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"Watch Out" Liberty Mutual Owns This Company
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ARIZONA -- Please be aware that Liberty Mutual is being sued by the state of New York for its unfair denial of benefit by biased arbitrators. It seems as though this practice has moved past just medical benefits and has moved into auto and home insurance as well. Denial of benefits and coverage is Liberty Mutual's middle name. "Underbid and don't pay" is their motto. Please dump this insurance company before you need them for something really important. Luckily my situation is a minor car repair (not my fault) that they won't pay to repair (their responsibility) and not my house...

Please see all reviews against Liberty Mutual - too many to count. I feel sorry for those Safeco shareholders, that was a very bad negotiation!!!!

SAFECO Adjusters Unfair
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Claim adjusters want to pay only $430 on my $2100 claim and will not use OEM parts. They want to use 3rd party parts. Is it not illegal for insurance companies to force you to use certain parts? Furthermore it has been almost a year since I filed my claim and they still refuse to pay. Safeco is the worst auto insurance company to work with.

Weren't There for Me When I Needed Them. Read Your Policy Carefully!
By -

After decades of coverage by this company - and no claims - I recently had a plumbing failure which, since it was in the crawlspace, was not discovered for several months. The damage is about $12k. Come to find out, the policy is written to exclude claims for damage that occurs "over time." What a crock. Other companies DO cover this situation.

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