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Russel Toyota Cheated Me

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I am from Pennsylvania and Russel Toyota is 70 miles away from me. They gave me a quote for Toyota Corolla. They have also emailed me the on-road price as I asked for it. I have emailed them to verify and let me know if I qualify for the 0% APR for 36 months so that, I won't come all the way and then know that I am not eligible. I filled their form through their website and they said that I qualify for it (my credit score is 790). I made an appointment at 5:30 with Brad and was there by 5:15. I have referred my friend who was also interested to buy a car who came along with me.

Firstly, I went to front desk and said that I have an appointment at 5:30. This guy showed up around 5:45 and said, "A guy who has an appointment at 6:30 showed up now," so, he is dealing with him and will come back to me later. I had to wait for more than a hour. This is not fair and little inconvenient but, I can manage with that.

Now, he breaks the promise saying that I do not qualify for the 0%. But, they give the option to finance (1.99% APR) which will give $500 rebate and the final interest and the principal altogether is little less than what I have with 0% APR. I thought well, if the final price (not the monthly payment) is getting less, it should be fine. To make sure again, that I really pay less if I go with finance, I asked them to show me how much I am supposed to pay interest for each year and looked at the total, which came little less than 18100.

Now, he breaks his second promise again INTERESTINGLY saying, "My manager has worked with numbers and has bought down the finance APR which is now 1.44%". Quite naturally, we might think that we will pay less when the finance APR goes down. But, here is the fact, he did not mentioned that he has increased the price of the car. I have trusted this guy and after almost signing all the papers, I figured out that they increased the price of the car price to $ 500 more.

Now they argue that they bought the APR down so they had to increase the car price. Does it make any sense? (I did not asked them to decrease the APR. What helps does it makes if they increase the price of the car?) By the time I was signing the papers, it was already past 9 and they say that the manager has left, so they can't do anything. (WOW).

If Brad had showed up on time with the appointment I had, I definitely would have the availability of Manager for 1 more hour. For their mistake, we had to take penalty. Moreover, he promised a price for the car and then sent to other guy and gave me papers to sign without mentioning that they changed the car price. They rudely said to either take the car with the new price they had or call it a day. My friend's baby and his wife were waiting from 5:30 and it was past 10:30 with the way they made things. I felt embarrassed to refer this place to my friend and his family.

These guys know that they have cheated us. They clearly know that they quoted me one price and finally printed other price on the papers. That was almost $500 more. I have explained this to sales representative who called me today. I will update once she gets back to me. I bought a new car, but with no happiness :(

Bait and switch
By -

CATONSVILLE, MARYLAND -- Do not trust Russel Toyota Internet Pricing scheme. This dealer does not honor their posted pricing or their written email quote. They have the nerve to make an excuse that they made mistakes in their posted pricing and written quote but they would sell me the car with a much higher price. Shame on Toyota by not weeding out these unethical dealers.

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