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Never use this company
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I hate RPS Worldwide/RPS Collection Services

I made the mistake of using this company since it came up near the top of Google searches for collection agencies. So far all they've managed to do for me is to take "Legal Fees" of $700 despite their "no collection, no fees promise". (It turns out they don't even have a legal department)

After my payment about a half year ago trying to reach a human being is next to impossible. So far they have literally done nothing except to try to delay and prevent the case from going to a real attorney. Now they are dragging their feet to pay the attorney, an attorney I contacted and referred them to.

In hindsight I've spent much more time, frustration and aggravation trying to get RPS to do something than I have actually spent trying to collect my money from the debtor.

In my fact checking to attempt to sue them it turns out that this is actually a tiny company in Orlando Florida with only 4 employees. The city has them registered as, fittingly enough, "a check cashing service." My recommendation is to contact an attorney directly for any debt collection enforcement. DO NOT LET THE HIGH QUALITY WEB SITE FOOL YOU! They are NOT a legitimate business.

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User Replies:
Alain on 11/17/2010:
Nice web sites don't always mean good services or products.
Name preferred to be held on 03/20/2012:
RPS is the biggest rip off ever. Don't trust them with your debt collection. The no collection no fee statement is a downright lie! I've been running in circles with multiple staff for almost three years now. Can't close my case, can't get a refund. I've taken this to the BBB to see if I can get this resolved.

Don't use RPS!
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