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Very Upset
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Rating: 4/51

NORTHCHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- The servers was good. We ask for a bake potato with our food. The potato was so cold that it couldn't even melt the butter and was brown and hard on the inside. We have had this happen to us more than once when the restaurant was in north. The food was good the ribs was good and the potato was always fresh. Seeing pour a drink out of a dirty glass, put into a clean glass and use the same little star for decoration on the clean glass. If I was an inspector, I would taken the a, of your door and replace it with e.

Too Many Things Went Wrong
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Rating: 2/51

MT. LAUREL, NEW JERSEY -- Regarding experience at Ruby Tuesday Mt. Laurel, NJ 15 June 8:30 PM. Needed table for five or six at approximately 8:00 pm. Restaurant was empty. There was a ten minute wait anyway. Hostesses did their best but while seating two of us in the back of restaurant we asked that they look out for rest of party. Apparently they did not as our family walked by themselves throughout restaurant to find us. Table was not set. Server, very sweet may have been new - not sure. One guest a vegetarian asked for a former menu item, namely, quesadilla avocado - server said that it was not on menu anymore. She said what she was trained to say.

I asked for manager. Manager came, was polite and helpful. I explained that an avocado quesadilla could easily be made in the kitchen. The restaurant had all ingredients on hand and could have imitated the quesadilla easily. If quesadillas are served just trade off the meat for avocado. Manager said that could not be done. Manager made other verbal suggestions, very nicely. Customer ordered two appetizers instead of meal. Server brought out two huge plates that could not be set down together for guests. Re-arranging needed to be done.

Took most of appetizers home. Service from kitchen was slow. Other food as expected. If tip was added to bill I as host did not see it. So I may have double tipped at 20% not sure. There were five of us. Sorry that I didn't take copy of bill. Not such a great experience.

Sad Service
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INDIANA -- We went to the Ruby Tuesdays on I 465 off of 38th St in Indianapolis today. We were the only people in the restaurant until people filtered in. We ordered drinks and proceeded to scope out the fare. We ordered our drinks and waited for the wait staff to take our order. And then we waited and waited until my partner decided on the salad bar and Ruby's minis.

We had waited about ten minutes and ** got up and raked the salad bar. That takes a while for him because we like your salad bar. He took a few bites, we with our drinks and wondering why it happened that after 20 minutes our order was not taken and all of the people around us were being served and our order wasn't taken. If you are against same sex couples of thirty years let me know. We've eaten at this restaurant several times. If you've changed your policy to exclude gay people please let us know. We'll never darken your door stoop again.

Horrible Service
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FISHKILL, NEW YORK -- Visited this particular location and was initially satisfied with the server and accommodations. The problem arose when our food came and the meat which was ordered well done was totally pink inside. The manager came over and took a look and agreed that it was in his words "really pink"... He handled it and the food was done over. But while waiting we hadn't got napkins or silverware after asking once but the second request for those was granted.

After eating I requested a dessert to go, it was added to our bill and the bill was taken care of while we waited for the dessert. We ended up waiting 35 minutes on the dessert (cupcakes) but were told twice "Oh they'll be right out" and twice asked "Oh they didn't bring them out yet?" The last approach to us by the server she asked if we were "all set?" I then made a hand gesture showing her 'still no cupcakes'.. So bottom line the overall experience was certainly not a good one. I love Ruby Tuesday but this one has made Applebee's look really enticing. And for me that's saying a lot.

What a Crock
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MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA -- We arrived about 3:30 PM on a Thursday. There was not a soul in the place when we walked in. My wife walked back to the bar and here was a waitress standing in the kitchen door with a drink in her hand. My wife asked if we should sit ourselves the employee responded "I'm off let me find you someone." Another employee came out and sat us at the bar. When we told them we didn't want to sit in that area they told us "it was the only section open." WTF!!! There was apparently a manager and a cook in the kitchen who were very loud and vulgar.

Again we asked to be moved the server rolled her eyes and moved us over by the bathrooms (which were nasty.) It took forever to get our food then it was cold. The waitress came by once to fill up my water. We never saw the manager except when he was cursing at the cook in the kitchen. Next time we will go to some place else.

Poor Manager Response
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EDINBURGH, INDIANA -- I love to use restaurant coupons and we often make our restaurant decision based on what coupons we have and when they are due to expire. This week we made a special mid week trip to our local Ruby Tuesday restaurant solely because I had a $10 off coupon that was expiring that night. As a long time vegetarian I love their salad bar and especially like the Veggie Trio with salad bar. My husband was ordering a salmon dinner and with appetizer. Our bill was definitely going to exceed $45.

When our attentive waitress saw our coupon she noted that it would only work on certain entrees, none of which were vegetarian. When I asked to speak to the manager to explain that I hadn't eaten chicken or fish for over 15 years and wasn't going to start now I fully expected him to approve my veggie choice. He was matter of fact and said "sorry" there was nothing he could do. At this point I felt we had no choice but to get up and go to another restaurant. They lost out on a loyal customer and certainly the revenue from our dinner that night. Seems short sighted to me. I can understand our waitress being unable to make the call but the manager???

Bad Manager
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LUMBERTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- We went to the Ruby Tuesday on 5th St. in Lumberton, N.C. We had coupons 2 for twenty dollars. We had used these coupons many times before. The waitress took our order, all four of us had the ribeyes. My aunt's steak was overcooked and her steak looked nothing at all like ours. She sent it back to the kitchen and they brought her another one that was better. Things would have been OK except my mom caught the manager giving my aunt a dirty look! How unprofessional!!! Then we were told we could not use our coupons. No worries, we will not be going back to a Ruby Tuesday's anywhere and neither will our families. Look out Longhorn Steakhouse. We'll be seeing you!

The Grinch of Ruby Tuesday Who Ruined My Christmas
By -

JACKSON, TENNESSEE -- On Christmas Eve 2010, I went to the Ruby Tuesday in Jackson, Tennessee with my friends for a few drinks after some last minute Christmas shopping. We were all in great, festive moods until we were approached by the bartender. His name was Joe (we found out from listening to him talk to the other employees) and he was the absolute worst server we have ever had! Not only did he roll his eyes and mutter under his breath at us but he gave us the nastiest looks as if we were maggots that he didn't even want to waste a second of his time with. I noticed he was treating some good looking guys with the utmost respect which tells me what he prefers.

When one of my friends asked for a drink he was unfamiliar with, he insisted it was not a real drink and told my friend she should learn to ask for real drinks in the future. What made the visit so bad was his boss was nearby and had to have heard how he was talking to us. Yet he did nothing! My friends and I will NEVER go back to Ruby Tuesday in Jackson, Tennessee again. In fact, we will tell all of our friends and family just what kind of service they offer to paying customers, especially during the holidays.

Sunday Brunch
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FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- Ruby Tuesday seems to feel that it is acceptable to make the customer wait 90 minutes for burnt food, less than half the order, and then when you speak to manager you are told to leave the establishment. The manager would rather the customer "eat, be quiet, and pay the bill" according to the staff. One must just too much business to care about real customer service.

I came back to see the Owner/General Partner several days later to discuss the matter, however he was nowhere to be found, and the staff informed me he was never there. I even made the Debit card charge "suspended" so that we could discuss the matter, and sent a letter, however I have yet to get a call to resolve the problem.

When you call their TN headquarters to file a complaint, or leave an electronic posting it goes unanswered for weeks, so Ruby Tuesday is all about profits, ripping off the public, and serving trash food at high prices. When you ask to get it fixed you are asked to leave the restaurant by the franchise holder as a matter of corporate policy, since they feel that they can get someone else to come in to take your place for the substandard, awful food. Corporate America - DO NOT DEAL WITH PROBLEMS. WISH THEM AWAY.

Manager Poor Choose of Words
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SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- Thank God my party had already had our meals and was going to have our after dinner coffee, we had to wait while they brewed our coffee. Finally we got our coffee and as I was fixing to take a sip I noticed something in my coffee. To my dismay there was a large fly in it. I called the waitress over and she had the manager to come over. He did take the coffee off our bill but said, "This is why I hate summer time, you get all kinds of insect in food and drink." I do not think that was the right thing to say. The store number was #4612 in Sanford, NC.

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