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Sam's Club's negligent packaging and disappointing customer service
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Summary: Two separate porcelain Dinnerware sets arrived broken (shattered) due to grossly negligent packaging, i.e. no padding whatsoever, and no markings (eg: "fragile"/ "handle with care"). Sam's Club did refund the auction price upon return of the items, but refused to refund the shipping on one of the sets, as it was marked by the warehouse as having been returned undamaged. Both sets were not just damaged, they were shattered, and frankly, without any protective padding, it is impossible for these items to make it to anyone's doorstep in one piece. All in all I made six phone calls to get a refund of $10.41 for the shipping, a small amount that nonetheless turned into a matter of principle for me.

At the end of two of these phone calls I was assured that the refund was issued and I should see it in a few days. It never came through (two months after the beginning of this ordeal). Customer service agents and their supervisors were reasonably friendly in tone, but seemed unable and sometimes unwilling to provide help, it was like pulling teeth. I feel so disrespected and violated for indirectly being called a liar based on some log entry that the item was undamaged, and now I'm told I would have to produce visual evidence (pictures) that the items were indeed broken. I'm kicking myself for not taking any pictures when the boxes arrived.

With Sam's Club, customer is definitely NOT king. Several hours of aggravating phone calls, re-explaining everything, being promised one thing, then told another, makes one feel like a character from a Kafka novel, a helpless small character against an impenetrable and dysfunctional machine. I've given up on the small amount they owe me, but I will make damn sure other people will hear about this and know what they might get themselves into. You've been warned.

Complain and Information
By -

Just wanted to say that I too bid on an item, a Nintendo DS game Scribblenauts, for my Grandson. I won the bid. Instead of getting the email with information saying it's being shipped, it said the order was canceled. I had never had any trouble with this Sam's Auction before until now. I called the "Auction Team" and at first the girl tried to tell me my payment wouldn't process, or my credit card wouldn't go through. I have a very large limit and zero balance and she's trying to tell me it wouldn't go through? Try again! She says, "let me check again," and comes back to say that the order was canceled because they no longer have the product available.

How can a company post something for auction and not have it? I believe the price was too low also, and they didn't want to give it to me. Or why not try and compensate me with another DS game? I asked them if that's one of their ways of doing business and if they treat all their customers like that. I don't get it. It ** me off to think I spent my time and effort to try to Win this bid and they don't have it. Come on! On another note, I want to mention to folks to please, please, look at the estimated shipping amount. All I've ever looked at before was to make sure my bid amount was correct.

I bought the Ceramic Beverage Dispenser - Yellow. It sells at Sam's Club for $19.99. I won the bid (they have so many) for $1.00. Shipping for this product is/was $60.00. When they sent the email to say they were shipping it, it had the total on the bottom. I saw it said $60.00. I thought it was an error so I went to the auction page and found one to bid on, just to check the estimated shipping, and it showed $59 and some change. So please, be extra careful. I see on the page right now someone is bidding and the price is $20 for one and the other that hasn't closed is $10. IT'S NOT WORTH IT!! This is one product I won't be telling my husband about.

Sam's Club Complaint
By -

I was bidding on a diamond pendant and won the bid at a very good price. I later received an email telling me that the item was not available any longer. "Unfortunately, we will have to cancel the below listed items from your order due to supplier availability." I did find it still available on the regular website and called their service support. After explaining what had happened I was told that the things that are on the auction are items that are not available any longer in the store or regular website.

I advised her that I did find the pendant and that it was sitting in my cart on the regular website. She indicated that she would send a service request over to the website and that someone would contact me. The following Monday (12/20/10) I did not get a call and the pendant is no longer in my cart on the site. After reading about another person's order being cancelled for the same reason I am suspecting that Sam's Club is not being honest in their dealings with their customers. Buyer Beware!

Resolution Update 01/18/2011:

I was contacted by Sam's Club and problem corrected.

Won Sams Auction Item, but It Was Cancelled.
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Rating: 2/51

Sam's Club Auctions is an online auction site, which I have used a number of times before to Win bids on items, which were then mailed to my home. I recently bid on a 51" TV and won the bid for a reasonable price. Sam's sent me a confirmation email saying I had won the bid and they would notify me via email when the TV had been shipped to my home address.

After a week of hearing nothing I logged into the Sam's Club Auction site and see that my order number for the TV was cancelled. I called the (only) number they provide for the auction site and was told they had run out of inventory on that model TV. Why then are they putting that model up for auction if they don't have any in stock? After reading other numerous complaints about Sam's Club Auctions it appears that they are not a reputable auction site. They are either auctioning items they don't have or if they don't get the price they want so they just say it's out of stock and then auction it off again to a higher bidder. BEWARE of Sams Club Auction site.

Cavanaugh Spicy Smoked Sausage
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Rating: 5/51

BARTLETT, ILLINOIS -- I have purchased this product for many years and absolutely love the quality and taste of this product. SAM's Club now only carries the non-spicy version! Please bring back the Spicy version.

Being Treated Like a Criminal
By -

You are going to have to arrest me, tackle me, shoot me, or something else to make me stop and be checked when leaving Sam's Club. I paid for and have the receipt for the items in my cart. I will not waste 2 seconds of my time playing their security game. I will continue to walk right past all the poor suckers waiting in line to be inspected after checkout and attempting to leave the store. Get a life Sam's Club. Kick me out of your pitiful elite club, which I have found to have few if any prices better than anywhere else.

Sam's Club Survey
By -

Your readers should be aware that if they complete (or even start) the Sam's Club survey they will be immediately inundated with numerous spam messages, as well as possible text messages on their cell phones. Sam's says "We value your opinion," and to "please complete a survey about today's club visit." If you do this you will be asked to give your address, email address, and cell/home phone number. Step two offers numerous "offers", which requires you to select at least two of the "offers".

I immediately ended the "survey" and found a confirmation on my email site. After unsubcribing I found 9+ emails that I believe were linked to this "survey", as well as a commercial text message on my cell. I can deal with the email messages as I will treat them all as spam, but the text messages cost me.

Sams Club Tire Road Hazard Policy
By -

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I bought a set of Goodyear tires at Sams Club back in April. Yesterday I had a flat. So after changing the tire I went to Sams to fix. It turned out the sidewall was cut and tire needed to be replaced. The purchase price included road hazard however I found out that if they don't have the tire in stock it will take 5 to 10 days to get one. Also they will not order replacement unless I pay in full for tire and only after they get the tire will they make adjustment for mileage.

It's the middle of winter here in Michigan and they don't care that I have to drive on the donut spare till they get the tire from THEIR source. It's a Goodyear tire and I know they can get locally in Grand Rapids. What if I was on a trip, I guess I'd just have to wait till tire comes in. I'd think twice about buying tires at Sams Club. I know I'll NOT be renewing my membership.

UPDATE: I got a hold of a manager the next day and he agreed to provide me with a tire until my replacement arrived. A week later replacement arrived and change over was done and I had to pay around 50 dollars because of prorated mileage. Those of you who said put on another tire would not work. These are Goodyear High Mileage designed for snow, ice and water. My whole point was to advise you of Sams Club policy. Which most of you missed that point. Remember the old saying " don't kill the messenger". I really found this site worthless!

Laptop Warranty
By -

PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA -- BEWARE OF SAM'S CLUB COMPUTER WARRANTY. Last year I purchased an HP Laptop from Sam's Club. The factory warranty from HP was one year. I purchased an additional 2 year's warranty from Sam's. My first year service from HP was excellent. At the end of the warranty I had a mechanical problem with the mouse pad and sent it to Sam's warranty Co for service. They returned it unrepaired with no explanation. I called and was told that the warranty would not apply because the machine had been abused.

After lengthy discussion they claimed that that there was water damage to the inside of the machine. This made no sense to me, so the same day I took the machine to Port Charlotte Computer Service in Port Charlotte FL for inspection. They opened up the machine while I observed. Guess what? There was no sign of water damage or any other type of foreign matter inside of the laptop.

I immediately called HP factory service and told them my problem. They gave me a 35 day courtesy extension on my original warranty and sent a box for me to return the unit. HP found no contamination of any type and repaired the unit under warranty and returned it FedEx overnight. The repaired machine was back to me in three days.

I'm thrilled with the super service from HP and have transferred my extended warranty to them. I'm disappointed with Sam's Club and the apparently unethical warranty facility. Sam's Club was of no help at all when I told them of my problem.

Bad Cavanaugh Sausage
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- We have been buying this sausage for years, however this Thanksgiving we were highly disappointed. The sausage was used in our gumbo on Thanksgiving Day, and within 12 minutes after placing the sausage in the gumbo it went flat. It did not, have the very good meaty quality, as many years before. This was more of a grain taste and texture. The problem was even noted by different guest which was disappointing. The other problem was, we could not find the spicy, sausage which was always a credit to your excellent quality.

If the quality of taste and texture are not improved or equal to that of the original, we will no longer purchase this product. We along with our many family and friends will not continue to purchase your lesser product. We had many many friends and family to share in this utterly disappointing sausage. WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED?

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