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Unfair denial of claim
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We had our home insured with Safeco. We have never filed an insurance claim before, but our experience with Safeco was a bad one. Despite three different experts saying that our roof had to be replaced due to hail and wind damage, they denied the claim. Therefore we had to pay $6000 of our own savings to repair the roof. I am just warning everyone that I can: Safeco is a company of cheaters. Never use them for your insurance needs
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saj80 on 12/01/2010:
What reason is Safeco giving for denying the claim? No damage to surrounding properties, preexisting damage, etc.? More information is needed to make a prudent assessment of your situation.
tony o on 11/28/2011:
There must be a difference between issuing a check and sending one out. I was told a second check was issued Nov.23.(my first check arrived Nov.23, I cancelled it since it was issued Nov.07 {16 days later} [mind you I am being charged storage since the 9th at 45 dollars a day], Well anyway I call today and I was told it didn't even go out yet that due to the holidays it just went to accounting this afternoon(no guarantee that it will even ship out today.This is very unprofessional(mind you I have a Payment that's supposed to come out of my account for my monthly insurance payment, I bet you they won't be late taken it bad its not there due to insufficient funds. I wish there was a negative rating to give .......
Sarah on 07/08/2013:
I had to file my first home owners claim after this last storm. Because I have the shingles that are the organic mat, they are claiming it is due to a bad product and not hail/storm damage. Even though my lean to blew over, front door ripped off and all the hail damage on my siding isn't enough proof.
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