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HORRIBLE Service. Do NOT Use!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
This service is a complete SCAM. They charge your card automatically of $30. I never got anything out of the site...& I live in LOS ANGELES. Like seriously? I found better ads on Craigslist! Then, it took them days to respond to my numerous messages to them through their "24/7" Customer Service line. I even tried to contact them via Facebook and they disregarded me. Do not waste your money & use this site. It is HORRIBLE.
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Bait and Switch - Fraudulent Billing
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Beware the Bait and switch. This company was not honest with me and did not readily disclose their practices of asking you to pay and then putting you on a higher monthly fee for a mediocre service. Avoid Avoid Avoid.

I'm reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.
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Very Rude
Posted by on
So basically I had an account with them for a while, and emailed people all the time and never was prompted to pay. I finally got some emails back, and of course they ask me to pay. I emailed the site because I thought it was kind like I had installed all this time for nothing.
And this is the response that I got.

RE: Help & Support
"we have been in business for six years, very successful & offer the best function. If you don't want to use us. don't. no worries."

That website is a scam.
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User Replies:
goduke on 2009-07-22:
Can we see the entire text of the email you sent which prompted that reply?
Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
Asked you to pay... pay for what?
old fart on 2009-07-22:
Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
(S)cam? I doubt that.
(U)nbelievably naive? Yes.
(C)ome on!
(K)nowledge is power.
(E)nough already!
(R)oomate shopping online = Bad idea.
DebtorBasher on 2009-07-22:
At least you got an honest answer from them.
DebtorBasher on 2009-07-22:
Roommate shopping ANYWHERE = bad idea.
Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
Your basically picking up, a hitch hiker online.
nappaways on 2009-08-25:
I was looking for a place to stay in London during my holiday and while I was surfing the net I came across this website called they offered free membership so I signed up. After few days I received many e-mails from other members, but in order to read them I had to get a membership. They offered a few membership options and I choose the 3 days option at the price of £4.97. After a couple of months I was checking my credit card statement and I realised that was still withdrawing money from my account at full month membership fee of £18.91. I did some research and I found out that in their Terms and Condition they actually say (in a very vague way) that if you don’t cancel your membership they will continue charging at a monthly rate. However, when you are signing up for a membership they don’t specify there and then that you should close your account to avoid being charged for ever. They are apparently based in New York and they were previously operating under the name of Their telephone number is: 001 646 8622841 bust the fockers
Disgusted on 2014-04-28:
Steer clear of this strange organization. Despite numerous attempts to "unsubscribe" they continue to harass my in box daily with emails of phony rooms available. When I was a paying subscriber they didn't have nearly as much activity as their annoying daily emails insist - they're all phony posts. They should be forced out of business.
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