-01-22:
Depending on the location of the bars in question, I would tend to agree with the technician. Generally speaking, bars beneath should not come in contact with legs in normal use, which would be to close the recliner prior to getting up.

You could find a friend with a metal file, and invite him or her over for drinks or a meal. Have them file off the offending edges. A little black paint might be in order as well.
Venice09 on 2011-01-23:
I don't know much about recliners, but I don't think there should be anything sharp enough to cut someone. I didn't know there were certain ways to get up from a recliner, so I'd probably get cut, too.
Anonymous on 2011-01-23:
I don't think it was appropriate for the sharp edges to be exposed either, Venice. What if you had a toddler and they grabbed onto it when someone was reclining?

People have come to expect so little for what they pay. I, myself, would have expected them to either replace the bars or just replace my sofa. As the op said, it's dangerous.
madconsumer on 2011-01-23:
I agree with Rooms To Go. the way the wife got off the sofa was inappropriate, and an at risk behaviour.
jktshff1 on 2011-01-23:
The op needs to contact the manufacturer of the sofa recliner and see if there are problems with that particular batch. Rooms to go does not manufacture anything, they are a retailer.
Venice09 on 2011-01-23:
Sing, I have always worried about children being around recliners, and this is a good example. If I owned a recliner, I would make a point of knowing how to use it, but if I were a guest at the OP's house, I'd probably make a fool of myself as I tried to get up. But I wouldn't expect it to cut me if I didn't do it correctly.
Anonymous on 2011-01-23:
Venice, I agree that recliners and small children don't mix, but you just know it happens. I can just see the guys babysitting while they're watching the football game.
Venice09 on 2011-01-23:
That could be a recipe for disaster, sing. I've never owned a recliner. Not only because of the kids, but for the same reason I never use a hammock. I'm a klutz!
Anonymous on 2011-01-23:
We don't have a recliner either, Venice. We had one on a couch once, but no one ever used it. If I'm that tired, I'll just go to bed, lol.

I do want a hammock for my backyard when I get home. There is nothing better than lying on one in the shade in the summer and reading a good book--or taking an afternoon nap! You just need to practice.
Venice09 on 2011-01-23:
We always had a hammock in the yard when I was a kid. I could never get the hang of it. I'm not even good with a chaise lounge. Some days I find a folding chair challenging!.. haha
Anonymous on 2011-01-23:
Nohandle on 2011-01-23:
I don't have a reclining sofa in my home but do have a reclining chair. I just checked and there are no sharp edges anywhere on the chair. I can understand someone attempting to get out of a reclined chair for whatever reason he thought was a bright idea at the time but I'm still confused about the sharp edges. Does anyone else have one like that?
PepperElf on 2011-01-23:
I have a reclining chair as well. dunno where it came from cos mom & dad gave it to me when they upgraded their chairs to newer reclining chairs.

but I DO know that I've never tried getting out of it while it's still reclined.

why would I risk abusing such a nice gift? seriously I love that chair. so I treat it well :)
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Posted by on
NORTH CAROLINA -- Since 1999 I have attempted to resolve a dispute with Rooms to Go, their finance company Household Bank, Na and now a collection agency named Sherman Acquisitions. I opened the account on October 31,1999. On October 31,1999 I purchased a complete berdroom set when it was delivered the molding on the footboard was completely detached from the footboard, I received a cherry oak siderail when the bedroom group was sandlewood, the sandlewood siderail had dents in it as well as white paint skuffed in several different places on it, and the metal slat supports that go under th bed were missing. I asked the delivery people to take the furniture back and send the order when it is corrected, I was told that they could not take furniture back once it is off the truck. I would have to contact customer service. Between the November delivery date and January 15,2000 I tried in good faith to return the damaged goods but again was told by the delivery people that they were not allowed to put stuff back on the truck once it was taken of so I would have to contact customer servic. Customerservice told me that they don't take returns, due to that I then attempted to come to an reasonable resolution to receiving damaged goods, an incomplete order, missed delivery dates (on five different occasions) and terrible customer service but was unable to get assistance from the Rooms to Go’s "customer satisfaction team", I went to their University City showroom in Charlotte on January 16,2000 and spoke with store manager Bill ****. I explained to Mr. **** what went on and after some negotiation I was offered a $400.00 store. I asked Mr. **** for a day to think about it since I had gotten damaged furniture the first go round, and he granted me that. On January 17, 2000 I returned to the RTG show room to accept the $400.00 store credit. When I went to the store I spoke with salesman Rick ****. Mr. **** informed me that Mr. **** was not on the premises but stated that he needed to speak with the office staff to verify my story and would assist me from there. Mr. *** came back and informed me that his staff was aware of my situation but Mr. **** left notes that I was only authorized a $300.00 store credit. I was livid because it was $100.00 less that what he promised me the day before needless to say I felt powerless and did not know what to do. I walked around the store for a while looking for a $300.00 item that I was willing to accept and found nothing, I decided on a 5 piece dinette set selling for $477.00. Mr. **** processed my order and at the conclusion of the sale had worked out a deal so that I paid an additional $36.72 for the dinette set, delivery and fabric protection for the chairs so the account balance would be increased only by $101.71. Delivery was set for January 26,2000 between 11 am and 3pm. On January 26 the dinette set was delivered on time, however the table was damaged. The table corners were badly smashed in and one the seat backs was separated from the chair. I called customer service and was treated rudely but I did manage to get a delivery date and time set up. The delivery was set for Saturday February 5th between 3 and 7 p.m. On February 5th the replacements for the dinette set and damaged chair were to be delivered. This time THREE corners of the table were smashed in and no replacement chair was received. I called customer service and they scheduled February 12th for the next delivery date. February 12 came and I waited all day and no delivery showed up. I left for work at 7:05 p.m. when I arrived home from work an sorry we missed you note was on my door stating that an attempt was made to deliver at 7:20pm. I again called Customer Service but this time demanded that they come get all of the damaged furniture, since their solution to compensate their damages turned out to be a flop but was told that they do not take returns. Because that I was unable to get the problem resolved with Rooms to Go in March of 2000 I decided to file a dispute with their finance company Household Retail services. I sent Household Retail services a statement of chronological events with dates, times and names of every person that I encountered between October 31,1999 to February 2000. In May 2004 I received a letter dated May 19,2000 signed by Mr. Paul **** customer service Representative ruling in my favor for in the dispute. This resulted in the account being credited for the full amounts of $201.74 and $1956.98 total $2158.72 and closed which let the account at a $0.00 balance In October of 2000 RTG contacted me attempting to get me to sign a “Customer Charge back Authorization” form or send them a check for the full amount that was credited by their finance company. The form stated that I was to sign stating that I was happy with resolution that Rooms to go gave which was the damaged dinette set and chairs to compensate for the damaged bedroom set. Because that statement was untrue I declined both attempts that were made to charge back the amount that was disputed and or re-open the account. In 2001 I pulled my credit and the account was closed with a $0.00 balance. In April 2003 I was preparing to qualify for my first home and discovered that the account had been re-opened, charged off and sold to Sherman Acquisitions for collections. Since April of 2003 I have spoken with Household Retail services, Sherman Acquisitions, the Better Business of Charlotte and two of the three credit reporting agencies that will not remove the account from my credit report. Trans Union Deleted the account in 2002 and has not allowed it to be reentered to my credit file. The collection agency and the CRA' keep telling me that the 13 pages of documentation proving that the account was fraudently re-opened is not sufficient to remove the account from collections and or delete it from my credit file. I am now faced with not being able to close on my home in December if this is not resolved by then. I CAUTION anyone from buying or receiving ANYTHING from Rooms To Go even if it was free.
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hardroc on 2005-09-29:
You can refuse any delivery of furniture!!!
NEVER,NEVER let a driver tell you that you HAVE to except the delivery. It is your home, and NO ONE can barge in with a divery. Most policies for furniture co's say that all the driver has to do is get it in the front door,and not promise that the furniture will fit into any specific room. Furniture left in the front yard is NOT a delivery. It is illegal dumping. If in doubt,,call the police!! Also,, You don't have to sign a damn thing. And no one can make you!
hardroc on 2005-09-29:
You can refuse any delivery of furniture!!!
NEVER,NEVER let a driver tell you that you HAVE to except the delivery. It is your home, and NO ONE can barge in with a delivery. Most policies for furniture co's say that all the driver has to do is get it in the front door,and not promise that the furniture will fit into any specific room. Furniture left in the front yard is NOT a delivery. It is illegal dumping. If in doubt,,call the police!! Also,, You don't have to sign a damn thing. And no one can make you!
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Rooms to Go, Go to Hades!!
Posted by on
Excuse my French but Rooms to Go in the biggest piece of s**t furniture store around. They couldn't care less about their customers. The story begins...

I eagerly walk into a Rooms to Go store to purchase the Belmar Gentleman's Chest in green as an accent to my bedroom decor. The saleswoman was great, in and out, $700+ paid in cash. I inform the saleswoman that I would be back to purchase a furniture set for my son.

The furniture was delivered on time but to my surprise there was a huge hole at the top of the chest. Being the nice person that I am, I saved the delivery man the trouble and bringing the broken furniture up two flights of stairs and denied the delivery.

As soon as the delivery man leaves, I receive a call from Rooms to Go asking how the delivery went. I explain to the customer service representative that the piece of furniture was broken and I denied the delivery. She then informs me that the delivery man has told her the same. So, thinking that we are all on the same page, I ask for another delivery date. She drops the bomb explaining that I must wait 48 hours until I can schedule for a new piece of furniture and that I should have wasted the delivery man time by having him bring the furniture into my home.

48 hours later I call to schedule for a new delivery date and the my pleasure (sarcasm) it will be another week until I can have my furniture. Keep in mind that had my money on the spot. Yay!! It is delivery day; I wonder what awaits me now. This time the delivery man (dm) is late but at least the chest does not have a hole on top. The furniture is brought up and assembled. Then, the dm leaves to get the door for the furniture. Well, Rooms to Go will never let you down, the door is not in the delivery truck! Learning from the previous experience, I kept the chest without the door.

By this time I should add RTG customer service to my Fav 5. I explain the door situation, ask that the door be sent UPS because I am not taking of work to wait for a door. Customer service says they will send the door UPS.
Today the door comes but I did not know that the UPS man wore a RTG shirt!!! Luckily my brother was home, for I was at work trying to make up for the money wasted with RTG. Well guess what else this time, the doors here but there is not hardware to assemble to door!! Now I know that my brother a logical person and doing the logical thing he denied the delivery. So yes, I will have to wait another 48 hours until I can schedule for a new door.

I hate to break my word to that nice saleswoman but I will not be back, also I will tell any and everyone not to purchase furniture from RTG. I am a hardworking, young, single mother, I do not fork over $700+ to just anyone. I am disappointed with the way Rooms to Go conducts business.
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smarty_consumer on 2010-08-21:
I had 3 couches (only wanted one + loveseat) delivered by R2G. Each one was stretched or had holes in it. They told me I was required to accept the 3rd couch and they would repair it (but still charge me as if it was new). The repair guy came out and said there was no way he could repair it. He did try and gave up. I had to write the BBB and threaten to take them to small claims before I got back my cash for a couch with holes and stretches. That was quite a few years ago and I told myself I wouldn't use them again. I haven't, so far.
D_Johnson on 2010-08-23:
I'm really sorry to hear about your experience and would really like to look further into your concerns. If possible, please email me your order information to tellus@roomstogo.com.
melphil on 2010-12-07:
I am surprised RTG is still in business. This is crazy! I've never seen ANY company with this many complaints. Whoever owns this place better start looking into these problems or they won't be around long! I pray people start reviewing these sites before buying. I wish I would have.
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Need exercise? Rooms to go kids will give you the run around
Posted by on
I recently ordered the taffy twin/full step bunk with trundle. I ordered online which was easy enough. The actual problems began when I had to interact with the actual company. Initially, they called to give you a four hour time window. This time when extends continually throughout the day and you spend an entire day waiting on a delivery. When the product finally arrives, parts to the full bed are missing. The delivery driver assures me that someone will contact me shortly and even gives me a number to call. Of course, he knew that the offices were closed and I would not be able to contact anyone. I immediately sent them an email. No one contacted me for 2 days. Finally, I contacted their customer service which should be renamed to customer screwers. They informed me that they were really busy and it may take a week before they could deliver. I had already waited a week. After repeatedly refusing their offer of a week, I was told that may be they could fit me in within 48 hours. They would call me back within 30 minutes to confirm. Of course no one called back. The next day I get a call saying the delivery would be the following day between 11 - 3. On the day of the anticipated 2nd delivery I call to confirm and the customer screwers inform me that they have no record of this and I must be mistaken. I inform them that I have the conversation saved on my phone (which I do). They still proceed to say that I must be mistaken because they have no record of me calling. I asked to speak to a higher level of management and I am told "that won't be happening". After this, I call their corporate office in Florida. The service here is not any better. In fact, I am informed that they would be more understanding if they were in my shoes because things do happen. So I do understand that things do happen and after reading a lot of reviews on Rooms to go they tend to happen more at Rooms to go. Therefore, I will spend my money with companies that actually value their customers. If you want exercise, shop at rooms to go because they will give you the ultimate run around experience. However, if you value great customer service, quality for your money, and a pleasurable shopping experience shop somewhere else.
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serviceplease22 on 2010-05-26:
I forgot to mention that I paid $2000 cash at time of purchase (including 2 twin mattress only no base board) I had the full mattress.
TellUsRTG on 2010-05-28:
I am very sorry to hear about your troubles and dissatisfaction with your purchase from Rooms To Go. We would like to review what occurred and assist you in any way we can. Would you please email us at tellus@roomstogo.com with your purchase information or home telephone number so we can see where we failed?
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Rooms to go don't honor what they say
Posted by on
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Saturday morning I went to Rooms to Go and I decided to buy a livingroom set with a verbal agreement to hold my check till Wednesday that's when my 401k check was going to reflect in my account the lady in the office with the name of Erika agreed and said yes we will hold your check till Wednesday but this will extend the time to when the furniture can be picked up. Obviously that was OK with me as long as they hold the check till Wednesday. As a big chain I believed that I could trust this company to honor the hold. To my surprise they deposit the check the next business day and resulted with 2 overdraft fees of $35. The overdraft fees aren\'t that much money I understand what upset me is that they didn\'t honor what we agreed on. I spoke with the manager thinking this was going to be a professional conversation and I was totally wrong this was a very unpleasant one. The manager was very rude and we asked him to refund our money and he didn\'t want to. He mentioned that after 48 hours he couldn\'t refund the money. Behind the receipt it states that you can get your 100% refund within 48 hours after that you can only get 80%. Guess what? he wouldn\'t refund the 80% neither. I was very upset- they don\'t honor what they say and they don\'t accept their errors. As a manager I would just apologize and refund the overdraft fees of $70 and maintain a happy customer. But they didn\'t want to accept their error and he was just talking of how it was against the law writing a check with no funds. Affortunately I had funds this is the reason it was paid so no I didn\'t break the law! But I was waiting for my 401k check to reflect in my account this is the reason I asked to hold it and they gladly accepted. My bank did pay rooms to go but when over the limit so there goes the first overdraft fee I put gas thinking I had money in my account there goes the second overdraft fee. Just because they didn\'t hold my check for Wednesday. As I was complaining Erika the lady that agreed to hold the check was seating behind the desk and was hearing out conversation. She never stood up to apologize and admit that she made a mistake in sending that check. The manager was the only one raising his voice saying that they don\'t hold and that what I\'m saying is a lie! Again she never stood up to apologize she was hiding behind the desk! They don\'t care about customers Rooms to Go has poor Customer Service- all they care is about making money and once they make a sell they don\'t care about the customer. I have the right to get at least my 80% refund. As a unsatisfied customer they don\'t deserve to keep my money that I work very hard to obtain. My advice to others go to another furniture store that have better customer service and love keeping their customers happy.

Damage Resulting
Overdraft fees and they don\'t want to refund my money that legally I deserve to have. Behind the receipt it states clearly that I\'m entitled to at least my 80% after the 48 hour period. RTG DON\'T WANT TO REFUND ME BACK!!
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Anonymous on 2010-01-31:
Rooms 2 go only has a 48 hour return policy? Wow. Mental note: never buy anything from rooms 2 go. I would never take a sales associate's promise literally, especially if they get paid based on commission. Although I agree that they are partly responsible, the sales associate probably said she made so such agreement with you. So its your work against theirs. I would take this as a lesson learned and next time, don't write a check unless the funds are there.
Anonymous on 2010-01-31:
Yup 48 hours. Seems strict, but as long as folks read ahead of time, they should be OK.

let me see? on 2010-01-31:
What date did you put on the check? The date you wrote it or the date it was to be cashed by the store? If you dated it for the date they were to hold it they couldn't cash it before then. But if you dated it the day you wrote it, you lose. They have ever right to cash it. Why didn't you just go in the day you had the money and write them a check? What if there had been a mix up with your 401K check? Don't spend money you don't have. Verbal agreement, as someone once said a verbal agreement is not worth the paper its written on!
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Poor quality and service
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FRIENDSWOOD, TEXAS -- I purchased a 7 piece set from the Cindy Crawford collection just over a year ago. I can't begin to relay the poor construction of the furniture. Once, I leaned against the arm rest of the sofa and I heard it crack. The tear drop style lamps from the set are clear glass and are filthy inside. To make matters worse, the lamps are sealed and cannot be taken apart to be cleaned. One of the delivery drivers broke a leg on the table during assembly. I waited to see if he would say anything since I heard it break. He didn't and when I asked him about it, he told me to call customer service and they would take care of it. Their version of taking care of it was to send me a replacement leg via UPS and replace it myself. I paid for the delivery so that they would assemble the furniture because I had no tools. Given that I had just started chemotherapy before buying the furniture, I didn't have the energy or time to fully pursue a complaint with RTG. I'll not be paying for the furniture, they are more than welcome to come pick it up and I'll use my $2000 to buy furniture somewhere else. I recently saw the salesperson from RTG working at Room Store. As I told her about the poor quality, she just began to tell me horror stories about their products. While I was glad to know it wasn't only my experience, she told me she left about a month after I made my purchase. I know people need to make a living but she knowingly sold me furniture that was of the poorest possible quality. I'm certainly never buying from her no matter where she works since she clearly has no integrity. Do you think Cindy Crawford knows about the crap they're slapping her name on?
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Ytropious on 2009-11-01:
Rooms to go seems really overpriced, but that's just me. I wonder how the inside of the lamp got dirty if there's no opening? That's pretty odd.
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