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Ryobi Junk Trimmer
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I purchased a Ryobi Model RY34001 30cc 4 Cycle Power Head Trimmer on July 13, 2011 from the Alvin, Texas Home Depot Store. I paid $149.00 plus tax for this unit. It worked up till Feb. 2012. March 2012, I took it in to their authorized repair center in Alvin, Texas, Gill's Small Engine. I was charged $15.00 plus tax for a deposit. It was not running and it was leaking oil. I picked it up in April 2012 and had to pay an extra $15.00 for it. Took it home and it ran for 3 minutes. It wouldn't start up again. So I call customer service up and am told I have to take it back to Gill's. Am I totally stupid? I would have to pay a deposit again to Gill's. I said, I'm going on the internet to complain about this and was hung up on.
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ok4now on 05/03/2012:
Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Ryobi. The price is right when you buy it but the quality is not there. With only 30cc and a 4 cycle there is not enough power to get the job done. Next time buy an ECHO 2 cycle trimmer. Very powerful and it's built like a tank. I got the commercial version and paid $275. This bad boy is a shaft drive that will effortlessly cut through anything on your lawn. High weeds, trim flower beds and sidewalk edging is not problem. Easy start and you'll wear out before it does. A little more money but worth it.
Brenda on 07/24/2014:
I'm SO glad you posted this. I bought a 4-cycle Ryobi wheeled trimmer from Alvin Home Depot. It quit working and the only thing I knew to do was take it to Gil's because I knew they're an authorized Ryobi repair center. I will so not waste my time and money. Thank you.
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Shy away from Ryobi wheeled trimmer T430 - RY13010
Posted by on
I contacted Ryobi with the following complaint. Their attitude was similar to other reviewers... I'm sorry, but is there anything else we can sell you.
This is more of a complaint than a request for anything other than to have you improve this product.
We have a 2 acre pond. The pond banks are slightly sloped and is covered with grass and non-woody weeds. I trim these about once a month. No big problem for a standard gasolene weed trimmer. But, a regular trimmer is bad on the back when bending over. The wheeled trimmer idea is great for this. About a month ago, I purchased your product for $200+ USD and have used it about 5 times. I do have to say that when it is working correctly, it works okay and is easy on my back. But this product is not the product that I wanted. The trimmer head is poorly designed and so frustrating and time consuming that I would rather use the standard weed eater and suffer the backache. The springs in the trimmer head are a real pain in the rear. They don't always hold and the string is slung out or gets hung and I have to open the head to remove pieces of the string to get new line in. I wind up using many expletives and much more time and frustration in getting more line in. Since the springs are not very good, I wind up threading more line through and putting knots in the line to keep it from being slung out. The head should have been fitted with some form of bumpable or trigger line release so you don't have to continually fiddle with the line. If a bumpable line release is not possible, the head should be fitted with quick release clamps or clips to hold the line rather than having to thread the line through the head. Also, the choke lever vibrates and moves to a position to cause the engine to run rough or choke down. I have tried to adjust it, but why should I have to? For $200, it should work without my having to adjust it. Also, today as I was using it, the primer bulb began to suck air and I can't get enough gasolene into it to start the engine. So, for a $200+ tool that I have had about a month and used about 5 times, why am I so dissatisfied with it. Fix the design. Make it a useful, satisfying tool rather than one that you curse about. The idea is good, the design leaves much to be desired. Also, for my use, I would like to have a trimmer head with about a 2-foot neck. It would make it easier to trim my pond.
So, my 3cents recommendation is that if you're looking for a useful tool, bypass this trimmer. I get about 25% useful time out of it... theother 75% is wasted time dealing with it.

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Skye on 06/14/2010:
Since it gave you problems the very first time you used it, and continued to be more of a nuisance, from what you said, why didn't you either ask for a refund, or replacement? Could yours possibly have a defect? No matter what, if you are not satisfied with a product you paid x dollar amount for, return it. The way it is designed may not work for you, but maybe it works for others, but good to know about this. What is their refund policy, about returning an item that you have been tweaking and adjusting. Are you within the return time frame period? You might want to consider this. If you are able to get back a refund, take that money and purchase some goats to maintain the area with the pond. Your back will thank you for it. Just kidding, it sounds like a very nice area. Good luck, I hope you can receive some sort of resolution.
RANCHRIDER on 08/05/2011:
james on 05/16/2012:
I would say do not waste your money on this piece of equipment. I used mine about 3 times last year after I bought it. I started having problems with keeping it running. When I can get it to run it doesn't have enough power to use the weed cutter. As soon as I press the handle to cut weeds it dies. When I called them they told me they would let me know who fixed the in my area. No apology for it not working or trying to find out what the trouble might be. It was like I had bought it now it was my problem to find somebody to fix it even though it had only been used about 3 times. Ryobi has lost a customer with all of their products, and I will continue to advise anybody else considering purchasing one of their products to go with another manufacturer.
R. Doyle on 05/19/2013:
Bought a Ryobi wheeled trimmer - thought twice about it since I have not had much luck with Ryobi products in the past. Made sure I registered the day I bought it - within one month the string broke off in holder - I had to run with one string. Next hard to keep running and I can't get it fixed under their two year warranty because I can't find the original sale receipt. Never Never Never again and when I am Home Depot if anyone is looking at Ryobi I tell them don't bother - and let them know how they are to deal with and what junk it is
Travis P on 05/24/2013:
No offense... But I'd be MORE THAN HAPPY to come mow your yards in exchange for one of these. I "tested" one from the depot (I've used it for jobs I got through Craig's for about 6 times now) and set aside breaking it in, keeping it clean, and tossing that factory shit-head, and installing a "borrowed" four swivel fixed line head, it has been a effin beast. Today I murdered 3/4 of an acre of honeysuckle/ blackberry bush/thick purple clover/and nasty goose grass in less than 5 hours and mind you it was thick and that lot I did was almost 1/3 on a hillside I could barely walk up.
Just change the head keep it clean and do not run it like a 2stroker and you might become a believer too.
Seriously though. I really will come work it off of anyone. I need this tool but can not afford it.
Thanks for readin.
Sue-useless for me on 07/21/2013:
Just tried to use it. Have tendinitis and can't use regular weed/grass trimmer w/o pain. Thought I had found the solution, but it ran out of line almost immediately, had a terrible time replacing line, then couldn't get it started, finally managed about 10' along my deck before giving up. Replaced line 3 times for 10ft. Waited to restart. Altogether did about 12', went through 6 lines, took over an hour. Gave up, piece of line stuck in one hole, hope they take it back.
Travis? If they won't take it back, you can have it.
chuck zirino on 07/23/2013:
Bought a Ryobi 4 stroke grass edger. Lasted on year.The cam shaft made of cheap plastic.Lobes wore off,no valves,no parts.In the garbage.A lesson learned.
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Radial Arm Saw
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CALHOUN, GEORGIA -- Date of calls with responses.

3/27/13 - Me: Have recalled Radial saw Ryobi (Melanie): Will send box with return instructions;

4/1 - Me: Instructions: Seal box. Leave on porch. What next? Ryobi(Odessa): We'll pick up;

4/3 - Me: When? Ryobi (Jane): We'll pick up 4/11;

4/12 -Me: Why no pick-up? Ryobi (Odessa): Don't know. Me: Suggestions? Ryobi (Odessa): Don't know;

4/3 - Me: Hi Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) can you help me? CPSC (Sandra): We'll check and call back.

4/5 - Me: Hi CPSC can you follow-up? CPSC (Michael June - boss of Sandra)Will check and call back.

4/12 - 9:05 A.M. Me: Hi CPSC can you follow-up? CPSC (Mariela), I'll connect you to Michael June. Not at his desk. MJ will call back.

4/12 - 3:17 P.M. Me: Hi CPSC, Michael June please. CPSC (Mariela), I'll connect you. CPSC (Michael June), Ryobi is going to pick up recalled motor. Me: When?. CPSC (MJ): April 11th. Me: Today's April 12th. CPSC (MJ): I don't know. Me: Your bosses name and number. CPSC MJ: Vivian Forrest (301-575-1287).

4/12 - 3:35 P.M. Me: Hi, can you help me? CPSC (Forrest): Attitude of why are you calling me? Question's answer: Basically "no". Me: Your boss name and number please. CPSC (Forrest): Sonia Dua but I can't give out her number [Federal employee who works for taxpayers but can't be bothered with you}.

4/12 - 4:02 P.M. Me: Hi, can you help me? GA Senator Chambliss (Mimi - (202) 224-3521)), We'll look into it.

4/12 - 4:05 P.M. Me: Hi Atlanta Journal Constitution, did you know federal employees can't be bothered with giving out superior's telephone number? AJC: We'll look into it.

Suggestion for you, the reader: If the name written on the tool is RYOBI. Look into it all you like but N-E-V-E-R buy RYOBI.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 04/13/2013:
Your complaint appears to be against the Senator, the newspaper, the CPSC and Ryobi.
madconsumer on 04/13/2013:
I own several RYOBI tools. for the average prosumer home remodeler, they are wonderful. great price and great value.

as for the recall, it was not clear of the recall issue. why was the tool recalled? shipping is a different thing.
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Ryobi, NEVER again!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WESTPORT, WASHINGTON -- If hard starting was the only problem with these piles of junk, I would be thrilled.
Concept: fantastic. Execution: Who ever designed and approved the motor, should be.
First motor lasted less than two months. H Depot sent it to a service dealer. The dealer said that it was run without oil. Only problem is that it ran and had oil in it when it was taken back. When I received it back, the PLASTIC cam was shredded and it wouldn't even fire. Bought a "Factory" reconditioned long-shaft trimmer for the motor. Finished out the season. Started spring clean up, less than an hour, the thing started spewing blue smoke. Shut it off, it just sat there smoking. The cam is fine, bottom end is shot. Working on mounting a Stihl two-stroke on it now.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 04/24/2012:
I'm impressed at the lengths you are going to to keep this working. I had a wheeled trimmer, and I couldn't justify keeping it. It was a pain to use. Good luck with this - it sounds like you will need it.
ccassles on 04/27/2012:
I strongly agree with westport Washington! RYOBI Engines, and the entire product are Sub-Standard at Best. I had a back pack blower, used 6 times in one year. Bought it 4/11. I spent 2 days trying to get help with this HORRIBLE Product. Did all the tech things I was told to do.I found that the Carburetor had vibrated loose from the engine.Fixed that. NO START!! Findly I took it to the so called authorized repair shop, First it would take them 30 days to look at it, I raised hell, a technician did look in the exhaust port, and told me the engine had been run with no OIL IN FUEL. Just not true. That would void the warranty. Took it back to Home Depot, What a mistake. I was called a lair, by the service tech. He said this blower had been used a lot more than 6 times. Again the run-around. Bottom line I will never go to Home Depot again. I have spent $1,000.00's there. $600.00 the last 2 weeks. Rude non caring people work there, at least the Home Depot in Austin Texas on I-35 & Slaughter. Home Depot is a large corporation and could careless about ONE Customer. So I have a worthless piece of S*^%*It, that no one will fix. BYOBI told me everything was covered but the Carburetor. on the phone. Then at the repair shop said it is not covered because I ran it without OIL. NOT TRUE! Lowes Here I come. NEVER BUY RYOBI ANYTHING, DO NOT EXPECT HOME DEPOT TO STAND BEHIND THEIR CUSTOMERS! David Cassles Austin Texas. you may post on my Face Book if you wish.
John Metzger on 06/21/2014:
Similar blue smoke issue. Used trimmer with bush trimmer attachment for about 30 minutes. Changed attachment to string trimmer and used for 15 minutes before blue smoke out of shaft by the motor. Now totally locked up and worthless. Have owned for less than 1 year.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA -- Purchased this saw from Home depot last year. Have used it a total of maybe 30 minutes then the blade started to fall out during use. Contacted Ryobi parts thing all I needed was the cheap piece of plastic to fix it. Ryobi call center representative advise that I had to buy the whole shaft for $32.00 and that is the only way they carry it. That is about the same as the price of the tool. Then you would just take the litle piece of plastic and replace it and hope it last."It Won't".I hope that enough people read this to avoid these junk tools and stop throwing away their money. DON'T BUY RYOBI.
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User Replies:
Kris10 on 03/23/2012:
Can you get some of that Gorilla glue (I think that's what it's called.)? It's meant to be put to hard use in things like this. Check it out.
trmn8r on 03/23/2012:
I'm surprised a piece of plastic is involved with securing the blade. In the old days, everything in this area would be metal. Perhaps some sort of quick release mechanism or something. Progress? Doesn't sound like it.

I just looked - this tool is only $40 and includes a laser. And it does have a quick change feature of some sort. At $40, this may not have the quality built in that one might expect.
BigAl on 03/23/2012:
On a side note, the main reason this happens is that the wrong blade is used in a particular application.
ok4now on 03/24/2012:
This is why I buy DeWalt products. You spend a little more but you get quality that lasts.
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Ryobi support stinks
Posted by on
SUBJECT: Power tool parts inquiry — MODEL NUMBER: Rvi2000
08/26/11 23:08: I doubt you really do Tom. The good news is that you won't last long in your role with this type of support. Think about it, how much would it have coat the company to keep the customer happy versus how much it costs gains new customer?. Penny wise dollar foolish. Also, studies show that one unhappy customer tells 10 people. That's a lot of bad press. I guarantee you that with the internet, I will tell more than 10 people about Tom C. And Ryobi support.

Hope your feel good about saving your company $10. Oh, you should shown your manager this one before he reads it on the internet. Have great day! You represent a Chinese company real well. They'd be proud.

08/26/11 09:20:

We are sorry you feel that way.

If you change your mind and we can be of any assistance to you with our products in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards,

Tom Clinkscales
One World Technologies, Inc.

08/25/11 21:41: Gee thanks for standing behind your products Tom! I too am in the CS business, and would at least make a reasonable offer to keep the customer happy. I guess I'll return it a buy a Honda generator after the storm. Best wishes

08/25/11 10:10:

Thank you for your purchase of a Ryobi lawn and garden product, and we are proud that you have chosen Ryobi for your lawn and garden needs.

Owners manual downloads are available on the Ryobi home page under the SERVICE & SUPPORT link. A printed copy can be obtained at no charge by contacting Ryobi customer service at 1-800-860-4050.

http://www.ryobitools.com/product_promotion/discontinued_manuals/generators/RYI2000T_413_trilingual. pdf

Replacements for missing items from floor model or display purchases can be ordered through the master parts distributor Gardner, Inc. in Columbus, OH at 1-877-545-4110.

Best regards,

Tom Clinkscales
One World Technologies, Inc.

08/24/11 21:52: Hi,
I just purchased the above generator from Home Depot, and due to the impending hurricane, the only model left was the floor model. Unfortunately there was no box or accessories.

Can you please send me an owners manual and the accessories, kit that comes with this generator. Thank you so much.

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 08/27/2011:
I don't see why Ryobi should bear the cost of the items they already sent to Home Depot, and were carelessly discarded by its *American* employees.

When I take stuff out of a box, I put the box in my basement, often with the unneeded items still in it. Then I can go back later to get them. That is what HD should do.
Starlord on 08/28/2011:
You buy the floor model of an item, understanding that it is a floor model, and want the company to invest money in your plight? It is not the company's fault! As for keeping a customer, you made the choice to buy a floor model with no box, paperwork or accessories, probably at a reduced price, and expect the company to fall all over itself to keep your good graces? Lotsa luck.
At Your Service on 08/28/2011:
This complaint, IMHO, is absolutely bizarre. The O.P. is upset because the manufacturer isn't sending accessory parts and a manual for free?! Why would anyone assume that they were entitled to such items for free when the purchased a floor model? The fact that they were kind enough to provide the O.P. with information regarding downloading the manual and finding the parts catalog on-line is reasonably decent service.
Anonymous on 08/28/2011:
The complaint should be with the store. An option was provided to obtain the manual and accessories kit. If you want it for free then Home Depot should be the ones to provide it. RYOBI provided the parts once, in the complete package. They shouldn't have to suffer a loss because Home Depot didn't provide the parts and manual that they probably have lying around in the receiving department somewhere.
max on 06/26/2012:
Haha... guess I'm not the only customer Ryobi burned through Tom. This was my experience with a chainsaw I purchased through Ryobi.

Jeff on 11/11/2014:
I also purchased a Ryobi back pack leave blower. I used it for a hour until it ran out of gas and it would not start again. I can't find the receipt so Home Depo would not replace it. What a piece of crap, do not purchase the Ryobi Back Pack Leaf Blower. I know this is my last time buying their products.
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Ryobi Lawn mower -- stay away
Posted by on
I have made the mistake of buying one of Ryobi's electric lawn mowers (from Home Depot), which I used approximately six times before it shorted out and had to go to your service center for repairs.

It has now been there for more than one month, and I was told it may be another 3-4 weeks before I can get it back -- this is during the mowing season-- which makes it difficult to take care of my lawn.

I was told when I took it in, that this type of machine is in the shop frequently and because of that replacement parts are backed up. At this point I anticipate this machine will be back into the shop many times over the next three years of its' warranty.

I am surprised at what appears to be faulty engineering and hope this is not an example of the quality of the rest of the Ryobi product lines.

Anyone thinking of purchasing a Ryobi lawn mower should think twice. The warranty sounds good, but if it spends an inordinate amount of time 'in the shop' --- what good is the warranty after all.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/18/2011:
We have Ryobi power tools and they are excellent (according to my hubby, anyway). Shame the electric mower is so flawed. Thanks for sharing.
maddalena on 07/23/2013:
We also bought this lawn mower from Home Depot and are very disappointed in it. This is only our second year with it and now the battery is finished will not charge anymore. Not happy do not buy. Will go back to gas.
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Ryobi Leaf blower
Posted by on
I purchased this leaf blower over a year ago. I have been trying since the date of purchase to use the vacuum attachemnet on this unit. I have come to the unhappy conclusion that this attachment is a piece of crap. It WILL NOT STAY ATTCHED to the unit. I have even tried duct taping it around the unit and even duct tapping it to the open door. Nothing works. The blow molded part that attches to the main unit is such a poor design that I'm surprised it ever got off the drawing board.

I can say this with some knowledge and insight, as I am a MOLD MAKER by trade. Some type of locking collar would have worked much better. I know it would have cost more to manufacture, but what is the cost of an unhappy customer? I personally will not buy any more of your outdoor products, nor will I recommend them to any one.

I would take it back back to Home Depot but I know they will not give me a refund. And it's a shame to. Ryobi USED to make such good products. But since the executives on the upper floors choose to outsource everything to CHINA, we consumers are left holding the junk in our hands. Don't they realize that we would gladly pay more for a product that actually works.

I had a simalar situation with a line trimmer (weed wacker) After over 7 years of using a great Ryobi product it finally died. (craked head) So I replaced it with another RYOBI. (One I thought was the equivalent). I have news for you new and improved. does not always mean better. This one only lasted less that 2 years. WHAT HAPPENED?? I tell you what happened, MADE IN CHINA, that's what happened.

Nomore Ryobi products for me.
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User Replies:
Alain on 11/15/2010:
Seems like a lot of newer products have lower quality these days.
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Ryobi - No Service And I Have To Ship It For Repair!
Posted by on
I'm a home owner doing small work; trim baseboards, shelves. Instead of borrowing a friends mitre saw, I made the mistake of purchasing a Ryobi 12'' Compound Mitre Saw in Aug of 09. I used it to cut some moulding and some baseboards. I noticed that after approx 15 cuts the blade would loosen. Everybody I talk to says "It shouldn't loosen it should tighten as you use it" Each time, I would disconnect it from the power, remove the blade guard, tighten the blade, replace the blade guard and plug it back in.

I contacted Home Depot and they suggested checking the grips on th blades to make sure they were assembled correctly and are gripping the blade, I did, they are. They then directed me to the Edmonton Ryobi Authorized service center. I did, left it with Can Tech Repair center, called after hearing nothing for two months, the guy tells me "yup" it's done, sitting here. I pick it up and he doesn't know what the mechanic fixed on it but it's fixed.

I take it home and after 17 cuts it loosens again. I contact Home Depot to replace this piece of crap, they apologize and say it's outside the 30 day window for returns.

I spend 20 minutes searching Ryobi's website for a customer service contact number (everything tries to direct you to email fields) finally find it (in a small font under parts) and contact Ryobi and speak to a sullen lifeless customer service agent who couldn't care less about my problems. She tells me for a replacement it must go back to a service center to be checked. She tells me I have to ship it at my cost to Red Deer or Calgary, since THEY no longer have a service center in Edmonton (likely the guy got tired of fixing Ryobi power tools). Lucky me. I've spent more time hauling this piece of crap around than cutting things with it.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/16/2010:
Warranty replacements are done with customer's paying the shipping charge to return the defective unit. You would have to pay for your own gas to task it to a service center and this is no different nor is it unreasonable.
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Worthless Warranty
Posted by on
UNCASVILLE, CONNECTICUT -- I purchased a Ryobi Leaf Blower/Vac from Home Depot for non-commercial use. After a few uses the motor became loose from the unit. I returned it to Home Depot who required that I pay a fee to return the Blower to a Ryobi Service Center for inspection. If the Unit was found to be defective It would be replaced or repaired and my "Service Fee" would be refunded. The Service Center's report was that some debris had been found in the motor. They also stated that "I" had opened the motor which further voided the warranty. I explained if there was debris in the motor it would have been as the result of using the vacuum attachment, ( wasn't that what it was for?)I also denied I had ever attempted to access any part of the unit. They refused to acknowledge my claim and said it would cost $85. to repair it. The cost to buy a new on is $119.00. I requested an opportunity to speak to someone in higher authority but was denied. They sent the damaged blower back to Home Depot where I explained my dis-satisfaction to their CSR. It was of no use. I lost the $30.00 inspection fee but gained the knowledge which reminds me to never buy another Ryobi Product, even though I own several others tools purchased at Home Depot.

I now drive past my local Home Depot to shop at a Lowes in another town for all of my major household projects. They won the battle and lost the customer.
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