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Roomster Shills Are Choking Up Craigslist
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHICAGO, CALIFORNIA -- Roomster is engaging in very questionable business practices by clogging the room and apartment listings in Craigslist with dozens and dozens of fake ads. It's so frustrating!! When you shoot a text to the person posting the ad, you get a reply that includes a link to one of Roomster's many bogus mirror sites. Then you're urged by the party you contacted to sign up to be able to look up more details about the room. Signing up, though, is just a way to lure you into paying their ridiculous subscription fees-- otherwise you have no way of accessing messages from individuals you've contacted through the site. If you get one of Roomster's links, just ignore it. This is a total scam and rip-off. And an outrageous abuse of Craigslist, which is meant to be an open, free community forum. Not a place to siphon people off to some scam website.
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B. Brown on 10/07/2014:
I signed up for a 15 day subscription for and the next thing I know is that they charged me for a full month. Roomster is a scam. I believe that they create fake ads. When you try to contact them, there is no reply. I did the broadcast option where I sent out a request for a roommate and it told me that I hit 73 other subscribers. Not one contacted me. Roomster is a fake. All they do is suck the money out of it's customers without any kind of a service.
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Roomster, OnlineSublets, SubletsWorld are Scam
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEXAS -- ( = = ) are SCAM. pretends to be individuals looking for roommates/tenants on sites like to lure people to contact them. Then they respond you with URL's like and to see their pictures. Those sites redirect you to When you ask the house/apt owners which listings are their, they never replied.

Here are 2 examples happened to me. You can text the numbers listed below for proof. They will reply you with web addresses like below, ask you to sign up on the site.
1. 214-531-3070,
2. 512-595-0468, also use their fake services to rip off landlords.
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Very questionable business practices
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- Canceling a membership and thus eliminating an obligation to pay them money by following the instructions on Roomster's web site is like eating newspaper to cure a blood disease--it may work but don't be surprised if it does not.

I signed up for a 2 week membership--$14.95--on February 12. Actually I did not sign up so much as I had to upgrade my membership to gain access to some responses that my first posting had generated. Up to February 12, there was no charge and I had been affiliated with the website for several months. Frankly, I did not want to incur any cost but went along with the $14.95 as I intended to terminate within two weeks.

On February 19, I contacted somebody via a "Contact Us" button on the web site. I stated that I wanted to cancel my membership. The response was cheerful and breezy and easy to follow. In essence, I was shown how to "disable" my account. I disabled my account. So--no more charges, right? WRONG.

I used PayPal to start the two week membership. Once established, PayPal will continue to charge you unless you cancel the account on PayPal's Website. However, do you think Roomster made any mention of that on their instructions? Well, no they didn't.

To make matters worse, the bank account which PayPal debits if there is no balance on PayPal's books was in overdraft status and I incurred an overdraft fee of $27.12.

I complained to PayPal but my claim was turned down, apparently because the account had not been canceled before payment was made by PayPal to Roomster.

On top of that, the email correspondence from Roomster had a link to the instructions I was to follow to cancel my membership. After I complained to Paypal, the information on that link was wiped clean so verification of my claim that I followed their instructions would have been impossible, except for the hard copy of those instructions I printed.

Roomster shows up on the New York Secretary of State's web site if you type in the name. However, there is no Registered Agent listed. If you file a lawsuit, typically papers are served on a Corporation's Registered Agent. This omission may have been an oversight but it may also have been deliberate as it would certainly make it harder to sue Roomster.

And even if one were to sue and Win a judgment, collecting it would be a problem.

Two names have surfaced in connection with Roomster--John Shriber and Roman Zaks. Two office addresses exist--275 Cnetral Park West, NY, NY 10024 and 445 Park Avenue, 10th Floor NY, NY 10022.

Here is a thought--If you have suffered a loss at the hands of this website, check into the How's and Why's of the small claims court in your jurisdiction. There may be a way to obtain service on Roomster or one of these two men. If so, sue them for your lost funds and sue them for an additional amount in punitive damages up to Small Claims Court limit. A Punitive Damages award typically requires deliberate, willful behavior, or fraud, on the part of the Defendant. It would probably not take too much effort to convince a judge that the behavior of these people entitles you to a Punitive Damages Award. Once you have a judgment, register it in New York state and then find a collection agency to run these people down and collect your judgment.

You may receive something, you may not but in any case you have tried to seek justice.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/23/2010:
It's not in their instructions, but it is in their terms of use.

"To close your account, click the "close account" button located under the "my account" tab found on your logged in home page. As soon as you close your account, your profile is no longer available to be viewed by other Roomster members. Once you close a Full Membership account, you will not incur additional fees for that account. All closed accounts can be re-activated at any time in the future."

"If you paid using a PayPal account you must close your Roomster subscription on PayPal. Paypal does not allow vendor sites access to customer information, so only you can close your Roomster subscription in your PayPal account. After you click the "close account" link on the Roomster site, you will be directed to your PayPal account, where you can cancel your Roomster subscription. If this feature should fail, you can login into your PayPal account through the homepage of PayPal and locate your Roomster subscription in order to cancel it."
karleebarlee on 03/23/2010:
sounds more like a complaint about PayPal?
tiffany on 06/02/2013:
wrong... I did just that and two months ago... I stopped receiving everything from Roomster no emails no nothing but still having the 29.95 taken out of account at the beginning of month!
Cristina on 04/24/2014:
It happened to me the same as Kvvvvvvv from San Francisco. If you subscribe for the $5.95 quote and you don't read carefully the terms and conditions they end by charging $5.95 $29.95. It's like a hidden way to get money from people, but without actually stealing. If anybody decides to create a group to sue them I'm in.

They should shut that sketchy website
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Fraudulent posting and email request for my photo ID & payment.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CALIFORNIA -- I just received a fraudulent email asking me for a copy of my photo ID via email and a request for me to "Hold the apartment" by sending them a payment without having seen the unit.

After reading this, I attempted to submit a Customer Service Request explaining the fraud. When I clicked "Submit" the Roomster web site had a glitch and posted an error message:
"Oops! Something has gone terribly wrong :(

Don't worry we are on it! Alarms just went off and our developers are looking into this. In the meantime check out the links below."

I would NOT recommend doing any activities on the Roomster web site. It is very dubious.

Jim in LA
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Rip off
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I signed up for their free service. I sent a message to a prospective landlord and was informed that for him to read it I had to pay for an "upgrade" I also was told I had several messages from potential landlords but again I had to sign up and pay for an upgrade to read them. I purchased a three day upgrade for $5.95 only to find out that the person I messaged still couldn't read my message unless he also purchased the upgrade and that 13 of the 14 messages I had were "sent" PRIOR to my signing up with and none were for anywhere near where I was looking to move. I messaged them via "contact us' and was told to cancel my account but given no explanation about how I could have received emails before my account existed.
Since I used PayPal I filed a dispute and hopefully will get my money back but at least I know PayPal cancelled the preset continuing payments.
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Roomster Is Deceitful and Creates Fake Emails to Get Your Money!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA -- I signed up for the free set up of a roommate profile and to view listings. The next day I received an email stating I had "mail" from a prospect in my mailbox. BUT, I had to pay for a subscription before viewing my mail. I did pay only to find it was a fake/false mail...from a supposed person who has 5 different properties in TEXAS, I live and am looking for a roommate in Palm Springs, CA!

Upon contacting Roomster...they would not answer my questions, wouldn't check into the situation and would not refund my money...the answer I got was "Cancel your account to avoid any further billing!" Roomster sends fake emails getting people to pay for fake potential roommates.
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User Replies:
Alain on 02/06/2013:
I looked both here and on several other consumer sites for reviews about Roomster. I stopped counting at over 31 complaints regarding service, billing, rude personnel, etc. Their reputation is definitely not very good. Contact the California attorney generals office and see if they can't give you some assistance on officially reporting this company via Also, if you get around to it, maybe change the title of your complaint to include "" so people will know who you are complaining about. I'm not sure who or what "Tim" is.
trmn8r on 02/06/2013:
It seems you may be the victim more of an illegitimate member of Roomster, more than Roomster itself.

OTOH, is raises the question of how vigilant they are at pursuing fraudulent activity. It reminds me of using Autotrader. I have had good experiences with it, but when you participate to sell a car you get false inquiries from people who want to sell your car FOR you. Craigslist has spammers too.

The difference in your case is you paid to join to see the inquiry, which turned out to be spam. I can see both sides here. Roomster's attitude probably is, if you are serious about being a member, you would pay to join anyway, and this one spam message isn't a big deal.
Obsfucation on 02/06/2013:
If you paid with a credit card, see if they will reverse the charge for you.
Max d. on 08/08/2013:
I would check this out!
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Don't Join If Your Over 35 Especially 40 And Up Or Not A Student
Posted by on
This site hides fine print and then charges your card like 37.00 dollars. The site contains mostly POSTINGS OF STUDENTS young folks who are very judgmental about a persons age most ads for a rooomate were people 18 to 30 saying they only want the same or for you to be a student or they won't rent to you.

There was hardly any renters that would accept you unless you were under 30 I saw mainly looking for other students or between 18 to 23 and many posters not accepting anyone over 30 they all wanted YOUNG, YOUNG DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. THERE WERE ONLY A VERY FEW I SAW 1 OR 2 OVER 39 THE MAJORITY WILL NOT accept you unless your under 30.

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User Replies:
momsey on 04/02/2011:
Of course age is just a number but I don't know too many 18 year olds or even 25 year olds who would want to live with a 45 year old. At the same time, I don't even know many 45 year olds who would want to live with 20 year olds.

Good review, though.
Skye on 04/02/2011:
I concur with momsey. Most of those looking for roommate sites are for younger people, who cannot pay the rent on their own yet, so it's easier for them to split it with others who are in the same age group.

As for the fine print, if they are hiding it, how do you know it exists and what does the fine print say?
GenuineNerd on 04/02/2011:
Most younger (and older) people prefer to be roommates with somebody at or close to their age. Hopefully you can get your fee refunded, or find somebody who would be a compatible roommate. It can be hard.
Randy789102637 on 06/09/2013:
This is for Skye, Momsey, and GenuineNerd
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Roomster deliberately misleading about services
Posted by on uses misleading business tactics to part people from their money. You have to upgrade your subscription in order to read a message that was sent to you by a supposed member. Unfortunately I was careless and didn't read the fine print that says that if you don't cancel your three day 'trial' subscription (interesting that they only refer to it as a trial subscription in the Terms of Use but not anywhere else) it will automatically be renewed for $29.95 each month.

Roomster has a rating of F with the Better Business Bureau and something like 62 complaints filed against it. If you search online you will find that many many other consumers have the same complaints about being mislead, and in many cases, have actually had money taken from their account by Roomster even after they canceled their account. I attempted to cancel my account before I even realized that they would continue to charge me each month, and could not find how to. Since I didn't know they were still charging me I didn't think it was a big deal, especially after I got an email from them saying my account was disabled due to inactivity--why should they keep charging me if my account is disabled?

When I first realized that they had charged me I sent them a message via their helpdesk. They responded with a standardized message with links to the screenshots of when I agreed to their Terms of Use. However, in order to view these screenshots I would have needed to re-register with Roomster and agree to their Terms of Use, which I obviously don't want to do again because I don't agree with them!

I also have tried to contact them by telephone. My bank supplied me with one number which was invalid and the other I got from the BBB's website. It is a recorded message system which only refers you back to their website.

I am writing this because I am frustrated with the way that Roomster conducts business and is able to get away with it. I believe that a legitimate business would be interested in helping their customers, and Roomster obviously is not. They are deliberately misleading and it is sad and disappointing that they are willing to take advantage of people in this way.
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Roomster Corp
Posted by on
As most of the roommate matching sites do, Roomster requires you to pay to read messages you receive from other members. After receiving mail, I signed up for the four-day trial. Now the problem most people are having is that they didn't read the Terms of Service, but I did read the TOS, so I knew that they would automatically try to do their little sneaky way of making money.

The day before it was set to "renew," I went into the site to cancel it, but it kept telling me that it couldn't complete the request. Eventually, it finally claimed to have successfully cancelled the subscription, but I was still charged the $29.95 a few days later. I sent several e-mails which were not responded to and also attempted to use their HelpDesk, which kept giving me error messages [yes, all of my programs are up to date; I am no internet novice].

After the second charge, I decided to try the HelpDesk again, this time with a notification that I was informing the BBB. Interesting that it worked once I decided to do that. I continue to receive a run-around, and it's interesting that the link I've posted to the BBB they won't comment on.

They keep showing me my "activity log" which is suspiciously misleading. Some of the times they have listed are times that I am clearly in a class where I don't use my laptop or at work and wouldn't be on their site.

I am planning to meet with an attorney soon [since its one of the free services offered by our school] if this does not stop soon and am looking to join one of the pending class-action lawsuits floating around.

While it's not illegal to have hidden re-subscriptions [although it is considered an unethical business practice], it IS illegal to prevent customers from cancelling a subscription if you have no terms that mandate they must subscribe for a certain amount of time.
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I almost gave up trying to find a room to rent for an affordable price until I found Roomster
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
NEW YORK -- I am a club promoter and work very late nights during the week usually until about 5am. My previous roommate who I had met through my old college roommate was constantly complaining about the hour at which I would get home to which I would respond “If you want to pay my bills then by all means go ahead and I won't have to come home at 5am”. Needless to say that didn’t go over so well. One time it got so bad we got into a huge argument that almost got physical and finally I decided I couldn’t deal with it anymore so I knew I needed an alternative. My colleague told me about Roomster, apparently he knows someone who works for them, and suggested I try it to find a new place. I created a profile and was surprised by the number of rooms they have listed. I ended up finding a great deal on a room to rent and because I was able to include some details about myself on my profile detailing my nightly work hours I found a perfect match with someone who also worked nights.
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