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Ship should be rated as a 1 star
Posted by Marya3804 on 12/30/2009
We were to cruise on the "Voyager of the Seas" by Royal Caribbean.
Beware that the ship is not at all a 4 star. The service was pitiful,
the food and coffee not fit for consumption. Our luggage was not found
until 10 pm the first night.
We sat in port for two days (not Royal Caribbean's fault) and were told
if we would disembark by 11 pm that they would give us a voucher for another cruise. Over 1,000 people got off the ship. I am pretty sure
they were happy to do so. I know we were.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2009-12-30:
Although it was 8 years ago, I've been on this ship. I had a completely opposite experience, not just on Voyager, but all RC cruises I've taken. Maybe it was just one of those off trips for them.
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Royal Caribbean Management Disaster
Posted by Hamlet35_2000 on 12/26/2009
I recently got back from a 4 night cruise on your cruise ship “The Enchantment of the Seas”. We sailed out on the 10th of September and my partner and our friends from Texas were all excited and ready to begin a relaxing and fun-filled voyage. While we enjoyed the cruise as a whole (mainly due to one of your crew members) there were moments of extreme rudeness from managers, absurd comments (Once again from the management team) and aggravating inconsistencies from – once again, you guessed it – from managers. I don’t know if these managers didn’t care, or are not aware of how rude they sounded, or if they were just giving us what they believed we paid for, but whatever the reason, I for one was especially not happy with them and continued to be aggravated at times with them, even as we were debarking.

Problems for us began on Day One – we were assigned one table and then they moved us because there were guests still at our table when we arrived for the late seating at 8:30. The table was right off the kitchen and we got to see the parade of food and drinks go by on each night of our cruise – while we could have had the pleasure of looking down upon the rotunda area of the dining room and the Captain’s Table if we had our original table. But, we were there to have fun and did not complain, even when another of the Head Waiters tried to move us to the table we should have been in, where the next group of guests that should have been at our new table where now seated. They removed our bread and glasses and began having us move until…another head waiter said “No, they are staying here.” This Head Waiter/Dining Room Manager/Whoever Manager then took out his sharpie and changed our table number on our room keys on a permanent basis for the rest of the cruise …so we were then stuck at the kitchen table. This was fine and we didn’t complain. Service took forever that night – surprising because we were right next to the kitchen.

Day Two – problems really begin. We had an enjoyable day in Key West and were coming back to have lunch in the dining room. Hostess ([snip] – rude in a smiling nasty evil way) said one of our friends had a sleeveless shirt on (which it wasn’t – it was a shorter sleeved shirt, with hemmed sleeves, but was not a tank-top). Our friends decided to go eat in the Windjammer because they didn’t want to change, while my partner really wanted to eat in the dining room – so because of some arcane European rule, we did not get to eat lunch with our friends who we see if we are lucky once a year. Sad, sad, sad. Where was the customer service? Not in the dining room that day, and I didn’t even get what I ordered for lunch! Later that night, at the kitchen table, our Head Waiter was talking with us, and we mentioned about the lunch. He said that if we had problems getting into the dining room again, just tell the hostesses to call for him and he would take care of it. Guess what, we took him at his word and actually tried to get into the dining room for breakfast the next day – silly us…

Day Three – Breakfast. Same type of shirt (not a tank-top – not a sleeveless shirt, still no one seems to care). Ask for Head Waiter – says to follow him… Hostess ([snip] again of course) decides she will get Head Waiter in trouble (hence why you don’t hear me mention his name, since he was wonderful and was the only one at that point attempting to provide any form of guest service) and [snip] goes to her manager and we are denied breakfast in the dining room. The most upsetting part of this was the only time I was able to have a breakfast with Metal Building Company my friend from Texas who also happens to be my best friend from Grammar School, so we missed out on a special time because of an uptight hostess with a God Complex and an inconsistent rule. I saw women in tank-tops and women in bathing suits and any other assorted strapless tank-toppy things, but we were denied because, and here I must quote some manager who came from above “we are hairy men”. This Manager (assuming he was a manager, don’t really know) then told us to go to Guest Relations if we have a problem, which I did. This particular quote “hairy men” continued to be spoken out loud and expanded upon when we went to Guest Relations. I still haven’t had breakfast … up since 6:30 and still haven’t had breakfast at 9:00. Guest Relations can’t do anything – we are after all “hairy men” in shirts which are not tank-tops and not sleeveless, but anyways… Windjammer here we come… packed – no seats…. Back to Dining room with my partner, minus my best friend who decides to eat in his room. We are there at 9:35 – Dining room is closed and [snip] tells us she will not seat us (my partner and I both are in appropriate shirts). Back to Guest Relations where this aggravating comedy is about to get a star player – [snip] Torrez, Guest Relation’s Manager. Once again we are “hairy men” and can she get us room service (remember I still haven’t eaten). Food and Beverage Manager not available have a nice day, maybe you can talk to him later…. I’m on vacation, I give up! I finally do get breakfast once the whole ship leaves for Cozumel.

We are still on Day Three, and we hear that [snip] has maybe set up a meeting with the Food and Beverage Manager or maybe that the food and beverage manager will be available at 8:00 or something which is never quite communicated to me, but and this is a big but … who sets up meetings for someone on their vacation? If I want to attend a meeting, which I was not told about, I would stay home at work and have all the meetings in the world. I am not here for anyone to schedule a meeting for me, and besides we were at the Magic Show during the “meeting”. If [snip] or the Food and Beverage Manager really wanted to talk with us, why not show up at the kitchen table – they have to know what time we eat. Maybe they don’t know what table we are at… Odd Guest Service Manager was all I could think of… Dinner is uncomfortable because I didn’t know if the Head Waiter got in trouble or what.

Buffet Dinner that night on the pool deck – I get to talk with the Food and Beverage Manager – [snip]. We are now “sweaty and hairy men” and certainly I can understand that we don’t want to offend the ladies in the dining room – I feel as if he thinks I am a crew member after berating me for missing the meeting, which I had no idea was scheduled for me by your Guest Service Manager, [snip]. After attempting to get in some comments, I finally have had enough of this Manager talking at me, and I tell him that he was being rude and not bothering to listen to my problems whatsoever – I then tell him that I was upset about the arcane rule in the dining room and that even if this rule is in place, my friends who were kicked out twice from his dining room were in fact not wearing tank-tops, and that the daily compass said nothing about just men in tank-tops. Once again I was informed I could write my comments at the end of the cruise. I informed [snip] that I would not bother with that, but would write a letter to the corporate office in Miami. This news apparently did not sit well with [snip] because as I walked away, he called our Nameless Head Waiter over and berated him in full view of guests and myself on the Pool Deck! I could not believe this. This conversation with our Head Waiter and [snip] continued with guests around them and I just sat dumbfounded that a manager was treating crew members like this, especially since I had informed [snip] that there was nothing wrong with his staff (except for [snip]) but the issues I was having rested solely with the management. I guess he disagreed and instead of taking personal responsibility for his words and actions with me decided to blame a crew member and berate him in public, on the pool deck. Very sad. Very sad. I went upstairs and just wanted to get the cruise over with.

Day Four – I am blamed once again for missing a meeting this time by [snip], and of course this doesn’t sit well with me. I am on the phone with a Guest Service Manager who is blaming me for missing my meeting with the Food and Beverage Manager – [snip]. I guess no one told her that I was already talked to by [snip]…

In conclusion, because this could go on for pages and pages, I did not appreciate how the managers blamed me and my friends for the problems we had on the ship, I did not appreciate being talked to like a member of the crew, I did not appreciate meetings being scheduled for me – you come find me, I am the guest, and finally I did not appreciate the way the managers handled the crew members involved, especially since for the most part they were trying to be accommodating. I would not sail on “The Enchantment of the Seas” ever again and luckily Royal Caribbean has a wonderful crew member named Janet Facey who is the only reason I would sail with Royal Caribbean again. There are other cruise lines with better management staff, and maybe on those I will find a management staff that actually cares for not only their guests, but their crew as well.

And just a quick note to [snip], when you are saying goodbye to everyone at debarkation, it is not a good idea to say goodbye just to one member of a party and ignore the others, especially the one you set up a meeting for. You couldn’t remember my name – bad guest service and rude. Well, at least it set me up to go back to the reality of the real world – no, wait, the custom officers were actually nice and friendly and good at guest service.
Thanks for your time in reading this and I do apologize for the length, but someone needs to be aware of these guest relation nightmares and how they are dealing with guests and the crew on the ships.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-26:
So you were told the shirt was inappropriate and then your friend showed up in the dining room with the same type of shirt again? You were asking for trouble and got it.

Someone needs to sit at the table by the kitchen. Did you pay more than anyone else to sit away from the kitchen?
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2009-12-26:
Sounds like you were looking for drama and confrontation and you found it.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-12-26:
I took Royal Caribbean and the Enchantment of the Seas and I also found the RC staff to be very rude. I prefer Norwegian Cruise Lines... I think you would like the "Freestyle" cruising more as well since they don't have set tables and dining times. The dress code is much more relaxed.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-12-26:
cruise ships have strict dress codes for the main dinning room. a lot of this story is not relevant to the issue.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-26:
Hugh hit the nail on the head.

Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-26:
and technically none of the employees names are suppose to be in the post - good or bad about them
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-26:
And I'm still wondering why
I'm seeing employee full names mentioned here

Posted by puggo63 on 2009-12-30:
I think this poster will have issues everywhere he goes. I have been on numerous Royal Carribean cruises with my parter(we're gay)and never had a problem with the staff or the ships rules and regulations. I did have issues with the many obnoxious and entitled passengers. It sounds like you nit-pick EVERYTHING and were expecting the ENTIRE staff to cater to your whims - mind you - this is a ship of 2000+ passengers. There IS a dress code for the main dining rooms and captain's night - this is not Carnival Cruise lines where anything goes. Also, with so many passengers onboard, there must be time limits/strict schedules to accomodate EVERYONE. Since you wrote that you had "pages and pages" of complaints is a dead give-away that you are never satisfied with anything. My suggestion is to travel on the Cunard's magnificant Queen Mary II and SEE what incredible complaints you can come up with!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-30:
Puggo63, Carnival does have a dress code.

Posted by Slimjim on 2009-12-30:
It's so hard to really get a feel for this without being there to survey the whole context thing, mostly how unsightly was this hairy guy in this shirt. I mean, it does make a difference if he stood out as under dressed. If he was any bit borderline with a dress code, why not just wear a different type shirt into the dining room to avoid all the hupla?
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Stolen Camera on Majesty of the Seas
Posted by Ohnine on 10/20/2009
I recently went on a cruise on The Majesty of the Seas (10/16/09-10/19/09)out of Miami. On the last night of the cruise my camera was stolen. I went to guest relations several times throughout the rest of the cruise and of course, they had nobody turn in a camera. they never asked me for my name in case it turned up or took any kind of incident report. The crew member could only say "these things happen"...I can't prove obviously that a crew member stole the camera, but I was not happy with how the incident was "dismissed"...even at the end of the cruise, before disembarking, I checked again..this time, the same crew member I spoke to the evening before, just said "no, we have no cameras"..and never even checked....just really poor customer service...I probably will not sail them again!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-20:
Not to be rude, but exactly what do you think they should do? What do you think the odds of someone turning in your camera are? Are you accusing an employee of stealing it, or did you leave it somewhere and returned to find it gone?
Posted by BEJ on 2009-10-21:
With the number of crew and passengers, what exactly did you expect them to do--serach crew and passenger cabins for the camera. The camera--was it left in your room and you returned to find it gone or did you have it out and left it somewhere.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-21:
"I can't prove obviously that a crew member stole the camera,"

How or what would make that obvious?
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-21:
legally they CAN'T conduct such a search. Hell even the police require a warrant
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-10-21:
Did you lay it down somewhere and it was taken or was it in your cabin? If it was in your cabin, chances are it was the person that maintains your room. Also, they do provide safes so it would have been prudent to put the camera in the safe when not in use.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-21:
If nothing was turned in what good would it be to look for it?
Posted by redmx3racer on 2009-10-21:
They are not responsible for your items. It sounds like they checked their lost and found. It was not turned in. That's all they can do.
Posted by memoryx57 on 2009-10-21:
Ya know everybody, I don't think we would even be reading this post had the crew even pretended to be concerned. All it would have taken is the crew member to say: " I am so sorry, let me take your name and if anybody turns one in we'll be sure and get it to you. I don't think the poster was expecting anybody do anything. The complaint was simply about being dismissed by the crew.
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Stolen Dirty Clothes
Posted by NancyA on 07/01/2009
Sailed on the Liberty of the Seas on June 6th 2009. Upon arrival, I realized I was missing at least 12 sets of clothing from family & myself. The clothing was taken from the dirty clothes we had already worn. Very clever since you don't miss the clothing while your on the cruise. This is my 8th cruise with Royal and I always take care of my valuables but never thought they would steal my dirty clothes. WARNING!!!! LOCK UP YOUR DIRTY CLOTHES!!!! I'm missing at least $800 worth of clothing.

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Posted by memoryx57 on 2009-07-01:
Well, I guess the thieves have reached a new low !!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-01:
Ew. Ew. Ew.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-07-01:
File a police report. It may be a bit difficult to find the thief at this point but it is best for there be an official record of the incident.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-01:
Why would someone want your dirty clothes?

The worst I ever experienced is someone stealing my *clean* undies on base (I was doing laundry, and left to hang out with my friends for a little while).

And, 12 sets? Just how long was this cruise?
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-07-01:
Miss M....

ain't the first time i've seen that happen.

if what Nancy said is true, and the clothes were stolen from their cabin... hell file a police report perhaps... that's crappy service.

but yeah i've seen it before. most of the people in the navy are good sailors but... every so often you'd get a dirtbag jerk who was too cheap (or who had a grudge against someone else) and would steal the dirty clothes out of the laundry.

i guess they figured they could clean the clothes.
still nasty tho
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Law Firms Please Contact Me to Force RC Make Their Surcharges, Discounts and "Perks" Equitable
Posted by Evagoblog on 05/14/2009
If there are any people who have sued RCI or any law firm who feels that there is a case for legal redress please contact me for this a company does not equally and fairly apply its discounts (quite different from offering equal BASE fares which I understand like the airlines are based on occupancy ) to ALL who qualify for it, charges some surcharges while NOT others, giving other "perks" like 2 cruises for the price of one, while refusing others who find out after booking but STILL on the cruise. They not only discriminate on nationality offering some nationalities prices that they don't offer others but discriminate with whom you book with, if you find out about a fare difference BEFORE you take your cruise you may get a refund but NOT if you book through your travel agent (who they make a big deal of how they work with them). This may be a consumer advocate law firm vs. one that specializes in suing cruise companies as they specialize in personal injury suits.

Because of my bitter experience with RCI, I can no longer recommend taking their cruises but since they are now offering good deals, there may still be others and I want to offer advice to those.

I advise one to book no sooner than the month (if you can, CNN advises you to book no sooner than 2 weeks) before you go, as they will cut the rate almost 80% off the rack rate (they have slashed the rates, many, MANY times before and would rather fill it up VERY cheaply then cancel the cruise).

If you paid ahead of time and are not aware of the discounts before taking the cruise, they will refuse you any kind of credit for future cruises or onboard credit to make up the difference (I'm not even talking about a monetary refund which would be less to their advantage).

Because of the economy where they feel they have to offer cheap cruises, they have really cut down the service and amenities to the point that unless you are probably in higher priced cabin like balcony or above, you may not even get complimentary toiletries. It is best to READ the reviews on different cruise websites on the ship (better yet, specific cruise) you are going on, if that can be found, my cruise was extremely cheap but because of ongoing renovations on the ship, many public areas were closed and the buffet dining was simply awful as they had to truck the food from the dining room to the solarium as the Windjammer was closed. It may be different on their other ships and it's all right to have it cheap, BUT the cruise lines SHOULD inform you WHAT to expect if the ship you're on is VASTLY different from ships you've taken before. I told them they should have this disclaimer on their website if they offer any cruises like the one I took (transatlantic voyage from Vision of the Seas from Santa Domingo on 4/19/09).

Was told that Southwest has the highest satisfaction rating as they promise anything but a low price and people are not disappointed by the expectations, I think RC wants to become the Southwest of the cruise industry. You will have CONSTANT reminders on the cruise that yours is a cheap cruise from them FIGHTING you over providing toiletries that a reservation agent over the phone promises you that they will have, to the waiters joking that because it's a cheap cruise there won't be lobster.

RCI used to be a good cruiseline (I liked their rooms because with the curtain it was like you had two rooms instead of one, but unfortunately they don't even want to compete with the likes of NCL but more like EZ cruise.)

Although I am allowing 3 Cents to forward this, RCI new customer service policy (since I DID contact them is too bad, we won't try to compensate you and retain you as a customer.)

To keep updated on this pending lawsuit if I can find a lawyer or if you have found that your were on this cruise or on another that you found you were not given the discounts you were entitled or paid surcharges others did not have to pay, please go to this website
http://groups. yahoo.com/group/RCCLlawsuit

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Posted by Ben There on 2009-05-14:
So you booked a cruise, the price went down during a last minute sale and you are mad they did not automatically give you a refund? You want to sue because the price went down?
Posted by Marine 63 on 2009-05-15:
I got a better solution...BLOW the ship up.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
At ease, soldier.
Posted by Marine 63 on 2009-05-15:
Okay, BokiBean I'll calm down for about 30 sec. LOL...
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
hahaha! Mr. High Energy :)
Posted by Marine 63 on 2009-05-15:
High Energy...Only when I'm in Combat Mode...LOL
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Wake Up Call To A 4:00 A.M. Fax
Posted by BOSSLADY on 04/29/2009
This has been a re-occurring issue for about a year now. The midnight to four A.M. faxes calling in to my home phone. They wake my entire household from a dead sleep in a panic and then I have to try and calm everyone back down. Everyone but myself of course. I'm up writing letters to anyone who will listen.

"I HAVE NEVER TAKEN A CRUISE" and I'm pretty sure Royal Caribbean will not be the co. I use when deciding to go. I have written letters to everyone I can find listed, I've called and asked to be removed and told to mail a letter! I am sick of having to do all the work for an error their company has made and its high time they take the reins and fix this problem!

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Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-04-29:
have you tried contacting the phone company to get it blocked?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-29:
Your phone company should be able to give you a code you can enter after you get a call, this will log the call and caller as a nuisance call. After a certain number, (I think 3), you are able to file a police report, and the phone company will provide all the caller's information to your police department.
Posted by saj80 on 2009-04-29:
Are these faxes from Royal Caribbean, or from a travel agent trying to sell cruises for this company?
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-04-29:
Bosslady, a number of years ago friends of mine began to receive calls on a frequent basis day and night. When they picked up they heard the familiar buzz sound of a fax being sent. This went on for about a month and finally the telephone company had to change their number. Not a perfect alternative, but it appeared a company had misprinted their fax number and the number of calls made my friend's telephone virtually useless.
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Run screaming from RCL
Posted by RCL victim on 12/30/2008
Save your vacation, run screaming from RCL.

On Royal Caribbean, you are vacationing cattle, held captive to be herded and milked dry. You will encounter all manner of crass, tacky scams designed to wring every penny from you before you are hustled grumbling home. Royal Caribbean brings new meaning to “shake down cruise”.

Tips for Royal Caribbean cruisers:

1. BEWARE OF RCL AMNESIA - Record everything the Royal Caribbean reservations agent says to you. Bring the recorder with you aboard. You will need the recorder and a stool for the hours you will spend complaining at the“Guest Relations” desk. Get everything in writing. RCL reservations will tell lies to get your booking. Nobody on board will honor the lies.

2. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES – You will be gouged by RCL for a ride to the end of the pier. It is worth the walk. Royal Caribbean shore excursions are a complete rip off. You will find great cheap tours within a block of the pier head.

3. REVENUE ENHANSEMENTS – Royal Caribbean will give you crummy orange juice, awful coffee and cafeteria food as a part of your ticket. If you want decent food, real orange juice, sodas, water or drinkable coffee, you must pay lots extra. On our RCL cruise, there was a $25 dollar per person cover charge just to set foot in the decent restaurants. Internet service is set to run at a snail’s pace, maybe because RCL charges by the minute. You will be given a handful of gratuity envelopes. Swallow your anger and tip, in person, only those staff that actually did their job. In our case, our cabin steward, one bartender and one waitress.

4. ADVANCE PURCHASES – If you purchase anything from RCL reservations for a “discount” you are being screwed. The same packages are available at the same price aboard the ship. When you try to redeem anything you pre purchased from Royal Caribbean be prepared for a long, long wait and something like an IRS audit. The usual excuse is “nobody has the wine locker keys” or “the wine steward is off duty”. If you advance purchase wine you can’t have it delivered to your state room. Room service will, however, sell you another bottle instead of delivering what you have already purchased. RCL tells you where and when you can have the wine that you pre purchase. If you buy a soda package you are doomed to roam the ship for two weeks carrying the “special” sippy cup that you must drink from to be served.

5. ALCOHOL – You will pay simply infuriating prices for alcoholic beverages aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise. RCL will search you and your bags at each gangway to make sure you don’t have any bottles…they even sniff your mouthwash. Once they are sure you have no bargain booze they will really put the screws to you. Expect to pay multiple times the retail price of a bottle of wine. You will pay almost the cost of a twelve pack for just one beer. Plan to get short poured on cocktails and bend over and grab your ankles when they bring the bill.

6. AIRPORT SERVICE – Imagine the service you have received from the airlines in recent years. Picture your worst airline terminal nightmare. Visualize long lines, screaming kids and high handed treatment from puny gods behind counters and podiums. Now surround that with water and you get some idea of the Royal Caribbean cruise experience. Royal Caribbean advertising bears no resemblance to RCL reality. As our shuttle bus finally departed for the airport, someone yelled “Anyone who had a good time, raise your hand”….nobody did.

Royal Caribbean still owes us $92 dollars in disputed charges… They were going to contact us. I am not holding my breath.

SEARCH WORDS: “RCL reviews” , RCL rip offs”, “RCL complaints”,” Royal Caribbean complaints”, “ discount cruises”, “cruise vacations”, “Royal Caribbean Cruises”, cruises, RCL,

Adventure of the Seas • Allure of the Seas • Brilliance of the Seas • Enchantment of the Seas • Explorer of the Seas • Freedom of the Seas • Grandeur of the Seas • Independence of the Seas • Jewel of the Seas • Legend of the Seas • Liberty of the Seas • Majesty of the Seas • Mariner of the Seas • Monarch of the Seas • Navigator of the Seas • Oasis of the Seas • Radiance of the Seas • Rhapsody of the Seas • Serenade of the Seas • Sovereign of the Seas • Splendour of the Seas • Vision of the Seas • Voyager of the Seas

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Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-12-30:
Answers to your complaints:

1) BEWARE OF RCL AMNESIA - Booking with RCI is the same as anywhere else. Bring copies of everything stated. If something isn't right, just let the purser know, and it will be fixed as long as you have proof.

2) WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES - The excursions through any/all cruise ships lines are higher. But you also get the safty of A) if the excursion is late, the ship will wait for you. B) if the excursion in not what was advertised, you will get a refund C) the excursions are safer.

3) REVENUE ENHANSEMENTS - All food and drink are included in the price EXCEPT for sodas, juce anytime but am and achohol. The specialty resturants are extra on all cruise lines.

4) ADVANCE PURCHASES - If you are missing something your ordered in your room, just tell your attendent. They can/will get it for you. You can always go to the purser if there is a problem. If you buy the soda package, you do not need your cup to get soda. They place a sticker on your SeaPass card for that.

5)ALCOHOL - RCI is the only line that doesn't allow your to bring alcohol onboard. You may order a package for dinning and/or a package for your room. The drink prices are higher than Carnavel but not as high as NCL.

6)AIRPORT SERVICE - Disembarkation can be very hard, depending on the ship, port and time. Leave very, very early (1st off) or late and it is not too bad.

Contact info for RCI:

Letters should be sent to:
Corporate Guest Relations
1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, FL 33132
(Due to mail processing times, please allow 10-14 days for a response.)

You are also welcome to call our Corporate Guest Relations Department at:
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. EST
Saturday - Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. EST

Crown & Anchor Society (800) 526-9723

Also go to cruisecritics.com for extra info on all the lines and ships to see which is better for you and what to expect.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-12-30:
Thanks for the clarification, Mrs. V. I'm not a cruiser because I'm not one for the confinement and my sea legs are wobbly even when on flat ground. I was always under the assumption that your meals were included on a cruise. You enforced that assumption. Possibly the poster was looking for champagne service on a beer budget? Not that a beer budget is anything bad, but don't expect more if that's the case.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-30:
Thanks "RCL victim" for a most excellent review. I'll keep a copy of it handy for the next time my fiancee tries to persuade me into taking a cruise. (VH).
Posted by hubbard53 on 2008-12-30:
good review. I have no desire to take a cruise. I'm actually thinking about a Sandals all inclusive resore but I'm leary b/c I know there has to be a way to make money some how...
Posted by bill on 2008-12-30:
I was on RCL Radiance a few years back and had a great time. I did not experience any of the problems you listed here.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-12-30:
I sail RC regularly and also do not experience any of these issues outside of the expected. All cruise lines charge heavy for alcohol, just like a better restaurant or club. In fact, booze sales is a major part of a ship's income. I also rarely pay the cover to upgrade the dining. The main dining seems more than fine to me and there are other step down meal alternatives as well. All at no extra charge. Internet is slow because you are on a boat in the middle of nowhere. No T-1s or DSL out on the ocean. You can have unlimited internet cabin access for the full or partial cruise by paying a flat fee comparable to hotels. I agree if you go to the library and use the per minute terminals, you will get flogged. I vote Mrs. V best answer. I think you ran into some modest problems while also being a cruise newbie and having different expectations.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-12-30:
Each cruise line is for different people.

RCI is a mid level 'mass market' line.

The food is mostly free on board most lines and there are a lot of things to enjoy.

On RCI the 'pay resturants' are:

Chops! - Steak type place, very good food. There is a $25.00 covercharge (this includes tips)

Portofios - Italian type place, very good food. Hosts the Murder Mistery Dinner. There is a $25.00 covercharge (this includes tips)

Johnny Rockets - Burger type place, ok to good food. $15.00 covercharge (inclues tips)

Ben and Jerrys - Ice Cream $2.00 - $5.00 charge
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-12-30:
The online internet is VERY slow. They use satellite for the uplink so it's not very fast at all.

Good enough to check email and such.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-12-30:
The Ben and Jerry's and Johnny Rocket covers must be new. Rockets was always free to get in but you usually went in for a shake, which of course, carried a fee.
Posted by RCL victim on 2009-01-01:
Mrs V obviously works for RCL....
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-01-01:
I knew all that outside of being outdated on some covers RCI victim and I don't work for them. She obviously cruises with them a lot. The fact is, we have a different opinion then you on this.
Posted by RCL victim on 2009-01-01:
Heads up aficionados of the mediocre, those thrilled to ride in steerage and defenders of RCL, there is a yummy Cajun shrimp special next week at Red Lobster… hee hee
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Unusable Rewards Certificate
Posted by Beachbetty on 12/19/2008
NEW JERSEY -- I recently redeemed a rewards certificate from an AT&T charge card for $500 for Royal Caribbean. Unlike the certificate we received from a Royal Caribbean charge card, this certificate can not be used for onboard credit, excursions, gratuities or even payment if the reservation was made by a travel agent (a procedure suggested by RC on their annoying phone message while you wait for a human being). After six calls to Crown and Anchor as well as corporate guest relations and including a few transfers without any spoken indication the person was 'dumping' me in someone else's lap, I have now concluded that we have a $500 credit that can only be used on a future cruise. BEWARE the fine print!!! What is the point of such narrow parameters for this certificate? As you might imagine, getting out there seems less enticing right now. Our next cruise will be on Holland America in the fall; we are getting tired of 3 1/2 hour stops in San Juan. It's hard to believe that in these tough economic times travelers who are one cruise away from Diamond plus status cannot find anyone to help in this situation. Of course, it tells me that individual customers have no voice at Royal Caribbean.

Wonder what Mr. Goldstein will say when all of the irate individuals eventually add up to economic difficulties for him?

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Posted by Slimjim on 2008-12-20:
I find this interesting. We are C&A members and have a Royal Caribbean points card through Bank of America. We are going on Oasis' maiden voyage and we are using this card heavily to build up a nice point total. I believe we will get all the benefits though. It appears to be the official RC card. Not sure what you have via AT&T but I can see why you are disappointed.
Posted by rudybjr on 2009-05-03:
Always beware of the fine print. Onboard credit, excursions, would be at the expense of RCL. Gratuities? No that comes from the customer. RCL obviously has an agreement wit AT&T where they receive $500 from AT&T for a booking that they don't have to pay commission on (travel agency booking). The purpose of the narrow parameters? To maximize profit.
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Unpleasereable experience and poor customer service
Posted by Sigmonk on 02/09/2008
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- This is an actual letter I wrote to royal caribbean. The cruise company unfortunatly told me to expect no compensation and could only toss out an "I'm Sorry"

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to forward another of my unheard concerns to RCI. I set sail along with my family on the Royal Caribbean’s Sovereign of the Seas on October 29, 2007. I have made three separate complaints on different occasions with no one at all returning my calls or letters. The first of the complaints was on the ship at the purser’s desk and also the questionnaire before disembarking. The next complaint was emailed to the company in November 2007 after returning home and this is my final attempt. I have sailed on other cruise ships in the past and have been more than happy with the services, food, and accommodations of others. I was not so impressed with that of the Sovereign of the Seas after being highly recommended by my parents who were guests in the past. We found that the boat was due for retirement within a few weeks with only a few sailing dates remaining.

Upon arriving to the Port Canaveral everyone had to wait in their vehicles for hours. We were shuffled into a parking lot to wait. We arrived at the Port at 11am and boarded the boat after 4pm. immediately upon boarding the ship we were sent to the muster drill. Our friends who were sailing with us were then reprimanded for being late to the muster drill even though it was the fault of the cruise line for the lateness. The process was horrible. The situation went down hill from there.

We were all aware that there was a hurricane threatening the path to the Bahamas and it could prove to be an issue. After setting sail we were informed that the path was still one that was heading to the Bahamas and should arrive early morning by 10am and that the order of our stops would be reversed. After waking up the next morning many people on the boat headed to the top of the boat and waited to see land. At 11am the Captain finally made an announcement that the boat was not going to be able to safely arrive in the Bahamas and a destination was unknown, he made this announcement and hour after we were supposed to have been in port. So we made our way around the ship and enjoyed some of the amenities. The Captain then made an announcement that we were going to Key West, FL and would be there the next morning and leaving the port at 6pm. We were stunned to say the least. All this way and all this money and we end up on a cruise to no where. If we had wanted to go to Key West we would have driven to the island from the port – it would have taken less time. When planning the cruise it was to be planned for two destinations. I know that it is not the fault of the Cruise line for the hurricane and the path that we had to take. I was not aware that there was only one port in all of the Caribbean that we could pull into other than the Bahamas we should have been made aware of this when we purchased our tickets. It was not that much fun being trapped at sea for two days of our voyage on a tossing sea vessel maneuvering a major storm when we could have pulled into a port or at least been kept up to date.

The dinners in the dining room were very sub-par compared to other cruise lines. The food was usually cold with little flavor. Our party usually had to order multiple items to find something on the menu worth eating.. The steaks were the poorest cut of meat and never cooked to order. Desserts rarely appeared to be what one ordered nor did they taste good. The only positive dining experience the group had was the chocolate party. There were many things to choose from at the party and the desserts were very good. The show was great at the chocolate party and the food was displayed in a very appealing manner. It really was a very beautiful evening. During dinner our waiter was very eager to make our dinner a more enjoyable one; if the food did not meet our approval he would bring us something else. The cocktails and wine were there immediately when we ordered them and our sodas were always there waiting on us.

The final day on the cruise seemed to be the most unhappy of all. The pools were all completely drained. This left people standing around wondering what there was to do. On the deck most of the day was usually games held out and around the pool. But how can one enjoy the pool when they are closed. The only thing anyone could do was attend an art auction or gamble. I am not one to gamble nor did I come aboard a cruise line to purchase art. Many people on board became very aggravated and agitated since there was nothing to do and no compassion towards the people on board. I feel that this cruise line handled this situation poorly. This was the first time I went to speak my complaints to the Purser’s Desk. I was told that they would take my information and forward it to the main office in Miami and someone would contact me. Upon disembarking I filled out the survey and questionnaire and also requested again that someone please contact me. Generally speaking the service on board however was very good. The waiters and cabin stewards had very proper manners. The gentleman that took care of our cabin didn’t miss a touch! The boat was kept very clean and the beds were very comfortable. I however am very upset with the professional staff at Royal Caribbean International. After several attempts trying to contact customer service about my issues, leaving voice mails, emails, and also the survey completed aboard the ship. No one has attempted to contact me in regards to my unhappy stay aboard the Sovereign of the Seas. I am currently planning another cruise in the very near future. I however am not sure that it will be with Royal Caribbean international. I was treated very well on a Carnival Cruise Line in March of 2007. There were no complaints and the food was a mark above the standard of most food on cruise lines. Every evening at dinner we looked forward to our time in the dining room and the creations that were brought out. My family actually purchased cook books with the featured recipes from Carnival. I would like to extend the offer to Royal Caribbean cruise lines to help make a future trip more appealing to me and my guest aboard another boat. I am a police officer and work very hard saving my money to afford a vacation. A cruise is a very special treat for me and my family and takes a long time to be able to afford such a vacation. I am going to be cruising with a company in the next few months. I would like to think someone from the customer service would wish to change my negative thoughts about Royal Caribbean International. I would like to hear something from customer service about my unpleasureable vacation aboard the Sovereign of the Seas.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2008-02-09:
Classic different strokes. I personally think the Bahama Islands are unattractive and would have been happy with a reroute to Key West. Plus I like the casino amid would have not been bothered. Of course that's me, and I can understand being frustrated if you wanted to use the pools. The must have given a reason why they weren't open. FYI, they probably had a very hard time getting a port of call on the fly like that. All piers for these ships in the Caribbean are spoken for by specific boats everyday. It isn't like a car, or even an airport, where you can just find room to dock in these tourist ports. Also, a muster drill is a mandatory requirement on any cruise ship before disembarking. Having cruised before, that shouldn't have surprised you.
Posted by Justusryan on 2008-02-09:
Damn their ability to not control the weather!
Posted by sigmonk on 2008-02-10:
well the controlling the weather...it is understood why they can't control the weather but they do have control of the food on board, and yes....the muster drills are a law....yes I know....but when you are in the parking lot waiting to 3 hours to herd into a parking garage then in the terminals for another significant amount of time....they shouldn't repromand you for being late. I was there in plenty of time that I should have been able to have put away the items in my room and been able to have lunch before a muster drill. As for the pools it was a clear day, nice sunny weather then they drain the pools. I know that everyone has there own views on things,,,which is understandable and helpful.
Posted by lilydarling on 2008-02-10:
I've never been on a cruise, but I'd figure that if a cruise had to be rerouted somewhere else because of bad weather, the cruise line would go out of their way to make the rest of the trip an enjoyable one. I'm not sure why they drained the pools, but it would have been nice to keep them open, and maybe add a few extra activities to the cruise for people to enjoy.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-02-10:
I've been on several cruises but all through Carnival. In Dec, we too were re-routed because of the hurricane damage in Costa Maya. We ended up going to Isle of Roatan. This place was horrible. We only visited the island for about 20 minutes and spent the rest of the day on the ship. There were a lot of activities going on throughout the day so we had a great time. I have no idea why they would drain the pools unless they were expecting to encounter serious weather conditions. I agree with Lily...they should have offered extra activities. Maybe next time, give Carnival a try. Sorry you had such a bad time.
Posted by chow on 2008-02-10:
hard to please every one!
Posted by Bronto on 2008-04-11:
Did you purchase travel insurance? If so, did you attempt to make a claim? We never travel without the insurance. It costs some but it costs more without it if something negative happens. Your situation may have been covered. We use Cruise Brothers, they are great and they know the ships. Also, we never travel at Hurricane Season. Sorry to hear your cruise was a bummer. It costs too much to go wrong. I think we will use Carnival next time, too. Happy trails...
Posted by burkett on 2008-09-11:
I had a very similar experience with the customer service onboard my Royal Caribbean cruise. I have cruised on other lines as well and have been given 1st class treatment; however, on Royal Caribbean I was treated worse than I have ever been treated before. I went so far as to call the Miami office while on board the ship and was told that because I was still on the cruise that I would have to take up any issues with the staff on the ship. I explained that I had made several attempts to resolve my issues with the management on the ship without sucess. The Miami office still would not assist me. I called again once I got off the ship and was told that the best Royal Caribbean could do was send me a letter of applogy.

Some of the issues I experienced were:
1) I did not receive the cabin I reserved. When I asked to be changed to the cabin I had reserved I was told the ship was full but I would be first on the upgrade list if someone did not show. Later I was told that everyone had arrived and the ship was full. At dinner a fellow cruiser told me she had received an upgrade and didn't even ask for it. I took this information to the ship staff and was told well that happens sometimes and if I had a complaint I should take it up with my travel agent.

2) On a five day cruise we received stateroom service three days. The three days that we actually received the service it was poor at best. All he did was add new towels and make the bed.

3) Many many problems with the excursion staff and the information that they provided. We were charged for three excursions that we did not receive, I had to stand in line for 45 minutes on the morning we arrived at one island and then cause a scene at the desk before they would credit my account.

4) Every time I went to the customer service desk I was treated like a child. One peerson actually told me they did not believe that I knew what I was talking about. I asked to speak with a manager and was told they would leave a message for the manager. I never heard from anyone.

5) The dinning room staff were wonderful but the food was prepared with cheap ingrediants and it showed. One woman at our table ordered an indian dish and was served romin noodles (yes the kind college kids eat). Several desserts were made with twinkie cake with the filling pulled out.

6) I never received a survey card at the end of the cruise and when I asked the staff for one I was told they could not give me one because they were assigned by the computer for each stateroom.

I will never sail Royal Caribbean again! My money would have better spent if I had flused it down the toilet and it had nothing to do with the weather! This man is trying to express his discontent with the customer service I and agree.
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No wonder people get sick on Royal Caribbean
Posted by Mikepa on 12/10/2007
Not only was the service terrible, but most cruise ships require hand sanitizing before entering into the dining room or cafeteria. When I did not see the sanitizing stations I questioned the guest relation desks as to why. Their response is they had not had an outbreakin a while. So much for prevention.

IN addition it is the only self serve buffet I have found on a cruise line. Letting people touch the food instead of having it handled in a sanitary manner.

Simply not acceptable health practices.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-10:
Hand sanitizing is actually going to work against you, in the long run.

We are being bombarded with companies that tell us we need to sanitize ourselves, at every level. This is killing off the (good)bacteria we need to survive everyday situations.

Plain old hot water and soap is the best prevention.

I'd be taken aback if a cruise ship required me to 'sanitize' my hands before entering a dining room.
Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2007-12-11:
What people get sick on Royal Caribbean? I don't know of any, and I know a few people who have gone on them. Are you basing your title on personal experience? Or did you just decide that people "got sick" because of the lack of sanitization stations
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-12-11:
Are we talking about the staff or the guests here? I have never been asked to sanitize my hands on a cruise ship, and I have cruised a lot.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-12-11:
slim, didn't you know that Mike is an offspring of Howard Hughes? :)

I agree, emt_c. I'd say the same about people who at the first sign of a sniffle, demand antibiotics from their MD. I have one in my family who pops them like breath mints and some day when this guy gets a really severe infection, it'll take a long time for him to get rid of it.
Posted by leopard on 2007-12-11:
what's a cris ship?
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