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Don't Use Safelite
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COLORADO -- Had a windshield replaced by Safelite Auto Glass. It leaked.....They came and re sealed it......Still leaked.....Another "certified" tech came out and re-re-sealed it.....Still leaked. Had windshield replaced again. And it cracked. Went to "local" glass place and bam one windshield, one time, no leaks no cracks nothing but happy. Moral of the story....The small guy works harder to make you happy the first time.
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ok4now on 01/19/2012:
Good post. They must be spending more money on their TV commercials than training their employees. The local guy depends on repeat business and has to get it right. This applies to car repair, restaurants, pizza joints etc. You'll always do better with the local guy.
griffin21 on 01/19/2012:
Perhaps I was naive, but I wasn't happy with the local guy either.

I should have carefully inspected the replacement windshield, or maybe even requested a genuine replacement. The one on my car right now has a 6-in squiggly imperfection in the glass, visible under normal lighting condition.

More subtle is the worthless tint on the top of the windshield. My GPS used to be happily clipped onto the vent, great location with the old windshield (no glare on the GPS), but now unless something opaque is actually placed over the tinted area, sunlight basically shine right though most of the tinted area.
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Fast, courteous, and fantastic service!
Posted on
MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MISSOURI -- I neglected a small crack in my windshield for over a year, and yesterday that neglect came around to bite me in the rear, as I hit a speed bump and watched that small crack sprawl across the entire windshield. My insurance deductible was too high, so I knew I was going to eat the cost of this one myself.

My insurance company connected me with Safelite Auto Glass. The first lady I spoke to was incredibly nice. Verified a bunch of information about my vehicle, and even gave me a discount for being a Progressive customer. As it turns out there was an opening the very next morning (this morning!) for a repair technician to come to me and fix my windshield out in the parking lot while I was at work! Bonus!

After I hung up, I realized I made a mistake on what type of windshield I wanted, so I called them back and they very easily changed my order and told me my new quote.

The repair guy showed up and fixed my windshield in a little over an hour. After it was repaired, he called me out to the car to take a look. Looked fantastic. Only problem, which he pointed out (or I may not have noticed) was that he accidentally broke a piece of plastic and some trimming needed to be replaced. Both parts he said he would order and replace at no charge to me.

I'll recommend these guys to anybody!

Of course, if the replacement parts don't come in, or I wind up getting charge for them, that'll be a different story. But for now, I'm happy as a clam!
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