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RV City Treated Us Horribly!!!
By -

Took 2 months to make a 2 hour install. After waiting 2 months for RV City to "get the part", we ended up calling the manufacturer ourselves to find out what the delay was. We were informed by the manufacturer that the part had never been ordered by RV City. Carriage also informed us and RV City that the part and labor were covered by the Carriage warranty.

After several weeks of waiting, the part arrived at RV City, they took the RV around 3:00 pm on a Friday (they close at 5:00). The owner and service manager called us at 9:45 am on Saturday and told us the work was done. We went down to pick up our home (we are full timers), and we were promptly told that we had to pay $2,400 on the spot because RV City did not want to wait for a check from Carriage, they wanted the money NOW! We did not have that kind of money and asked to get our medication, some clothes, and some food from the RV. We were told, "not a chance, you cannot touch that unit until you pay in full."

Please keep in mind that the part only cost $160 and they were charging us $2,400. We purchased our Cameo at RV City ($73,000.00+), not to mention thousands of dollars we spent in the past for accessories and parts, and other service. We have always paid immediately for anything that was not covered by our warranty.

This would be like buying a new Chevy from a Chevy dealership and when you take it in for warranty work, the Chevy dealer does the work, then holds your car hostage until YOU pay for the work, because they don't want to wait for payment from Chevy. Take our advice, RV City does not reward customer loyalty, does not respect their customer's patronage, they treated us horribly, they were shady, deceptive, and flat out took us for anything and everything they could possibly get.

Bad RV Service, Warranty Work or Otherwise
By -

We purchased new 2009 35 ft Cameo LXI model 5th wheel for over $72,000. We live in it full time. We have spent thousands of $$$ at RV City over the past 3 years on various accessories, parts, service. We have always paid our bills immediately. May 13, 2011, our blackwater tank broke. We called RV City within 15 mins. RV City gave us excuse after excuse and lie after lie, and after 6 weeks of living full time with no toilet, having to go down the street to the public toilet 20 times of day and night day after day, night after night, week after week, and eventually months!

I finally called Carriage (Cameo) directly, I was told that the part was in stock but RV City had never ordered it. Cameo said they would pay the costs involved, including tank (160) and 6 hours labor. 1 week later, by some miracle, lo and behold, after 2 months, the tank arrives at RV City. They take about 3 hours to fix it and then they decide they don't want to wait for payment from Cameo, they want us to pay them $2,400 or they will not return to us our home or possessions. They wouldn't even let us get our medication, food, or clothes out of the RV.

First of all, Cameo agreed to pay them directly. Second, their bill was grossly and shamefully padded. Third, who has $2,400 on hand and lives in an RV full time. My parents had to go down and put this on their credit card, which RV City initially refused to take for fear they would cancel the charge the next day. After we called the Cochise County Sheriff's department, they assured us that RV City MUST accept payment and must turnover our RV.

Long story short. They lied, delayed, connived, and eventually held us up for $2,400. If this business is so desperate they can't wait for payment from one of their own manufacturers and they have to soak their loyal customers, they will not be in business much longer. Times are hard, but good service, good relationships with vendors, customers, and manufacturers, will pay off! Bad service, bad business practices, and destroying your own reputation, will destroy your business. Beware, don't do business at this place. Save $$$, time, aggravation. Go elsewhere, anywhere but RV City.

Unsatisfactory Service
By -

HUACHUCA CITY, ARIZONA -- I made an appointment one month in advance to have my 31 foot fifth wheel trailer serviced at RV City in Huachuca City Arizona. The trailer has now been in the shop for two weeks and they haven't even started on it. The reason I was told was because they are getting ready for a big show and have to get their floor models worked on. When I commented about them delaying my trailer repairs for this reason the manager came on the phone and told me that it could possibly be another two weeks and that they were too busy. This didn't help.

The trailer is a Forest River and this is the second time that I have been put off by two different dealers on simple repairs. I don't recommend purchasing a Forest River Trailer; they are made very cheap (See my other information review about this trailer). I also don't recommend purchasing from RV City in Arizona.

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