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Buyer Beware!
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I had really hoped that the three negative reviews of "Rooms Today" represented a small minority, and that I would have a positive experience to report. Not the case, however.

I purchased a leather sofa and loveseat at the "Rooms Today" store in Northeast Philadelphia. When the set arrived, I was surprised to see it was so overstuffed, that it looked like something out of a "Rodger Rabbit" cartoon. This was not what I had seen in the store.

My wife and I decided to give it a try for the evening. After sitting on the furniture for a few hours, aside from being uncomfortable, we found that our eyes were burning. Apparently, it was giving off some sort of VOC (volatile organic compound) from the leather.

The next day, since there was no literature delivered with the set, I flipped over the loveseat to reveal a tag with its contents. To my surprise, the tag said, "Made In China". I was shocked! I had specifically asked the salesperson if the set was imported. She assured me that it was not, and it was made in their factory in the U.S. I later learned from a sales manager that 80 to 90 percent of "Rooms Today" merchandise is imported. The irony of all this is that their brand is, "American Signature". Without supporting literature, I wasn't even sure if the leather was "good old U.S. cowhide", or Chinese Yak!

I was also told that the furniture had hardwood frames. While the loveseat was flipped over, I unzipped a bottom flap to reveal the frame made of, what appeared to be scrap plywood, stapled together- no solid hardwood in sight.

If one good thing can be said about "Rooms Today", it is that when we went into the store the next day, and asked for a refund, they didn't give us an argument. We were credited the full amount, including our delivery charge.
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sarahnkrystal on 08/29/2007:
At least you got your money back!
Anonymous on 08/29/2007:
If you have a Norwalk Furniture store in your area, check it out. They are made in the US out of good leather and have hardwood frames. My couches are over 5 years old and still comfortable and in perfect shape. After you pick out what you want, it takes a few weeks for your furniture to arrive (because they make it), but it so worth the wait.
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My couch is cracking!
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BEAR, DELAWARE -- I purchased a brand new 3 piece chocolate vinyl livingroom set from rooms today. I purchased an extended warranty also. After 2 years my couch started to crack and peel. I put in a complaint as soon as it had happened, however it took 5 months of fighting with the warranty company to approve of a credit for a new couch, fast forward. They don't make that furniture anymore, therefore I was approved for a new couch, but my loveseat and rocker were not replaced as they have not started to rip as of yet. So I now have to purchase a new couch, which will not match the existing furniture I still have. When I purchased the warranty I was told that if they could not fix my furniture they would replace the piece and if they did not make it anymore the set would be replaced. Not the case. They will not refund any money, so I have to purchase a brand new set and pay the difference of $500. I am so mad right about now. I would not recommend anyone to purchase furniture from them nor pay for the extended warranty which was a waste of my money. They did not do what they said they would, which is replace the set. Who wants to have different types of furniture in their living room. NOT ME!!!
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User Replies:
karleebarlee on 11/10/2009:
how long did the extended warranty say it was good for?
Anonymous on 11/10/2009:
I have never heard of a warranty that replaces non-damaged items simply because one piece was damaged. The warranty applies ONLY to the damaged piece.

That said, do you not realize that new product is designed and replaces old every month or so? You can hardly expect 2 year old fashion to be still available. They gave you credit for the new couch. The fact that it took 5 months has no bearing. The warranty nearly ALWAYS attempts repair completely left that part out.

You should always read your warranty and keep a copy.
danger09 on 11/11/2009:
What you don't understand is that, I wouldn't expect them to replace all three pieces if the couch was still available. They stopped manufacturing that piece because they learned that the material was defective. I would have settled with a new couch, however I'm sure you wouldn't want odd pieces of furniture in your livingroom either. As I stated it took 5 months for them to send out a repair man after 20+ phone calls. He said the material was defective and that it could not be repaired. He also stated that the remaining pieces would also do the same. The only reason they have not ripped is because they are not used as often as the couch, however he did take a look at them and said the material is becoming hard, which means it is starting to dry out and they too would do the same. My warranty is for 7 years, therefore I have 4 1/2 years left on it. I could wait it out and wait for the other items to do the same, but then I would run into the issue again of having odd pieces of furniture.
Anonymous on 11/11/2009:
"I wouldn't expect them to replace all three pieces if the couch was still available. " I already explained this.

"I'm sure you wouldn't want odd pieces of furniture in your livingroom either" That is exactly what is in my living room.

Warranty is not going to replace non-damaged items simply because they don;'t match the replaced part.
furnman on 11/11/2009:
You need to read your warranty, there are some furniture protection plans that cover only the damaged items (this is the way most plans are) however there are a few, more expensive plans that will replace all the matching pieces. Odds are you have the one that replaces only the damaged pieces. not sure whatyou paid for the original set, look at it this way, you are getting a brand new set of furniture for only $500, and you used you old for over 2 years. A side note, vinyl will tend to crack and get brittle unless you purchase a very expensive, extra soft with a good backing on it vinyl.
danger09 on 11/12/2009:
Thank you for you comments.
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Fake Leather
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MONTGOMERYVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a beautiful leather cappuccino colored sectional from rooms today along with a 7 year warranty and less than 11/2 year my sofa is PEELING (literally peeling like a banana)I didn't know that this could even happen. I had a tech come out to inspect and he said there is a defect in the leather(No Surprise) after that we received a letter stating that we waited to long to report it.

Buyer's Beware my sales representative said that if I purchased a extended warranty everything is covered. No matter what happens! If this is true then shouldn't a defect be covered??
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User Replies:
CSD on 08/29/2009:
You said its fake leather. Who determined this?
Skye on 08/29/2009:
What the heck is the 7 year warranty for?? You waited too long?? I guess they expected you to report after 8 years, when the warranty was expired.

Take photo's and take them to small claims court.

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Great experiences over and over
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LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA -- After upgrading to a house twice the size of what we had we were in need of furniture!!! My kids were all growing and needing bedrooms and both my sons and my daughter got great "American signature" sets that they love. The drawers are all dovetailed, sturdy and even have cedar lining in some drawers and felt in others
it's been in our home for over a year and the only issue we had was a back ordered nightstand that they delivered a week later free of a new delivery fee.
Because of our great first time experience we went back about six months later to do our media room...

We got EVERYTHING from a gorgeous entertainment wall to theater seating that is a supple leather and is to die for comfortable... Everything we've gotten from the big items down to the end tables and accessories we have been thrilled with and you can't beat the prices.
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I had a good experience
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MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- I am reading a lot of horrible reviews for Rooms Today so I'd just like to share my good experience. I ordered a dining room set from them. The delivery guys were great. They were friendly and did not break anything. I had one piece of glass that got broken before delivery, but they set up a service call and came right out to fix it. I love my dining room set, it's beautiful. As for quality, it's the same quality as what all the other furniture stores are selling. The only way your going to get a great quality dining set is if you want to spend $10K and up. I also ordered the log cabin bedroom furniture for my son who is 3. He loves it and so do we. We had some slight problems with one dresser but as I stated before, someone came right out and fixed it.

I wish I could remember his name, he was great. I did have to make several calls to the store but overall my issues were dealt with and handled nicely.
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MSCANTBEWRONG on 02/06/2008:
Is this supposed to be Rooms to Go?
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Salesman Error/Poor Customer Service
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LANGHORNE, PENNSYLVANIA -- My husband and I purchased a sofa and two recliners a week ago from Rooms Today. The floor models were comfortable, stylish and reasonably priced. The salesman offered us additional warranties for fabric protection, but as the chairs were vinyl, we only purchased the warranty for the fabric covered sofa. The chair's floor sample color of dark brown was not in stock, but camel was. We asked to see a sample of the camel, but it was not available in the store. We took it sight unseen as we felt any shade of camel would do. We picked up the furniture when we were told it would be ready. It was boxed, so we did not uncrate it until we got home. When we did, the chair was camel, but not vinyl. It was covered with a camel fabric.

I can see now that the salesman didn't realize that camel meant not only a different color choice, but a different fabric as well. He told us we wouldn't need the fabric protection warranty on the chairs as they were vinyl. I understand that mistakes like this can happen.

My main problem with the company so far is that they don't answer the phone. We called the store but only heard a taped message with store hours, address and other general information. There is no option to speak with anyone or leave a message.

I will now be inconvenienced by having to go to the store to try to straighten this out. I wish I had known that this company doesn't have a way to inquire about problems via telephone.
I am hopeful that we will have some consumer satisfaction however I wish I had been warned about dealing with Rooms Today.
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Mrs. Fantastic on 02/06/2008:
Before you make the drive- call the store again and listen. They have a recording like most businesses where you have pre-recorded information OR you can press "whatever" for certain people. Maybe you didn't listen long enough?
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Very Bad Service
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GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- We bought a floor display sofa last October of 07. Several issues were identified ( scratches, grease on the back of the sofa etc.) for it being a floor display. The salesman promised that these issues will be taken cared of before delivery and as a matter of fact, he called the service guy to take a look at it. We bought a $100.00 fabric protector plan for the sofa.

The sofa was delivered a week later and we found out that the problems that were identified were not addressed! We called rooms today and they scheduled for service guys to come out in 2 weeks.

The service guy came out and I asked him why it was not taken cared of before delivery and he did not give me a straight answer. He said probably it was not sent out back for repair. I said, so if it was not sent out for repair, how would I know if they put a $ 100.00 fabric protector on this sofa?! He said good point. He did some repair and scheduled another appointment to come out and replace the back of the sofa because the grease won't come out. He also was going to bring fabric protector to spray on my sofa.

Rooms Today - Sofa Rooms Today - Sofa Back

He came back a month later and replaced the back of my sofa ( which he didn't so a good job cause the leather he put in was wrinkly), sprayed it with fabric protector.

When he was about to leave, he leaned over and gave my wife a hug! (I was not home at that time) After that he said, "OH NICE" and leaned over again and hug my wife for the second time!

My wife locked all doors and called me at work crying! She was so scared and so uncomfortable by the way the service guy treated her!

How many more housewives were victims of this guy's molestation?

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User Replies:
killerklown on 10/29/2007:
Did you call the police/store manager/A-N-Y-O-N-E? Or did you just come on the internet to malign a company who, allegedly, slighted you.

P.S. - $100.00 for Scotchguard? Are ya nuts?
Hugh_Jorgen on 10/29/2007:
I was wondering the same thing? Did you notify anyone about his behavoir?
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Poor Quality
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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased furniture for our new home at Rooms Today. I was happy with the prices and felt it would be easy to purchase everything from one store. I loved my furniture salesman! He was kind and helpful and the ordering process went smoothly.

I was disappointed when the furniture arrived. The delievery men showed me many things that had broken before they even brought it into the hosue. The furniture is TERRIBLE! The company has been to my house for delivery 3 times and my bed is still not together.

The delivery men have dropped things and damaged things and the company does not respond to my problems. One chair we ordered came broken and they said they would bring a new one and replace it. The new chair came broken also! It has been a hassle to stay home and wait for the new furniture delivery when it only comes broken and can not be assembled.

The quality of the furniture is very low. One kitchen chair broke within 3 days of use. That is not NORMAL, as the lady that answered the phone indicated when I called to complain. The problems with the furniture are too numerous to mention! Broken mirrors, missing screws, dirt on the mattress, etc!

If you are thinking about purchasing from Rooms Today think again! The good price will not make up for the NUMEROUS problems. God bless.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/12/2007:
Have you attempted to return the furniture for a refund?
Ruemiser on 10/20/2007:
I had a similar very bad experience with Rooms Today. My wife and I bought what appeared to be the top of the line Heritage edition Bedroom Furniture. We liked our salesman. We made the deal, then was told we had to wait a week for the furniture because it had to be delivered from Virginia. The night before the arrival of the furniture, we were told the headboard and one of the nightstands were damaged when it was received at the warehouse. The following day, they delivered the remaining pieces. The movers hit my ceiling damaging a corner of the furniture and hit my walls on the way up the floor resulting in an insurance claim. When I inspected the furniture I found many disturbing issues. Hot glue sloppy prepared on the underside of the drawers. Screws that had been to tightly screwed in resulting in protruding marks on the outside of the drawers. Dings and dents on every piece of furniture. Cracked bottms on the drawers. I later found out that the furniture is for the most part shipped in as kits to their Virgina Warehouse, and they put it together there. This is where most of the damage occurs. Now I am waiting for their repair person who I am told can fix all blemishes as if they never happened but I don't know if I believe them. I also waited an entire day for my new nightstand to be re-delivered then called because it never came. When I called the office, no one could tell me where it is. The manager is clueless. I've threatened to cancel this entire order and return it. Now they want to give me 100.00. This place sucks. I will never buy anything there again.
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GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- In July we purchased a bedroom suite from Rooms Today in Grand Rapids. We were told that the items were in stock and we could have delivery that weekend. We paid in cash. That weekend we ended up have to go out of town, so we rescheduled. Then we found out that the set that we paid cash for was sold to someone else, and we were back ordered for 2 1/2 months. Management of this company needs a lesson on ethical business practices.

p.s. If you think just Rooms Today is the only store that buys Chinese junk, just look at ALL of your products. We created this mess by demanding lower prices, that have to be outsourced. In the end we all pay a higher price because of unemployment, foreclosures, health insurance...

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/26/2007:
First mistake was paying in cash ! It will be hard to resolve this.
Anonymous on 09/26/2007:
Since you canceled the original order and then they had another customer I can't blame them for what they did. But I would not call it unethical. But you should be able to get a full refund because they haven't delivered to you yet.
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Ashley Furniture
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TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- We recently purchased a Ashley bedroom set from rooms today their sales staff is very good although when we received the furniture and went to put it together the holes weren't matched up and the directions were very difficult to understand. But, for an excellent price and great sales staff rooms today is the place to go.
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User Replies:
Skye on 06/25/2007:
ejack053824 on 06/25/2007:
Ashley Furniture compliment? Let me must be a manager at the store trying to salvage the business.
Anonymous on 06/25/2007:
Anonymous on 06/25/2007:
Half and half I say. Price and sales staff were excellent but the furniture was not properly made, plus the directions were hard to use.
ejack053824 on 06/25/2007:
BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.....I just took a dump at Ashley furniture's bathroom without flushing. LOL Lid.
Skye on 06/25/2007:
Well at least you didn't do it on a couch in the showroom,
Anonymous on 06/25/2007:
Skye on 06/25/2007:
Lidman, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Anonymous on 06/25/2007:
I had to go.....
poppapia on 06/26/2007:
So my guess from reading this is that if someone wants cheap furniture that doesn't exactly fit together, if you can decipher the instructions, then Ashley is the place to go.
ejack053824 on 06/26/2007:
Lid...ever take a dump in one of those demo toilets at the Home Depot. I have after being dared to. I can just imagine the person who opens the lid to examine the toilet better before purchasing...LMAO!!
Nohandle on 06/26/2007:
Ejack, I know you are telling a story being an adult, officer and a gentleman but I swear that happened to a friend in Sears. Her young son continued to complain he had to go, she ignored him, and yes...he found the bathroom display and promptly sat on the pot. She didn't return to that store for a good long while.
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