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BARNETT SHOALS RD, GEORGIA -- I have saw something last night that really got to me and everyone should know about it. I sitting in my car here in Georgia and I saw a man who worked for Ryans who happened to be a manager throw jelly beans at a employee and I knew her. He yelled at her so bad that I could hear him all the way outside in my car and the building is made from brick. She didn't see me and I didn't want her to know that I seen this go down for I didn't want her to feel any worse than she must have already felt. I can't believe that a manager that works at Ryans would do such a thing.

I had just moved down here with my family and I'm getting married and I was going to have my reception at their restaurant but now no way if they can treat their employees like that I could only imagine how they would treat their customers. I'm not from Georgia. Like I said I just moved down here. I know this must be really hard on some people to hear about but it's so true. I cannot help but wonder what kind of people run these type places. They must not care about the employees at all or what happens to them for this kind of thing to happen to such a kind a gentle person.

The Ryans that I'm speaking of is on Barnett Shoals road here in Georgia. I can only hope for those reading this can understand how this type of thing needs not to happen to employees. We all work for a living. We all have to survive. We don't need to put up with this. It's not fair. I know life is not fair but we all have to pay our bills and take care of our families.

You mean to tell me that you all would not care if this was happening to you or your family? How can they say they are a family res. if this is the way they treat their employees? I hope for those who are reading this they stay away from that place until something is done about this person. I know that this can be difficult but if you care you will not go there.

I have seen this person in action. He's a brute and a person who thinks that no one will speak up. Well I'm speaking up for all those can not speak up for themselves for they are afraid of the consequences and afraid of losing there jobs. Well I don't work there nor will I eat there until I see action. I will tell everyone I know and let my voice be heard. So please if you care don't go there. Make your voice be heard we all work hard for our money why give it to them if this is the way we see our friends and family being treated?

We can always take our business somewhere else where we could all enjoy not being abused or seeing our friends and family being treated the way I saw my friend being treated. Because then he had the nerve to tell her to pick them up. I heard this with my own ears, seen it with my own eyes. How it bothers me that my friend got hurt the way she did.

He yelled. How I heard him yell all the way to my car how awful she must feel. Please help me stop this person from hurting any more people. Thank you for reading this and please care for others. Also the answer to everyone's question is yes he does this all the time. Ryans will do nothing about it. He has thrown things, yelled at people, cursed them out in front of other customers and so on and so on.

Ridiculous portion sizes
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ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My family and I have been weekly patrons at the Ryan's of Rock Hill, SC for the last six years. We are usually there every Thursday and Friday night and have known all the managers and staff well over the years. The restaurant recently changed management and district managers and it has not been for the better. In recent months the grill as seen quite a few new cooks and all of them seem to be trained the same way. When you ask for a steak you will be given a two to four ounce portion that would look small on a child's plate.

In the past I have tried to explain to the cooks that I'd like a large piece, and have gotten the same reaction. That's the size we are told to serve. I have spoke to the managers, and they usually have talked to the cook and gotten a six to eight ounce portion of me. That's reasonable.

Some of the managers even offered to cook my steak for me. That was OK. When I met the new district manager, AJ - I told him about this. He stated that he was trying to retrain the cooks to give the customers larger portions. Again..this sounded good. However, in recent weeks I have seen the trend go back to the very small portions and the lines forming at the grill growing larger and larger. Last night I got to the grill and was offered a portion that had been cut to two inches square!

When I asked for a larger portion, he told me that this is what he was instructed to serve. I spoke to the manager, and he said this is correct, but I could have as many servings as I wished. (OK..but who wants to stand in line for fifteen to twenty minutes to wait for 4 or 5 bites sized pieces of steak?) And the line is pretty long.

I gave up and called the customer service line. Their answer is that they will forward my remarks to the district manager (same guy who told me this would no longer be a problem.) You know what the manager last night told me? He said that this is what AJ tells all the customers to quiet things down and get them out the door. He tells the store managers differently. I'm waiting to hear from AJ. I am looking seriously at taking my family elsewhere.

Disgusting restrooms
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RUSTON, LA -- I took my children to our local Ryan's last night... paid $11 dollars for my mega buffet meal which was mediocre but expected and couldn't even finish my food after returning from the restroom! My children went first and came back telling me that they couldn't find a clean stall to use so I went to inspect. And let me tell you, that was the most disgusting restaurant restroom I've EVER seen, fast food joints included.

The doors on 2 stalls wouldn't even close properly, there was water and toilet paper everywhere... and I mean EVERYWHERE. Two toilets were full of someone else's waste, there was excrement on the WALL in one of the stalls, the paper towel dispenser didn't work, and the smell was horrific.

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