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Samsonite Warranty Is Written to Protect Samsonite and Not the Consumer
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
NEW YORK -- I purchased the Samsonite Luggage in Riverhead, NY. It cost me about $120. I am a business traveller and used the luggage to travel domestically over the course of a year. I would estimate that I travelled about 5 times, round trip. Prior to the one year warranty expiration, I noticed that the "Piping" near the bottom of the suitcase was wearing away. This Piping covered a metal wire that goes around the entire piece of luggage. When I returned the item for warranty repair, the repair shop told me the item was not covered under warranty.

I would like to comment that the luggage looks lightly used. It was NOT abused in any way. The handle and cloth is fine. There are no stains or other obvious sign of abuse. Normal wear and tear due to use of poor quality materials. I was quoted about $100 to fix it.

Why would I pay $100 to fix an item that cost me $120? I should just put duct tape over the worn piping and say "Like my tape? This tape covers the poor quality material used by Samsonite in the manufacture of this suitcase. What Samsonite Warranty?" Then I should continue to travel throughout the United States. My own form of free speech.....and I stand by my opinion.

I am very disappointed in the quality of Samsonite luggage. I have used their luggage for years. What did I do? I went out and bought a brand NEW Tumi suitcase. And I will never buy Samsonite again.

And I will use my Samsonite luggage with the duct tape and my personal message on it. Maybe others will see my humor. Maybe Samsonite will begin to use better quality materials and not blame a customer for their use of "cheap and defective materials."

Hey...the lesson is that you get what you pay for. Spending $120 on a Samsonite suitcase was a waste. I have learned my lesson.

See you on the road.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 05/25/2012:
If piping was "wearing", it sounds like normal wear and tear to me. My guess would have been a warranty would not cover such a thing. I can see your argument is that this is premature.
maria on 11/17/2013:
My suitcase got broken at the stitching on the top after 2 uses. I drove 70 miles and the repair guy told me it was not covered by the warranty. If that is Not covered, I wonder what is it? The repair shop sells new luggage, so I guess they want to sell you new pieces. And he had the nerve to tell me that Samsonite makes lower quality pieces for retailers like Macys and TJmaxx. I do not buy a suitcase every day, and I pay more money for a Samsonite as I thought it'd last longer than 2 uses!!! And the guy also said "this happened because of compression during a flight". Tell me which luggage does NOT COMPRESS DURING A FLIGHT!!! I think that the "BIG WARRANTY thing is to make you buy their luggage for more money, assuming 1% of the customers actually CLAIM something. I was very upset. Never buying Samsonite again.
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Samsonite Warranty is USELESS
Posted by on
SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- I purchased a 2 piece luggage set at the Samsonite Factory Outlet store in Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, FL and on my first trip, 6 months later, the handle on the smaller of the set would not extend all the way to the top. The store sent the small piece to the "repair center." A month later, they called me back to say it WAS a factory defect, and for that reason they would fix it...if they couldn't fix it, they would replace it with a new one. Great deal, right? WRONG! They told me the model/style had been discontinued and they didn't have the matching handle for it...they could replace the handle with either a black or blue one, but it wouldn't match my green suitcase. I told them if they couldn't repair it so that it would match, I wanted them to replace both pieces...after all, that's why I bought a matching set. The told me NO and that was not part of the warranty. They then said they would replace the entire piece of luggage, but it would be a different color...same problem, would not match my other larger piece. I then asked them if they would at least change out both handles so both pieces would finally match and once again...NO! I finally asked them if they would let me return or exchange it and what do you supposed their response was?? guessed it NO!! 1-800 customer service was USELESS...they simply take your information and send it on to another person who makes the decision (which is ALWAYS not in your favor). They KNOW they are doing me wrong and they simply do not care about their obligation to their customer or saving me as a future consumer.

The moral of this store is this: I personally believe that the "factory outlet store" is nothing more than a grave yard dumping ground for their manufacture defects. They send their damaged crap to the store to sell cheaply to unsuspecting customers who feel they are getting a good deal on last year's models. They know that its harder to sell individual pieces than sets, so they get you to buy the set and when the sucker customer finds out one is damaged, they simply replace it with another non-matching piece thereby insuring they can sell all of their crap merchandise individually as they intended to in the first place. I went to Samsonite because of their "good reputation in luggage" and 10 year "warranty." The fact is their luggage is defective and their warranty is useless. I would obviously NOT recommend this store to anyone who wants to buy a high quality set of luggage with a good warranty because you will end up with NEITHER.
Resolution Update 10/29/2011:
I finally got this resolved to my satisfaction. I went down in person to the store and spoke to the manager, who was very understanding and helpful. He was disappointed in the way the luggage repair center and customer service were treating my problem. He said he would handle everything and if nothing else worked, he would let me pick out new luggage for free. He sent both pieces back to the repair center and they came back shipped to me a week later looking brand new and all original color handles. I am very pleased with the results and think I was finally treated fairly. Its a shame they put me through 2 months of aggravation in order to get here, though.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/15/2011:
The main problem here, IMO, is you discovered that what you bought had a defect 6 months after you bought it. If it had been sooner, perhaps you could have returned it, depending on the store's return policy.

So you are now in a warranty situation. They attempted to honor the warranty to the best of their ability, but you were not satisfied with their offer.

To me the moral of the story is to be careful shopping at factory outlets and inspect what you buy promptly so you don't get burned.
jcb95492 on 10/15/2011:
@trmn8r apparently you missed the point of my entire argument, so I'll sum it up for you again...the warranty is useless. I did inspect the luggage but you are correct, I didn't bother to walk around the entire mall with the handle up and down several times to simulate an airport prior to purchasing it. With your logic and sense of fairness, maybe you should apply for a job with Samsonite...I'm sure you'd fit right in.
At Your Service on 10/16/2011:
I agree with you trmn8r.

My thought is that the purchase was from a factory outlet store. To me, this is on the same level as buying "scratch and dent" and then getting miffed because the item isn't as new. Sure the O.P. may have a different color handle, but there is still a fully functional baggage set at a reduced priced.

Actually, I'd love the mismatched handle. What a better way to identify your luggage on the carousel!
Venice09 on 10/16/2011:
Factory outlets are not the same as 'scratch and dent' unless the merchandise is marked irregular.
Anonymous on 10/16/2011:
Great comment AYS. I never thought of that about the mismatched handle. I'll take that into consideration the next time I fly.
jcb95492 on 10/17/2011:
Obviouly you have never been to the Sawgrass Mills Mall before. It's the largest outlet mall in the country and the 2nd largest tourist attraction in Florida next to Disney. This is a VERY upscale mall and the ENTIRE mall is nothing but outlet stores. This isn't a flea market as you characterise. Maybe you should google the mall before making such an ignorant comment.
Venice09 on 10/17/2011:
jcb, I live near a premium outlet mall, so I know exactly what you mean.
At Your Service on 10/17/2011:
I'm around some very premium outlet malls too. Generally these stores out outlets for a reason. They carry merchandise that is not otherwise sold through normal supply chains. Nothing wrong with that. You can get some pretty good deals, but you give up something in return. By no means are they intended to be a second-hand flee shop; although, I have fun going through those too ;-)

I really am surprised that this mall is such an attraction; second only to Disney! I was just in that neck of the woods and saw or heard nothing about it. Disney is far from the only thing there though. Universal Studios, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Kennedy Space Center, Daytona, Midevel Times, dozens of water parks and sports franchises -- there sure is a lot to do.
Venice09 on 10/17/2011:
The mall in my area does not carry merchandise not otherwise sold through normal supply chains. It's wrong to diminish the importance of the OP's complaint by assuming they bought something equivalent to 'scratch and dent'.
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Defective Samsonite Luggage
Posted by on
MONROE, OHIO -- On April 21, 2010, I purchased a blue 8-pocket duffle, item 65806 at
the Samsonite Factory Store in Monroe, Ohio. This bag was for my
son, who was traveling to Germany for an 11 day study abroad. While
he was in Germany, one of the zipper pulls broke off from the main
compartment and the other zipper pull from the main compartment broke a couple of days later. This was a major problem for him, in that he had to move from hotel to hotel as they toured Germany and fly back home with all of his belongings in a bag that would not zip shut.

In no way did he misuse or mistreat the bag, the bag was not over loaded, as I packed it myself. This was an obvious defect. He brought home the parts of the zipper pull that broke and the two sides just snapped in two at the point where they were welded together.

I have my receipt from the purchase of the bag and I called the store on May 22, 2010. I would have just taken the bag back to the store, however this store is about a two hour drive from my home. I spoke with someone who identified herself as the "operations manager" of the store. She was most unhelpful. She told me that I would have to pay to have this almost brand new bag shipped back to the manufacturer (is that not Samsonite?) and "they" would decide if the problem with the bag was due to manufacturer's defect or misuse. If they decided it was due to manufacturer's defect, the bag would be repaired. If not, it would be discarded. She delivered this message in a tone that made it obvious she was not at all interested in providing any positive customer service.

When I purchased this bag from the Samsonite Company Store, I was under the impression that it was of good quality. I could have purchased a similar bag from another company for less than half of what I paid. However, I wanted to make sure that my son would have a reliable, quality bag to use while he was overseas. This was not the case. I paid over $100 for a bag that failed to stand up for a trip of less than two weeks and caused him considerable problems in transporting his belongings. And after this catastrophe, Samsonite will not even stand behind its product by replacing the bag in the store or refunding my money for this poorly made item? I must say that I am astounded and shocked by the poor quality of this bag and the poor customer service at the Samsonite Company Store.

After my bad experience with the employee at the Samsonite Company Store, I used the Samsonite website to file a complaint concerning the quality of the luggage and the poor customer relations at The Company Store. I sent the message on May 22,2010 and received an automated response on May 24, stating that I would receive a response within 7 days. Nine days later, I have not heard back from them.
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 06/02/2010:
Nothing is obvious about this "defect". Since you were not there you have no idea if the bag was mistreated or overpacked while he was overseas. Also, an agent telling you a company policy that you don't like doesn't amount to having a tone of not wanting to give customer service.
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When does a luggage warranty end?
Posted by on
I returned a piece of Samsonite luggage about an hour ago, to the factory outlet store where I purchased it, because the retractable handle had fallen apart on me.

The piece of luggage was purchased in Feb 2007, and the receipt indicated that it had a 3-year warranty. It was the original receipt, in excellent condition.

The clerk told me that the warranty was not valid because it was so close to being expired. duh...???

She called security on me because I got upset. Security showed up, and so did another, considerably older employee. I can only guess that the second woman was a manager. She did not say one way or the other.

This second employee said that my luggage repair would not be covered - that I would have to pay for it - because of a clause in the warranty that addresses "normal wear and tear". She said my warranty was no longer valid.

These are my questions:

1. Does any other manufacturer arbitrarily end a 36-month warranty at 34 months?

2. Whether it's luggage, a car or something electronic (TV, stereo, cell phone, etc), shouldn't the warranty exclude ABNORMAL wear and tear as opposed to normal wear and tear? Can you even imagine a car warranty expiring early because you drove the car 11,000 miles per year?

3. Neither employee would tell me the cost of the repair, not even an estimate. I asked why not, and there was only silence. Do I not have the right to make an informed decision? I just found the same piece of luggage online, at an awesome price of $80.99, supposedly for this weekend only. Even a rough estimate, of $10, $50 or $75, would have allowed me to make an informed decision, and I would not have become angry.
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 12/27/2009:

the warranty excludes wear and tear which I'd assume include scuffs, tears, external handles and zippers etc. It was never covered so it had nothing to do with the warranty term. It took far less time to google Samsonite warranty then to type your complaint.
Skye on 12/27/2009:
I would contact Samsonite directly:

Phone: 800-547-BAGS (2247)


Inquire about Warranty and Repairs
Phone: 800-262-8282

localgod on 12/27/2009:
The manufacturer's warranty only covers manufacturing defects unless it is an extended warranty offered by a third party. Read the warranty fine print.
Anonymous on 12/27/2009:
And why would you return it to the store? The store does not issue the warranty, the manufacturer does. You return it to Samsonite.
Jay. H on 01/06/2012:
I took my wife's carry on bag to be fixed at Luggage Repair Center in Miami, Florida. The spring in the pull out handle got stuck and I was unable to pull the bag. I left the piece at the center and was told it would take 3-4 days to repair it (for free), and that they would send it to my home via FedEx. The very next day it arrived, much to my surprise, and it was fixed. the service was great and the manager was very helpful. No complaints here, only compliments and a big thank you. Great service center.
Samsonsite Suck on 08/28/2013:
Bad, maybe this guys claim was questionable, but also poorly handled which is common for Samsonite. The warranty for SamsoWEAK is worthless. 100% always the airlines fault. Make sure you tell everyone you know, the way to heard a bad corporate citizen is to dry up there profits.
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Poor Quality, Poor Service
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
While returning home from Heathrow, the handle on my suitcase would not retract. It was the second time I've used the bag. I took it apart when I got home to find an internal molded part was broken. I left my contact info on the Samsonite web site with the promise of a response within 24 hours. I received no response. I tried again a few days later with the same result. I called the 800 number on the website and was on hold for 20 minutes without ever speaking to a human. I tried this twice but no one picked up.

I finally received a response when I contacted European Customer Service. I was told I would have to ship my suitcase (at my expense) to an authorized repair agent who would determine if the product was covered under warranty. I provided model #'s, photo's of the damaged piece and asked if they could just send me the part. I offered to pay for it. They refused and insisted I ship my suitcase.

Having taken apart the bag, I'm surprised at the low quality of its components. The broken part was an inexpensive piece of plastic 1 inch by 5 inches long which easily could have been mailed. The lack of product quality was only compounded by the misrepresentation of their website and disinterest of customer service personnel.
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Poor Customer Service / No Contact
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ON-LINE DIRECT WITH SAMSONITE -- I purchased 5 suit cases in September for gifts at Christmas. My granddaughter used it only 4 times and the seam came apart. She went back to school across country. I called customer service, which informed me of several repair shops from my zip code to determine if it is eligible for free repair or new one. All four repair shops were in NY and I live in CT which is 2 hrs away and the suit case is in AZ. She will not be back until Christmas and cannot use it on return. She is also on campus with no vehicle. Due to these issues there was no one to speak to to help with my issues or concerns. It is like I have to eat the cost of an item that is a defect. The seam came apart. It should have held up with only 4 uses. Very frustrated and feel the company does not want to stand by their product.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 08/22/2013:
Have your daughter use her zip code to see if there are any repair places near her...if there is, send her the receipt or whatever she'll need to have it checked. She can have a friend drive her. Other than that, I think the company offered you the best they could.
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Not Worth the Value and Won't Repair
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I purchased a Samsonite Garment bag at $150.00 value, or at least I thought until I sent it back for repair within a year and they told me that it was smashed and not repairable, blaming it on the airlines. I do understand that the airlines abuse bags but Samsonite guaranteed the bag and would honor their agreement. I had to send it back to them 3 months after I bought it because of a zipper issue, and then had to send it back after they “so called repaired it”.

Their products are very cheaply built and I would not spend over $50.00 for their products, at least at that price you know what you are going to get.
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New Samsonite Luggage Handle Sliced My Hand Open
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I travel for a living and in September purchase a new Samsonite suitcase at the outlet in Reading PA. The rubber on the lifting handle starting coming off in November and finally in December as I reached to lift the bag, my hand was sliced. I was in Denver heading to the airport and had to stop and get stitched. Travelled home the next day with duct tape covering the handle.

I called customer service and have been getting the run around. Am now told that I need to purchase a new suitcase and it is normal wear and tear. Really? the suitcase was used 5 times. You mean to tell me that the handle should disintergrate after 5 uses.
Resolution Update 02/01/2013:
Samsonite contacted me with the offer of a new suitcase; it arrived today.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 01/15/2013:
Yeah, that's the problem with luggage. Both the manufacturers and airlines get away with that "normal wear and tear" line.

Assuming the bag was not mishandled, that is a very short amount of time for it to fall apart. Do you know that the handle was not struck hard with a sharp object, for example?
BigAl on 01/15/2013:
5 months does seem like a short time for the handle to wear out but handles are replacable. As far as the injury to your hand---you had a 2 month warning that there was a problem yet you did not address the issue. Had you addressed the problem when first noticed it is possible that the handle could have been repaired rather than now neededing to be placed. For sure you would not have cut your hand.
At Your Service on 01/16/2013:
If you want it to look reasonable but be protected, you can get handle wrap from a bike shop.
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Top End Samsonite Luggage NOT worth it!
Posted by on
Bought this high end Samsonite hardshell suitcase for my 150,000 miles per year travel. I put more than 250,000 miles on the suitcase and it was never damaged once until this week when I arrived in Europe - the Samsonite logo badge on the front of the suitcase was pushed straight through the case leaving a hole. The badge was attached by making an indentation in the case material which made the case material around the badge very thin and it was this thin area that broke cleanly away from the case itself. It looks very much like a badly designed method for attaching the badge and the airline agreed and said it looked like a manufacturing defect to them.

I contacted Samsonite and asked for help under my "global" warranty only to be met with zero help. They suggested I get the airline to fix it or I take it to their repair depot here in this European city I am in only for one more day (a weekend day). What would I do? Leave the suitcase at the repair depot and carry my clothes in my arms when I fly to my next destination? I pointed this out but received zero reply.

Samsonite's warranty means nothing - their high end products are overpriced and apparently designed for failure.
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User Replies:
Kurizumaru on 02/11/2011:
Can I just point out that of course the Airline is going to say it's a manufacturing defect and not their fault? I think Samsonite is right about you trying to get the airline to fix it as it happened with them. Also, you could try contacting Samsonite once you're home again and ask them where you can get this fixed there.
clutzycook on 02/11/2011:
If you had traveler's insurance, would it cover something like this? I'm assuming the OP didn't have this, though because it sounds like they travel for business.
Anonymous on 02/11/2011:
150K miles annually is professional traveller territory. If you insist on hardshell cases buy a Rimowa - carbon or aluminum. If you want a no question warranty irrespective of who or how it was damaged buy Briggs & Riley. If you want chic to go with the Rolex buy Hartmann leathers, surprisingly tough - Samsonite is leisure traveller junk
dan gordon on 02/11/2011:
as a tour guide there are brands of luggage that simply will replace any damaged case for any reason. I went to buy one but Costco sold the same thing under the Kirkland brand. Costcos was half of the name brand so its sort of a tradeoff. Do you want to spend a lot to get a warranty or buy less expensive and replace it yearly?
Grace on 06/25/2013:
I totally agreed with you. I will never ever get a Samsonite suitcase again. I only got my Samsonite suitcase few weeks ago. The first time I use it the zip break on me. I can only half zip up my suitcase. Therefore, I took it in to one of Samsonite shop. Their replay is basically they can send it into service centre for me but it will take up to 10 working days. I request if they could sent it in straight away and let the staff knoe is urgent as I'm leaving Hong Kong in 1 and a half day. They said according to their policy there are nothing they can do about that. Also they expect me to take it into service centre which is at the other side of the city. I inform them there are no way I will have time to go there. The staff said that's why we have global warranty you can fix it when you finish your travel. How am I supposed to travel with a half open suitcase. Their other suggestion is I can purchase another suitcase. Why do I have to waste more money because their suitcase is shit. I never had a suitcase break at the first time its been used. Apprently their quality control is make sure it is fragile enough and guarantee to break at the first time you travel with their suitcase. Their global warranty is a joke, the staff just expect you to work your schedule around the trouble their expensive and useless suitcase bring you.
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Did they say "worldwide warranty" ?
Posted by on
I bought this Samsonite suitcase at Macy's, in Chicago, a year ago, after my other suitcase had been damaged and could not be repaired because it was not a well-known trademark. I bought a Samsonite because it said it had a "ten year global warranty". On the way back from my last trip, one side seam was ripped, even though my suitcase was not overloaded. I brought it back to a Samsonite luggage dealer, here in France, who sent it back to Samsonite. The Samsonite Europe Service center replies that it is the airline's fault.

I would think a suitcase seam would be built to withstand handling by an airline staff.
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