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Unacceptable Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

BRANSON WEST, MISSOURI -- My initial visit to this store was quite satisfactory. First I want to say that all stores for Verizon or any other company should be required to notify you that they are NOT a company store! When I got home with my high dollar Samsung Android Galaxy, upon trying to charge the phone, I found the charger did not stay in the phone. The end receptacle was faulty. I went back to the store and the same young man who sold me the phone jerked one out of the wall and gave it to me. I was on the road for a few days, using the car charger. When I got home, took a second look at the charger, it is worn and the insulation next to the plug in end is split open.

When I returned to the store, there are 2 girls there, one very helpful and the other had just returned from maternity leave. The one who had just returned from leave indicated she was going way beyond what should be expected, that it was all about THEIR inventory balancing, had to make a phone call to someone, allowing her to give me a new charger. I got a whole song & dance about the new guy should have never given me that charger out of the wall, they do not warranty chargers, etc.

Then she gave me a new charger without a USB connection! I told her I had to have that part. I travel & work from my laptop. "Well, that is all we have" is what I was told. "There were no other ones in stock". I said, "How about if I wait until you get the right one in?" "Oh no", she bluntly said that they would not give me anything except the one without the USB cord. Then I said, "I brought a brand new one in here a few days ago. Just give it back to me".

No one knew where it was, she just came back from maternity leave and didn't know where anything got put. Hmmm, what happened to all the inventory controls? This is not about the cost of a new cord. This is about absolutely treating a customer like they are totally dispensable.

The young lady who just returned from maternity leave has no people skills at all. As I was leaving the store, the other young lady offered that if I called Samsung they would probably replace the cord. I called and guess what? They won't replace the old worn charger, they would have exchanged the original new one.

Then there was the issue of them bad mouthing the new guy, at least a dozen times, to me, the customer. These reps are not properly trained. We still have to buy another smartphone in the next few months. They just lost a good local customer and more than me when I get through with my reviews.

Do Not Purchase Their Cell Phones
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DENISON, TEXAS -- First off this is not a Corporate store! If you chose to buy a Verizon wireless plan go to a Corporate store. Went there got 2 phones, paid $125.00, signed 2 yr. contract. Got the phones home and one of them did not work the number 2 and 7 button. Took the phone back said, "We fixed it". No they did not. They do not tell you about their $40.00 charge for a RESTOCKING FEE, even if the phone doesn't work. They want 40 bucks, and Verizon still sends me a bill over $400.00 every month. It is now on my credit because I'm not paying it.

They wanted $80.00 from us to return their own phones. Didn't pay that either so I have two Verizon cell phones. We were told that there was a 30-day satisfactory time if we didn't like the service we could return them with no hassle, but they left out all the above info until the day we tried to return the phone. I stayed with Sprint much better deal.

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