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Ah, The Roxio installation experience!
When I first got this piece of fatware, I felt sure it would work, I'd used it years ago.
What the *#^$ happened since? Did you guys hire a bunch of 10 year old nerds with medical tape holding eyeglasses together that smelled like soup?
OK. I will get to the details.
I had problems after I installed it, "Would not respond". I tried all of the fixes available on the internet. First of all, I suspected something when it took 30 minutes to load. Boys and girls, I live in the country where T1 connections are not available. I use a Verizon dial-up connection, not super, but OK. So I tried the fixes and tried to unload it. It locked up my PC like Fort Knox, and it took me three boots to unload it all, but not without destroying my internet connection. I used the task manager to no avail, (I am running Vista on a hot machine I built) then I got serious. I re-loaded Vista after a low level format (I don't leave anything to chance) and re-installed it. Same result. I am sure their help desk tried as much as they could, but remember, unless you get the top dog there, they are reading from a script or flowchart themselves. Unless you are completely new to PC's, they cannot help you.
So back to the task manager. After 1 hour of trying to get the "Roxie Virus" off of my machine, I checked the windows explorer. As I suspected, it never erased crap there. the Roxsoff folder was alive and well. I proceeded to kill those, and it had the audacity to inform me that "Some programs may stop working if I erase these folders" or something like that. Do you think?
Here is the message to you "program experts". I've been around since the days of the "Altair" computers. You were able to run a mouse with less than three gigabytes. Microsoft changed all that. But you guys out there who feel the need to rewrite the entire registry of a PC and add fatware until a PC chokes to death are on the wrong track. Too many of us out here are getting tired of your stupid crap. I want to burn CD's. Is that not what Roxio did in the beginning? I don't need your friggin' bells and whistles! Get back to writing good software instead of the "legitimate" sounding viruses you are creating now. If not, at least provide a disclaimer, such as: "Be sure you are aware that this fatware will keep you entertained for days without IT department"
By the way, mice in the early days occupied about 10 KB and worked great.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 08/08/2011:
Actually, I've always used and heard the term bloat-ware, and you're right that the industry has become acceptable to the notion of coding that way.

There isn't as many apps out there for the platform, but you should take a look at Linux. I like Kubuntu. Much more streamlined and better coded. It was built around the Debian structure which is what Mac OS X structure is centered around.
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Roxio Tech Support and Easy VHS to DVD suck!
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- When I saw "Easy VHS to DVD" for sale I thought I was in heaven. I have dozens of old tapes that I want to convert before they disintigrate. I'm not new to computers, I've been using them since the 8086 came out. My current computer is a Dell Latitude and it's a real workhorse..I love it.

So I install "easy vhs to DVD". The label maker worked but when I tried to open the main program I got an error message: "System cannot find file specified and needs to shut down". I uninstalled and reinstalled the software only to get the same message.

I opened a ticket with Roxio Tech Support explaining the problem. Like several others I've read about I was told to unistall the system and follow a lengthy process called "preparing your computer for Roxio products". This process included a windows update, updating video card drivers, directx, media player, burner firmware and others. I was then instructed to reinstall the software. The same message appeared: "cannot find file specified".

Second ticket: A new "person" responded asking me to run and email them a system diagnostic. I was then told to create a new user account and reinstall the software. Same error message: "Cannot find file specified".

Third ticket: Another "person" told me to run the repair function of the software. Same error message.

fourth ticket:Yet another Roxio superstar told me to defrag my system.

fifth ticket: I was told to unistall and reinstall the software, I kid you not. I am writing in May, I bought the software in November. I've uninstalled the program over a dozen times. It doesn't work. Roxio Easy VHS to DVD is JUNK! Their tech support (outsourced to India) is horrid. They respond with cookie cutter answers hoping they may get it right or delay you long enough that you can't get a refund. If anyone offers you ANY Roxio product, even free, punch them in the face. I've created a Roxio tech support simulator if you wonder what it's like. Go to you nearest door, hold your head in the doorway and repetedly slam the door on your get the idea. I didn't want to bore anyone (I have seven other tickets from Roxio I could mention) and didn't get too technical. I needed to vent.
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User Replies:
The Other Beatle on 05/08/2011:
Go to and join the group "Roxio tech support sucks".
dirtfarmer on 05/05/2012:
I have to agree Roxio easy vhs to dvd suck

I got the easy vhs to dvd with free upgrade to easy vhs to dvd 3-- but I can not get it to run
noting work like it should
and support is no help at all

do not in any case but Roxio easy vhs to dvd-- you be sorry
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Avoid Roxio At All Cost!
Posted by on
I bought Roxio Creator 2010 on the recommendation of an ex-friend. That’s when the nightmare began. This product has been screwy since the day one installation. The initial problem was that I was unable to burn CD’s because the blank CD’s were at first recognized, but seconds later, not recognized. Roxio’s online help is totally worthless, bordering on criminal. These idiots don’t even read your help ticket and merely send you stock information that has nothing to do with your problem.

After service pack updates, uninstalling and reinstalling the program, and with the help of an online forum, I was able to burn CD’s. There were still some options that were unexplainably non-functional but I did my best to work around them. As months went by, more and more dysfunctions cropped until it was no longer possible to successfully burn CD’s.

Like an idiot, I went back for more from the help center. After another round of updates and re-installation, I was back at day one: Does not recognize CD. A-chee-wow-wah!

Now these clowns want me to upload an attachment of all my log files. Guess what? Their server won’t accept the uploads! Keeps crashing. Their reply? Send us an upload of the error message. I sh*t you not! I send them another message saying that this is not possible. So they reply with the exact same stock message from day one all over again. Amazing.

Finally, I am able to get through to someone who gives me an e-mail address to mail the logs to. Guess what? Return to sender: No such address!
Then, they finally send me a phone number, where I am able to speak to someone with very little command of the English language. He informs me that the previous e-mail address was wrong and gives me one that is guaranteed to work. Guess what? IT DON’T WORK! You can’t make this stuff up!

I complained via help ticket again. They tell me they never received the log files, and once again, tell me how to send them. THEY DIDN’T EVEN LOOK FOR THEM! I finally got through on the phone and after holding for 2o minutes, Gunga din finally found them and forwarded the logs to an Escalation Dept. Huh? THAT’S WHO I SENT THEM TO IN THE FIRST PLACE! Unfrigginbelievable!

I am now in my fourth month of dealing with these bums. Guess what? Just bought Nero. Works like a charm.

Avoid Roxio at all cost!
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User Replies:
Alain on 08/19/2010:
I'm not really familiar with this, but based on your description, I will avoid Roxio.
ECHO64 on 08/20/2010:
Speaking from personal experience, do NOT use Roxio. The company spends all of their time making the products look pretty, but forget to make them work. I would have to recommended Nero Burning software, I have been using it since day one and it has not failed me yet.
goduke on 08/20/2010:
Agreed, Echo. For simple burning of stuff to CDs and DVDs, Nero works like a champ. For more elaborate stuff, I use Vegas Movie Studio.
Never Again on 11/19/2013:
Roxio Sucks
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Roxio and Best Buy - What a Joke
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- Bought Roxio's Easy VHS to DVD Program based on the manager at Best Buy recommendation. Installed it. Wouldn't work. Removed it, reinstalled it. Wouldn't work. Tried the repair feature. Wouldn't work. Removed and reinstalled. Wouldn't work. Took it back. Tried for days to get help from Customer Care. What a frappin' joke that is. In an email they asked for information in English that was so stilted it was almost Victorian. India! Best Buy tried to tell me it was their policy to not accept software return. Fair enough. But when the manufacturer is manned by "off shore" technical people, who may speak English but don't understand it what are we to do? Best Buy bought the program from Roxio. Roxio made a profit; I'm sure Best Buy did as well. Help me make Best Buy accountable for the manufacturer's lack of assistance. Seems to me if we made a lot of noise Best Buy might realize they've got a real loser with Roxio. Tell you this: I will NEVER buy anything from Roxio again. What a bunch of morons!
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User Replies:
MRM on 01/31/2012:
First things first, what operating system do you have on your computer?
GenuineNerd on 01/31/2012:
If you are attempting to copy commercial VHS movie tapes to DVD, they may not copy due to copy-protection codes (such as Copyguard and Macrovision) on the tapes. Copying non-copy protected VHS tapes, as well as tapes recorded at home (such as off a TV broadcast or home-movie camcorder tapes) should work. It could very well be hard-to-use software.
Mike in FL on 02/02/2012:
It is your responsibility as a consumer to check the specs on your computer against the system requirements for the software. Did you do this?

Also, the retailer can not be held accountable for something that is the fault of their vendor. However, the retailer CAN (if enough complaints are heard by enough consumers) choose to drop the vendor. Best Buy has done this with a number of brands, including computer software like McAfee.
GenuineNerd on 02/04/2012:
That's probably why Best Buy never features McAfee products in their weekly Sunday paper ads, nor carry McAfee products in their stores. I switched from McAfee to Avira on my desktop because McAfee took up too much memory and slowed down my machine...a full hard-drive scan would take overnight (like more than 6 hours.) Avira is much faster...I started with their free version, then upgraded to the paid version, which offers the same antivirus/antimalware/antispyware protection as McAfee, but for about $40 or so.
Southern Gentleman on 11/23/2013:
I have Roxio CD burning software and have found it to be the best CD burning software that I have ever tried. Basically, your problem is that you bought it from Best Buy. They never make it easy to make a return. As a matter of fact, they try to make it so hard that most folks give up and accept the loss. I stopped shopping at Best Buy several years ago.
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Software problem,Horrible support
Posted by on
I am an experienced PC user I am very familiar with software and hardware. I build and rebuild my own computer regularly. I recently bought a copy of the Roxio/Sonic CinePlayer surround 3.2 RX2 so that I could watch DVD’s on my computer. I downloaded it and installed it as the instructions indicated. It was charged to my credit card. Since then I have spent seven days trying to make it work. I have had at least two separate problems with the install. I have done all of the standard re-download, reboot stuff and hav removed all traces of previous products from the registry to prevent conflicts.

I have tried to contact Roxio and Sonic many times. They do mot answer email requests for service. I have filled out the Sonic Service request form and did get a case number but not a reply. I was able to get through to the real time chat twice but was disconnected both times before solving the problem. Many other attempts resulted in a try again later notice. Phone support costs $35.00. That is what the software cost me. I attempted to file a request on the Roxio site but it will not send the completed form without the user selecting an option from a blank menu that offers no choices. It is infuriating! Product registration is required before using the database however it took me at least seven attempts to get a registration to go through. Then the database refused to accept my registration numbers stating that I was not registered in the database.

The software does not work. There is little support and what there is basically abusive and there seems to be no way to request a refund. I suggest avoiding these two companies entirely because of their total lack of willingness to provide any support for a brand new product and because what contact there is is made so extremely difficult that it is impossible to get anywhere. I have found free products that do the same job without any fuss. There are many better companies to deal with.
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User Replies:
MRM on 02/05/2007:
I prefer to use Cyberlink's PowerDVD to watch movies. It also plays HD DVD and Blu Rays. No problems when using PowerDVD on my Windows Vista Ultimate.
Anonymous on 02/05/2007:
Kahoona, I tried the same software and had the same experience.
westie69 on 02/03/2009:
I've had the same experience with this company and have now reported them to the UK Consumers Direct, our government agency. They are going to pass this on to be investigated.
They say I need to find out their postal address, which legally they HAVE to put on their website, but said they too couldn't find it.
They say my letter should say that I am covered by the Sale of Goods act 1979, and that as I have been unable to download it, it is 'NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE', and that therefore "THEY ARE IN BREACH OF CONTRACT'.
I need to call companies house to see if they have a registered address in the UK - typically that number was engaged just now, but I will try.
Consumer Direct suggested I also 'googled' ROXIO COMPLAINTS and to see what came up - and you people did. Inone sense I am happy that I am not alone with this complaint, but on the other hand unhappy because it proves me right. I felt utterly like I had been 'ripped off', and although not a high cost, not happy all the same.

My search now starts again to find a company who CAN do what I need.
I shall certainly investigate the next supplier before I go any further.
I went with Roxio because I heard of them before, big mistake.
Any comments from other 'my3cents' subscribers welcome.

Sarah McFall
Sidcup, Kent, England.
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Absolute nightmare right out of the box
Posted by on
Upon installing the software, and subsequent start up, I received a message saying that the "Certificate file was missing or corrupted. Please reinstall it" Several uninstalls and installs later I was still receiving the same message. After contacting customer support, I had two options. I could contact them by email, or contact them by telephone at a cost of $28.75 for 15 minutes of technical support, which they pointed out may or may not resolve my problem. I opted to contact them by email.
I promptly received an email back telling me to disable all programs that ran on start up. Then there were several links provided in the email, including Windows updater. installing latest video card drivers, latest version of Microsoft Direct X, update to latest version of Media Player, update audio drivers (no link provided for audio drivers)and a link to update CD/DVD burners firmware. This link, when clicked takes you to a page with a list of firmware manufacturers and the following warning....."Updating your firmware can be risky business, even if the update comes from the manufacturer of your drive. Improper firmware for your drive can, and usually does, result in destruction of the drive."

Then Roxio's support email directed me to provide Roxio with a dxdiag of my computer.

This is a lot of work, which by the way didn't work for software that should usually work properly upon installation.

I can't believe they expect an average person to go in and screw around with firmware by providing a link to a page that advises NOT to screw around with firmware.

I followed all steps provided by Roxio except for the firmware. My program still does not work and I'm absolutely furious.

I will never purchase another Roxio product again.
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Roxio SUCKS!!!
Posted by on
I purchased Roxio Creator 9 and have had nothing but issues with it. I am so sick of companies like Roxio and for that matter Microsucks, playing all of us for suckers. In the old days when you were going to manufacture a product, you had an "R&D" department that did everything they could possibly do to break your product BEFORE it was put on the market so that consumers had a pretty good chance of purchasing reliable products. That's what made this country the greatest producer of products in the ENTIRE WORLD BAR NONE!!

However, with these companies, they box up their software, and then it's YOUR responsibility to see to it that it's updated. Hey!!!! Helloooooo????? When are we going to WISE UP and realize that all those "patches" and updates are only indications that the producers of this software are only making money hand over fist at YOUR expense and at YOUR LIABILITY???? If the product was that good to begin with, it would never need to be "patched" at all. How do you like spending your hard earned money for CRAP that doesn't work and then having to fix it yourself if you really want or need to use it??!!!!

p. oED!
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 05/24/2010:
The problem is that hackers are just as inventive and intelligent as the software writers. There's always going to be a way to mess with any type of program. Patches exist because of this.
bcd on 05/25/2010:
Not all updates are released to fix bugs. Some updates are released to increase compatibility with new hardware and software products.
GenuineNerd on 05/25/2010:
Sometimes, retail versions of software, as well as drivers or other software that comes with hardware devices, isn't necessarily the current version. Recently I bought a turntable for ripping records onto my hard drive/iTunes. The software CD that came with it wasn't the current version. I found out about that the hard way when it took several hours to convert the tracks from one 12-song LP record to iTunes...downloading the current version of the software from the turntable manufacturer's website speeded things up a lot. Turns out, the record conversion CD was version 1.5; the current version is 4.1. The older software was made to run on XP and iTunes 7, currently I have Windows 7 and iTunes 9.
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