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Spend $1000 on a Pair of shoes... and They Were FAKE!!!
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Rating: 1/51

I bought a pair of Valentino shoes for my daughter for a Xmas present, from Saks online. $1000!!! She needed to take them in to trade for another size. She lives in NYC. And took them to a store there. Imagine her surprise when the salesperson told her... "These are a Fake"!!! So, I paid $1000 for shoes that were FAKE, from Saks online!

The customer service people were horrible to talk to. They couldn't care less. Someone... someone in the Saks online warehouse is trading out fakes for originals. This should be alarming to everyone!!! I will never, ever order from Saks online again. Plenty of other places to find similar merchandise. With customer service people who actually give a damn.

Saks Did Not Deliver My Item and Threatened Not to Ship Again.
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased an item on and they did not deliver the package and they told me that they have delivered the package. When I complained to the customer service after chatting with them two times and calling multiple times, they sent me an email saying that they will review my next shipping and will decide if they want to continue shipping to me!!! They have been extremely unprofessional for a luxury designer store!

Saks Refused to Honor Marked Price on Garment
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE, ILLINOIS -- Purchased an item online for $158. When it arrived, it had an attached price tag that said $98. Called Saks to ask for the $60 difference to be credited to my account. Three different people refused to do this. Merchandise has been returned, so they lost the sale as well as a customer. Now they're trying to stiff me for the $9.50 return postage. Unbelievable. Saks management: you may think you are "upscale," but your behavior toward your customers screams "flea market."

Replies!!! Worst Department Store Ever!! How Do They Stay in Business!!
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I have placed orders on multiple times. My 4 orders got cancelled without any notice or explanation. I have been waiting for my orders thinking it's coming, just to find out they were cancelled. I have called and asked to explain. They did not know, was told someone from the security department will call me. No one ever did.

I called again talked to the manager, he did not know anything and said the same "someone will call you". No one ever did. Again, I chatted with CS, and explained the frustration and asked for the corporate office information. They said again "someone from the security department will contact you". LOL. No one ever did. I gave up! I knew there was nothing wrong with my payments, bank or credit cards. Nordstrom, Macy's, Bloomingdale's don't treat you that way! I can't believe Saks is still in business.

Beware of Return Policies
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I had purchased a rather pricey handbag, limited edition, from Saks. The bag was scheduled to "come out" in early July 2010. There had been teasers on the web giving glimpses of the highly anticipated handbag. A handbag blog had been a part of the design process therefore there was a following waiting for the release. The bag was only to be offered from the New York store and available online. Once the announcement that the bag was being offered for pre-order, I did just that. When I received my bag, I did the photo shoot reveal.

I had been so excited about receiving, unboxing, and photographing the entire event, I did not notice the damage until hours later. I did the online customer support with and that got me nowhere. I called Saks and right out the gate the CS representative is telling me how to return the bag. As I told her and the many to follow, I did not purchase this bag to return it, I wanted it replaced. As this first CS representative was having difficulties in understanding my issue. She did not offer any suggestions other than send it back. Later during the conversation she offered to have FedEx pick up the bag. Frustrated, I hung up.

I received an email requesting my response to a CS survey for Saks. I made a point as to what I wanted from Saks, first an apology for sending me a damaged bag. Second I wanted a replacement bag sent immediately. In good faith I gave Saks permission to charge my account, in which they did, for a bag I had pre-ordered sight unseen, in good faith they should replace the damaged bag they sent me.

I decided to call Saks again to discuss the issue and the CS rep, and without prodding, she said, "Oh yes Mrs. SoandSo, I understand I am sorry, I can send out FedEx to pick up the bag and will have a new bag sent to you." She said she would contact the warehouse to make sure that my new bag would be perfect and would Friday for the delivery be alright with me. She mentioned that the cut off time for FedEx was 2:00 and it was now 3:00, the earliest delivery would be Friday. Of course I agreed. She gave me a confirmation number. Thursday, just like she said, Mr. FedEx came to pick up the damaged bag.

So it is Friday. No handbag. I called Saks, they said no bag because there was no ordered placed. I asked for the manager and asked how I could be told that a delivery was scheduled for today when the bag was not ordered. So now I have a $700 charge, no bag, he said that the credit would not be applied until after the bag had been inspected by their return department and if the bag passed this inspection they would credit my account.

I returned the bag because it was damaged and Saks CS, is telling me that they can refuse the return because of condition. I asked for the guidelines and he said he did not know them. I asked for the Manager in charge of returns - he tells me that this information was internal and he could not give me the name of the person. I reply so what happens if you refuse the return. He said I could call Saks to discuss the matter. How would I know if they refused the return? He said they would return the bag back to me.

And how long will this take, you having the bag and my money. He said once they received the bag in warehouse, the people who review the return have 5 to 7 business days. Then again will they return it via snail mail so I would not know the outcome for possibility three maybe four weeks? Will they call? His reply, "no, they will just return the bag, you can call once you receive it."

So I asked him, "I am returning the bag because it was damaged when I received it and you are telling me that Saks can refuse the return because of the damage?" I did not receive a reply other than they can refuse to accept a return. So here I am, out $700, no bag with the possibility that they will return the damaged bag that I refused. No apology, no money, no confidence that if I reorder the bag that it will come perfect, then having to pay for the bag again I would be out $1,400 and still with the possibility that Saks will not return my money but return a damaged bag.

I say - Buy Nordstrom! Buy Neiman! Buy Barneys! Buy Bloomingdale's and Goodbye to Saks. Let Saks continue to fail, it is not the fault of their customers but the fault of Saks not having faith and threatening the customer with refusing a return from damaged goods that was the result of their staff. Enough is enough.

Treated Unfairly
By -

I am a professional young woman, a national sales manager for a high end home decor company. I have to dress nice and professional for my job. Saks Off Fifth was my favorite place to shop for basics. I usually get a couple of things and go home to try it on with my own shoes etc. Anyway, I got home with several items that I had purchased and on this particular trip I decided that I really didn't need another black dress. So back to my local Off Fifth store for my return.

On this particular day I was working from home so I am in my Juicy Sweats, glasses and no make-up. I pulled out my receipt and was ready for my return however I was greeted by the most unfriendly and mean sales clerk that I have ever seen and I shop a lot! She looked at the dress and immediately accused me of wearing it and trying to return it. I was stunned, I had never done that before although I know it happens, and didn't know what to say. She claimed that there was makeup on the dress, kind of hard to see that on a black dress, and that there was deodorant on the bottom of the dress and in the armpit area.

I was staring at the dress and although there was a little deodorant on the bottom (there was no zipper or buttons on the dress so it had to go over your head) I couldn't see any in the armpit area. She said that it was unacceptable and could not be returned because it looked worn! I argued for a minute but I was so embarrassed that I left the store, got in my car and called the store manager. She backed her up without even asking me to come back in so she could look herself. Once I calmed down and got home I took another look at it, there is nothing wrong with the dress.

I don't know why she accused me of this, all I know is I have never been treated this bad in my life. I have spent thousands of dollars at this store this year and out of all that, may be returned 2 things this year. I can understand if I was in there all the time buying things and returning them but 99% of the time I keep what I buy. What is the world coming to. Maybe she should get a job where she is happy because obviously she isn't. They just lost a loyal shopper, I hope it was worth it!

To respond to a couple of comments on my post, I did try the dress on in the store and again at home, and it doesn't matter why I decided to return the dress if the tags are on it, I have a receipt and I return it in 30 days, I have the right to return the dress. I don't think that there is one women out there that hasn't gotten some deodorant on a garment when trying an item on. If you haven't then you don't wear any because even the "little black dress approved kind" still gets on clothes.

The amount that was on there you would have needed a magnifying glass to see it. I did not mishandle, damage, or wear this dress before returning. I do not think that I am "privileged" I work very hard for what I have and it shouldn't matter how I look everyone should be treated fairly. This is a factory outlet store, not Saks Fifth Ave. This is where the clothes that didn't sell within the season go. Grossly enough most of the clothes have been tried on so many times at the store level then the factory level it is hard to believe that they could be that strict.

Horrible Sales Person At Saks - Armani Cosmetics Counter
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- What an absolutely horrifying experience I had today at Saks in Orlando, FL. I had taken my mom and my two daughters to Saks to buy my mom a gift. My mom had tried the Armani concealer I had and liked it very much. I had some products I was returning at Armani, so I decided to exchange them for some products for mom. The sales person, **, was dismissive and rude from the very onset. She asked what we wanted (not "How can I help you?") and when I told her, she looked back at her register, where 3 of her friends (not customers) were hanging out and told me she was busy so wait. So we waited.

She came back after 5 minutes and without an apology or any acknowledgment of the wait, she again rudely asked what we needed. Instead of trying out different shades for my mom, she said that my mom and I had the same complexion and asked me what color I wore. When I asked her if it would be better if she chose the shade and tried it on mom, ** rudely said "it's the same" in a annoyed tone and started opening and slamming the drawers. ** reluctantly and rudely chose a concealer and dismissively tried the concealer on my mother's cheek and without asking if it is all right, said "follow me" and took us to another sales associate at a different counter.

We waited 30 MINUTES there because there was someone else ahead of us. I looked around to see if there were any other counters open, but NO SALES ASSOCIATE COULD BE FOUND. Then ** came back and again, without apologizing, she ordered us to follow her back to her counter because she was done. That was the last straw. I had patiently waited for over 30 minutes, I had let the rude attitude of ** pass, but I just could not take her tone and her dismissive attitude. I simply asked her what her name was. This is when ** started YELLING at me saying that she didn't do anything wrong and that she can call her manager over.

I told her that I had only asked her her name and that I didn't have time to WAIT for a manager. She then started yelling at me saying that I should have been polite to HER! What audacity this woman had yelling at ME when I had not raised my voice at any point.

I did end up speaking to a manager and started to cry from being upset. I feel that my mom and I had been discriminated against by the sales person and that degrading experience, the disrespectful tone of voice of the sales person, the impolite attitude, and the absolute disdain I saw in her eyes still makes me upset. I cannot fathom why Saks will employ such an unprofessional, rude, and vicious woman to represent them. The manager, **, kept saying that she will take care of it and that she was sorry, but I did not receive a formal apology from the sales associate.

I will never again shop at Saks. I will share my horrifying and degrading experience with all and hope that another customer will not fall victim to the high-handed viciousness of the Saks sales staff.

Buyer Beware!! Saks Refund Policy Stinks!!
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a pair of very expensive shoes from Saks online for more than $500. (Actually they were on SALE for this price. The original price was more than $1,000.) The shoes were to go with an outfit I intended to wear for a special evening out in Vegas. The first 5 minutes I had them on the straps, which refused to stay put due to a clearly defective design, came loose allowing my foot to slip out the side. I twisted my ankle and the evening was ruined. I assumed that Saks, under the circumstances, would refund my money and take the shoes back. Boy was I wrong. I returned the shoes with a letter explaining what happened and requesting a refund.

A week later the shoes were back on my doorstep with a form letter from Saks indicating that because the shoes had been worn and were not in "sellable" condition, they would not refund my money. Fuming, I send the shoes back to them with a more detailed letter stating that yes, as I had said earlier, I did wear them (for about 5 minutes) but that they were clearly defective and caused me an injury and a ruined evening. Once again, they sent them back to me!

I was astonished by this reaction from Saks, a store that I have been a loyal customer of for more than 25 years. I called and spoke to not less than 7 different "managers" until finally I was offered $322, the price they were then attempting to sell the shoes for at that time. Exasperated and out of time, I told them that I would accept that, however, I would return $1200 worth of merchandise I recently purchased from Saks and that I would NEVER shop there again. And I have kept both those promises.

Saks' so-called customer service is a joke and a disgrace. No one should be put through what I was over a pair of shoes that caused so much grief. Saks' high-end competitors would have handled this matter far differently. Nordstrom and Neiman, as examples, would have taken the shoes back no questions asked for a full refund. Shame on Saks.

Watch Out For The Saks World Elite Mastercard
By -

I had the SAKS world elite Mastercard since June 2006 and canceled the account in August 2008. In March 2009, I got a billing statement showing that I was charged $60 by "priority pass" for a service I "used" in January 2009. I couldn't believe it. My card was charged 7 months after it was canceled and destroyed??!! I tried my best to dispute the charges. After 20 emails (every time I emailed I would be automatically assigned a different case number and nobody ended up getting back to me, ever) and numerous phone calls that led nowhere (some representatives promised to call back and not a single one did), I started to give up.

They sent me two emails, trying to "friendly" remind me that if I don't pay, I will be responsible for financial charges and late fees. So I ended up paying. I was naive enough to think that was the end of it... Not a chance. In April, I got another statement. This time, I was charged $90 by "priority pass" on this supposedly already canceled account. I was furious. I called and disputed. They made me wait 5 hours on line (thank god, I had enough rollover minutes with AT&T), kicking me back and forth, from dispute department to fraud department to customer service department then to rewards department.

I had to explain to every person I talked to what happened and no one could offer me an explanation as to how the charges went through. I talked to at least 5 supervisors and 6 customer representatives and finally got hold of somebody who promised me she would reverse the whole $150 charges as a "courtesy". $90 charges were reversed the next day. I am still patiently waiting for the $60 charges to be reversed, if ever. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with a credit card company. So guys, if you are reading this review, please, please stay away from SAKS world elite Mastercard.

Please Read To Conclusion The Resolution Of My Negative Review
By -

SAKS.COM -- Having been a Platinum Saks First customer for years and having always been treated very competently and graciously by my Personal Shopper as well as other members of the staff at my local store in Naples, Florida. It was with a great deal of regret that I cut up my card yesterday. Yesterday evening I attended a small dinner and found that 3 out of the 5 other female guests had had their own unpleasant experiences with Saks lately and are shopping more frequently at other stores, particularly avoiding the use of!

I myself had spent the majority of my afternoon trying to right a situation exacerbated by the complete and arrogant incompetence and crass behavior of a phone "manager" by the name of **. Mind you, as a petty aside, I must mention that Saks should take care to find people who use correct grammar. The phone staff could not even locate a purchase I made until I walked them through their own order number.

This company is cutting corners by changing policy without notice and refusing to grandfather purchases made before these unannounced change. Attempting to contact further recourse goes no further than reaching answering machines in NYC. I have never written a complaint about ANY MERCHANT OR SERVICE. I do now as I am greatly disconcerted. I and my extended family members and friends have been loyal customers. I would bring catalog pages of handbags and shoes from other stores in order to purchase through Saks.

I must wonder if they are under new management. I wager that Saks, too, will soon be among those fallen companies. They should take a lesson or two from Costco and those companies which still realize that their very survival depends upon their customer service! In an economy where people are more reluctant to spend casually we are not willing to accept such shabby treatment. I expect at the very least a courteous effort. I treat people respectfully in every circumstance and do believe that I deserve the same. I moved from Westport, Connecticut and am reminded of the success of.

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