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Complaint About Safeway
By -

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I went to Safeway, early in the morning, to pick up items to make tuna salad at work. When I asked the employee in the dairy area where to find hard boiled eggs, I was rudely told, "Damn, you don't want to have to do anything do you!" Shocked and not ready to engage this man that early in the morning, I made my way to the deli department and asked the employee if she knew where hard boiled eggs may be found and was told they didn't have any packaged but were available at the salad bar.

When I found them and picked up a container to put them in, that crazy lady yells across the deli counter, "What you need to do is say, "Ma'am can you please help me - I need some hard boiled eggs from the salad bar." When she knew I wanted hard boiled eggs, why didn't she get them for me when I asked and then to aggravate me with a lecture on how to ask her properly! This behavior is outrageous and unacceptable!

Why Have You Discontinued Carrying The IMO Sour Cream Substitute?
By -

COOS BAY, OREGON -- IMO Sour Cream Substitute is not just used for sour cream; those of us that cannot have dairy products at all use it as substitute for milk in our daily cooking. This is something that is always put in my grocery chart and is very much missed. Through an internet search I have found out that Albertson'€™s is still carrying this product.

To be totally honest, I like shopping at Safeway, however if I have to make a special trip to Albertson'€™s, I will more than likely just do my all of grocery shopping there. PLEASE...put this product back on your store shelves. I ask anyone else who feels the same to go to: ** and make your request for this product made. If enough people speak up, we will be heard.

Pricing Policy Switch
By -

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- Safeway is getting even SMARMIER. Be cautious about sale items. For many years, if a discounted price (usually club card price) on the shelf said buy 2 and save $X. xx amount, the understanding was that buying one of that item meant the same discount. The suggestion only meant that you'd not save as much as you would if you bought two.

THAT POLICY HAS CHANGED without any public acknowledgment, according to the store manager. So if we customers are not watching closely, we'll be charged full price unless we buy a minimum of 2. Those of us who were used to that policy are most vulnerable. I imagine many people will never notice which I'm sure is fine with the Safeway management and stockholders. At least the recession won't hurt THEM.

The price signs on the shelves look virtually the same as the old and don't explicitly say that you MUST buy two to get the discounted price. Albertson's (now out of business here, or changed back to Lucky) used this kind of subtle (smarmy) strategy which was a primary reason I avoided using their store. Now I'll take whatever business I can away from Safeway and I'll be very cautious buying their sale items. Just be aware if you choose to shop there.

Safeway Grocery Stores Scanning Error
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- It appears that Safeway Inc. (Grocery stores) is consistently having problems scanning the correct discounted price on sale merchandise. There could be a number of reasons for this occurrence including a lag time between the time the discounted price is entered in the computer and when they become effective in the check out counter. Your information technology department needs to address this to avoid alienating customers like myself from visiting your store.

I bought a discounted merchandise and found out later when I got home that the regular price and not the discounted price was charged to my bill. Now I have to walk back and return the merchandise back to the store. This inconvenience is something the people at corporate office seem to NOT notice.

In this times of economic uncertainty, Safeway Inc. (grocery stores) must act to correct any deficiencies inherent in their operation, otherwise the real estate, financial, etc. economic meltdown might visit the food and services sector and wreak havoc to your establishment...

Good Customer Service Shouldn't Be So Difficult
By -

BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA -- I've lived in the Bay Area for quite a few years. It's disappointing to see Safeway, a company that used to have a pretty good reputation, go downhill with regards to their customer service, something I believe will only further damage their relationship with the public.

Lately, I'm noticing more and more dissatisfaction with Safeway's customer service on online forums. In many of those forums, suggestions are made to file complaints with Safeway's Main Office to resolve issues. I think it's useless to complain to Safeway. In my opinion, they already know how bad their hired help is getting. Frankly, I just don't believe they care anymore. Sure, they'll release PR statements, blah, blah, blah. But, in the end, nothing really seems to get done.

What Safeway doesn't want, I believe, is customers sharing their bad experiences on forums like this website. Here, Safeway can't control the flow. They can't just patch it up and make it go away. If a customer has been wronged by Safeway, posting their experience online will have greater effect. People do consider this sort of information when looking for a place they can rely on to shop for their families. It's a personal thing, and it does matter.

For me, Safeway sucks, plain and simple. I see the tactics their employees and managers use. I believe they're meant to discourage dissatisfied customers from complaining about a particular store. The Safeway staff just seem to want that customer gone. They seem to want to make the customer out to be the problem, instead addressing the real issue, bad customer service. Really, I don't believe Safeway's HQ is much better, so contacting them is pointless to me.

I've seen a pattern of behavior at various Safeway stores which appears to have developed over the last few years. It comes across to me as showing nothing short of contempt for any customer who's not happy with poor performance.

Safeway seems to have gotten so competitive that this aggressiveness has now become displaced, in my opinion, and it's now being directed toward any customer that challenges Safeway's impression of good customer service. It's like the employee/manager takes it personal, so he/she makes things personal. Then, it becomes a more contentious situation resulting in nothing positive getting done, and another customer is lost.

I'm grateful for Safeway's competition. I see it as a haven for folks who've had enough of what I see as Safeway's strong-arm mentality. I think Safeway has lost its way, and if it doesn't get a grip on its hiring standards, they'll be going the way of the dinosaur.

Observation From A Grocery Store Employee's Perspective
By -

This is something that I get fairly often though I work for Safeway I believe that this can likely apply to employees at most grocery stores. The store is busy, and every open line has at least two to three orders. I'm ringing up my orders but I have my light off indicating that I am closed. None the less I still get someone every now and then that asks, "This is all I have, can you take me?" or they gesture by showing me the few items in their hand or basket.

I kindly say "I'm sorry I'm closed" and I usually get a disgusted and/or frustrated look out of it. I don't want to be a prick, but in this situation I'm usually getting off of work and I've told another customer whose filed into a line next to mine the same thing. If they see me taking YOU in my non-express line, but I refused to take their order, that customer should he or she choose to complain to either the manager or the corporate office, that IS a legitimate complaint.

I may sneak someone if I know it won't cause me any trouble, but technically even though it's an inconvenience to you, I cannot refuse to checkout one person in my non-express line, but then take someone else.

I try my best to put my the plastic rope up when I can as another indicator to customers that I am closed, and I will call for help on the check out lines if I see it's needed without the managers all ready ringing people's orders up.

And just another observation. I highly advise customers to read the whole sign, for items that are on sale. I say this not to be rude but all to often I see that we have a sale for example where you buy two 12 packs of coke products, and get 3 free, and the customer will come through my line with 2 24 packs thinking that it was buy one get one free by making assumptions and not taking the time to read the sign carefully.

Or another might buy a Marie Callender frozen dinner because they see a bunch of them on sale for say $2.00, except for the one that they got where the sign underneath that particular said $3.50. "That's supposed to be 2 dollars! I put my savings card through!"

I hear that then I have to run back to the frozen food section and identify the tag for the item as store policy says I myself or employee verify the price in any kind of dispute. This creates more time in checkout for that customer and anyone behind him. So I say check the tags carefully and be sure to read more than just the price. Even though you may be in a hurry, that might save you time in the long run.

Just some friendly insights here.

Good customer service
By -

KING CITY, OREGON -- Recently, I went to the Safeway grocery store in King City, Oregon, for cat food. I was looking for a specific brand that both of my cats had eaten before and loved. I knew this particular brand of cat food came in two different sizes because I had seen different sized bags at a different store earlier.

I wanted to buy the larger size but unfortunately didn't see it on the shelf so I picked up the smaller size bag. Thinking maybe I had missed it, I scoured the shelves one more time and lo and behold I found a larger sized bag. I took it to the register, purchased it and went home.

I cut open the bag to feed my cats and when I saw the huge chunks of kibble, that's when I realized I had accidentally purchased dog food of the same brand. I knew it was entirely my fault for not paying closer attention to the writing and pictures on the package. Although the store keeps cat and dog food on opposite sides of the aisle, I had reached to the very top shelf where excess product is usually stored and they must have stored extra dog food above the cat food.

I called the store and explained what happened and was told to come back to make an exchange. I wish I could recall the name of the woman who helped me so I could mention her personally. She accepted the opened bag of food without question and made the exchange even though it was made complicated by the fact that the dog food was more expensive than the cat food and that I had used a coupon for the orignal purchase.

Again, making the wrong purchase in the first place was nobody's fault but my own but I truly appreciate that Safeway was willing to make the exchange anyway. I'm sure my cats appreciated it, too.

Avoid like the plague
By -

SACRAMENTO, CA, CALIFORNIA -- I began using Safeway's delivery service when a friend of mine with cancer needed help because she can't walk. I figured that I could get hers and my groceries delivered, then all I'd have to do is deliver her groceries to her. I was wrong. With Safeway's delivery service I ended up spending much more time (& considerable aggravation) than if I'd just gone to the store, dropped my groceries off at home, & continued on to her house. That's what I'm back to doing now; it's quicker & easier in the long run.

I used their delivery service a total of 6 times. EACH & EVERY TIME there were myriad mistakes with the order. EACH & EVERY TIME I was overcharged, usually to the tune of $20 or more. EACH & EVERY TIME I was charged for items that weren't delivered. EACH & EVERY TIME I received the absolute dregs when it came to produce or meat. NEARLY EVERY TIME they would deliver milk that was past its expiration date. EACH & EVERY TIME they do not substitute when you ask them to, requiring a trip to the store, thus defeating the purpose of delivery.

The best part is dealing with their "customer service." They are an ignorant, rude bunch, who, alongside their belligerence, cannot perform simple addition (2nd grade math).

I gave up after my last order. They had overcharged me by $22; I only got a credit for $15 despite repeatedly emailing them. My last order also included 2 cartons of milk that were past their expiration date, and many items that were out of stock that I requested substitutions (these they always ignore).

I've shopped at Safeway for a decade. After my nasty experiences with their delivery "customer service," I've taken my grocery dollars elsewhere.

Beware Of Credit Card Use At Pump
By -

GRAND JUNCTION, COLORADO -- Safeway city market and all fuel stations are holding up to 75.00 out of credit or debit cards every time you use it-even if you change your mind and don't get gas. I plan to sue.

I called my bank and they said that they hold for two days and this applies to anywhere you get fuel, city market, Q &T, etc.

This is outrageous.

Why Safeway cashiers are so rude?
By -

KAILUA KONA, HAWAII -- I don't know why the cashiers at Safeway in the Big Island of Hawaii are so rude.
Every time I go to the store, the cashiers are very unhappy people. They are all most the time making bad face when see the line, when have customer using WIC check for their kids or when they don't know the item code.
You never find the manager.

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