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Bad service administrators
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Safeguard products sucks they love to sell their wheel tire product contracts but when submitting a claim they make the customer regret it they want to scend you back to the selling dealer or somepaticipatting facility within their network system but they advertise you the consumer can go to any liscence facility to initiate a claim untrue false adverting they are a scam company beware don't buy safeguard products very bad company
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Anonymous on 10/08/2011:
Collecting or processing insurance in any field can often be more difficult than cracking Fort Knox. That is why I try and stray away from insurance, warranties, etc...Good review!
ronen perez on 07/20/2012:
I was a customer of safeguard products they are terrible they give you the runaround about monie reimbursmant they try to inconviniance you don't buy their services they are not a good company to deal with
golan on 09/18/2012:
agree had a bad time dealling with safeguard they want you to go to a dealership instead of an independent garage they have false advertismant you cannot go to any facility to initiate a tire and wheal claim been their first hand this company is false in what they preach one day I'm sure someone will stand up to them
robert l on 10/20/2012:
this company is a bad service company I cancelled my contract with them after they denied my claim they were closed on a Sunday I had no choice but to buy a new tire and the next day I called in from the shop I had bought the tire and was told I should not have bought the tire from them well I was told I can go anywhear I choose to repair my vehicle well it looks like this company is fraudulent in what they market because my contract stated I can go to any liscenced repair facility why do they dictate to me where to go is this fair, legal? anybody out there has any understnding to this crock of bs
albert sy on 01/12/2013:
I had a problem with this company at one point in the past and did not like the outcome had a nail in tire blew out on highway clain denied because I drove on the tire well I had no choice I was driving 65 miles per hour cannot stop instantanuessllly I'm not superman well their you have it this company safeguard is teribbllle don't buy their contracts or you will suffer the consequences
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